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    There's lots of help and support out there but it's not available for everyone, or can be difficult for some to access right now. Maybe you just need pointing in the right direction or need a chat. Not everyone has a support network that is local. Halifax Town supporters are a community. We can do our bit to look after each other in these strange times. Need help? If you need anything, from a bog roll to help with accessing benefits, leave a brief message in this thread and maybe someone can come up trumps. Keep your post brief and personal details to a minimum - something like "need help Ovenden" or "self-isolating in Exley, some fresh bread and milk would be great". Once you no longer need any help, you can edit your post to say so (or just remove your message). Able to help? If you're possibly in a position to help out, send the user a private message to make arrangements. Don't be judgemental and please be discrete, now and in the future. Take sensible precautions Follow the official guidelines - keep your distance, wear gloves if possible (especially if you're shopping for someone else), don't shake hands, etc. Don't give anyone your bank details unless you trust them (PayPal is a good alternative). Use common sense and stay safe.
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    Our manager phoned me yesterday for a chat after my nephew told the club that I was on the stay-in-for-three-months list. A very sound bloke.
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    Do they use jumpers for goal posts.
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    Shut on health grounds. The performances are making fans ill.
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    It's full of nutters Funky. Silly idiots treating it like it's every man for themself and itake all too selfish. I've some time on my hands so if anybody elderly or who live on their own and can't get out due to self isolating need any help with shopping in the Mixenden, Ovenden, Wheatley, illingworth areas drop me a pm and I'd be happy to go do it for you. Teamwork is how we will get through this.
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    Season ticket holders have already paid for those three games. They can keep mine, I do not want a rebate. How about you?
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    Just read on the Stainland and district website that the only shop in Holywell Green has put the price of milk up by a substantial margin. Profiteering should be punished with a massive fine and people should boycott the shop
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    Town,s squad should be OK as in recent weeks they appear to be unable to pass anything to one another
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    Totally disagree with this. We are a club with not a great history of success but when there has been a 'big' game, the locals have come out - Chorley, Wembley, Bradford City, Lancaster, etc. When we returned to the FL in the late 90's we sustained decent crowds until the rot set back in. A lot of locals look out for FCHT results and want to see the club do well, even if they dont attend games. I doubt there are many who dont want to see the club do well. I would compare us both in size and history to Rochdale. They are currently average 3,500 in League One. I think we would at least match this should we ever find ourselves in League One.
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    https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/my-time-town-keiran-oregan-year-was-incredible-it-really-was-2521488?fbclid=IwAR0jvNfj9yJ0LXStR1avpAz-9omfezJmscOnnRMyMoxrcb6ScZ3xKIhffhs *goes all misty eyed*
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    Most of us discovered women a long time ago
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    Not said much about the game since I predicted a 1-0 away win yesterday. Quite simply we were awful. There seemed to be a few players who wanted to play but the majority weren't there at all. Maher and Staunton, even though they might not have had the best of games, never stopped encouraging and cajoling the rest of the team. Clarke looked over to the bench at one stage and looked like he was saying it wasnt working and we needed to change it. Unfortunately that only happened after Jeff King, amazingly not booked, was taken off for Josh Mac. JBW is possibly the most unprofessional footballer I've seen since Dominic Ludden. He is lazy, hes just unfit and carrying about 2 stone. Anyone suggesting he should play at wing back needs to give their head a shake. Wing backs need to get up and down. He is incapable of running towards his own goal. His error cost us yesterday and also in the game against Harrogate at home where he couldn't get back from a corner and we conceded a late goal. I'm sure there have been numerous others. Nolan is our Eric Dier. Trots about without ever sprinting and hides when we've got the ball. Loads of people have said we had no creativity yesterday and they're right. We had 2 attacking players who had to drop deeper and deeper to stay in touch with the rest of the team. Staunton tried to get forward but just ran after the aimless punts endlessly wasting his energy. The change in formation from 532 to 343 made no difference other than the hoofs were aimed at TSS instead of Redshaw. In fairness neither is likely to win a header. Shocking display. We've made 4 average sides look brilliant over the last 5 games. Exception being Sutton who were worse than us and we struggled to beat them.
