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    Best keeper in my time without doubt was Alex Smith. Thought he would be our keeper for ever ....
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    Yet another reason to be thankful we have a sensible BOD
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    Question is clear Which Town player has the most Apps on his mobile Bring back Shaymus all is forgiven
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    Come on some money bags Chinese team offering loads of cash for him
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    I'll get pelters for this and I'm ready for the backlash. I didn't go today and well done to all those who did and have their opinion in the match. So many in here didn't go and all you do is f***** moan moan, f****** moan no matter what we do. What is the solution? Keep sacking the manager over and over and over as continuous as some of you miserable gets whinge and cry. How about we get behind the manager v Notts County. Let's make an effort to get behind the team. We aren't far off despite being poor. All this negativity and moaning doesn't help. Stop whinging ffs. Cue...... "I pay my money I'm entitled to moan and sound like a big sodding baby!!"
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    And there it is. Simply point blank. Point blank refuses to take Silva off. Absolute clown. Only heading one way as per usual. Can't do the same thing and expext differenr results.
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    Looks like the Gods are shining on us today, the way the results have gone means we stay in 5th place??????
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    To be fair with tobi he isnt a big lad and he's up against some big strong defenders so im not suprised he's on his backside alot. He does the job hes asked to do although much prefer him up top in a 2
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    We've gone away from home against a good side that's already beaten us twice at our place and we're dissapointed that we've only drawn. Things are slowly turning round.
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    Worried? They will all get million pound golden goodbyes on their sackings. I wish someone would sack me and give me 5m in compo.
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    I´m sorry to hear PW having a go at the fans,never a good sign, difference is PW you are being paid to be there the fans paying good money and tbh I believe that you have had the backing of the fans more than any manager for a long time and I would even include NA in that, now C´mon and turn things around be positive and attack the opposition not the fans.
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    I get that, however we need to also take stock of where we are and that Rome wasn't built in a day. PW is a rookie manager. He inherited 90% of this squad with 10 days to go until the season started. He has got players that last year stank up the team looking half decent this year. I feared a relegation dog fight when JF bailed due to the state we were left in. We have played half a season and are in the top 4 rather than the bottom 4. I feel optimistic about our chances with PW. Probably the first time I have really felt we could push on, rather than just tread water, since we had Aspin here. Hopefully he can sort this current slump out and quickly, as recent results have not been great overall, however it does feel there is a lot of baby out with the bath water at the moment. We are still in the promotion and even title hunt. With half a season gone. With a rookie manager that is coming in for stick from some quarters. What exactly do people expect?
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    ...although Super Noodles may have to usurp Smash.
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    Let us remember where we started in August Unable to play a friendly with the likes of Tadcaster because we couldn't filed a team. A manager walking out ten days before the season starts. The media, the public and even our own fans writing the season off as nothing more than a fight against relegation. If the arse goes out of our season now (And I really hope it doesn't), we probably already have enough in the bank to keep us floating in mid-table obscurity, far away from a relegation dog fight. If we can get back to how we started the season however, we are not only in a good position to fight for a playoff spot we can still win the bloody thing. With half the season gone we are a legitimate contender.
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    The key (talking simply here, obviously it's a complex issue) is the nirvana of a holistic view across government of where money is, and where it needs to be best spent. Savings against budgets should be encouraged so that the money saved can be spent elsewhere (whether that's by a different council department, or a totally different government department/agency entirely). It's a very tough model to break - years, if not decades of ingrained behaviour and processes that are set up precisely to support the existing way of working.
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    Teams are going to tactically start getting men sent off to get back into games. Its almost embarassing that we have a 100% success rate of conceding every time we play against 10 men
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    Bit difficult with the large Cod in the room.
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    Wow is that what's happened? Sorry I'd been reading the forum these last few weeks and figured we must be in the relegation zone, my bad.
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    They weren't there and that is our current problem . We are seeing other teams with far more workrate than us and that's mainly down to the system we deploy .
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    It's very worrying, the book was on self build furniture.
