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    Good luck Pete Wild ... hardly an ideal time or preparation but lots to be positive about at the club Best of luck to the new manager ... let’s hope they start well
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    That Grimsby home game and the Luton Away game were different class. They were absolutely mesmerising performances. Yes he could be anonymous at times. But would be a tremendous signing in my eyes.
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    Well Pete Wild will have my support as every Shayman does but I have to have a thought for Nathan Clarke, he is approached by BD at the end of last season and asked if he was interested in taking his coaching/management badges, which in his mind must be a hint that he would have a chance of taking over when JF leaves, he is then asked the take the rheins when JF goes, he applies for the job and is in the last two but does not get the job. He does not have to be professional but super human for it not to affect him so lets give him an extra cheer when he enters the pitch next time.
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    I’m sorry but Dan Gardner was a class above Matty Kosylo
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    Owner at Oldham a tool impossible to work with hence why they have gone down the foreign route. Oldham wanted him to stay on. Mate I can't spell for toffee am thick as two short planks, am only good at predicting the next Halifax boss You got yourselves a really good guy who's a top coach, imo he will reach the top one day. I watch Halifax quite a bit due to my job and I am looking forward to watching you progress under Pete. Good club, good fans and now a great coach. Good luck for the season.
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    Will it get changed?
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    FFS. Is it a thing now that managers all have stooges to deal with the fans on social media and forums?
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    Is the new managers name Wild or Wald because last week someone was 100% certain the new managers name had A and D in it.
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    Just read half of this thread before I got totally fed up of of some of the total crap being written on here You call yourself supporters half of you have just slated a guy you know nothing about, and the club you say you support. then cover your own arses by saying you hoping he succeeds, while predicting he will be sacked by Xmas ,,, hoping it’s a short contract..or that he was the cheap.. that he has no contacts .. must be good with a ppt ... etc .. with your mealy mouthed support he has an up hill battle already shaymen til we die not shaymen when I can be bothered nick
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    Maybe I’m getting giddy, but I’m liking this appointment more and more. Plenty of youth coaching experience to develop younger players and bring them through. This is exactly what we need. Roll on the 3rd August!
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    Thank heavens the board has only interfered with our affairs when we needed to sign Adam Morgan.
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    Remember when he first played against us for Droylsden, he looked a class above anyone else on the pitch. For me the stand out memory is his part in the winning goal at Brackley in the playoff final. He could make something out of nothing.
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    Boris is a ****ing prick.
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    Always fascinated by this type of argument. If a forward doesn't track back as often as we would like, he's "lazy", yet if a full back never crosses the halfway line, he'll undoubtedly be "getting his priorities right". Seems a bit one-sided to me.
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    Absolute rubbish. I doubt any salary will have been advertised and only discussed at the initial interview with each candidate. Something along the lines of 'what sort of salary would you be looking for if you were to be afford the position?'. This would then have formed part of the BoD's decision making. Those who had asked more than what the board were willing to offer would have be removed from the process and then the club would have made a decision based on who was left. The salary on offer will no doubt have been negotiable based on experience, what the club felt the candidate could bring to the club, etc, but the club certainly does not have to offer each and every candidate the same salary. It is at the discretion of the club.
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    All seem quite positive nick in all fairness. Some negative and positive which you were always going to Get. Just get over it Nick it’s football ffs! There’s millions of football fans out there and not every one agrees with everything. It’s part and parcel of the game and the sooner you realise that the better.
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    Look forward not back JF kept town up and changed things behind the scenes which Wild can build on ... Hanson , Earring and others are players who can develop and hopefully bring revenue Focus on positives for the club ... JF showed that Town can compete against the ‘big’ teams ... it just needs that consistently over a full season. JF gets pelters from some ....but folk at the club will see where they were behind the scenes and where they are now as much as it will annoy some... I’ll keep listening in and hope town do well Get behind the new guy and support the team ... the basis is there
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    I have no major issues with it, just another viewpoint on a forum.
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    If you want to take over Scot's mantle you need to work on your spelling....
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    Gardner was pure class. I’ll get off the fence and make this clear - anyone who thinks he was anything but class is about as good at spotting talent as a blindfolded JF.
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    My sense very different to Clarke clarke a player all his life .. no real coaching or manager experience wild .. a coach all his life. Some but a little manager experience .. no playing experience two totally different sets of footballing experience .. harnessed together and you could have a great management team nick
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    He has been sh#t on only if he was promised the job and then wasnt given it.
