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    A bigger crowd also might fire him up. Only 1,136 to see them lose at home to Woking. Perhaps fans are drifting back to Gloomfield Road !
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    where is there a Barnsley brickie when you need one !
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    Watched it again and I’m pleased to say you are correct. Good goal. Var to the rescue.
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    Just miss out 8th to 10th , which looking at the shambles of a summer would be a good effort . Regarding last season , it was the signing of Lenighan which contributed massively to our fall , other factors as well but it was a huge mistake by Fullarton who then dug his heels in and tried to make a point . Wild seems to have his head screwed on and comes across , despite his age as a very knowledgeable bloke , I have a good feeling about this chap.
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    Darren Kelly. That was easy
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    Most accurate one will be at the end.
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    I think you just go into ' your account ' and select The Norwegian Viking, Shay and add others as you go along
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    Your lucky because you still can sell your sheds.
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    Politicians run the country? They couldn't run a bath.
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    We didn't fall, we jumped.
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    We were slow out of the blocks today and looked very leggy in parts. Not a great performance, however in the last 20 mins we turned the screw a little to get the equaliser and I must credit the team for keeping going. They fought to the end and could even have stole it had Staunton managed to just get a little more on a cross. A week to recover until the next game, so hopefully tired legs can recover and we are then fighting fit on that front for the bank holiday weekend. The defence will be unhappy with the goal we conceded, it was sloppy and so early on in the game too. Sam's then made another great save tipping the ball over the bar with his feet midway through the first half, however for as lacklustre as we were, that was pretty much the only "golden" chances for Shots. They were the better team, we looked jaded and off the pace a tad, however again I must stress it was a lot better to watch than what we saw last season. Im glad JBW managed to get the equaliser today and hopefully that will give his confidence a boost. Sadly he didn't have the best of games, the goal aside. Caught out a few times - and whilst I can't fault his work rate or effort, he's a tad off the pace atm. I don't want to get on his back and its still early days however I do feel he could be the weak link that will be targeted by teams this season. We have missed Maher in the past two games in my opinion. If he isn't fit for next Saturday I'd like to see Earing given a start to see if he can influence things. He's young but looks very composed on the ball. Allen's worked hard today, got his head down and ran with the ball a couple of times which was good to see. I wish however we had someone on the other flank matching this. J.King sadly for the second game in a row failed to do it for me. Liam McAlinden failed to lead the line with authority and I feel when Tobi came on they looked a decent pair. Not convinced that playing just the one is going to work as well. Tobi holds the ball up and is a strong battler, and I'd love to see him have someone alongside him to feed the ball to once he has dragged the defence apart. 10 points from 5 games. Its more than acceptable a return, even if in the last two games we haven't been firing on all cylinders. Its a learning curve for the manager, some players are still getting up to speed and getting to know each other, yet we have more reasons to be happy rather than worried. From the opening 5 games, I think we are in a better shape than I expected. If Josh Mac can get fit and playing opposite Allen then I am excited with that. I do feel unless we can unlock goals from Southwell I'd like us to have a proven scorer that we could look to get us 15/20 goals, however, lets take stock of the start. We are doing well at the moment.
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    Bet you don't play that when wooing your clients.
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    I love almost all music, brought up with it in a pub, but I can't stand gangster rap, death metal or... grime. I'm not even sure it qualifies as music to be honest. Right now I'm into Cocomelon and 90s dance. Warning, Cocomelon isn't for everyone
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    It's called a search engine. And yeah, I suppose.
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    Granted this grime thing isn't my genre of music, however I have to agree. I can normally see some artistic merit in music I don't like, however the grime scene simply goes over my head, it all sounds dreadful (And if you have a spare hour to kill on Youtube, go down the Blackpool Grime Media rabbit hole to see a bunch of kids acting like "gangsters" rapping about rape and all sorts of horrific **** to see how truly daft the whole thing is). A few of my friends were losing it over someone called Dappy playing last week (apparently he pulled out last min) - first time I felt like one of those "grumpy old men" when saying I hadn't a clue who the hell he was, couldn't name you any of his work, or think of anything worse than having to listen to him
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    I didn't say i hated him. I said i wasn't a fan. He got us promoted yes he has credit for that. However he was in the process of taking us right back down by continuing to play conference north tactics in the conference.
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    Doesn't that make him good tactically? Maybe awful to watch but tactically amazing.