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    Pw has lots of coaching badges but omg he’s morphing Into Fullarton it’s ****ing awful
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    I saved a young woman's life roughly 3 years ago. Me and my friend were walking near his home and we walked over a bridge. There was a young woman standing next to the railing of the bridge which is above the M62 motorway. As we approached the bridge O said to my mate I hope that isn't somebody doing something stupid and then I let out a huge NOOOOOOO. I legged it as fast as I could towards her because at that point she had swung her leg over the railing and if it wasn't for the fact she was small she would have gone over. Plus she had a rucksack on her back and that weight might have just helped to keep her on the right side of the railing and stopped her from near certain death. I got to her and pulled her back over and at the same time I just kept telling her she'd be alright and I told her my name and my friend's name and that we were there to help her and she was going to be ok but we wouldn't allow her to climb over the railing. Once my mate was looking after her I phoned the police and I was talking to them when I turned and my mate had taken his eye off her for a spilt second and she tried again. I shouted my mates name and said quick get hold of her she's trying to jump again. The poor girl seemed very confused. She may have been on medication of some kind for depression and she'd mixed it with something else or the medication wasn't working but she seemed very confused and disoriented. Anyway the police turned up and we handed her over to them. I've never seen her since but I hope she's doing well and things have taken a turn for the better. I walked over the bridge I just mentioned on Thursday and the Samaritans have put two signs up at each end of the bridge which says TALK TO US if you're sad or lonely or depressed (words to that effect) and then their number. I'm not sure if there's something similar on North Bridge in Halifax but it would be a good idea. I knew a really good bloke that played rugby for Siddal and was very well known around Halifax and on the Rugby League circuit that sadly took his own life by jumping off the bridge up at Scammondam. Such a sad loss because he was a top lad and if only someone could have said the right words at the right time to stop him doing what he did but it was sadly not to be. If anyone out there ever feels that way then pick up a phone and talk to someone. There a few organisations that are there to help anyone that's feeling down or depressed and especially people who have thoughts of self harm or suicide. Nearly every problem has a safe solution if you can talk things over with someone. It could be that it takes more than 1 conversation. But if it takes 100 or more then it's worth it both for that person and their loved ones and friends. It will also be worth it if that person goes on to save someone else's life as a result of carrying on with theirs and fighting and beating those feelings.
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    Indeed its second prize behind a framed fake invoice from a Belgian hospital.
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    Maybe you shouldn’t have asked him about throwing the ball into his own net against Liverpool!
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    Given how competitive this league is this season, unlike others where one or two teams have dominated we have a real genuine chance to have a shot at it. I am sure DB realises that and how we progress depends on how soon we can get the players out to bring in added quality in the attacking 3rd of the pitch. If it's done in the next 10 days or so we could be looking at a fantastic second half of the season.
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    Clarke and Staunton are similar type players either can play alongside Brown but are suspectable together
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    A few years ago an old workmate of mine took his wife to Whitby for the day. Come lunchtime they naturally had to have Fish and Chips. My mates wife sat on the wall outside the Fish shop while Pete went to get the grub. Out he came a tray of fish and chips in each hand. A few yards off his wife the seagull swooped, Pete tried his best but the seagull grabbed a fish which broke in half, half a fish away in the seagulls beak the other half on the floor. Pete handed his wife the untouched tray, then looking at his own thought I don't remember putting Salad Cream on the chips. Yes you're right the seagull had not only pinched his fish it sh!t on his chips. He's never been back to Whitby.
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    Clearly not everyone's choice of club infrastructure but if Macc are the other blueprint as touted by many on here I for one am happy to stick with DB's prudence approach. Would love to be in leaguefootball but not at any cost.
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    Great result for Sheffield U as well your rubbish wilder
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    I do not think he was wishing an injury on Sho, just saying it seems it is the only reason Wild would not select him for the team.
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    Whoever wins the Championship is promoted. That's the first thing. Then maybe second and third go into a play off and the winner gpes up too. Bottom two in Super League are relegated. It will make for a better competition and it'll help to improve the second tier of the game. I didn't know Ovvy have folded. What a shame that is, despite me being a Siddal fan. It's still a good sport but it need to go back and concentrate on its roots. Always look after whare you come from and who you are and sustain that no matter what. THEN you can look at other areas of growth of the game but if you do the latter without doing the former you're going to lose it all together if you're not careful.