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    I am guessing you are talking about something like a school or government where salary bands exist. This has absolutely nothing to do with a private company such as a football club.
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    Again, absolute rubbish. If I went for a job with, for example, 10 years experience, and someone else applied for the same job with just a years experience do you think we would be both offered the same salary?
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    Just read a good interview in which Pete says his philosophy is all out attack. He also says that he's a big fan of the Baader Meinhof Gang. Oh FFS, not again. Damn you Oldham.
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    Lizard sacked as chief scout.
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    I have to admit to being dubious at first. However the Oldham fans rate him and are saying he is a cracking appointment. Oldham fans hated Kelly and were right, let’s hope they are right again. Fullarton came to us with Notts County fans describing him as their worst ever manager. But this fella seems to be well liked. As ever he will have my support.
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    Most of the comments are positive, stop being negative Nick.
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    Why so bitter Hoddie I enjoyed the banter with Scott. It made a refreshing change to see things from the Managers view point occasionally. Just a a shame that JF didn't live up to expectations, it went terribly downhill after the first 5 games of last season. We shouldn't be all at each others throat all the time, Who knows, with a bit of luck this coming season may be one to remember for the right reasons.
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    The good old Viking Index
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    Slightly Vom inducing, but each to their own. JF goes and Scot virtually disappears Hmmmmmm... Yes, well good luck JF however I’m glad you have left, and hopefully we are from now on playing to actually win rather than attempting not to lose! aka the scoreless draw Hope you have learnt something from your time with us though
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    Interesting. So maybe Wild was the best option 'on paper'. Sounds like the final 3 was Wild, Clarke and Craig Harrison reading between the lines. If that's the case, think we made the right choice out of them 3.
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    Think the Majority on here had there hearts set on either Moore or Clarke so an initial low was inevitable. However people are rightly willing to give the bloke a chance. Coupled by the positivity from Oldhams end has increased positivity still
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    Psychic buddy Also drafting in Chris Tate, an ex Town striker as Head of Recruitment. He's quite formal though and just wants to be known as 'Chris'. Management team: Chris Wild-Orr
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    Anyone wanting to know why Pete Wild left Oldham cue the new Scot of Shaymen.net Halifaxwisher he will have the answers ?
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    The Twitter page is insinuating to me that Wild has replaced the Salford friendly with a training session ahead of the Oldham game. Edit: 10,000 posts, and each one a total winner!
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    Now that lad would put bums on seats. Fantastic talented footballer.
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    Didn't Wild have to clear up the mess left by Paul Scholes' managerial stint at Oldham? I really do like that Wild has tried to play attacking football at Oldham. After the boring football served up by Heath and Fullerton, we really are due a bit of entertainment. Even though Wild's experience is limited, I don't put him in the Kelly/ Fullerton bracket. They both came with a record of about 12 games in charge, very unsuccessful, and both were sacked after a heavy home defeat. Wild's record at Oldham is much more respectable, and he has some successes to show. And the positive view the Oldham fans have of him is encouraging. Also he will know many of the players in our geographic area. He has my backing, let's hope this one works out, and he proves to be the new Keith Hill!
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    I have a feeling he will do very well for you given time. Glowing reports of his style of play, decent enough win rate in games managed, and seems like he could be one who is likeable too. Top half finish.
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    He had talent, but I was never a fan of his. If he lost the ball he stopped and gave up. Lazy player. Sorry, I know many disagree, but I wouldn’t welcome him back.
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    Isn't he in rehab from another ACL? Said himself he won't be fully fit toll end of August/September. Would walk into our team, one of, if not the most gifted footballer we have had in the last 10 years
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    His bloody Dad probably wasn´t even born when I started
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    That’s my job. Leave it out
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    I saw him on telly after the Fulham game and he seemed a genuinely nice guy. Pretty quiet and understated and he came across as a bit shy and was awestruck at being live on telly. I get the feeling the squad will like him because he seemed a really nice chap.
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    Pretty much. Was really well liked at Oldham and that's what the difference between Wild and Kelly/Fullarton is - he's not coming to us as someone who badly needs to save their reputation. Interesting to see what he can do with us
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    Say what you like, I'm disappointed . An application I'd have put straight into the Out Box .
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    Why wouldn't they give the best candidate the job. I don't understand this 'cheapest' thing. Surely, like any job interview I've been on, I know the salary the job pays when I go for it and it's the same for all candidates, if I want more money I wait for a job that pays more. He was unemployed so how will have cost more than wage we were offering? Surely that was same to everyone that applies?
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    You don't go anyway
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