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    The Club and Supporters have something to cherish. The Shaymen of yesteryear, I am led to believe, dug this ground out of a tip, no JCB's in those days. For the memory of Those First Shaymen, Shaymen who have passed away, Shaymen here today and hopefully many more Shaymen to come I believe 100 years is something to be proud of and worthy of Centenary celebrations. It is not quite 2021 but next season will run into it. The Club, Supporters and The Council could get their heads together for what could be a momentous occasion, even better with a promotion season thrown in. Long live The Shay, Long live Halifax Town.
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    The idea of the meeting (and the ones to follow with the other groups) wasn't to sit and be told exclusively of special initiatives the club have in mind, it was more of a brainstorm session to allow the club to see the range of issues there are out there. They can then look to compile a priority list of the most common things to address and attempt to work through. While we ended up talking for a good hour and a half about all things both on and off the pitch, the problem with it just being me there is that it means there were only my views and suggestions being aired rather than a broader cross section. In no particular order some of main points were: Ticket prices are to be looked at for next season but its a difficult balancing act as costs increase both on and off the pitch every season, particularly with the stadium. Concerns over concession prices are being looked at, suggested the possibility of a slightly lower standing admission for all in relation to seated. Gate money alone only covered around 53% of the playing staff wages up to the end of December. Sponsorships, corporate, commercial, golf days, sporting dinners and the like help to cover the rest. Mr B was keen to stress that this season and next season the club have budgeted for a 6 figure loss each season. This is budgeted and affordable as profits from all the previous seasons are there to be used for this. Our budget is not as bad as it's been suggested. We're definitely not shopping in poundland but we can't pay ridiculous wages either. We were in for Connor Wilkinson from Gillingham but he would have wanted wages of £1.5k a week (half his Gillingham wage), more than we can offer. Dagenham took him on loan at £1.5k then made the deal permanent at £3k a week. That's not a market we can compete in. We've paid transfer fees on a few occasions for players in this squad. We are not in any financial issues, the club is run as leanly as possible to ensure as much goes to the playing budget as we can afford, but all bills are and will be paid. A club (we can all probably guess which) spoke to Kosy before Christmas and offered terms, then spoke to us to enquire about signing him. We turned them down. It seems likely that another club will sign him this summer when his contract is up. Had it not been for the TV money we'd have made a £1k loss on the Wimbledon cup game after match costs, their travelling expenses etc. were deducted and then the remainder was split 50/50 with the clubs. That does include £5k spent on additional pitch covers to ensure the game didn't fall victim to the weather - Wimbledon (with a little persuasion from our President) agreed to contribute half of this cost. After costs were deducted our share of the trophy replay at Solihull was £47. No board member have ever taken a penny out of the club, in fact they still put money in each season that covers general expenses - additional overnight stays, training gear etc. All things that largely go unnoticed. Player recruitment is down to the manager, if he wants a player and they're affordable then we'll bring them in. The board won't interfere and say they don't rate players, they certainly won't suggest who should play. Supporters bar has a design ready to go - a timeline with photos of highlights from along the journey. There's an awareness that it's taken too long to sort this. Was suggested that the occasional interview with the chairman should just have good news in it, not generally be tempered with talk of budgets. Possibility of a quarterly Q&A session online, or emailed questions answered. An effort to be made to have special offers that don't always include caveats - a suggested example of free kids season tickets available to all kids, not free kids season tickets available with the purchase of adult season tickets. Apologies as there's probably plenty of things I've forgotten as well. But I definitely left there feeling that there's a desire to improve things. Hopefully the coming meetings with different groups will be successful.
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    One other point. There is a real need to spend some money on essential maintenance, from replacing tv screens on the blink in the bars to serious stuff up in the roof as there is a general shabbiness to even the East stand. I know the legal eagles will jump on this and say this is the landlords responsibility, but in turn rents would then have to increase to meet it. I wonder if there is any interest in having a “Friends of the Shay Stadium” group from supporters of both clubs? To at least start the conversation on how to get the best from the stadium and perhaps as in the past wave a few paint brushes about.
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    We are approaching the Centenary of The Shay being the home of The Shaymen of Halifax Town. This fact should be cherished and The Council along with the club should already be organising street parties etc to celebrate. THE SHAY 100 YEARS 1921 - 2021
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    Your stadium is too big for you. We hear it a lot usually from supporters who have a crappy hole made out of shipping containers. Fact is the two clubs wanted a stadium this size, perhaps mainly for Super Duper League But also Halifax Town were equally keen to have a modern stadium with facilities and rightly so. Importantly the current ownership model is the correct one IMO. It’s also important that the stadium doesn’t become a burden to rate payers and as a result then become a political football with the old Courier headline Football on the Rates. There is more that can be done to improve Stadium income levels but it’s a case of being able to attract tenants for the vacant rentable parts of it. Even run on a shoe string the stadium running costs will be in excess of six figures, not to mention the interest and repayments on the development money for the East Stand. On that measure alone both clubs get a good deal, and have the stadium they both wanted, it’s not the councils fault that neither team can fill it.
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    It is a positive thing....but I’m pretty sure this was a joke, one which I laughed at!
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    Great to get the local kids involved with training Odelusi, I look forward to a marked improvement in his play
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    It would have been better if you'd uploaded the House Martins - Fun, to accompany this initiative.
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    Yes there’s us in the same league as Villa, Blackburn, Bolton, Bournemouth and Brighton. No forgetting old rivals Barnsley, Rochdale and Bradford City. We didn’t realise how lucky we were and what was to come.
