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    Perhaps, but not as stupid as this. Would have been a good game between you, two evenly matched sides neither of whom can beat the stupidly named Yeltz from a few divisions below on their own patch, ;-)
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    Watching Yorkshire on the news tonight I know lots of parts of the country are affected but you hope you all are safe and unaffected by the floods and weather Scot
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    In peace. I know you are angry at your team today but I don't feel they just threw in the towel, I think maybe we surprised them a little and after the way we defended as a team they ran out of ideas. Obviously you can play much better than that to have got where you are but I really feel our lads did a job on you today. Admittedly it was a bit of a cup final for us today and that really helped us, I just hope we continue it in our more important league schedule. Everybody we came in contact with in Halifax today was magnificent and helped to make it a great day for us and I truly hope you achieve your main goal of promotion. I really hope the injured lad isn't as bad as it looked, saw him outside after getting into an ambulance he could hardly walk. Thoughts with him. Good luck with the rest of your season, nice people, thank you for the hospitality.
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    How the F can you comment about overachieving when we have lost to a team 4 or 5 levels below us
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    Rob, I can only say I agree with most of what you say. It was discussed before the game that for a side to go unbeaten since September and only concede 14 goals indicated that we were playing a side, who knew how to defend and who would be full of confidence. Town did come out of the traps quickly and for the first 15 mins I thought it was only a matter of time before we managed a goal. However, as the half dragged on and nothing was forthcoming, we fell into the trap of knocking long balls up, which were never going to be won as your defenders were taller than our forwards, instead of keeping it on the deck. This continued in the second half until eventually, Halifax ran out of any ideas on how to penetrate your defensive line up. It was obvious from the stands that a number of the Yeltz players were suffering with cramp etc but Halifax did not step on the gas when this more than likely would have paid dividends. For the last few weeks the fans have been purring about the Halifax strike force and how their direct attacking style was upsetting opponents. Today, all of that went out of the window. I lost count of the times Clarke brought the ball out of defence and there was not a Halifax shirt within 30-40 yards of him, end result lump it up the field. With some of the other contenders for the National League going out of the Trophy today I think your possible passage to Wembley may have become slightly easier today. I hope you get a good draw in the next round and you go on to enjoy further success in the competition, as well as achieving promotion in the league. It was good to see some passion at the Shay today and you obviously all came with the right attitude to enjoy the day and it was rightly the correct result. On a positive note, Bromley dropped points, so we are no worse off from a league position, plus Barrow have now lost 2 games on the bounce. As has been rightly said, we have now avoided the onerous long journey's for midweek games on the South Coast, giving more time for injuries to heal and players to rest between games, as well as other rearranged games if we had progressed further. So, we have to put this game behind us, regroup and get behind the team and hope we can get back to winning ways next week. Onwards and upwards......
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    Many, many thanks to all of you. I still can't quite believe it, I would have been happy just to not embarrass ourselves. I so hope we both achieve our goals this season ( promotion is still our first priority also). Just want to thank you all for helping to make it a good day for us. I hope we left a good impression on the town, in pubs, at the ground etc as like yourselves we are very proud of who we are. Onwards and upwards and the very best of luck at achieving league football.
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    Clear as mud! Thanks anyway and good luck in the next round. Thanks also for the applause in the 25th minute. A nice touch.
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    Yeltz fan here in peace. Met a good number of your fans today, all good people and clearly good football folk, however reading some of the comments on here shows huge similarities to Bradford Park Avenue, Gateshead and Maidenhead. Whilst perhaps the management haven't - the players and supporters have certainly underestimated us. Many of our players are more than comfortable player at a level or two higher than they are and our manager is a talented manager who leaves no stone unturned in researching our opponents and coaching his team to a plan. We knew we had to ride the storm of the first 20 minutes (as your manager told us in the podcast that you would come out firing first 20mins) then, if we held tight we could frustrate you. Our part time lads may not be as good as your full timers, they may not have the same levels of fitness but they're a close knit bunch who have huge confidence in our manager and coaching team. With respect, whatever side you put out, and irrespective of what injuries you have you should be doing more to test our keeper than you did. Some of the comments on here about our team shows how lightly some of you took us, referring to us as **** if I'm honest is laughable, especially after your team couldn't manage a shot on target to trouble our keeper. Thank you to those who acknowledged we deserved our victory though and to the people who work for your club who are a credit to you. Best of luck for the rest of the season. #uptheyeltz
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    Will be overweight and not 100% fit and take him 4 or 5 Games to get up to speed , need a new centre half on loan this week
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    This is complete rubbish, you can't resist a dig can you. We sold over 2000 new shirts for one game, and you could choose to have the match details on the shirt. There was loads of merchandise, plus organising, what, over 50 coaches. Sure if you have any complaints your can speak to Louisa direct. Not sure you are really aware of how much the commercial income is, probably matches total gate receipts. Just because back in 2006 for the playoff final the club did absolutely nothing, you think the current team don't. But hey, it's fine just carry on until everybody gets fed up and goes, maybe you can take over the club and show us how it should be done. Rant over
