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    The date is the closest guaranteed Saturday (excepting New Year's Day) when Town are at home. A lot of hard work is going on to make this a success and I can confirm, up to press, the following are attending; John Kilner, Geoff Hutt, Dave Evans, Dave Harris, Paul Hendrie, John Smith, Andy Stafford, Malcolm Goodman, Mickey Bullock, as well as family members of those players sadly no longer with us.
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    No longer with us. Apparently put a curse on Malcolm Allison after being upset during Allison's Crystal Palace days. I came across this regarding Mick Kennedy, as told by Chris Dunleavy: "He went over to him [Kennedy] and said, 'Look into my eyes. I want you to go rigid like a bar of steel.' We could see Mick stiffening his back as he was talking to him and his knuckles were clenched. Then Romark got two chairs and with the help of one of the lads he put Mick's heels on one chair and his shoulders on the other so that he was suspended horizontally between the two chairs. Then he got one of the heaviest lads in the club to sit on him and he never flinched at all. After Romark went out we tried doing the same thing with Mick ourselves and he caved in straight away." Romark's reputation lay in tatters when he claimed he could drive a car blindfolded, and promptly wrote off a couple of parked cars.
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    I must be by myself in thinking we played some tidy stuff. At no point did we lose patience in what we were doing. It didn't happen tonight. We know Cameron King can't do big minutes 3 days apart. We know Jamie Allen is still building himself back up. We know Tobi has played a lot of minutes. We have a squad for a reason. Do we just keep playing them till. King pulls a hammy as is out for 6 weeks. Or Allen does. I think personally Pete has earnt our trust enough for us to believe in what he is doing. We even sent Tobi on for a defensive mid. Pete deserves our trust. Even if from the outside we don't always understand something. He has earnt our trust
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    The date is the closest guaranteed Saturday (excepting New Year's Day) when Town are at home. A lot of hard work is going on to make this a success and I can confirm, up to press, the following are attending; John Kilner, Geoff Hutt, Dave Evans, Dave Harris, Paul Hendrie, John Smith, Andy Stafford, Malcolm Goodman, Mickey Bullock, as well as family members of those players sadly no longer with us. Three-course meal, Q&A session with the players, match v Maidenhead, chance to see re-screening of the FA Cup win, reminisce with the players. Great day all-round, I'd say, and all for just £35-40 (included admission fee for match).
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    I don't think anybody could have done much up front last night and it is unfair to judge him on that game.
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    Why oh why do fans need a boo boy? Southwell Had a serious injury that required surgery and it was his first start since. He did ok against a pair of centre backs that shackled him superbly. Cut the guy some slack ffs.
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    Had a few good runs forward second half with no one making themselves available for a pass, strictly right footed forget a left foot cross pass or shot. Hundred percent honest team player.
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    When a side refuses to cross the halfway line take it as a huge compliment. Also have some grace and accept they did a fantastic defensive job. We played neat football and ignored the fools’ cries to lump it forward. Other teams will try to copy them but they won’t all succeed.
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    Not sure why your having this much of a meltdown after a draw. Yes we should win games like that but we didn't. They set up in a way that made it so tough to break down. King can't play big minutes 3 days apart. Allen has just come back from an injury (Brown has reinjured himself probably trying to get back too quick) would you have liked the same to have happened to Allen? Tobi has played big minutes but in terms of what your suggesting i.e scoring a goal. Tobi really isnt prolific at that. So you will say well start them then take them off. So say we did that. Got to 65 mins and the score was 0-0 Wild would then have got a rocket from the South stand if he had removed King or Allen or Tobi at 0-0 so he really can't win. Will you just trust what the manager is trying to do. He has earnt the right to be trusted. We have won 10 out of 16 games. I'll be down there Saturday and i'm sure now they have played just 30 minutes. All of your players will start the game.
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    Its dissapointing. However it happens. At this moment we have 3 clean sheets on the bounce and Clarke and Staunton have improved as a pairing. We can cope. We just have to do what we have all season in the most part. Outscore the opposition. Starting with Saturday. Don't forget Maher can also play there if required. Maybe we can stick Brown a chair behind the goal so he can still bark out orders.
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    My man of match at Maidenhead.Defence not the issue 3 clean sheets Browny/Maher to come back.. Problem is in attack-sooner we ship out Williams/Southwell and upgrade the better and this could be key to how far we can go this season..
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    Well at least he did it behind him and not in front of him. Bad manners to drop one in front of one your team mates. Pfarp.
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    No. Zero tempo in first half when play was fairly even with best players on bench. We upped the ante in second with no space to move in with top players on as they defended in their final 3rd. If we had scored early on would have been a different outcome. Not one of those unlucky nights, wrong team selection by PW. But a chance to get back on it on Sat v Borehamwood
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    But again, how do you do that when there is no space in the final third and a back line of 8 that are camped within their own box. Chorley had zero attacking intent and had one shot on goal in the 15th minute. Nathan Clarke and Sam Johnson could have stayed at home and watched Bake Off with my missus but everyone else had a go, tried overloads, tried running with the ball and the space just wasn't there. I've never in my life seen a team defend so deep and in such numbers
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    Played with a quicker more intense tempo, and more off the ball movement would have helped.
