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    Recently had a relative in hospital who needed carers on discharge and for the foreseeable future. A rehabilitation team of two visited morning and evening for six weeks FOC and not means tested. After six weeks private companies take over and charge if you have assets over 23k. The NHS needs to organise itself and take over all care and charge where necessary so that the money goes back into the NHS and not to private profit making companies. In an ideal world all care should be free. To properly fund the NHS we should start taxing Google, Amazon,Microsoft properly now we supposedly can write our own trade rules
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    We are on fire, 3 goals at least.
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    Can't believe the absolute drivel posted on here. We are winning, the games are coming thick and fast and our main thread here revolves around politics and brexit. You all really need to give your heads a shake.
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    They should have played at Barrow last season.
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    Maybe throw nails or oil in front of the bikes to make it more of a spectacle
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    The player we need in midfield is the Michael Collins when he was at us before. Obviously not him now but he was class and would be excellent in this side.
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    That slump had nothing to do with hype or being complacent.
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    We owe them 5, maybe 6 for a 6-5 aggregate score.
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    The 1944 Tory government? No such thing. Perhaps you should get your own facts right! The UK had a national/coalition government between 1931 and 1945. The NHS itself was first mooted by the Labour party back in the 30s though some would trace it back to the 1900s Royal Commission on the Poor Law. The Beveridge Report you credit the Tories with was pushed through thanks to cross-party support during the government of national unity. In any case, I don't think he means "who created it" as opposed to the fact that it is undeniably a manifestation of a socialist ideal - a service for the benefit of everyone, paid for by everyone, used by those who need it.
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    I think you need to get your facts right. It was not a socialist construct. The white paper for the NHS was prepared by Henry Willink, the conservative health minister during the war and passed by the cabinet of a conservative government in 1944. However, Churchill lost the 1945 election and so Labour took the conservatives idea and launched it in 1948 as the NHS. So not really a socialist construct.
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    Well said Erik, that's the spirit. Come on shaymen!
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    Thought man united were after him fortunately it was some bloke from Bournemouth
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    Very astute of you. It's in another competition. The big game is tomorrow not next week.
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    I'm shaking my head mate, beleive me!
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    I know but it was a good excuse for me to have a good moan.
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    Bromley sign Aaron Rowe on loan from Huddersfield Town ahead of tomorrow's game. Is he any good? I'm not sure why but I've not been watching Huddersfield Town, that much recently so any of you who have I'm sure you'd be very welcome to reveal yourselves on this friendly neighbourhood forum. x
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    2nd or 3rd is what we really need but can’t see us getting that. My opinion might change in the next 2/3 weeks though. Think tomorrow is a huge game for us.
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    A lot of expacts go back to UK NHS because a fear of language barriers. I personally would not dream of it as the Spanish hospital has been brilliant for me, I cannot praise them highly enough.
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    Simply not true. In most EU countries people have medical insurance, or the state pays. Some may travel for treatments that don't exist in their own countries I suppose but the stats don't back up your claim and it was widely discredited during the referendum campaign. One of the Brexiteers even claimed people were coming to the UK to give birth so that their kid gets a passport, except that's not how it works in the UK. There's plenty of health tourism on the NHS, mostly from non-EU citizens and Brits who live abroad but choose to 'go home' when they need treatment, and who don't pay but should. 10,000s of Brits go to other EU countries and some third-world countries to pay for treatments that aren't available on the NHS for them (IVF being the main one), or because the NHS waiting lists are so long. Hell, the NHS even pays for some of this themselves.
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    I feel for Josh. He did well at Whitley Bay and did nothing wrong in the few apperances he has made since coming back. The problem is he doesn't fit in the new system and he's too similar to Allen to be on the bench. Allen has the edge though as he's more versatile. I feel Josh won't be with us next season and may leave before the end of this season. I still think he's a good asset if he gets a run of games. Sadly, it doesn't look like it will be with us.
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    About half of Man City's wage bill then
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    You see..... We've already halved our carbon footprint
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    Or to get really bored watch formula one
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    He'll miss out this month but win Feb/Mar/April's.
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    Brilliant. Cue the Benny Hill theme music!
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    I can understand why they're doing this, because new teams in new countries equals new broadcasting and advertising income. And the sport is dying - slowly but dying nonetheless - so they need to try and secure the future somehow. All that said, it's dying because of self-inflicted wounds, restricting promotion and relegation, the silly names, changing when the actual season is, non-competitive scrums, etc. It's very unfortunate for the genuine fans of rugby league, a once competitive sport changed almost beyond recognition in order to make more cash for already wealthy people. I have no sympathy for those who casually accepted all these changes, and even less for those who embraced them. Blue Sox, what the hell did they expect? This was a game for the working class communities of the M62 corridor, not the suburban middle classes of America. Squatters out.
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    Thanks Steve. Fires still raging and all southern suburbs on high alert. We have a Government and Emergency Services meeting at the local club this evening. Helicopters have been water bombing around the clock for past four days. But with temperatures this weekend of 41 we can only be prepared. We have hoses set up around the house and on the roof thanks for your concern
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    Controlled loss of 943k!
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    Personally I don't think that is a bad shout to be fair. Good reader of the game, can pick a pass, can tackle & certainly no slouch...
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    Many thanks for your excellent constructive reply. The end!
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    I did say in an earlier post we had great fans. After trawling back through some YeltzTV highlights I remembered this was not the case. We've had a pitch invasion. Just the one but it held up play for some time. A former player of ours (Asa Charlton No6) had his family in attendance. Ok so far. They brought his dog. Hmm. Did the dog want to join in? Of course it did. The only thing that could have made it funnier was if a steward or ours called ferret decided to chase it. Did he? Of course he did. Enjoy. iv widiv widget
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    Think you have a large misunderstanding of what Bromley is like, but hey ho.
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    Laugh all you want but if you think Bojo and Gove are going to solve all the country's problems, I'm afraid you're off you rocker.
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    I think it’s healthy for players to have to work their way back in - and for those that get to keep their place to know that when they get a chance, if they shine they actually have a chance at keeping their place. If we had straight off dropped J King for Duckworth it probably doesn’t send out the right message. I’m sure Duckworth will re-take the position, and we haven’t exactly been doing badly these last few games have we?!
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    But j king hasnt done alot wrong and took his chance when picked its now back over to duckworth to keep king out of the side its caled competition for places
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    I totally get where you are coming from but for me Duckworth should start over J King even if he is not suspended. Binnom also is not match fit and you could state taking out of the team doesn't help this but I feel Brown starting will make us more secure at the back. Duckworth is a better player than J King. End of. So he should be starting.
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    Our third goal was a peach! Beautiful, vintage non-league footie.
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    Looking at the highlights I can see why the ref disallowed their goal, the striker jumps with his back to Sam and even though perhaps Sam was a bit slow to try and jump he did look to impede him.
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    I was reading your mind
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    It's already privatised, paid for out of our taxes, the money trees blew down a long time ago .
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    The good thing is after today however the EU can not be used as an excuse for our governments failures. I still am unsure if remaining or leaving is for the best however I am pleased we are finally departing as its dragged on too long, dominated the news for years and, rightly or wrongly, WAS the vote of the people.
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