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    Wrexham got to visit Ibrox so the possibility of a once in a lifetime trip watching town
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    Hoddie, I too was clever enough to pass my 11 plus and be granted a place at Crossley's back in the mid 60's. Bullying was the norm in so many ways at the school, from both the teachers and pupils, we had prefects who were allowed to cane pupils as well as the evil deputy head who loved nothing more than to threaten and use the cane on a regular basis, but it was tolerated as it was character forming! I then went from there to joining the Army, and now there bullying was an art form, with the additional layer added of bullying through paperwork. Again we were all told to grin and bear it and you shouldn't join if you cannot take a laugh. Having said all of that, I would not have changed a thing. My life experiences make me what I am today, I consider my self to be well educated, tolerant of others and generally a well rounded person, although that might be open to discussion in some circles. Having risen from nothing, I am one of 9 kids who lived in a single bedroom house in Siddall with an outside toilet and no bathroom, I am fortunate to have been given opportunities in life, some of which I took others I didn't, but I have moved on and my children have not had to suffer some of the indignities I had to suffer during my school years. Part of the passage of life is to find your place in society and this will include knockbacks, either physical or mental. We had no coping mechanisms served up on a plate, you had to sort things out if you could, and it did help having a bigger brother who could knock 7 bells out of anyone who threatened me, but that is life at all levels from Donald Trump bullying whole nations to government departments threatening individuals rights to financial aid or education. Yes, I do agree that we should protect the vunerable in society, but at the same time we should allow some way of teaching children that you cannot always win and you will not always get your own way, and occasionally you just have to roll up your sleeves and mark it down to experience. Most of all life has taught me, that reasoned arguments achieve far more than any verbal abuse or shouting and bawling will ever achieve.
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    Remarks re suicide or mental health issues are no joking matter and even said " in jest" is offensive to people who have been affected by it as some of us on here sadly were last year. Fan??? Not a fan and one of our better performers recently and a genuine nice guy was clearly upset by the comment. Hope the guy in question has the courage of his convictions to offer an apology to Josh but I won't hold my breath.
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    I would say we underachieved Oct/Nov/Dec. Due to poor tactics.
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    He's just gone an whole game without a single booking
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    Mr Stats man that´s not a stat that´s an assumption.
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    There are a good number of stories as to why we're called The Yeltz, the truth is though nobody really knows. I'll give you three stories that are often told; For some time the most accepted explanation had been that a Yeltz is simply someone from Halesowen. Halesowen used to be Hales Owen, before that Halas Owen, and even earlier than that Halas. The Black Country accent sometimes turns H into Y as in "on me yed, son", so Halas could become Yalas which is reasonably close to Yeltz. The other story I tell is after the war when Halesowen were playing in the Birmingham works league and had a Hungarian player called Pungus Catfich. He was said to have very limited broken English and when he wanted the ball he would shout 'Yeltz' instead of yes. Another story is the James Grove button factory that was located next to our ground (The Grove) used to export a button to America known as a Yelts button, however the pronunciation of it was more a 'z' than a 's' sound and over time the 'z' took over. As I say though, there are a number of stories but nobody really knows!
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    Better to scrape along in 18th just so as to not raise expectations.
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    Not a slight on Hanson, but if it is the season over for Duckworth then it is a disaster. For me Ducky has been very good and consistent all season and will be a huge loss. In the summer if I had to have got rid of one of Duckworth or Hanson I would have let Duckworth go, however I am very pleased that I was wrong on that, as he has barley put a foot wrong this season. It gives Hanson a chance now to show what he can do, however I think losing arguably one of our best performers this season is nothing short of a disaster.
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    Rather we play **** today than Saturday against Sutton which is a lot more important
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    It was horrific earlier with the sheer speed of it all. Sowerby, Mytholmroyd, Hebden etc... getting the shafting again. There was a video doing the rounds on Facebook earlier which was equal measure amazing and shocking at the same time - a full sized storage container pretty much floating down Burnley Road. The speed that thing was going - I just don't know how to describe it.
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    I've made an healthy contribution by sending as much water as possible to Brighouse . This is probably the second wettest day I've ever known in my 58 years but fortunately I have valleys to my west and east both that have streams heading straight to The River Calder
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    I suppose a question to ask to those that were unhappy with what the club didn't do when we got to Wembley in relation to merch and the likes is the following - Hypothetically we get there this season for the Playoffs - what would you like to see the club do this year that we didn't do in the Trophy winning season? It's all good saying after the event, however, if we get some ideas down now and we do manage to get another Wembley visit, well maybe someone from the club will read where they "went wrong" last time and act on it?
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    Thankfully my family chose higher ground so at least they are ok.
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    That 8K lost out on yesterday would have paid for a decent centre half for 10 weeks
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    Please don’t confuse us with a club with commercial acumen, we celebrated the centenary with a tatty plate and when we went to Wembley to win the FA Trophy we were more concerned on limiting souvenirs for the squad than producing souvenirs for the fans
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    Was it to blame for the lack of desire and effort?
