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    I think there should be counter on the club website a published target say 1000 raffle draws for those who have bought at key stages say 500, 750, 1000 like a days training with the team two seats on the team bus to a local away game a signed shirt a signed match ball all things that help create a buzz have emailed in my suggestion .. but not taken up so far will not be impressed until it tops 800 full price season tickets nick
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    I've got 2 under 12 tickets that I'll be honest, will only be used 4/5 times tops. But the option is there for me and many others who I bet are in the same scenario. I just hope the little lass enjoys the day out. She's never been to a game, but there's lots of other little kids for her to make friends with and play with. Let's just hope she loves the match, especially seeing as her dad is a Leeds fan!
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    Can I have the e mail address please....I have loads of football shirts I want to give the club to put up in the supporters bars..town shirts of course...
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    Good to see the "Walrus of Love" Mr Barry White, lining up as our reserve goalie.
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    Today's random image is from the 13th October 1973. Town winning 1-0 away at Brighton here is the team as listed in The Seagull's programme.
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    I reckon we will get to around a thousand kids season tickets which will mainly be u12s tickets by the start of next season how many attend on a regular basis will probably depend on how we are preforming on the pitch.
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    I've plugged the offer to death on our sports show on Phoenix FM for the last three weeks running. Hope somebody was listening!!
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