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    I’m sorry but Dan Gardner was a class above Matty Kosylo
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    Yes, the whole country does now (unfortunately)
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    I see. So a manager who had no players signed up and generally no idea what to expect given it was a phoenix club, was worse than the manager who failed despite having the club's largest ever playing budget, far better training facilities and a squad with which he could clearly work given he kept us up the previous season? Vince was in charge for 20 games less than JF yet still secured more victories than him. Sure, worse league and all that, but so were the players he had at his disposal. It's all relative. Didn't he have 10 games or something like that? We're surely not comparing that to JF's season and a half are we? You could argue the rot had set in under Aspin and McClelland's short stint hardly set him up for success. Harvey seemed to turn it around somewhat but even he's still unpopular in many quarters despite being more successful (in terms of points on the board) than any manager who came after - 15 wins from 34 games as opposed to JF's 20 wins from 65. Heath guided Town to twice as many victories than JF, despite being in charge for only a third more games. Even taking stats out of the equation, is anyone seriously suggesting that JF's stint as manager was in any way enjoyable? Hundreds of supporters drifted away, and almost without exception everyone on here was critical of his style of play and his bullshit-laden interview style. But yeah, he's FC Town's second best manager after Aspin. Jesus fecking wept.
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    Jamie Fullarton deserves credit for leaving.
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    Can we have this bit back please?
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    Remember when he first played against us for Droylsden, he looked a class above anyone else on the pitch. For me the stand out memory is his part in the winning goal at Brackley in the playoff final. He could make something out of nothing.
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    Maybe a bit of both. We certainly seem to have a very media friendly manager - probably appreciates how important being honest and open is - but it certainly is a huge improvement.
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    Not the first and won’t be the last thing you get wrong eh Wildy Bollox
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    Hopefully a few more clubs will follow. Its horrible, especially for the staff who are on buttons, however it feels like we need to lose a lot of clubs for those at the top to wake up. Sadly I doubt a single person connected to a Prem club will give Bury going under a seconds thought.
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    He couldn't though.
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    Our largest home crowd on our first game back since 1999, ie. 19 years and 364 days ago. We lost to Darlington 0–1 that day in front of 3,721, a Division Three fixture. 2,431 returned for the Plymouth Argyle fixture two weeks later. Second closest was 2,160 at home to Morecambe on Tues 12th August, 2003, where ostensibly there would have been fewer home fans than tonight. Important to keep up the hype and convince as many to come through the gates against Dagenham on Saturday, when we normally have a slight lull from the Tuesday attendance. Can we break 2,000 again? Bring a friend...
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    He can’t win with some folk First ticket prices are too high so no one wants them, so reduce the price then get hammered for losing the club revenue. if you’re not happy with the situation, suggest a viable alternative
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    Time for project 1000 and one last push. Great effort! A decent season and the same offer next season could see a massive rise.
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    It was a good joke :'D
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    Ah, all this rallying round and sympathy for Bury/Bolton takes me right back to when it happened to us in 2008. The public outcry was enormous.
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    Could of video articles on the courier site add to that the captains column and just generally more articles ..this is great to see .. is this the courier upping their game or is the club giving them access cant help but think this is the manager engaging more and giving the courier the access it has wanted either way its good for the club and good for the courier well done to both nick https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town-we-ve-got-a-mutual-respect-between-the-staff-and-the-players-pete-wild-on-his-first-month-in-charge-at-the-shay-1-9947102 https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/video-fc-halifax-town-boss-pete-wild-issues-injury-update-1-9946395
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    Have to say the Tait who cost nothing was far better than the Tate who cost a fortune.
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    He’s somehow managed to produce a son, so ejection and ejaculation are twin elements of his limited repertoire.
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    You've got me worried now . My date with Miley Cyrus tomorrow night might be a disappointment
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    We didn't fall, we jumped.
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    I think you missed an earlier post, which explained that a massive "payday loan" was taken out using Gigg Lane as collateral. The loan money was then used to try and bail out a separate Company run by then owner Stewart Day. Bury's problem is they now pay £1500 a day servicing loan money they have never seen!
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    Shore it up when they've just been reduced to 10 men? Had we done that and come away witha draw people would be saying why didnt we push to win it.
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    For me, Kosylo was a good player for us, although he wanted away & was a bit sulky last season, he still added to the Team,I wish him well. However, money apart he is now on a downward path. You cannot compare Fylde with FC Halifax. Once the money men go back to Blackpool, you will see a side similar to North Ferriby that will slowly go back whence they came. There is not enough support for 3 teams in that area.
