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    1 white man in Hammersmith Palais -The Clash 2 Message to you Rudy- The Specials 3 Search and Destroy- The Stooges 4 Isobel Goudie - Alex Harvey Band 5 Personality Crisis- New York Dolls 6 New Dawn Fades - Joy Division 7 Fire and Water - Free 8 Neat neat neat - The Damned Book: The ladybird book of zoo animals Luxury: pork pies!
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    Always puts a smile on my face when the commentators say "4 promotions in 5 seasons for Salford" Still the only team to stop them in their tracks since the money came in
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    Possibly sportsmen & what are loosely classed as entertainer's would be better off not using their "status" as a political platform...…… they could use the pub like the rest of us
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    Hello Dave
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    Number 7 produced by the maverick Andy Weatherall who sadly passed away on Monday morning. A huge loss to the British music scene and mourned by people worldwide. RIP Andy Weatherall.
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    Bane of my life when refereeing - dissent. I could tolerate someone making an "honest" attempt to tackle and getting it wrong, but once they started with the effing and jeffing they were making a donation to the WRCFA. When will players learn that it makes no difference after the decision has been made, it is rare for any referee to change his mind, if anything it will only reinforce the ref's resolve to standby the original call.
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    1 Eton Rifles - The Jam. 2 In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins. 3 English Rose - The Jam. 4 Look Away - Big Country. 5 Whisky In The Jar - Thin Lizzy. 6 All Cried Out - Alison Moyet. 7 The Trees - Rush. 8 Golden Brown - The Stranglers. Above in no particular order. Book: Anything by Lee Child. Luxury: Auto refillable can of Stella.
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    1) Smoke gets in your eyes - Platters (also my cremation song ha ha ) 2) Whimaway - Tokens 3) Don´t close your eyes - Keith Whitley 4) Only the Lonely - Roy Orbison 5) Wonder of you - Elvis 6)When I fall in love - Nat King Cole 7) We can build a bridge - The Judds 8) Boo Boo Stick beat - Chet Atkins Book - Autobiography Brian Clough Luxury items - Walking stick, Boots & Dog, Don´t need anything else. Music I could easily list 100.
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    1, Straight To Hell - The Clash 2, Waterfall - Stone Roses 3, U Sure Do - Strike 4, Wonderful Land - Shadows 5, Ever Fallen In Love - Buzzcocks 6, Sailing By - Shipping Forecast Tune 7, Nessun Dorma - Pavarotti 8, There She Goes - The La's. My book would be a copy of escort magazine for when I get bored! Luxury item would be a guitar.
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    I was over the moon to read that our super loanee striker from Salford j Dave, has won a Brit Award. I thought this must be a good omen and let's hope he can win at Wembley in the play offs for The Shaymen. Alas, it's not our Dave, it's another Dave. But, our Dave still has a chance to win at Wembley in the play offs and let's hope he can score again this Saturday. UTS and UTD
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    SKY will never allow it.
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    Just seen weather forcast and it’s like you say dry tomorrow and let’s hope the pitch can take the rain on Saturday..
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    Got here in one piece thanks ,arrived at 2 ish & drove Through a few monsoons bloody horrendous at times, anyway Just got back to our comfy pad after a few beverages and lucky enough to meet a couple of fellow town fans and had a cracking evening, arranged to meet them again Saturday before the game plus 4 more arriving tomorrow , it’s building up to be a great few days away, up the shaymen. ( I hope the game is on ha )
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    1. White Man In Hammersmith Palais -The Clash 2.Soul In Isolation- The Chameleons 3.Reel Around The Fountain (Peel Session Version)-The Smiths 4. Atmosphere- Joy Division (Not a Russ Abbott cover!) 5. It's Over-Roy Orbison 6.Koyaanisqatsi-Phillip Glass 7.The Ecstasy of Gold- Morricone- (Bandini Trip Hop Mix) 8.Adventures in A Yorkshire Landscape- Bill Nelson/Be Bop Deluxe Book: Candide-Voltaire (although as an atheist I'd swap The Bible -God and Jesus for Johnny Meynell's equally important bible) Luxury: TARDIS - so I can pop to any time or place ever.
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    Certainly some good choices in there especially at no 1.
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    Well I'm with you on the pork pie, and the zoo animals. But the music's gone over my head.
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    One thing is for sure, we'll miss Duckworth for the rest of the season. Terrible loss for him and the club. He just doesn't seem to have any luck. I hope the lad that did him gets suspended and can't play in their next game. Dirty so and so
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    Wild expects Brown to be on the squad
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    Think Jeff is still suspended?
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    1 Little White Bull - Tommy Steele 2 I Started a Joke - Bee Gees 3 Father and Son - Cat Steven's 4 Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum 5 The Shaymen of Halifax - Tommy Degnan 6 Nothing Rhymed - Gilbert O'Sullivan 7 Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler 8 Girl - The Beatles Book - From Sandhall to the Shay. Tony Thwaites. Luxury item - My FC Halifax Town Season Ticket.
