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    A bit like, "I am NOT a director of any payday loan companies," then? And that all time classic, "you can trust me! I won't disappear!" Both said at a Fax public forum. I imagine being a Blue Frocks fan is a bit like being a scientologist. You have to believe everything you're told even though every fibre of your being is screaming at you that it's all nonsense. The whole world laughs in your face and you have no choice but to try and defend the indefensible. I was really chuffed to hear that Siddal got a plum tie in the Challenge Cup, for no other reason than it happened not long after our old mate did a disappearing act and his sponsorship came to an end. Squatters out.
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    Of course the actions of Abbott, Croad and Steele regarding buying the Stadium have nothing to do with fostering this hatred, nor the rugby club objecting to the reformed FCHT becoming tenants. And you keep forgetting The company running Fax now has also risen Phoenix like from financial ashes of the old HRLFC, no different to FCHT only difference being you just carried on in the same league etc etc.
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    We need something to fuel our fires in the frozen North so these threads are eagerly anticipated
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    This is embarrassing. 99% of Town fans don't care. Always a Fax thread on here zzzz
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    Are they planning to remove you? That would be a pleasent surprise
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    Missing the point again, the club has brought new investors in. As I have said numerous times one of our new investors thoughts on the Shay may be a pleasent surprise for Town fans.
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    Going back a bit i don't think anyone on here would want the rugby club to go to the wall but by stopping investors coming in to progress the club could well be a big mistake. Perhaps with new investers links betwen the rugby and football boards could be improved. Left as it is it will never happen.
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    Well they won't be, in the league table.
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    No Ian, yet again you stole something, made a few changes and claimed it as yours.
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    Is that why he takes all the profits from shirt sales?
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    Wait, so Im making it up but there is a guy feeding it me - are you now ackowledging there is a leak or saying I am making it up? By the way, having my personal twitter account in your signiture text is against the board rules as you arent allowed to out other members and that clearly has my photo in it. If it wasnt for the no outing rule maybe others would know who you really are
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    5 upstanding businessmen have just decided the current lot (1 or all?) cannot be worked with and walked away. Just how bad is this devil?
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    That is what I hear from Fax fans I know and why I have just asked eddies mate his opinon. It would be interesting to see if someone like Ian agrees with the rest of the fans or not.
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    There aren't any new owners though. And when the club goes pop before the end of this season, which it very probably will, don't you think that could have ramifications for us?
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    Making no assumptions but its well known for corrupt individuals to allow buisnesses to go into liquidation to avoid paying debts and money owned. Of course, we know for a fact that those connected to the Rugby club are whiter than white so we can't entertain the thought that its anything other than honest - which must mean that these great businessmen aren't as good as they think. Thankfully they being so morally upright, as we are sure they are, are still smart enough to legitimately run a Rugby Club above board with no worrying aspects of their ownership at all. Everything is perfectly OK, its all just bitter mud slinging, I'm sure @Greg Florimos Boots has said we can all trust them before. Sssshhhhhh!
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    I presume a lot of the £750k went on that really worthwhile family / friends / hangeroners jolly to Portugal.
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    That's a bit of a slur on my good lady. You'd best watch out, Sir! She's good at duelling.
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