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    Just watched the goals courtesy of Flea tv. First a nice finish, not an easy tap in or a deflection. Second good hold up of the ball and lay off. Maybe all Tobi needs is a bit of support. On the field and off. Well played Town and safe journey home to the 29.
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    By the way this will be our TWELFTH game in the Trophy this season already. If you could just let us win at the first time of asking it would be appreciated, I don't think we could fit a replay in until about July.
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    Barrow have a striker that scores goals. That helps. Infact they have 2 near the top of the charts, our top scorer spent 65 minutes warming the bench on Saturday. When your busy saying if the defense had stayed together we would be better off your bang on, however if we were playing Mcalinden upfront instead of on the wing or the bench we would also be better off. Our number 9 doesnt score goals and falls over his own feet 30 times a game. I can bet Barrows centre forward does not
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    You mentioned a new purpose built ground. I have seen enough of that type of cheap rubbish at the likes of Chester and Scunthorpe. Grounds with no history, no soul. There would no longer be Shaymen, Shaygirls. The Shay is our ancestral home. There can be no other place for The Shaymen of Halifax Town.
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    We lost McAlinden weeks ago
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    I've no ill feeling towards Southwell. He tried, I respect that. I wish him well at Kings Lynn. With that said, this is a good move for both us as a club, as I doubt he would feature for us going forward, and also for him to get back to playing and hopefully showing what he can do. By all accounts a pretty heavy wage too, so its got to be a plus.
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    Leaving at half time then? Hope things are not that bad.
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    Yes but indeed well done for organising it, and I liked the fact that both George Kirby and Mick Kennedy were represented by their family. Also I’m genuinely pleased those on the lunch had a great day.
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    Wild said a while ago he recognised the need to bring someone in to compete with TSS and push him for his place. We now, finally, have that. Hence I wouldn't expect him to be an automatic starter anymore. I think this will be good for him - not only might some competition drive improved performances when he does get a chance, but the guy was playing 90 mins game in game out and that must have affected his energy levels, both physically and mentally.
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    Why the hell would we want a 3000 capacity chocolate box 4 miles out of the town centre ?
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    Most of the players from the Town team that performed those cup heroics will be back at The Shay on the 18th v Maidenhead - confirmed John Kilner, Geoff Hutt, Dave Harris, Paul Hendrie, John Smith, Andy Stafford, Malcolm Goodman, plus a few other guests. Should be a day to remember, as it was exactly forty years ago today when Paul Hendrie was probably sticking the ball in the net around this exact time. Best day ever following Town for me.
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    Godfrey Obebo still tops that pile.
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    Poor lad. He’s invested a lot in it, convinced several professional teams to invest their time into him, but ultimately it is the right decision for him to bow out early. Dropping down the levels didn’t make it easier for him and it takes humility to accept that the writing’s on the wall at what should be the prime of your career. He always seemed friendly with the squad and I hope his decency shows itself in whatever he applies himself towards next.
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    How fitting the "Positively" label!
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    Reminds me of that classic exchange between Arsenal fans.
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    Really? You ought to pay more attention to what Redshaw, Allen and others were doing today, McDonald is a fraction of the player they are, and should find himself a N/E club in Nat North/Glue leagues, he won't be here next season. Have never understood the love in with him that some of you have,
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    I did not clap at the end the performance did not warrant that but neither did I boo or slag them off as I fail to see what that achieves.
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    Steve was upfront even before Redshaw kicked a ball for us his reasons for doubting the wisdom of signing him. He had good reason with our unfortunate habit of being a rehabilitation facility for players destined to hardly play two successive games for us. Up to press Steve's worst fears have not become reality, I'm pleased & am sure Steve is too.
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    Coopers technique was brilliant for his goal. Also played a great game today always wanting the ball, passing it around, getting stuck in and to finish it off with a good goal.
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    If we want to get into the play offs we need the strikers to hit the ground running, whether its Redshaw, Rodney, Sho-Silva, Allen or Southwell. I do agree that Redshaw & Rodney on paper looks the best partnership, but for people to rule out TSS and want him cleaning boots is laughable
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    Think the TSS in depth assessment has now been done to death, time to find another target.
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    McAlinden is lightning quick with an eye for goal. If Quigley can bang them in at Barrow, McAlinden has potential to do even better at Stockport if played in the right position.
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    So around a 1-in-3 ratio? Tbh, I'd probably agree with you, around 10-15 goals in a season for a striker would be 'okay'. 15-20 would be above average, 20+ is a great season.
