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    I think it’s healthy for players to have to work their way back in - and for those that get to keep their place to know that when they get a chance, if they shine they actually have a chance at keeping their place. If we had straight off dropped J King for Duckworth it probably doesn’t send out the right message. I’m sure Duckworth will re-take the position, and we haven’t exactly been doing badly these last few games have we?!
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    Updated after Dover,
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    The club have to keep Sweet Caroline going now. I suggest play it last song before the players come out and then like someone suggested, at full time if the team have won?
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    Some people are suggesting we need to get on loan another midfield player with a good footballing brain, who can pass a good ball and can chip in with goals, and I agree. But do we really need to find this loan player? In my opinion and I'll probably be laughed at with this thought, but why couldn't Ducky fill that role? He has all the above qualities and we have cover at right back with King (who has done absolutely nothing wrong in this position) and Hanson who I rate highly albeit just lacking a bit of experience. Thoughts anyone?
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    Agree about a Cameron King type but I think Staunton is doing an absolutely cracking job at being a box to box player. I agree I want more physical but id like it to be where Cooper is.
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    I bow to your superior knowledge of Bromley players
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    Laugh all you want but if you think Bojo and Gove are going to solve all the country's problems, I'm afraid you're off you rocker.
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    What a side that was. Not world beaters but more passion, togetherness and will to work than many Premier League teams these days.
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    Had a chuckle with that when Jack said the ref is nothing better than a skinhead, thanks for all those lovely memories and everything you did for our club.
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    My first ever game at the Shay
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    It's nice when proper fans get to have some good times, enjoy them, sounds like you deserve it Anyone on here thinks the FAT is a waste of time have a go at convincing Andy.
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    The player we need in midfield is the Michael Collins when he was at us before. Obviously not him now but he was class and would be excellent in this side.
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    My kids and grandkids future looks a lot less certain in my opinion! Going to be growing up in an economic graveyard, while having to live with the people that actually voted for it!
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    I actually think we either need another Cameron King type player or a powerful box to box midfielder who can physically dominate, someone along the likes of Lois Maynard.
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    Deadline day is just a gimmick made up by the powers that be at Sky Sports to generate extra Interest in their services so they make more money for themselves on subscriptions and betting. I won't be taking much notice.
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    Personally I don't think that is a bad shout to be fair. Good reader of the game, can pick a pass, can tackle & certainly no slouch...
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    I did say in an earlier post we had great fans. After trawling back through some YeltzTV highlights I remembered this was not the case. We've had a pitch invasion. Just the one but it held up play for some time. A former player of ours (Asa Charlton No6) had his family in attendance. Ok so far. They brought his dog. Hmm. Did the dog want to join in? Of course it did. The only thing that could have made it funnier was if a steward or ours called ferret decided to chase it. Did he? Of course he did. Enjoy. iv widiv widget
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    Ooh you skeptic. I bet you don't believe you'll have a high speed rail link by next Wednesday either......
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    I saw a unicorn today. When it saw me, it ran and hid, Behind a big red bus, “See you Saturday” I said. But both had gone by then. I’ll just concentrate on the football then.
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    I've worked in Bromley and know what it is like. Voted to remain but only just.
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    Think you have a large misunderstanding of what Bromley is like, but hey ho.
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    I´ll have some of what you´re on Chris.
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    I don't think they are. The big clubs rely more on agents offering players and word of mouth more than a vast scouting network. When Rafa Benitez joined Liverpool they had so few scouts that he employed his own, and not to look at players in non league I can assure you. Going back a bit now but doubt much will have changed.
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    But j king hasnt done alot wrong and took his chance when picked its now back over to duckworth to keep king out of the side its caled competition for places
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    PW has theshaymen.net which has come to his aid more than once this season. Even on the scouting front with Rodney.
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    You should have mentioned that before Steve!
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    The scouse love child of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Katarina Johnson-Thompson
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    Yes was overlooked but played a big part in 97/98 promotion, will never forget Jack Hamer who was commentating that day believe it was the Welling game when Lyons punched the guy who had been fouling him for most of the game and was sent for but asking the guy to settle this at h/t. Jacks comments were priceless.
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    Our third goal was a peach! Beautiful, vintage non-league footie.
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    Not in a terrace chant, most struggle with Brown
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