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    Think these things cheer us up in these black dog days
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    My favourite moment was when the forum played its part in saving the Thai children stuck underground when the caves became flooded.
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    Agreed. Check out the article in the Courier - call him boring, unadventurous, unambitious...I would call it sensible and regardless of DB faults you can be confident there will be no financial disasters on his watch.
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    Good update on the official website. Things are moving with the club, people are eventually listening and long may this continue. I genuinely feel that everyone at the club is now on the same hymn sheet and moving the club forward, albeit at a slower pace some demand, but probably and more sensibly a manageable pace
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    I've just read JF's interview in the Courier and he's cracked it. He has said, now some might find this a tad controversial but he's said that the players need to improve in front of goal. Now, by this I think he means score more goals. I think we might have the next Arsene Wenger as our manager.
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    Now now Steve. Everything's gonna be alright. You have some Horlicks in your FCHT mug and cosy up in your FCHT dressing gown. Night night.
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    Course it’s a positive thing Steve, lighten up, it was a great little cross that was begging to be headed home. Gallows humour in our desperate situation!
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    All joking aside, if he’s been playing whilst not fully fit then (a) good on him and (b) it might explain why his performances have been underwhelming But on the other hand, he might just not be very good at football
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    Bloody hell Chadders your poster girls from when you were a lad? which one was your fave?
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    Been on to Chesterfield sorted the incorrect price out. Apparently somebody forgot to change the price over. Really nice lady on the phone sorted it all out.
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    Top man Mr A; it takes a big man to apologise and it seems like others are following your lead.
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    I have heard something is being done
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    Perhaps this item should have its own topic heading
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    There are several roof leaks, The North Stand seems the worst. Many of the roof girders need a lick of paint too. A general clean up inside The Shay is also necessary. This will hopefully be done before The Centenary.
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    Tony was not the most gifted player but would always give 100% always first in and last to leave at training sessions. Biggest transfer for him 100K tp SU. a tidy sum in those days. Finished his playing days in America and believe he still lives there. He lived at Claremount next door to my Brother and attended Tommy Moores when I played gainst him then play with him when a few of us formed Illingworth United before he signed for the Shaymen.
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    Agreed. I will try and attend myself given that, believe it or not, I qualify for the age limit.
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    I too was a no show. I was ready to go at 1800 hours, really looking forward to it, when the phone rang with a family matter that I had to go and help with, something important and difficult that I would not want to occur again. when I finally got home I did email an apology and also set out a couple of things I had been planning to talk about. The club secretary has passed on my email to Mr B. One of the things was from the discussion on here about photos etc on stadium walls. If he does reply to me I will share his reply to this forum. I am really pleased MrB has organised another date, and great credit to him for that as if it had been me, driving across from Harrogate to so many no shows, I’d have said well they weren’t interested I won’t bother. Clearly that was not the case but would be an understandable reaction. i will put this date in my diary and will attend barring riot, civil disorder or acts of God.
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    Today's image - Happy new year 1972! The Shaymen are at Villa Park and lose 1-0. Here is the current league table as featured in the Villa programme.
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    just make sure of the date all of you, it's not the day after............. Although over 40's can be forgetful
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    Long overdue but well done DB.
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    People living in rented accommodation wont be paying wages to 25 + staff on top.
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    There has been one meetings and have been poorly attended. The idea of making it an invite only and smaller meeting enables all present to put forward their thoughts and ideas in a more controlled environment and try to eliminate the pointless questions that get raised
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    From Balti nights to free waffles.
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    You've listed some positive stuff there. It's also a reality check on just how inflated the market is once again. Dagenham paying £3k a week for a player when they're getting roughly 1200 through the gates is scary. We tried to keep up with that type of model before and look where it got us. Fair play to DB for holding these meetings and thanks for listing some of the issues discussed/raised.
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    Guilty, I'm the same it was in my head meeting was tonight. I was looking forward to asking Dithering Dave about season ticket concessions for OAP,s. I have emailed the club Secretary and apologised for my non attendance. I put it down to an age thing.
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    Very much like any committee meeting (and I've served on enough committees to reach that conclusion)
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    As did people from My work. I was attending due to it being tonight and even if it was yesterday I would have attended if I knew that. Wonder who the other people were who didn’t turn up.
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    The abuse and personal insults from people who should know better on this forum has become poisonous, virtually every thread ends up being a bloody argument between people and not even about football. Very very tiresome
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    So what's the similarities between JB, TA and DB? Are we suggesting DB is a dodgy character who is going to do an Abbot or a Brown and therefore he needs lambasting at every opportunity? As Bubba says, he runs a tight ship, it limits what we can do and some people would rather he chucked his money at the club.
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    Sounded a very good meeting, such a shame others didn't bother to turn up to listen and offer their ideas. A great improvement on what we have heard before from the Chairman and he is obviously opening up a little more and has had to. I would like mementos from the old club, but yet again the first comment to come out of a massively positive meeting is a negative!
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    I may have understood wrongly, or it may be that others who speak with the Chairman in the coming weeks feel stronger about the photos than me. Personally I just want the bar to feel less like a bloody rugby bar. And I'd be more bothered about getting TV's that don't lose signal when someone uses their phone nearby than I am with whether there's a picture of Dudley Lewis on the wall rather than Tony Barras.
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    Creating controvosy based on some bloody hear say nonsense at Ossett. Why they would know about the goings on behind the scenes at Halifax Town I don't know. But yes they aren't playing so they have been dropped
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    Nonsense much like the ‘Cameron King will never play again’ thread This is the kind of rumour that starts when a free week happens Why in the world would Town secure Hanson and then get him out ?
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