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    That’s what Town fans had to adapt to when being carted off to the delights of Prescott Cables, Vauxhall Motors et al. The manager at Barwell could do well for you as he has done well with them so far at this level. Kettering got c. 2500 v. R&D yesterday, and are in second place thirteen points clear of Kings Lynn in third, so if (and its a big if) you can get some stability off the field, I’d imagine you’d be back in a year or two. In the meantime, you can enjoy a ramble around the Birmingham Metropolitan and Eastern fading fishing ports and rural villages league. Mind you, there were reports of 30 arrests at Kings Lynn v. Kettering on Boxing Day, so that much-vaunted quality of ‘passion’ still abounds in Little England.
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    Get bloody Needham off.
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