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    Direct from a free kick. Surely you can’t have forgotten Clarke’s from his own half a few weeks ago!
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    Hi guys and giris, Quick break in the Brexit back-and-forth shall we call it? The minutes applause observed last Saturday for the late Peter Downsborough.
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    Well it seems the majority of the working class are all united in wanting Brexit. Its the industrial towns and cities, most Northern, that have the strongest leave pull. Its the rich with fingers in pies and contacts (like Gina Miller) who are hell bent on remaining. The EU works for those at the top, however the noise from those at the bottom is it isnt working for them. The few are benefitting from the many. Those at the top however dont want to listen to those at the bottom that want to leave and have used their power, money and influence to cause havoc. We voted to leave. Rightly or wrongly that was the vote. I have doubts myself, however the people clearly gave their voice and it should be acted upon and resource should have been on the best possible exit, instead of trying to thwart it.
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    From 6pm, interview with manager Pete Wild. I asked him about playing McAlinden more centrally @Shaytrev
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    They drink it in the Congo.
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    I remember watching England versus Brazil in May 1987 and was behind the goal opposite where they come out from the dressing room...... In a section to the left of us there was a group of about 50 Brazilian fans ALL with some kind of drum or bongo....it was hell on earth especially after having been on the booze in London from 10.00 am. How do that lot manage to get in ? And where did they get their bongo's from? We have one little drum that generates a great atmosphere...but there's always one person who's never happy !!
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    Been busy so not updated these graphs for a couple of weeks, but here we are after the Chorley and Boreham Wood games. Surprisingly we're still top after only 1 point from those 2 games, though only on goal difference. This league is still incredibly open at the moment, any of the top half could go on a good run over 4/5 games and find themselves challenging the top 3.
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    Having seen the Bulgarian performance, the main group wanting that team banned from all competitions would be the Bulgarian football-watching public.
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    Hahahahahahahahahahah. Scotland is full of liberal elites now? Northern Ireland too? Speak for yourself.
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    I have 5 televisions in my lounge and they are all tuned in to BBC1 to catch a shot of Fiona Bruce's arse.
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    Sorry educated at a Secondary Modern, not into playing with words & twisting the referendum to suit my stance. Its simple, the majority voted to leave that is what should have happened.
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    It will be Salford who get the bye then they will draw the lowest ranked team in round two at home then Manchester United in round 3 . Heard that from a friend who was doing some electrical work at FA Headquarters , overheard a phone call with the words Salford , Man United , Magic ,FA Cup, Romance , Giggs ,Neville , Scholes , Butt, BBC , BT, Bidding War, Prime Time , TV. Motson , Creaming , Himself.
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    I kid you not. Somebody in the crowd complained about the drum!! You're at a football match ffs! The stewards said the lads can put it there and there were no problems until some misery guts moaned. He wasn't even dead old either!! The drum isn't to everybodies liking but it helps get people involved.
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    How dare people try & create noise and atmosphere at a football match,Should be banned from ever entering the theatre of pain again..........that's The Shay btw
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    I'm very partial to a bongo and a conga.
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    Been trying to think about the answer to this all evening When was the last time we scored direct from a free kick? When was the last time we were awarded a penalty at the Shay. Now the last free kick i remember was Kossy against Gateshead at home 2 years back. As for the penalty at home. Southwell i guess near the start of last season. Seems an age since we last had one at home We just never seem to score those 20 to 25 yard free kicks
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    Not saying Rodney is the best striker around but i do feel he ( or someone similar) could be the difference between getting out of this league or not. Great interview by wild, very honest,no silly talk or phrases. Good to know about the games we play during the weeks,bradford,Fleetwood etc.
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    Fantastic interview with Pete Wild, over 45 minutes worth in YouTube
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    A very big and complicated can of worms that could easily fill another 30 pages as could a debate about Northern Ireland and Ireland and all the washing that passes over the border
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    I'm away for weekend so won't be there tomorrow but will try get everyone back at the top mate
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    Like the formation of the W at the top. If all goes to plan then by the end of the season it will spell 'Wild Out' in bright green.
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    And rightful so. If it is Salford IT IS fixed.
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    Well we opened our arms to Bulgarians and Romanians in 2014 when the country was already full so it is relevant .
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    FFS. I don't know what's worse, having to listen about Brexit in the media or reading about it on here. Oh, I'll go for reading about it on here. Argh!!!!!!!!!
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    The bottom line is - Did more people vote to leave or to remain? Theres three camps on this issue - Brexiters that want out Remainers that want in Everyone else, myself included, who have got to the point that they just want it dealt with. Its like trying to convince a Muslin to convert to Christianity or vice versa here with the leave and remainers. Neither side is going to change position enough, or in enough numbers, to make it work where everyone is happy. The vote was had, people voted to leave. 99% of people are worried about their jobs, their livelihoods and just want an end to all this BS. 1% keep dragging it out. I changed my mind three times up to the vote and had no major leaning either way on staying or going. If there was a revote now it would be 100% leave, simply because I dont believe the action of remainers in the past three years has been palatable and their spanner throwing has weakened our nations hand. The EU arent ironically the problem, its our own MPs. To touch on what Chris replied to earlier as well, yes all this is on that toad Cameron’s head. This is why the Tory’s can never be trusted because they are out of touch. The exact second Corbyn goes, Labour become attractive again. Under him however, look how the popularity for the party has plummeted.
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    You're so angry Trev. With the UK set to return to the 70s, maybe you can resurrect the National Front and patriotic football hooliganism? Maybe that'll help.
