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    There was a good number bought pre match in the East Stand reception on Saturday.
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    I'm kind of undecided as to whether to make the trip up to Hartlepool on Friday!!! Had Town won on Saturday I would most probably have been a definite?? But, and I'm not having a go at the lads, well not in a really bad way!!!! But it was pretty crap really. I wrote in a previous thread that I thought we could definitely win 3 out of the last 4 games, and the Bromley game was included in my 3??? By total contrast the 2 - 2 draw at Orient was almost the result of the season, the 2 - 2 draw with Bromley was poor. I actually thought they were the better team and deserved at least the draw. But to lead twice and throw it away yet again beggars belief!!!! Lessons not learned. And when the club is trying to promote itself then the team need to do better on the pitch. It was definitely two teams with nothing to play for and I think I'm right in saying that the Hartlepool game will be the same, albeit theres always been that bit of needle between us and them??? So all in all is it worth firing up the Cortina and begging some petrol money off Mrs T, one good thing is that If I do go then it will only cost me £9 to get in as they're concessions are for over 60's and not 65!!! Anyway, if you r going, then keep your eyes peeled for a Mark 1 Ford Cortina billowing bluey grey smoke out of the exhaust and give me a blast on the horn as you pass me!!! But keep your windows shut or wear a mask?????
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    Happy to be challenged my statement was over the conditionality of some .. I will only buy a season ticket if I like who we sign.. with the deal they are offering now everybody should be trying to buy a ticket.. the second point is some of our best players were unheard of players when we bought them and some of our worst were names who took the money but failed to perform thereby making a season ticket conditional on who we sign is not sensible buying g a season ticket should be about value and belief in supporting the club nick
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    Yes, Town were bottom of the Fourth Division for almost the full season, but they drew me down at the beginning of March and I loved every minute of it. Kevin Johnson, Bob Mountford, Franny Firth, Mick Kennedy, Geoff Hutt, Tony Loska, Chris Dunleavy, heroes all.
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    Some cracking local derbies, Bradford City, Huddersfield Town, Rochdale and York City. Happy days, derby wise.
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    It was a game that could have swung either way at the end. Rodney through on goal only keeper to beat and spoons it over the bar. Easier chance than the goal he scored. 3-1 would have killed the game. Other end Johnson pulls off a two handed save in top corner to prevent a third Bromley goal. Fine margins....thats football and thats why we love it.
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    Johnny's excellent complete Halifax Town Record book!
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    You can this offer and that promotion but, without stating the obvious, history has shown that a winning team on the pitch gets fans down The Shay. There's loads of football fans in Halifax who only attend when the team is doing well. And who can blame them!?
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    Don´t get me wrong Nick I believe this season ticket deal is fantastic. 2) That´s how we should sign players, up and coming, If not heard of and have to look up history of them all the better. If JF goes and signs say 3 more CB it would be a disaster. 3) Last seasons ticket pricing was a mistake on a gigantic scale and do believe we lost some fans wh will not readily return unfortunately. We are in the region of 400 fans light at the moment.
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    They need that nice Mr Abort back
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    Just read a certain Mr croad is back at the shay as footballing manager and straight out with the begging bowl to sign a former player.
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    Skarz & Kosylo were down the left but agree the former is too slow & predictable, I know the jury is out on Sellers but I see potential there but need a solid backup too, a Hanson type would do nicely, young with room for improvement & yes we need to bulk up especially in midfield.
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    10 Lashes should be the punishment..... teach this boy some respect.
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    This photo says it all. Taken at the other end of Europe in 2016 in a dodgy sports shop. Look at the luminaries' names on the other shirts. - Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba. And there in the middle is Vardy. Ex-Halifax. Think my boy (in the foreground) chose a Messi shirt despite much pressure from me!
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    Saw him as an after dinner speaker many years ago. He talked about playing with pain killing injections in his knees to play. He was walking with a stick and mentioned he'd had some nerves severed in his knees to kill the pain he was suffering. The Anfield Iron was obviously doing the after dinner circuit to make ends meet. So different from today's brand of top flight multimillionaire footballers who are 'made for life' after even 2 or 3 seasons in the Premiership. Respect to a man of his time when football was played by men, not cheating prima donnas rolling around holding their faces when there has been no or the slightest contact. A wack from Smithy would have sorted them out. A pleasure to have met him and watched him play in the 70s. A true great. Rip
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    Second half we came out and gave it a go King and Rodney both had excellent second halves ,There are a few that say they were disappointed that we let the lead slip twice but if we are going to be honest Bromley were well worth a point and came here and had a go and in the second half we also responded to that ,Anyone who says the second half was boring is just a one eyed liar or never went to the game,Both teams gave it a go and full credit to Bromley for making it an entertaining second half.
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    This is great news https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town/fc-halifax-town-defender-clarke-would-love-to-extend-his-stay-with-the-shaymen-1-9705824
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    Chris Clarke Driving Instructor
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    Dave Longhurst, david brooks, stuart parnaby, and there are many more.
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    James Bolton, Matty Pearson, Sam Johnson to name but a few
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    Can´t see Clarke or Big Sam going anywhere else, Carke HX born & bred and poss looking towards coaching and Big Sam knows he is adored here and is the first name on the sheet, When he signed for us others offered him a contract but he new with us he would be playing regularly. Kossy, Salfords interest may be waning or they would have come back in Jan after their derisory offer, maybe a lot depends if they get promoted, if they do they will be looking to build a league squad so IMHO they will not take the risk on him.
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