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    If that´s what it takes to get us out of this league this season we cannot afford not to.
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    Sorry but PW got it wrong we new what Chorley was all about and to beat a team that parks the bus you have to hit them in the first half we didn´t. If you want to rest CK-JA- Tobi they should have started and changed at HT if knackered you cannot sit them on the bench for 70 minutes then expect them to come on fresh and run their socks off, the pre warm up before a game is for a reason it lasts 10-15 mins then go into the game ready, to sit on the bench for 70 then run up and down the touch line a couple of times does not prepare them properly and in my opinion could create more injury. A impact sub is a specialist player who can react quickly without the warm up, we simply do not have one. Still believe it´s another left sided attacking MF player we need to create the chances with McAlinden in front of him. Anyway that´s past onwards and upwards this is our best chance for years to get out of this league please do not blow it. We are one of the best in this league. All in all that was a poor result last night - last season it would have been a plus not this.
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    Please calm down mate, we are top of the league for gods sake. PW did get the tactics wrong tonight and I'm fairly certain it will be a lessen learned.
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    Who got a team sheet before the game and didn't think WTF?. The abysmal first half was of no surprise . King, Sho and Allen on the bench, Wild is making the same mistakes he has already made. Over confidence perhaps. Still top but it will not be for much longer unless he starts with his first eleven. Could have been a bumper crowd Saturday with a Victory tonight. Not many will pay £20 twice in a week after seeing that. They have been beaten 6-1, 5-1 and 3-1.
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    Steve Kerrigan, for example.
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    I think we all knew what Chorley would do, and tempo was lacking from the word go. I thought we often wanted one or even two touches too many around the box when we needed to be playing the ball into feet and in front of runners first time, and this slowed down progress into danger areas I was also dismayed by the refusal to shoot from twenty yards when, on a greasy surface, the diminutive keeper was likely to spill anything he got his hands on. The service to Southwell was pretty poor all night and harsh to judge him on his first start of the season. With twenty-five minutes gone, I was willing the rest of the half away so that we could get on with kicking with more purpose towards the South Stand. Agree that both full-backs were excellent. Distinctly unimpressed by the carry-on caused by their team who all ran to gather around the referee and their keeper, as well as their 6 who waved the trainer on as if in an emergency, when the keeper decided to belatedly feign injury after Southwell had challenged for the ball in the second half.
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    It does say on the link.
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    That's why i said nobody. Including myself
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    How about flipping it to say maybe he didn’t want to burn players out (not aimed at you ash), so brought the 3 aforementioned on in the 65th minute when they should have been tired from our “back ups” running Chorley ragged. Sometimes teams just defend with everyone behind the ball with no attacking content (see us last season). I believe we have someone who can unlock these kind of defences in Cameron King, but I’m not sure we have someone who can read that pass to get on the end of it. Maclinden is a good player, but most of his goals are created somewhat by himself
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    Chester fans said ¨if you can keep him fit you have a great player¨, when we signed him.
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    We could have run them ragged in the first half then subs coming on could have a better chance as it was we did not and they kept going all the game also less chance of injury to Allen & King as they had done pre warm up not just a couple of runs up & down the touch line.....Still think he is a breath of fresh air but still makes mistakes.
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    Not having a meltdown, simply pointing out the obvious, repeated mistake.
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    Perhaps he would have benefitted from a month on loan somewhere like Josh.
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    All because Jeff King couldn’t hit the goal from about 10 yards out
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    Not sure what difference it would have made. There was no space for anyone to work. We forget about it and move on.
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    Start with King, Allen and Sho. Not rocket science.
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    Not a bad player, but feel he’s at the bottom of our list of wide players. Feel same about Nolan, not a bad footballer but have him at bottom of our depth chart. Injuries have played a part of course, but with squad almost healthy would expect them two to fall to bench.
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    Says alot that the Chorley manager felt it was their best result/performance of the season.... One goal last night and we would have one that by 4.
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    Chorley are on a great defensive run, thibk that may be 4 clean sheets in a row? We tried hard to break them down but was absolutely no space as they were sat that deep. Tried getting the fullbacks into the box along with Josh Staunton to create overloads but it wasn't to be. Credit to a well drilled and organised Chorley team, dull as dishwater, but it's not their job to entertain. The No.6 for Chorley was superb all evening by the way. Only complaint from me was that Liam Nolan coukd have been taken off 15/20 minutes earlier than he was. Defending is as much as a skill as attacking and Chorley were very adept at that side of the game last night. Onto Saturday and let's hope for a more open game and 3 points.
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    Agreed. At one point, Staunton carried the ball diagonally into the box, beating 3 players. He needed a blue shirt in a vacant area around the penalty spot to his right, a simple pass and its 1-0, game over. There were two Town players watching him, static around the right hand end of the penalty box, not prepared to move inside to recieve a pass as Staunton's run progressed.
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    We didn't get behind them enough out wide, we didn't get enough players into their box . So many times we were looking for the final killer pass and nobody was available . We didn't have enough variation of pace and we lacked invention .
