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    We’ve got him for the season!! Great signing for the club!! That shows ambition! Will be a massive help to get us into the play offs. Credit to Wild for bringing him in but even more credit to DB for making it happen.
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    Well nobody on here now can surely moan at the club or the manager now change of formation..you got it signing Redshaw ..you got it signing Rodney... you got It now it’s time for the supporters to fulfill their side of the deal .. get down the shay and cheer on the boys ..not just when we are playing well but also when we are struggling .. For the rest of the season let’s be the 12th man
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    Which would you rather have: The Shay we have now, or a poxy industrial unit down the arse end of an industrial estate like Chester have? Anyone who has any notion of us moving from the Shay as it is too big, will be condemning us to a fate like them, who wants to go to Lowfields?
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    Seen here in The Shay car park as his agent drops him off....
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    The guy demanded a ridiculous wage ??? he is as under contract to Salford with an agreed wage between him and salford Salford has the right to loan him .. they set how much of that wage the club loaning him should pay it’s not Rodney who decides .. it Salford and Halifax
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    Nice little video on facebook and Twitter ( Rodney not TJ's hooker)
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    TJ' s Hooker ?
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    I just think this signing was what can get us into them play offs. If we get Rodney, Redshaw and Cam King all playing well together then that is a great trio to have upfront.
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    Rodney & TSS will be a force to be reckoned with for the rest of the season & will fire us to glory
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    You mentioned a new purpose built ground. I have seen enough of that type of cheap rubbish at the likes of Chester and Scunthorpe. Grounds with no history, no soul. There would no longer be Shaymen, Shaygirls. The Shay is our ancestral home. There can be no other place for The Shaymen of Halifax Town.
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    Although there's a lot of plain white on it, this is one of my favourite covers because of the scarf being incorporated into it.
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    This time next year we could be in the football league
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    Leaving The Shay would not be aiding the Club, it would be killing it.
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    You’re forgetting that throughout that rot we had either Clarke or Brown missing so a back 3 wasn’t really an option
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    Ambition shown at last, a real chance of a play off spot now. Lowfields tin shack on hold for now. Some people will be sick as they feel lost in The San Shayro.
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    Shows this club has clear ambition to try & get out of this league. Well done to all who made it possible.
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    Well done the club which will create interest for the rest of the season.
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    Well done to Wild and Bosomworth. Now Redshaw and Rodney need to work together.
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    Thanks for this. it shows what a good deal we get from the Council. Any Skircoat development would have to come from, as the reports says, private partners in the form of hotel or housing development, I doubt retail is the answer any more (unless Aldi or Lidl think differently). We have to start working together with the Rugby club, it hurts to say it, but collaborative work on the Skircoat might help rebuild the relationship that was destroyed by them.
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    Some on here will definitely be happy, though I’m not sure he’s the messiah some proclaim... Definitely had an effect when he came before, hopefully he can help propel us into the play offs and promotion. Welcome back.
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    Well done those in charge. A great boost for the supporters
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    Now announced He has signed and will join Brighouse Town on Loan for a month for some first team experience. Good on the club and Pete wild for offering the lad a contract. Not many youth of ours get through and do something in the first team so let’s hope this lad does well with us!
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    Confirmed attendees for the match with Maidenhead United on 18 January; skipper Dave Evans, goalkeeper John Kilner, Geoff Hutt, Dave Harris, goalscorer Paul Hendrie, John Smith, Andy Stafford, Malcolm Goodman, Vernan Allatt, Kevin Johnson, as well as family members of manager George Kirby and winger Franny Firth. There are still places available for anyone wanting to dine pre-match and catch up with these lads who gave Halifax Town its most famous victory.
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    Both him and Jake Taylor have recently been out on loan at Danny Forrest's Silsden and understand Benn is Brighouse bound.
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    Fantastic news, well done DB, PW and others. Looking forward to being entertained and with it a positive Shay atmosphere, increased gates and if things go in our favour a chance of the playoffs. When is our next home game it’s like Xmas again
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    “Don’t be a plonker all your life” This year we will be in the football league!
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    I'd miss the trees
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    And Cam King struggling with fitness
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    Would say it's likely. Wild said earlier in the week he had someone lined up if he was leaving
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    A good signing on paper so let's hope he can do what many expect from him. Pressume this means the end for Southwell & Mcalindon at the Shay? In the current formation he'll probably replace Jamie Allen, how big an upgrade that is remains to be seen? Still think we needa ball playing midfielder as much as anything as Cooper struggles to play that role imo.
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    Due to move away from Bootham Crescent in the next few weeks. Possibly as early as February. Their new stadium is a horrible white elephant in the middle of nowhere, which is a right pain in the arse to get to. They’re having 400 parking spaces and that’s it; and apparently they’re thinking of a park and ride at a tenner a pop. Seemingly, they have no control over the stewarding at the new place - it’s not theirs - and take only a fraction of advertising revenue and a % of food and drink sales. Their business plan is apparently predicated on increased ticket sales, and they’re expecting a 25-40% uplift in sales, at a stadium miles out from the city centre, when Bootham Crescent couldn’t be better placed. (To put that into context, that relies on them getting gates of just under 4,000 - something they only just managed when they were chasing promotion to League One). The ticketing company they’re using seems to be taking a £1.32 cut for every ticket sold. Meanwhile Bootham Crescent will he left to rot until a building company gets planning permission to stick nearly 100 houses on it. When I lived up there, I said seven or eight years ago, when this was still an idea, that a new stadium would be the end of them. I see nothing to change my mind. Long live the Shay...hope we never move in my lifetime.....
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    OI..wash mouth out..spare a thought for us going Saturday and still have double winning ambitions..
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    Buzzing. Wheres Ash with his thoughts??
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    That’s a cracking signing. Rodney and Redshaw up front has the potential to be a very good partnership
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    Just when I thought we got shot of him Rodney and Redshaw up front though will be a great partnership
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    If we've currently got so much spare room ? Why do people keep pinching my space
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    Traditional Yorkshire Stone paving is a dying art
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    Messer, Khan, Cham, Basic
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    Southwell has agreed a settlement paving the way for a move away from the club.
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    One that didn’t have Sho Silva and Southwell up top. There was no creativity in that midfield at all with Cooper, Maher and Nolan. Game was lost before it started
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    The club have had a couple of crowds over 7000 so the fans will go if there's a successful team to watch. Given the choice I feel it's better to have surplus requirement than wishing we had a bigger ground.
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    Keeping that podcast on ice then
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    Why the hell would we want a 3000 capacity chocolate box 4 miles out of the town centre ?
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    It's a shame it hasn't worked for Dayle at Halifax Town and I hold JF mainly responsible for that, by playing him in a number of positions not suited to his game. The lad has been a good goalscorer and I felt it was a top signing when he signed, I hoped PW may have been able to get him back firing but it looks like it wasnt to be
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    Could we throw TSS in for a `buy one get one free` deal?
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    Lights not powerful enough for the TV cameras. You can read all about this game in the next issues of Backpass and When Saturday Comes, or you could even meet the players themselves when they are guests of the club for the match with Maidenhead on 18th January.
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