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    No fear of them. We would have beat them last time but Staunton equalised for them in the last minute.
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    Now announced He has signed and will join Brighouse Town on Loan for a month for some first team experience. Good on the club and Pete wild for offering the lad a contract. Not many youth of ours get through and do something in the first team so let’s hope this lad does well with us!
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    Might of demanded a change in formation but we certainly didn’t ask for that lineup. We lost that game before it even started
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    It's a shame it hasn't worked for Dayle at Halifax Town and I hold JF mainly responsible for that, by playing him in a number of positions not suited to his game. The lad has been a good goalscorer and I felt it was a top signing when he signed, I hoped PW may have been able to get him back firing but it looks like it wasnt to be
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    Not talking about the blinkered "fans" of these clubs Eddie, I'm talking about football fans. Those of us who when we pay our hard earned brass expect by right the very best that these clubs have. That's what we pay for. I fully understand that in general there will be changes along the way, but the most basic of the rules must get back to fielding the strongest team available. I know this is like flogging a dead horse because the "fans" dont give a toss about anything their club does anymore. They are brainwashed by the big money men.. Well my word of warning would be this, when the big money disappears out of the game, and it will eventually, these clubs will be left with nothing. And for me, the sooner the better.
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    05-01-1980 Halifax Town 1-0 Manchester City (FAC3) John Kilner saves acrobatically.
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    Decent point away from home, but disappointing not to hold on to the win. Barnet in decent form going into the game. I thought we were the better team first half, and Barnet about edged the second, scoring with the only major chance for either side. We could have defended better for their goal, but it was well worked and a good finish through a crowded box. TSS a with a half chance right at the end, decent ball in but he looked like he was pulled back by the defender and could have been a penalty, but equally the ball may have been just too far in front for the ref to give it (barely gave us anything all game though). We probably were just about the better team over the 90 mins but a win for either side would have been a bit unfair on the other. 3 games unbeaten, and now a week rest before we go to an out of form Torquay in the trophy and then Maidenhead/Chorley in the league. Should be looking at 3 wins in 3 from those games, and if we can build on the last 3 games then it’s a realistic possibility.
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    Chris Bush (Bromley defender) also sent off today. Second red of the season. May well miss the Shay game on 1st Feb. He scroed against us in the 5-0 at their place. Mike Fondop-Talom also had a red after 90 mins!
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    Credit to the defence for two consecutive clean sheets after conceding five in the previous match.
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    Was paid more than any manager in League 2 let alone our league when he took the job, seem to remember reading they're still paying Martin Allen off too. Wouldn't surprise me if they're still paying off any other previous managers as well
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    The first year began with 0, and the tenth ended in 9. Hence 2010 starts a new decade and 2019 ends it. 2020 starts the next. Simple, really.
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    Redshaw´s contract to be discussed this week with DB.
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    Result aside, the manager is clearly struggling and doesn’t look any nearer to turning things around. I personally think he has lost the dressing room, exactly like Fullarton did. Body language of the players is a give away.
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    The first requisite for a new player ¨FiTNESS¨
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    Do not be too hard on TJ all his subbuteo players he got for Christmas are the same size
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    Was in pub in bradford set off to game about 2 o'clock. Walked in ground expecting about 1500 to be there. Couldn't believe the number of people there. Saw sme lads I had been in the pub with and asked them what they were doing there. Well what else is there to do on Christmas eve when the pubs have shut was a reply. Never forgot that afternoon
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    Should have snapped their hands off for Rodney and Walker
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    Correct and redshaws movement and skill is what we need upfront. He has to start end of as does cam king as there is no creativity in the team at all without them two!
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    Just thinking of crowds if we miss out on promotion.
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    No more reasonable than any other team, just getting excuses in early as I said they should try working 2 jobs to feed a family.
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    No I disagree. We conceded bucket load of goals because all we were doing was defending..we were getting it hoofing ot upto Sho he was getting beaten every time and the ball was coming straight back at us. Don't care who you are in this league if you are just have attacks recycled on you non stop you will concede goals. We now play a more mobile strikeforce helping us to retain the ball more leading to less attacks on the defense leading to clean sheets which we have had 2 of since we have changed the formation. He is above criticism as far as I'm concerned we really couldn't do better than him as an overall package. Great defender and leader. Like goldust at this level
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    No problem TJ Remember. It is always better to be a has been than a never been
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    Just about spot on young Michael.
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    Vardy’s last minute winner against Chasetown, numerous Gregory dinks over the keeper and spectacular efforts, a few Matty Pearson thunder bastards in there too
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