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    One adult and 2 x under 12's purchased. My oldest lad has bought an u17's with his apprenticeship wage. All first time season ticket holders STID
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    Usually in the South Stand , but I go in the East Stand when the kids come with me. The season ticket price is a great incentive and I hope more fans take up this offer while it lasts.
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    Loose ex-pats translation of integral for the pc boys...
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    Is that NA in the hat?
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    Don't believe what you read...June 2019 and we are are already doomed and relegated...with a squad of 11... see you in the South Stand???
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    Many thanks. I've been a guest for a while. Glad to be part of the crazy train.
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    is that in lieu of wages?
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    My comp brain went off the scales.
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    He could grow to be an intrical part of the team as could Staunton.
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    A couple of Martin Parr's photos https://beyondthelastman.com/2015/01/27/halifax-town-the-shay-in-the-1970s-vintage/
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    One of my favourites. I always have liked that sort of no nonsense player that gives it 100% every game.
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    Even back then would be a small right wing element in the crowd!
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