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    Postponed probably! A draw best , but if a winner would prefer Harrogate as I think Yeovil a greater threat in the play-offs
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    Regardless of the seriousness of the competition, an away day north of the border, or across the sea to the EU, would have us wetting ourselves on here.
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    If that's the case get a centre half in on loan till the end of the season, and Browny can do some proper rehab
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    Who actually gives a ****? !!!! TOTALLY meaningless cup. Everything now and come pre season should be about the league from now on.
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    Get in this Scottish Cup which involves teams from Ireland too. Draw a Dublin team - weekend away in Dublin? Yes please
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    Bloody hello we have just list in a cup the majority consider not important and you want to go into a Scottish cup?
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    A blessing in disguise we are not. Good luck to The Yeltz.
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    We wouldn't have been in the next round playing like that if we had played Team Odyssey Reserves
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    Shades of us winning 2-0 at Droylsden in the FA Cup. Doesn’t matter what league you’re in, if your playing well and only lost 2 all season, you’re gonna give someone a game, and they certainly did that. Good luck to them, they’ll remember that day out for ages won’t they? That’s what it’s all about. Wembley’s so 4 years ago anyway. I would say with regards to the “disrespectful” fixtures poster, if you knew our club you’d know it was incompetence and not a deliberate act of arrogance!
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    We also have his first goal for The Shaymen here
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    Give it a rest. Dont see you moaning when we were winning our games. 3rd will take us to the playoff semis. Wild is the best manager weve had in a while. Plus when he asks for the pitch to be watered due to it not suiting our playing style you have to do what he says.
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    Simple maths. A win for either is 3 points against us. A draw only puts 2 points into the pot that we have to beat.
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    This is the problem with over achieving. It makes the unrealistic on here ever more so
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    1)I'd love to see Town back in the football league where they were when I started going in 1958. 2) I'd love to see Rugby League gone from the Shay. 3) I would love it (to quote Kevin Keegan) if Erik Everhard talked sense. But to quote Meatloaf 2 out of 3 aint bad.
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    Unless you get to the final this comp is a waste of time. Well done Halesowen i hope you win it now but people should forget today and look at the league instead.
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    For me, what was most annoying about today is if you looked at Halesowen's number 6 he was clutching the back of his hamstring after an hour and basically walked through the end of the game. We started off in the first ten mins looking like we wanted to score a bucket load, however in the last 20 or so when Halesowen looked to be tiring, we just never put the pressure on. So many players not at the races today that its really hard to pick one out as a stand out. I don't know what Redshaw did to get MoM, however at the same time I don't know who else to nominate, as there were some really poor showings. Cooper has done well in the past month, however today showed us the Cooper we had seen between Oct-Dec. Horrific passing, the hollywood balls were too predictable, too slow and easily dealt with. Redshaw was at times too greedy with the ball and consistently picked the wrong option. We never broke with pace, or with intent. Jeff King is a player that blows hot and cold, today he was pretty much ice. To not force the opposition keeper into making a proper save, when you are at home against a side a few leagues below you, well that to me isn't acceptable. It was a total horror performance. Made worse by the fact that Halesowen are an awful side - its not like they played well, they just took their chance whilst we couldn't create anything. Our best effort was a Clarke header which we failed to hit the target with. I hope the draw on Monday would have put us away to either Harrogate or Notts County, as it would then feel like we haven't missed out too much. The only positive tonight is that Eastleigh also lost, which means our game with them will not be postponed (bar bad weather) so we don't have to play them on a Tuesday night. I don't buy the "focus on the league" mentality, however, we are out now so we have 13 games to make sure we hit the playoffs now. That has to be our bare minimum goal going forward for the rest of the season.
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    Saved a few Quid on stewards but lost 6 grand on the result and nearly 1500 at the game, makes sense.
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    And if someone who's family member or friend or even child has thrown themselves off North Bridge and actually reads this forum. This isn't what's wrong In the world, it's divs that don't have any manners or respect, or actually give a damn about other people. That's what's wrong with the world. At a time when there's been a surge in people committing suicide, as a lad I knew from Brighouse did last year and sadly other lads I've known have, I dont give a damn if it was "said in jest" I dont and never will find it funny. If that makes me a snowflake in your eyes, I really don't care. I'll carry on caring for people
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    I don't think anyone feels entitled to win every game, but you expect the team to give it their best shot.
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    TSS is garbage. The 2nd he came on I knew that was game over. We are far better without him and the results over the last month have proved exactly that
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    I thought we would win but couldnt care less if we lose, bigger things to concentrate on
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    Evening all. On 25 minutes of the game on Saturday Yeltz fans will be remembering Jordan Sinnott by applauding in his memory. Although he had no connection to the Yeltz his loss has hit all of football, it seems fitting for us to acknowledge this at a place where he did play his football for a while. I'm sure you'll join us.
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