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    From what i have seen and its only 2 games so far. The standard of football on show is of a higher standard to last season. Based on that i can't see us finishing any lower than last season. My early thoughts are that we are a goalscorer away from challenging for the play offs. Half the league will probably be saying the same though. My prediction is 10th. I'll be interested to see how Wild does with a full pre season and budget next season. I know he had the majority of the budget this season but the one thing he didnt have was time.
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    You've got me worried now . My date with Miley Cyrus tomorrow night might be a disappointment
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    Even if we turn into a yo yo club for a few years until we find out feet. We know what to expect in this league and we have a frugil chairman at the helm, and probably more importantly, an honest one. He'd be able to balance the books and keep the ship on its right course. When you look at what's happened to Bury it's terrifying. When you have an honest chairman you need to keep him as long as possible.
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    Not the first and won’t be the last thing you get wrong eh Wildy Bollox
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    Different kettle of fish when in the league, bring young players on and we get a much higher price but the standard is not that much higher, Look at Luton. We are currently in the worst division in the football pyramid expensive with little reward.
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    But not necessarily in the correct order.
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    And of course, that certainly wasn't someone winding you up....
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    Big difference between Vardy and Rodney is we paid a small 5 figure sum and wages of 200quid a week. We’d probably have to pay something similar for Rodney at least plus he would be on 5 times that a week
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    100% agree,I never understand any supporter in any division being happy with anything less than challenging for promotion/Title
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    Team team: Jonathan Hedge, Aaron Hardy, Dan Codman, Steve Payne, Ryan Crossley, Paul Sykes, Nick Gray, Scott Phelan, James Dean, Tom Baker, Richard Marshall Subs: Mark Peers & Sam Jerome Halifax Town vs Warrington Town
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    Can anyone help me out with how the ignore function works on the new format of the forum?
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    Kosylo will want to play and prove himself. Ducky will hopefully wind him up just like K Roberts did when we played Wrexham at home. Pete Wilds first full week and can do the training for Fylde hopefully we can see on Saturday a good performance and result. Fylde is always a team i want us to beat. Set of Cocky Arrogant Ba$tards
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    Not his best performance yesterday, he looked knackered
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    Mark Shaw has been a thorn in the side of the club for far too long. The attention-seeking manchild has been ejected from Aldershot, Orient and Dagenham this year, to add to multiple examples of previous form. It’s time he was given a banning order.
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    I’ve been in this morning agreeing asking price on a beautiful semi detached property in less than 24 hours. Didn’t even have a shed in the back garden. Think it’s a bit derogatory to call it a shed. I then stirred my coffee with my silver spoon.
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    He will be so wired come saturday it won't need much to tip him over the edge!
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    Be happy just to stay in the top half and be in a position to challenge for a play off spot come April , an impressive start though beyond anyone's expectations.
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    How do you know? Do you wash up there?
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    Play offs at the least or why bother?
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    Tobi is not their keeper.
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    I suppose it depends how it is spun. I also suppose it depends on how much potential employers take attention of "word on the street" about managers. From what I understand JF hasn't got a good reputation within player circles. I'm not just talking about the one's he has dealt with at this club, but ones from others too. If I was a chairman looking for a manager then JF wouldn't even register as being a tangible option to me unless I was being backed into a corner, or was at a club that wasn't high profile. Time will tell I suppose but I feel if he goes back into football *As a manager* he will enter at a lower level of management than he has ever managed before. The only way I can see him at a FL or Conference Club within the next couple of months would be as a coach. I'd say the negatives outweighed the positives with his time with us.
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    3rd off the bottom without a single win.
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    Got to agree , great commentary , really enjoyed it .
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    We don't need a forward who scores.
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    Did well for us in his short spell here and scored some important goals for us helping our survival. Very much a confidence player, and the south stand really took to him. Wish him all the best.
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    That’s got 0-0 written all over it, think we’ll win the replay tho
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    Good luck to the gent he is no longer with us, I bare no animosity to any past managers
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    NO........you don't sell your best player in second half of a season while battling relegation... History teach you nothing ? Thompstone,Tuton etc etc....
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    Was a shame Ryan Crossley had to pack it in with that back injury.
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    Just read an article on the BBC website about 4 generations of Bury fans and how heartbreaking it is to them not just to lose their club but a way of life . It's always the fans that suffer the most !!!!.
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