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    If Pete Wild honestly believes in some of the things his saying in his interviews and I think he does, then we are in big trouble. “Created chance after chance” just wtf was he watching, have we come from behind to win a game all season? Everyone with a pair of eyes watching that game knew if we didn’t try Something else we would lose, so what did we do? The exact same thing for 90 minutes, made subs far too late, and the manager stood with his arms folded saying nothing and accepted defeat. The team was a sorry reflection of the manager today, no urgency, no fight, no passion, no Idea. wonder how long we will have to suffer this dross before he realizes, that something needs to change.
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    Oh dear!!! I thought the experts on here said “if Wild starts with Sho-Silva, we would lose”
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    Fantastic result yet again beating Barnet after extra time. I hope they get a favourable semi final now and get to Wembley! What a fantastic run they’ve had.
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    One has to question, if China comes out of this as a stronger world leader and powerhouse, having destroyed the US and Europe's economies, if world wide sanctions or exile should be considered. Xi Jinping and his government need to be held accountable for how they suppressed information, lied and refused to raise the alarm. At the same time, Tedros Adhanom looks nothing better than Sepp Blatter at Fifa for his corruptness and incompetence. I find it hard to believe that even now the Chinese are telling the truth about current cases and numbers in their country. We can argue about the causes of this (and my view is the Chinese are to blame also, due to their unhygienic methods of dealing with food stock) and how that needs to be changed, which is a valid point, however the crux of the matter is if the moment this was known the Chinese government came out and were open about it, it would have been a lot easier to track and hopefully isolate and stop. The first human to human transmission was known to have happened in China by December 15th (It was believed it could have happened before then, however Chinese doctors had it confirmed by then). Six weeks after this the Chinese government were still telling the World (aided by Tedrod Adhanom's corrupt WHO) that human to human transmission was not possible and were arresting and punishing their own citizens who spoke out about this. The bottom line is the Chinese government lied about the outbreak, intentionally hid facts and failed in their duty to protect not only their own citizens, but those of the world. If China benefits from this in the long run then it should be viewed as nothing more than international terrorism. Had ISIS or Al Qaeda set off some sort of dirty bomb that had caused this you could bet your bottom dollar there would be consequences. Now isn't the time for these sorts of talks, however once this is over, or at least very much under control, then answers must be given and those countries that have suffered the most need compensating. Economy wise, my belief is that China should take the brunt of all the problems and "pay" for it. In the wave of recovery afterwards they must be the country others take from to recover as they are the cause of this major problem. Had the Chinese government been honest about this we would all have been in a lot better place. Ultimately there has to be accountability in the end.
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    22 years to the day... Enjoy! Priceless memories
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    I have two daughters who work for the NHS. Not front line yet, but you never know. It’s a worrying time for us all. I can’t remember a week like it. Hopefully, any poster on here will feel they can flag up any worries or concerns for a sympathetic ear. We all need to stick together on this one.
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    I think I've found Funky enjoying the Kareoke round at Lanzo's place.
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    What a relief! Another game like the last one would have killed me off.
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    Biggest question marks are about PW after that. The whole 2nd half was a disgrace, only Halesowen game was worse. He allowed Ebbsfleet to come out after half time and control the first 10 minutes of the half, when we should have stamped our authority on them. Sadly that set the tone for the next 35 minutes.the formation should have been changed after that first 10 minutes but it was allowed to meander through till the end of the game. Ebbsfleet, similar to Woking didnt have to do anything to win the game. Had a few options open to him, switching to a 4 4 2, 4 3 3 or even reverting back to the 4 2 3 1 of early season, but he chose to keep the same turgid formation and Ebbsfleet coasted to victory. Imo Jack Earing should have been introduced for one of the 3 midfielders as he is the most creative of the midfielders available to PW today. Josh Mac could have come on early and switched to 4 4 2. Absolute load of cat p1ss
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    Our game is the last televised game of the year. An 8-0 rout cultivates a huge following of football starved fans including Real Madrid manager Zidane who sees Tobi Sho Silva score six prompting an offer of £25 million plus Gareth Bale. Town go on to win the Premiership and European Cup. Tobi passes Messis scoring record and wins successive balons d’or. Bale boo’d by the East Stand for failing to gerrit forrard and retires to run a B and B in Prestatyn. Deluded Daz makes a fortune after dinner speaking after taking the credit for it all......