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    Glad to know you’ll be thinking about us all.
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    Only tried one The Mahabarat round by Yates, decent but pricey but they all will be down South. Gurkha Inn sounds good too.
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    Molloy's at Babbacombe ? where we were other week think it's where SDS meet as it stocks their real ale slop....
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    can get a bus from adjacent to the Green Ginger which drops you by a small pub - can't remember name - bout 1/2 mile walk to the ground from there and is a decent social club just outside the ground to the left of main reception.
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    Correct, better making tits of themselves to a minority like minded audience
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    Or a 112 page thread on Shaymen.net
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    https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town-fans-can-dream-we-cant-says-wild-race-promotion-1884178 Seems very honest and philosophical about it all. DB did well getting this lad in.
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    Use Allen as impact player off the bench against tired legs on what I expect to be a heavyish pitch.
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    Some bad mannered people at the brits like snatching the mike from the girls without a smile or thank you and don't mention that idiot Dave and just wish the mike which he lobbed on the piano had rolled off and smatched.
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    My 12 string and my telecaster have them old style machine heads and it's an art making sure the string doesn't pop out when winding on. For that reason themy guitars are gathering dust and I'm solely using my Epiphone Nick Valensi and a cheap acoustic. I can't imagine the cold practising in a barn on the tops!! You must be mad.
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    Got a guitar but never learnt to play it which I now regret but my next project is a concert of my favourite singers and bands live put into a concert which will keep me happy on my journeys to the Shay.
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    Biggest ballache is changing strings. Forget that, it's guitar leads that tangle or don't work. For ten long years I used to lug all my gear to a barn on the hills above Todmorden for band practice. We couldn't leave our stuff there over the week as the horses would get at it. The wind eventually blew the roof off the barn and the band finished. It was a blessing.
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    Yeah it's a real shame that this town doesn't have a music shop anymore. I used to buy my strings from guitarzone but now I face a trek over to Dawson's in Huddersfield or Leeds. Im useless at changing them too and I've got a 12-string electric laying dormant. (Revelation solid body 12-string) it's a brilliant budget guitar of its type based on a jazz master.
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    Should have gone for boots.
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    I considered a guitar but I worried that I wouldn't be able to replace the broken strings. You can't even buy guitar strings in Halifax now that Guitar Zone has closed - never mind a desert island. Like my luxury item - the internet - would be reliable on a small island!
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    Just reading this. Surprised I've not read it before. Very readable but before reading it I thought the old big head thing was tongue in cheek - not a bit of it!
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    Breath of fresh air is the lad. People were comparing him to Darren Kelly when he came in. He’s more like Chris Wilder. Straight talking no nonsense, honest and realistic. This season has the potential to be special. Apart from the tough run in Nov/Dec when we had injuries and a tough set of games, we’ve been very good.
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    Don´t you get chris & Trev going again.
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    1 The Wonder Of You Elvis Presley,2 She Was Just Seventeen ,John Lennon,Elton John,Live, 3 I Got A Feelin, Black Eyed Peas,4 Power Zone, Time Frequncey, 5 Your Song, Lady Ga Ga Live,6 Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond Live, 7 Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now Starship, 8 I Love You Climax Blues Band ,Our Song Ahh
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    1 - Eifersucht (Rammstein) 2 - Johnny Got A Gun (Tom Paxton) 3 - Whilst My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles) 4 - Man In Black (Johnny Cash) 5 - Of Love, Lust and Human Nature (Kiuas) 6 - This War Is Ours (Escape The Fate) 7 - Little boxes (Malvina Reynolds) 8 - F*ck All The Perfect People (Chip Taylor) Book Choice - Hamilton The Revolution (Lin Manuel Miranda) - (Its a walk through from the musical Hamilton with explanations, extras and makings of) Luxury Item - Phone with Internet access.
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    He's been an outspoken critic of the prime minister too.
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    I've never heard this urban myth before. Thanks for sharing.
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    Both Heath and JF refused to change their systems despite the awful runs and club position. BH got sacked and JF kept us up, then the following season Rodney came in and scored the goals that kept us in this league (whether Rodney was bought in by JF or by Mr B remains unanswered). PW altered his system when we signed Rodney and we have prospered since then and that's the difference. Without the Rodney signing PW could of carried on persevering with TSS in which case we would be well off the play offs by now and PWs job would be on the line. Learning and adapting is the key here.
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    Wikipedia puts to bed an urban myth from the 90s about former Leeds goalkeeper John Lukic being the last Munich survivor still playing... '...an urban legend states that Lukic's mother survived the Munich air disaster while pregnant with him; this is untrue, as the crash happened in February 1958, more than two years before Lukic was born. There was a Mrs Lukić on board the plane, who did survive (along with her young daughter) after being saved by Manchester United goalkeeper Harry Gregg.' Harry was still a hero all the same!
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