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    Maybe a bit of both. We certainly seem to have a very media friendly manager - probably appreciates how important being honest and open is - but it certainly is a huge improvement.
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    Just spent four wonderful days at this historic venue (made even better by Yorkshire victory) and as usual a good number of Town fans there plus Geoff Cope, Bobby Ham, the guys from our shirt sponsors Stride Supplies and former Town chairman Geoff Ralph.
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    Could of video articles on the courier site add to that the captains column and just generally more articles ..this is great to see .. is this the courier upping their game or is the club giving them access cant help but think this is the manager engaging more and giving the courier the access it has wanted either way its good for the club and good for the courier well done to both nick https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town-we-ve-got-a-mutual-respect-between-the-staff-and-the-players-pete-wild-on-his-first-month-in-charge-at-the-shay-1-9947102 https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/video-fc-halifax-town-boss-pete-wild-issues-injury-update-1-9946395
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    Communication fantastic, last season Maher would have punched PW and been sent to coventry.
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    Indeed that's what they've published up to now. It's almost like they're a bunch of incompetent buffoons who've no idea how to maximise returns other than to charge people rent/tax.
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    Bloody pensioners with too much money and time on their hands.
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    We all remember our first meeting with Shaytrev.
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    Think we do on match days
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    The link was a tenuous one. It reminded me of my very brief encounter with the couple mentioned in my post.
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    Think Tom does a great job at the courier. His articles are in depth and he gets the content fans want to read. Coverage at the moment is top notch , long may it continue.
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    September 10 at Taunton. Come on Yorkshire!
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    wanted to go there on the Tuesday but was too busy,as we are soon to be leaving the hotel and kirkbymoorside huddersfield bekons but only for a short while
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    That is an amazing claim to fame, I can only count on seeing Pete Shelley’s last gig, seeing the last UK appearance of Lux Interior and The Cramps, and one of the last shows of the original line up of Iggy and The Stooges!
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    Cant post sorry ive tried,l liked little white bull
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    Can anyone explain to me how they are still in the league? How can you forfeit 5 matches and still apparently be in the division? I feel sorry for the fans, of course - but they should already have been chucked out and I cannot fathom why they haven't been.
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    We’ve been saying that quote for a long long time now
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    I think we've been saying that for the last 10 years!
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    Keith Whitley one of the greatest, unfortunately loved the drink too much
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    All the managers we’ve had have brought something before failing and being remembered badly for it (Apart from Vince and Kelly). Aspin guided us back to at least where we should be, with some great days out, great wins and great players, not to mention the titles, but ultimately lost the plot. Harvey gave us Wembley, but ultimately only had to win one game and save us and lost it. Heath did what he was brought into do, got us out of a division that he knew very well, but then looked out of his depth with the strep up. Fullarton, although the football was turgid he has left us with a very good goalkeeper and defence, the players that played under him learnt how not to be beaten, but ultimately not how to win. Wild? Well so far so good, he just needs to find the right attacking formula that would see us win more games and kick on. From Vince to Wild most seasons have gone to the wire with us, come April we’ve still had something to play for whether good or bad, life certainly hasn’t been boring being a Halifax Town fan.
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    How can almost identical finishes be classed as a struggle one season and comfortable the following season ? We've had two seasons of near failure and little progress
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    I love how people think I'm negative all the time yet I'm sat here, deliriously believing that we're going to win promotion this year. Until and unless it becomes obvious otherwise.
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    Wow that really says it. If the support for a National League side isn’t there it isn’t there. After 21 years it’s seems he has finally woken up. Attendances across the division are poor. A handful of the better supported clubs distort the picture that the National League try to paint.
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    He’s somehow managed to produce a son, so ejection and ejaculation are twin elements of his limited repertoire.
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    It will be when I show up. Mines a real ale
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    You've got me worried now . My date with Miley Cyrus tomorrow night might be a disappointment
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    I was talking to a Spennymoor fan yesterday who was frustrated at their hoofball tactics . Doesn't seem to be the Tommy Miller way so I told him he should speak to Tommy about it . He replied that he did indeed give Tommy a grilling over it last season and Tommy threatened to deck him
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    Kosylo will want to play and prove himself. Ducky will hopefully wind him up just like K Roberts did when we played Wrexham at home. Pete Wilds first full week and can do the training for Fylde hopefully we can see on Saturday a good performance and result. Fylde is always a team i want us to beat. Set of Cocky Arrogant Ba$tards
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    I’ve been in this morning agreeing asking price on a beautiful semi detached property in less than 24 hours. Didn’t even have a shed in the back garden. Think it’s a bit derogatory to call it a shed. I then stirred my coffee with my silver spoon.
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