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    One visit to the Skircoat bogs and your immune to everything for the rest of your life !!
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    Don't even go there with this thread. The more we all talk it up and overreact, the more it will happen!
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    Aspin picked the club up off the floor and restored it to where it at a minimum should be. The seasons we had climbing back up the pyramid to the conference where good days out and winning games became the norm were great, and he came oh so close to getting us back up at his first try. Yes it all went a bit wrong at the end but that shouldn’t cloud what Aspin did for our club and the achievements whilst he was here. Since we reformed Aspin is the best manager we’ve had, but hopefully PW can take us that final step back to the football league and achieve what Aspin just fell short of.
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    That season we went down was a rollercoaster. I was sad to see Aspin go after all he did for us, but given the start of the season and the second half of the season before you couldn’t argue the decision that much. Kelly was just an all round disaster and should never have been appointed. Harvey did amazingly when you look at where we were when he took over, and where we finished, but really from the position we were in with 3/4/5 games left we should have stayed up and he has to take some of the blame for that. Getting to Wembley, and winning, is something every football fan dreams of and it was one of, if the not the best day of my footballing life. Watching Macca score that worldie from right behind the goal was an incredible feeling. I’m happy to have traded a season in the conference north for an FA Trophy win, though I’d rather our next Wembley appearance is a victorious play off final.
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    So good of so many of you to still be wishing us luck in the Trophy. Many fans would just be spitting feathers about a tinpot club or whatever. The comments from yourselves and Barnet fans will always stay with me and many other Yeltz fans. Thank you.
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    When the Burundian health minister was asked why his country had successfully managed to avoid any cases of corona virus, his response: "It's very simple really. We don't have any testing kits."
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    When a player puts on a Halifax Town shirt and comes out with the others onto The Shay, he is a Shayman, nothing more, nothing less. The majority of fans do not want to hear about what he gets up to anywhere else or in his private life.
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    The trouble is that far too many people only care about themselves. Don't give a dam about anybody else just look after number one. Then when a terrible virus hits the population and we are told to stay in and look after ourselves but also, at the same time, by isolating, we're asked to look after others, the last bit just doesn't compute. Look after others? Nah, I'm off out to get pissed with my mates innit. Scumbags the lot of them.
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    Is that where you did your knee Chadders ?
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    Unless he got either a speeding ticket or a parking ticket, yesterday must be the first Saturday in living memory that he didn't get booked.
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    Not football related but: Saw an item today where a person in Ripon has issued a green and red square to all houses in his street. Put green in window if all is ok, Red if you need help so that people can get in touch. Thought it was a great idea at little cost
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    Leo, Boris, Trump, Pope Francis & Mary a ten year old Irish girl were on a flight with just 4 parachutes . As the plane went down they were short one parachute, they agreed Leo should go first when he said ‘I need to sort out the corona virus in Ireland,I need one ‘ & off he went, Boris was next and said ‘Im the smartest man in England, I simply cannot die, I have to survive’, and out he jumped with a parachute, next was Trump and he said ‘I’m needed to keep America great and sort out this corona virus’ and out he jumped.. one parachute left, Pope Francis said , little Mary you take it, I have lived a good life, you are young with your whole life ahead of you... take it. Mary replied.. it’s ok Francis, there’s two parachutes left, the smartest man in England took my school bag.....
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    Aye, it would be a real bind for multi millionaire Wayne Rooney and his 30 something wife and children who are in absolutely no danger as all media reports have stated. The people most at risk from catching it from Wayne Rooney are the elderly prostitutes he sleeps with. Ah, so that's why he wanted the ban.
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    I agree that he should be as far from our goal as possible. Preferably the outer hebrides.
