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    Quite a few furious forkers in the East Stand.
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    Look out of your good eye
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    Your so caught up in your hatred for a player that once again you don't even read others posts. The change of formation won us the game yesterday along with Jack Redshaws performamce. Do you really believe anyone thinks Redshaw is not better than TSS? You think that just dropping TSS won us the game but dont recognise the many other changes made to the team, which shows your desperate lack of knowledge. As for Denton i never thought he was that good tbh but we haven't had much better since and he didnt deserve the stick he recieved at the time. Don't follow him that closely these days (unlike you who still hates him) but i thought the only time Chesterfield looked like scoring was when he came on. A nice round of applause for him whilst warming up aswell, hope you joined in?
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    I like Josh as a winger. Alot of players have grown up watching Danny Alves for barcelona and bomb up and down like idiots. Theyve lost the art of truly defending. Gaving josh run at them is another way i think we can shake things up and im all for it.
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    Wasn't it East Fife 4 Forfar 5
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    And that they do but it still goes against the reasons given for home fans not being allowed to transfer between stands.
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    How fitting the "Positively" label!
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    I really think we may have missed a trick in not developing MacDonald to play more centrally . Out and out wingers are a dying breed
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    I think it's time the club dropped the Tom Hark goal celebration. I didn't like the other entrance music but I wasn't there yesterday so I can't comment on the new music.
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    Not strictly true this is it. Wasn’t just a TSS for Redshaw change yesterday was a complete formation change. We played with 2 centre forwards and a CAM to support these. TSS never been partnered up top from the start I don’t think only has King as CAM behind him who tends to drop deep to recieve the ball and leave TSS isolated on his own. If TSS plays he needs a partner imo. I’m not saying he is as good as Redshaw of course but to say he isn’t good enough for this league is harsh imo.
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    Aye, remember the remix of this. Im getting confused now!! Ha. Im sure there is a remix of the song we sing when we presently score. Its gkung to do my head in thinking of it now!
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    Positively spring like in Happyfax at the moment just walked back from th' ale house wi no coit on.
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    Ssshhh! Some of this lot will be wanting Denton and Boden back.
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    Video made in Hebden Bridge with a glimpse of Heptonstall and The Clog Factory at the end which has now gone up in smoke.
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    Suspect they may start to offload some in the new year.
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    I think there'll be 2500 Shaymen down for this game although no bus service will hinder the attendance. I would say that there should be more Town fans than Stockport but they're on a good run so you never know. If it was a 50/50 spilt then happy days for the club's bank balance. Whatever happens it won't be as embarrassing as the 90/91 home game when we ended up on the Hunger Hill Terrace.
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    You’d be amazed how quickly a club can get in to trouble with just a bit of mis management
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    I'm not sure mate. I liked the one when he bought an Argentinian racing pigeon and Swedish for beginners F,U,N,E,M ? F,U,N,E X ?
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    Try the first goal here. 13 in 37 games for us. You won't get that out of TSS.
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    Should send them all out of top exit
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    He`ll be great next season. We hear that every year, sadly. He shows `promise` year on year, but never actually produces. Sometimes, admittedly, the system and other players don`t suit, but more often than not there is no end product, he doesn`t chip in with any goals and for far too many games he would go missing after being fouled. The club have been more than fair with him during his injury, and I`d ship him out for the rest of the season (if possible) to a club at a reasonable level (Nat North?) both to save some money and to see if he can actually string some games together where he is more than a bit-player. At some point the `potential` has to be realised, the club isn`t rich enough to indulge `potential` indefinitely.
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    Probably becuse they need access to toilets & catering facilities?
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    Good job we had a club shop open then!
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    That's Premier League April fooling. Personally, I never got beyond the cellophane over the toilet trick.
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    A higher than average attendance people have said due to priority Manchester City ticket vouchers being handed out to those who came to this match. A 0-0 draw!
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    Also by fans who were skint. I once watched part of a game up there against Crewe. There was nearly tj same amount of Crewe fans on the hill as there was in th ground. Tight sods.
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    Bradford City once signed Lirpa Loof from a Scottish Club, wondered why he never made the first team
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    Many years ago I worked in the scheduling department of a large bus company in Leeds. A colleague of mine as part of his annual April Fools Day foolery told everyone we were busy re writing the timetables under the new decimal clock system. All bus drivers would be given company issued decimal watches and to put their names down. It was one of his best hoaxes. Second only to his works trip to the Greek island of Lirpa Loof the following year, which was generally regarded as his best ever hoax. Happy days, no doubt he would have been dismissed today for such tomfoolery.
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    I watched quite a few games from the bus garage end, there used to be a good sized crown up there for some games.
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    Just leave them believing they were right, its easier that way.
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    Reminds me of that classic exchange between Arsenal fans.
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    Time is a man-made construct created to mark our arbitrary journey through the universe
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    The first year began with 0, and the tenth ended in 9. Hence 2010 starts a new decade and 2019 ends it. 2020 starts the next. Simple, really.
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    Not sure how long McCoulsky is here for, but if I were McDonald I wouldn't be happy being left out of a match day squad for a loanee. McCoulsky has offered nothing in his time here, and the goal he apparently scored that ricoched off his ass in the Notts County game means nothing to me. I still believe that Josh can impact a game. And as a couple have said on here, Redshaw & Allen would benefit from his pace and crosses as Danny Williams did against Wrexham.
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    I missed the game because wife wouldn't let me go, she said our sons wedding in Manchester was more important, (happy wife,happy life) had great day but text saying we won was the icing on the cake,
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    Fecking Chuckle Brothers
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    Amazing how blinkered some our supporters are They were shouting out how useless PW was for taking Cam King off who ran himself literally into the ground
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    He was six inches shorter and, tellingly, never revealed his hair and teeth. All the same, folk were having their photos taken with him. I took my photo as a sly cropped selfie!
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    He is such a good player! Hope he signs to the end of the season and keeps injury free
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