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    I didn't realise you were allowed that long to answer!
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    They should have that as a strapline on the back of our shirts instead of STID Take overreacting off this forum and you're probably left with a dozen members.
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    Ever since Gardner moved there I have been flitting into `Bob`s Board` from time to time, and I must admit it gives me immense pleasure to see their supporters squealing like little girls. Talk about having a sense of entitlement! When they struggling in Div 2 there were so derogatory about the Conference and the clubs/supporters it had to be read to be appreciated. They couldn`t comprehend having to visit ``f****** shitholes like Halifax`` and even if the unthinkable happened they would piss the league before Xmas. Even with their considerable parachute payments and healthy crowds they are in the ****, so I`m looking forward to next season when their crowds are on their arse and the parachutes are folded and put away. Bunch of tossers. Ferk `em.
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    The key (talking simply here, obviously it's a complex issue) is the nirvana of a holistic view across government of where money is, and where it needs to be best spent. Savings against budgets should be encouraged so that the money saved can be spent elsewhere (whether that's by a different council department, or a totally different government department/agency entirely). It's a very tough model to break - years, if not decades of ingrained behaviour and processes that are set up precisely to support the existing way of working.
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    And you continue to show exactly what is wrong with Labours supporters at the moment. Its becoming a recurring theme where Labour supporters seem hell bent on attacking anyone that disagrees with their views. Even more so with others that would view themselves as Labour supporters, if it wasn't for the extreme left putting them off.
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    Suggests Town were timewasting, with a gate of 1100 odd with over 25% of that away support I would say it's Harrogate who are timewasting.
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    My Mum and Dad brought some old photo albums round last night and this beauty was amongst it. That's me in the England shirt. I remember getting it for the World Cup in '82 and also being distraught when it got nicked at school on one of the first days I took it in for PE. The other lads are my brother's school mates and we only ever took a group like that for birthday parties. His birthday is the beginning of September. That squarely dates the photo at September 1982. The internet suggests it must have been one of the home games against Mansfield or Aldershot. Hope you like it. Some nice detail of the old Hunger Hill 'terraces', the old floodlight base and the speedway track in the background.
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    If by propaganda you mean I took the time to read the document that was supposed to be the smoking gun on the Tory's selling the NHS, then yes, you are right. I was willing that report to be true and to show they had done a deal. The sad truth is, it isn't. Its another Corbyn LIE and another smear attack by the militant left.
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    It amazes me how so many simply refuse to accept any criticism or anything wrong with Corbyn. He is the sole reason why Labour are losing support - and in many ways he is the person to blame for the Tory's being in power. What it has shown however is just how vile and disgusting the extreme left are. Deliberately mis representing facts, out right lying, going on personal attacks, trying to ruin reputations, shouting down and harassing others, getting others to harass on their behalf.... all fair game if you dare to pick apart the laughable claims they make. Its a smoke screen and mirrors attack on everyone and everything. How many people have read this supposed redaction document about the NHS being up for sale? I have today. It shows the Tory's to be sly bastards, however IT DOES NOT agree in any way to sell the NHS, or to make deals with the US that involves it, or any drugs it may use. There is a lot of American "spit balling" about what they would like, however there is NOTHING from the UK side that agrees or even shows support to those ideas. You simply can not trust the Tory's and I hope when they get in in December it will be with the weakest power possible and will be a case of them out on their arse in 18 months / 2 years, however, lets be clear here - CORBYN HAS LIED about the contents of this report. His claims that a deal has been done is a LIE . His claim that the NHS is on the table for talks is a LIE . It is a deliberate and intentional misrepresentation of the contents. If you were being cynical, one could question why documents that have been publicly available online for over two months (And you can go find them on Reddit, with them unredacted having been posted 2 months ago) were being used yesterday, the day after Corbyn was made to look a right tit by Andrew Neil. I'll give you my theory as to why - because in typical style with this horrible militant brand of Labour, when they are put on the back foot with something they wish to avoid, they bring out an all out attack of smoke and mirrors. They invent "facts", take things out of context and scream things that simply aren't true. (Again, like our resident militant nut job here has done). Why can't the extreme left of Labour see that what they are doing is damaging their party? Once Corbyn goes and Labour become votable again, these idiots will also either need purging from the party, or will have some serious damage limitations to go through. In their small little bubble they think everyone is in agreement with them - yet the vast majority - a good 99% of both Labour and non Labour supporters are just simply disgusted by them. Boris is a prick, not trustworthy and is an utter disgrace. Those are his plus points. Yet Corbyn and his ilk are simply vile and make the prick that is Boris the only viable option. Instead of looking at why so many people are pissed off with Corbyn and his supporters, they just shout down everyone else with abuse and keep throwing slurs and accusations around. The way they are going I fear we may well see more blood spilt, as they are resorting to dirty tactics trying to destroy people. Its dirty politics at the moment - and those playing dirty are sadly not the Tory's. Each passing day with this aggressive brand of far left extremism is causing more and more damage and if it continues I can't see Labour getting in to power for a long time.
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    Half way point, who is your player of the season for the 1st half so far! Staunton for me, for someone who is still quite young for a football player to adapt to the different rolls, going between midfield and defence every 3 games! Always give it his all and just battles on!
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    IRA lover? You know he condemned their violence and spoke with them and with leaders from the Loyalist paramilitaries to negotiate a peace process as an envoy of Mo Mowlam. He got involved to deescalate the violence. In doing so he had to meet with people who had been in the IRA, UVF and the political wings of the republicans and the unionists, whether Sinn Fein or the DUP. It was a crucial part of the peace process which was heading nowhere with a hardline military process as there was in the 1980s.
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    Wouldn't surprise me if this is the actual source of all this commotion. Football largely exists now more than ever just as something to bet on and to con people into betting on.
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    There's every chance that this election won't solve anything, won't produce a clear winner and we could be doing it all over again in 6 months time! The thread could keep running
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    We're at least 4 seasons away though Bernie??
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    I can't disagree with that suggestion. This game is South v South. I suspect if we had made those challenges, we'd have finished with 8 men.
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    Harrogate have provided something of a novelty. A plastic pitch that slopes. I think the main reason for both teams contrasting first and second half performances is the pitch.
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    The whole point of this thread was when we were winning at the beginning of the season .. everybody had nothing to moan about ., which meant must supporters were in happy .. being a town supporter with nothing to moan about is a very unusual state., so this thread was created to keep a happy atmosphere by giving us other things to moan about.
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    There seems to be more mention of Grimsby on this forum than there is Pete Wild on theirs.
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    Aye they did. I knackered up my argument with that last line!
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    Who cares about the league? This is the one we've been waiting for. At least it's in a better part of Leeds this time.
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    Spilled a cross against Yorkshire Ammies and conceded goal from it. ( or dosn’t the WRCC count )
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    I'm sure Colin can stand up for himself but what sort of response is that, would you say that to his face. Time this thread was closed if that's the level it has descended to. Last post on this thread for me.
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    Appleyard:- Been named in every match day squad, not conceded a goal, not dropped a cross, not got his kit mucky, only used one pair of gloves. Has to be??
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    The half time reveal of the Leeds score last night was cringe worthy.
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    A lot of this comes from Sky who have a news and betting arm. Create unfounded stories, get people to lump on their betting site and earn a fortune when it doesn't come true and the bets don't come in. Its only Pete Wild so it won't be millions of pounds, but it all adds up over time.
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    Surely Wrexham will only bring 100-200 for the game... doing poor in the league,near Christmas, its only the fa trophy first round. I wont be there anyway
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