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    I thought Binnom-Williams put in his best performance. Probably speaks volumes about the team's overall play that he had to assume such a big role in them going forward as the game progressed but he showed some great touches and was a real threat. Very cool and composed at times in defence as well. Just needs to get his tracking back at speed sorted. Get him fully fit and he's a hell of a find I reckon. Him and Duckworth the best players for Town. As for the overall performance, it was a frustrating game to watch that was born of them being overly cautious at times. Not enough movement and not quick enough. Having said that, they got a point and stayed top. The glass is most certainly still half full. And it was Brian Laws sat in front of us, no doubt scouting for someone. I suspect Wild was aware of this from my earlier post and took the sensible decision to stick McAlinden out wide as a result where he wouldn't stand out. Liam himself almost certainly placed that screamer high and wide in the second half for the same reason.......
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    Great to hearJosh clocking up another 90 mins and a goal last night
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    Scott Quigley scored twice for Barrow tonight making it 11 so far this season. Funny how strikers who couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo start scoring for fun once they leave us.
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    Anyone would think we have just taken a good seeing to by Chorley with this reaction. R.E Cameron King - We all know he cant play sat, tues, sat - Today due to them having so many players behind the ball his creativity would be reduced, why waste his fitness tonight when he will be far more useful against Boreham wood. He came on, gave the ball away a couple of times, laid off a few simple balls and did nothing of note. R.E Tobi - Again played many minuets over the season so far. Holding up the ball and trying to thread a cheeky ball through when there are 7 defenders lined up behind you? innefective, rest him for Boreham wood. Came on and we improved (Slightly) Allen - Coming back from injury 70% Possession he wouldnt have been able to maintain that kind of intensity coming back from injury. Its all in hindsight, won and it would have been a masterstroke, draw as it is and somehow starting King, sho and Allen we would have sunk 5 past them. Also saying they have conceded x amount etc. They started the season as all clubs, playing normal football, they soon realised they cannot play this way due to losing 5-1 4-1 3-1 etc they then changed the way they play, look at how many they have conceded in the last 4/5 games. If we would have won Wild would have been a football management genius, instead he's now mentioned in the same breath as Fullarton. What a fickle lot.
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    The main positive to take from tonight are the amount of people fuming on our Twitter comments saying our game must have been rigged, and generally swearing blue murder at us because we ruined their accumulators. If you fancy a pick me up, go take a look. It’s gold.
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    I agree with all of the above really. Nolan had one of his better games but there wasn't the need for him and Cooper in midfield. We had 70% possession tonight but barely troubled their keeper. I thought Duckworth was outstanding at right back. The biggest cheer of the night was his FIFA20 turn with the ball. Another frustrating Tuesday night home game.
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    For info: drawn against fylde, Sutton, Dover,Hartlepool, Dagenham and Redbridge and BROMLEY(there joint top are they not) out of them 6 I recon 3 maybe 4 challenging for playoffs. Yeah dominated the game got a point we move on!
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    We all know the team selection wasn't what we wanted. I feel theres a bit ott going on though. Were we really that bad at what we were doing or were they just good at what they were doing? That was a one off game against a team who didn't want to win the game. Boreham will not play like that.
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    PETE WILD - TAKE NOTE That is twice now that you have been tactically naive. Harrogate was poor but tonight takes the biscuit. We all knew that that shower of s***e would come and park the bus. And from the very first minute it was apparent that was exactly what they were doing. Everyone of the spectators I spoke to disagreed with the team selection. We had to start with a chance of opening them up. But PW selected a team that has struggled to make chances. We showed absolutely no ambition in the first half and marginally more in the second. PW. That was dire. If Southwell is the answer, I would like to know what the question was because he was poor in last years team but tonight showed him up for what he is. Not a national league player at a team of our standard! Get rid and free up a wage. Danny Williams is not the player we thought he was going to be. Get rid. I will ask the question and hopefully PW will read this forum and answer the question. Why the hell didn`t CK and Jamie Allen start? Why was Southwell picked in front of TSS? PW has shown an arrogance that reminded me of Fullarton at his worst. He is better than that but he has let the club down tonight with an arrogant selection. If he believed that starting line could open up a resolute team then he isn`t watching the same players that I am. Chorley are actually a good team in that they have set up not to concede and have done that easily. We have created 2 half chances and not once have I thought that we had a good chance. I could rant all night about that but I need to sleepso I`m not going to read the rest of the forum tonight.
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    Well they don't let you play no but every team we have played this season has tried to win the game. Giving us the room to create. If you come up against a team that has no interest of winning a game you will struggle no matter who you are.
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    Much rather watch that than hit and hope its just not fast enough in the build up. Need Cam on to find the pockets of space. They are annoyingly organised.
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    Not really bothered about Radio Leeds TBH, apart from the guy on in the mornings 6 till 9 the rest would be out of their depth in hospital radio. When a really big game comes along we should tell them to bugger off. When the international break is on you can listen to commentary of Bradford City on all their frequencies. Alternatively, you may wish to go and cut your toe-nails.
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