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    It's the old Brexit deal that May said no British Prime Minister would ever sign up to. The much-hated backstop was introduced in order to make the deal (almost) compatible with the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement. Removing the backstop simply takes us back to the original deal and gives the EU everything they wanted - a complete capitulation which the papers are helping Boris sell as a victory. A border in the Irish Sea effectively breaks up the UK customs zone and pushes Northern Ireland closer to Ireland.
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    He signed for Halifax from Notts County after his release from there. He'd played 5 games for Nuneaton on loan in the previous season, and re-joined upon leaving Halifax. They were part time in the National whilst he was on loan, and full time in the North with a totally different squad when he re-joined. Smashed it, got a move to Lincoln, since moved to Grimsby.
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    I recall that being an issue too, however unless Im mixing up players he went back to the same club we signed him from a couple of months after signing for us who were a league below? Granted at the time off field we didnt have much of a step up so it could have been a case of better development in stepping back.
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    A gamble it is then. I hope this doesn't turn into one of those Burton Albion cup ties circa 2005-2008.
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    What time does the nurse cone round? My tablets are wearing off and so are mine, and mine.
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    No the goalkeeper was beaten by a 25 yard dipping sh!t.
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    if there is now a deal when does my unicorn get delivered?
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    In fairness to Stout, I worked with him for a few years and his heart was in the right place. Sadly he was almost like Mr Brittas in his execution of everything he did. Lost it towards the end a fair bit with a fair bit of grandstanding on the reats!
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    Oh the joys of Shaymen.net! Can Saturday please come around so we can lose again and everyone can have a meltdown about that instead!
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    Are Alty still in?
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    We're also still waiting for the Conservative's inquiry into Islamophobia, the one that Johnson and Javid so publicly committed to hold at the leadership debate (the one, incidentally that was downgraded to a 'general investigation' into abuse about a fortnight later).
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    The only incident I'm aware of that Corbyn was present at was the Wadsworth incident. Marc Wadsworth was the heckler. Ruth Smeeth was the MP who was the target of his abuse. He didn't see his allegation of her colluding with the media as being anti-semitic. The party clearly disagreed. Wadsworth was investigated in accordance with due process and expelled from the party. Just as all of those found guilty of bringing it into disrepute through anti-semitic behaviour are. His expulsion was welcomed by the Jewish Labour Movement and the Board of Deputies of British Jews. There are undoubtedly anti-semites in the Labour Party. Many blur the line between criticism of Israel and anti-semitic abuse. Some, I suspect, don't realise the lines they cross. Labour don't have a monopoly on that. The overwhelming majority of Labour members abhor such behaviour. So Labour do have a leader who is 100% against intolerance of any race or religion and are a party who will kick out anti-semitic members.
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    A key difficulty of course, lies beyond the battle to establish racial epithets, Nazi salutes and calls for extermination as racist. Once that's established and few do it, there are other areas in which racists play every trick in the book to wriggle free. We can move our eyes over to situations where the most prominent minority ethnic people in any sphere of public life get the lion's share of abuse and opprobrium, often even from general criticism that may seem vanilla on an individual basis, but when totted up show them putting up with a hell of a lot more of it than anyone else. The "wriggle room" inevitably has established the far-right as the most politically correct grouping to be seen anywhere, desperately trying to make their cause look moderate, and desperate to hide all their malign intentions behind "respectable politics". Every now and then it comes out as clear as day. From the professional troll Katie Hopkins calling for a "Final Solution" on Muslims or describing immigrants as "cockroaches", to the so-called conservative magazine Spectator publishing an opinion piece from a Holocaust-denying regular titled, "In Praise of the Wehrmacht". Oh no, of course that column wasn't about the greatness of fascist ideology, it was merely in tribute of the heroism of the doomed Jerry, battling on in the face of certain defeat and death. I back any team's decision to stop playing in response to racial abuse, and I back a full-throated parallel effort to eliminate the "toned down" aspects of racism that continually dress up as grown-up, mainstream politics in England, Bulgaria and elsewhere.
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    Atmosphere definitely gone downhill since all the young uns started standing at the bottom of the stand rather than the back
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    No chance. Health and safety. They would have to have more stewards too so it would cost more. In reality everything would be ok and nobody would be hurt and the fans in the Skircoat would create a better atmosphere. Rules are rules though and the club have to follow them.
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    Atmosphere in The South Stand has been quite good, I have noticed that most fans were joining in until this last three home games when their has been nothing to shout about, not even a goal. I also notice them that say there is no atmosphere, they don't sing or shout, do not be frightened, join in.
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    They may be fewer in numbers but taking beer onto the terraces often helps lubricate the tonsils. Have gone to watch them recently (at £21 pounds I might add!), I was impressed by all the extra stuff they put on for the fans before the match and at half time.
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    Must be all inspiring for the players to hear "oh hali hali. Hali hali hali halifax" 62times a game
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    It wasn't constant today but I think the atmosphere has been great this season and it's the first time in a long time since the whole stand claps along to songs like "Pete Wild's Barmy Army"
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    Or banned? Or getting moaned at for having a drum? Or getting moaned at for singing songs which have swear words in on a coach. Plus the players need to produce to get the crowd going.
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    He loved it. Such a good experience. All the players and everyone to do with the club very welcoming. Cant recommend it enough. Just a shame about the result
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    He didnt even play in Pre-Season for us! Shambles all round signing there.
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