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    He's been hypocritical criticizing the Calderdale public for not supporting the team and has not gone himself? Problem? Sometimes you have got to let go and let your kids defend themselves.
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    No not at all but how can you criticize the Calderdale public for not supporting when you have not gone yourself ?
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    Total lack of urgency. Cooper has come in for a lot of stick this season but he was the only one who showed any passion today.
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    A future quiz question - which ground played host to the final televised game of the ill-fated 2019/20 season?
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    I got a blast from the past yesterday. Went to a charity shop in Leeds and saw this jacket! Must be from the 1980s. I had many a happy day down the shay as a kid watching the footy and the speedway.
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    How many town fans can use the phrase “parked in front of my villa” lol nice
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    What an absolute bell prick that guy is...
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    Our game against Ebbsfleet is still proceeding online, you won't be surprised to learn that we still haven't scored
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    For me it seems a matter of time before the situation degrades further, and it will likely get to the point where people on here, or at least those close to them, will be affected. Is it worth having a support thread already? Action/support/mutual aid groups are being set up all over, and here are some local ones to the HX that I can quickly find, from Faceache: Calderdale Covid19 Action Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/635218107261429/ Sowerby Bridge Covid-19 Volunteers https://www.facebook.com/groups/1353733758351105/ Brighouse Coronavirus Support Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/191784922252917/ Give up your time and talent if you can, but don't overstretch.
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    I turned up today at the Shay, what I want to know is where were the players were? The squad was missing key players, and those who did line up certainly left something back in the dressing room. I have now sat through the Halesowen howler, the Sutton shambles, the Woking wind up and today the Ebbsfleet excreta. I thought the Woking game would be the nadir of the run in and that it was some horrible miscalculation by the manager and players, and with a week on the training ground to solve things and get a game plan sorted we would be alright. Sadly, I was mistaken. Today saw a continuation of a lack of skill, a lack of creativity, a lack of confidence and worst of all a lack of passion. I was fuming by the end of the game at the number of players who were jogging around the pitch, were out of position, and were unable to see the obvious simple pass. Plain and simple there was no midfield. Whenever we had possession there was no one in midfield who was capable of making a creative pass, making a pass into areas that put their defenders in trouble, ie. running back towards their own goal with an attacker breathing down their neck. Whenever they cleared the ball it was always a redshirt that picked up the loose ball or held it up for support. Whereas we were back into the situation of Clarkey bringing the ball out of defense and then just hoofing it up for their centre backs to say "thank you very much". No wonder we make visiting teams look so good we must be playing to their tactics and not ours. I must be honest the Ebbsfleet team played to their strengths, they kept the ball in front of their backline, rarely did we penetrate it, and their forwards, especially in the second half, played an almost perfect game, running at and committing our slow defenders, winning free kicks and making time for their defense to move up and for the midfield players to come up in support. We on the other hand looked disjointed and more like a team playing the first game of the season. We had Clarkey heading a ball out for a corner because no one gave him a shout to leave it, as it was going out. We had numerous occasions where we had players caught in possession because no one gave them a shout of "man on". Passing was once again laboured and slow, passes going sideways and backwards to no effect. As has already been mentioned, I was at al oss trying to understand where Devante was playing. He spent picking the ball up in midfield than in the penalty area. Time and time again we had possession out wide and got crosses into the box but there was no one there. If it was crossed in the air, Redshaw was never going to win it, it the crosses was low then Devante was 30 yards away from where he should have been. The icing on the cake in the second half was when Devante took on a couple of defenders, was forced in side, he then lost control and ended up kicking the ball out for an Ebbsfleet throw in on the other side of the pitch 15 yards back from where he was. A complete waste of time. I now hope that we end up with a National League shut down, so that this lot can regroup, get all of the players back on board and sort themselves out. Based on this showing, and the last 3 games, I hold out no hope of promotion this season.
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    There were a group of Rochdale fans with us on the flight home last night. They had booked flights for Saturday before their game was moved. Two groups of us on a day trip to the South coast, and not a football in sight. Southampton's a decent place to get a gallon of the good stuff. Also had a jar in Manchester, and even managed one in Brighouse late on!
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