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    Bringing Notts County season ticket holders up in a fortnight and not looking forward to it at all because I think we all know what will happen. I think it will be a long drive home for one of us. We were a shambles at their place, we looked like a North West Counties side on an afternoon out. I could be wrong but think we have played four games this season where the opponents have gone down to ten men and in all four games following the sending off we have conceded at least one goal without reply. This may be a record which will never be broken. At least we can say we were there. Couple of weeks ago thought about putting a comment on saying there is something seriously wrong at the club but left it hoping for an improvement but it gets worse. Leaving aside the usual suspects it is clear I think that these players are not putting it in for the manager. As John Carroll said when he left "it's the players that do it to you". Having said that this is pro football and only one guy gets blamed. Something has to change soon so we can have a go at these playoffs.
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    This black and white distinction between "the Tory party works for the rich" and the "Labour party works for the poor" is ridiculous. Does that Labour party not want the poor to get richer? That's a rhetorical question by the way - most Labour policies I read seem to be about ensuring the "poor" remain "poor" but are supported, rather than really trying to elevate them out of being "poor" and into the middle class / "rich" permanently.
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    Getting back to the football league is my priority and then playing 3rd tier football would be nice. Too young to remember us play a decent 3rd round tie so I'd like that. I do find it strange how Halifax Town v Manchester City never gets a mention on the list of famous giant killings.
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    1 million in London. 2.6 in England and roughly 130 000 in the rest of the UK ie not in England. There have probably been more African Christians that have moved to the UK in the last ten years than Muslims living in the UK. I don't have exact figures on that it's just an observation and an educated guess bases on the influx of Africans that have moved to the UK over the last decade and especially the last 3 years.
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    He comes across as a decent bloke and a good manager. I really do hope we can keep him at The Shay for as long as possible. Regarding fans comments he is correct in everything he says. As we all know there has always been a negative element at The Shay who are quite vocal if things aren't going right. Some of them will never change and I think it's up to other fans to drown them out. I will say though that Pete needs to ignore the fools where he can and get the players on the field to do the talking. But all it takes is one stray pass and some of them are on their feet shouting utter tripe.
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    By the end of next week we will have played Harrogate home and away Yeovil home and away Bromley away Barrow away Woking away Notts County away Thats a large chunk of the teams around us either played twice or away. I know our home form isnt great but this may come in to play later in the season.
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    Wasn't at the match but listened to the whole match on Radio York. I was gutted afterwards. We should be professional enough to see a game out with a man advantage but hey-go that's football I suppose. More of a generalisation of the season is that we create many crossing opportunities but there's nobody ever there to get on the end or aim for. I'm running out of patience with TSS if I'm brutally honest as he falls on the floor too much and the ref gets fed up very early. We need better but I suppose that's the age old problem, it's not always easy to find 20 goal a season strikers or 15 assists.
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    Perhaps it’s DB whose been having a flutter to raise a bit of cash to bring in a new player
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    Just had another thought on this, promise I'll make it the last one, (for now). But if there wasn't a problem with Kits and the clashing of colours etc, then it wouldn't have been made a rule that players warming up on the touch line have to wear a neutral coloured bib. But then the powers that be introduce the new rule where bye a player being subbed has to leave the pitch by the nearest touchline and then walk around the perimeter of the pitch without a bib. All seems very confusing?
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    1-0 up in the first minute! Go on Town! Goal machine TSS.
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    And no goals but we are already complying with that at the mo.
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    It would be an early Christmas present would that.
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    I was there but I can categorically confirm that I have never seen, or even heard of FC Halifax Town.
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    Liam and Jack should be back in time for the next game and I'm hoping they both get a start. Allen on the left and Josh on the right with Liam up top and Jack behind in a 4 4 1 1. Let's get at teams at home.
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    sorry but if there is to be a scoreboard at the ground then it has to be one that is free to use by both clubs. none of this rental garbage.
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    Yeah, I'm all for a proper display at a proper organised plot. I just feel fireworks tend to get into the wrong hands too much and cause people and animals a lot of nuisance over a number of nights and not just the night they're meant for.
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