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    Some people just live to find fault and dwell on negatives. Yesterday was horrendous for football. No team would look good in those conditions. Our free flowing attacking football is not conducive to those conditions. However we still tried to get forward with ball at feet and did create chances. TSS does hold the ball up well and did have chances to score. The pitch cut up badly on his best chance when 1 on 1. McAlinden is not lightweight he is just unfit and not match fit. His goal showed his quality. As for Jerome you are clueless. LB was our Achilles heal last season with too many attacks getting through down that wing. Jerome provides strength, height and great composure on the ball. Yeah he makes the odd mistake as they all do. But he is head and shoulders above what we had last year and is a massive asset going forward (set up Mahers goal). As for Maher , well you clearly don’t understand the 4231 system we play. Both Josh and Niall play their roles extremely well and are a large reason why the team have 9 points and why we haven’t conceded in the last two matches. It the team didn’t excite, weren’t winning then I could understand , but BTM is just moaning for the sake of winding the fans up. Lets take each game as it comes, celebrate our achievements thus far and will the team onto further success. Wrexham will be a good test. Can we equal or better what we did there last season?
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    Lets not forget that we have a really hard opening 10 games. We are almost a third of the way through it and are 3/3. I'd like to see us go take the game to Wrexham - lets go cause them problems and see how they deal with us, rather than how we deal with them.
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    I'm old enough to remember when all goalies wore green jerseys (at that time only one or two teams played in green, Plymouth (?) and ??). Also teams played in their regular colour, home or away, if there was a colour clash the away team changed to a contrasting colour. eg if Town were away to a team who's regular kit was blue they would change to red or white. It seems farcical to me for a team who's regular colours are blue go away and play in orange against a team who's regular colours are red. There have been a lot of changes over the years, not all are improvements
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    I don't see any harm in offering them for sale. Prospective buyers are already a game out of pocket.
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    They had lots of possession in places that could not do any harm but apart from the deflected shot that hit the bar and a couple of balls across the goalmouth that we dealt with they did not threaten. possession is not everything.
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    Agreed, on Solidull... look strong! Chesterfield i think will be up there too.
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    While I agree .. the offer was well publicised .. constantly on twitter and pinned on the front page of the website.. cant blame the club for people not reading the information properly if people were unsure ... there was plenty of time to ask Sorry some of you missed out .. but that is life .. live and learn
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    If Flea was still doing his 123 thing I’d go with 1. Maher 2. Allen 3. Sho-Silva.
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    Maybe leave team selection to Pete Wild until it all starts to come unstuck then we can tell him where he's going wrong
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    I am guessing you are talking about something like a school or government where salary bands exist. This has absolutely nothing to do with a private company such as a football club.
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    Again, absolute rubbish. If I went for a job with, for example, 10 years experience, and someone else applied for the same job with just a years experience do you think we would be both offered the same salary?
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    Just read a good interview in which Pete says his philosophy is all out attack. He also says that he's a big fan of the Baader Meinhof Gang. Oh FFS, not again. Damn you Oldham.
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    Please tell me he's not another Scot. Shoot me now.
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    No I hadn’t heard of him but welcome Pete and good luck. Hopefully we’ll see fewer than seven in defence and he’ll tease out of Southwell the best he can be. everyone has spoken highly of Nathan Clarke so why would a consummate professional chuck his toys out of the pram after being overlooked? I’m sure he’ll love playing for another season and every dog has its day. He’ll be in pole position should things not go according to plan for Pete.
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    Oh yeah... another thread about the threads that have already been started below in a thread. Calm down... Go collect your teddy from the floor that you have clearly thrown out. Jeez.
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    My money is on Boris parting the Thames and leading us all safely to Canvey Island with free sex, drugs and rock'n'roll for all
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    If he thinks we have a solid foundation the time to build on it is now. Some of us oldies may not be around next season.
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    What a Win that was. To maintain the 100% record still and another clean sheet is brilliant. Allen And Duckworth both man of the match for me again. Duckworth has been amazing and not a bad game yet. still a striker short and Sho-Silva ran his socks off today and would have been good having a fresh striker to bring on at the end. Onto Tuesday night which will easily be our toughest game and Bobby grant one of their best players received a straight red so will miss Tuesdays game. They’re also favourites to sign Rodney I heard today. What an atmosphere today and at the end when the players and manager come round was good to hear the south stand.
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    Always believed they are 2 good players the difference is intent. Intent to win instead of intent not to lose.
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    Change the record FFS!
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    If he brings in some decent signings then I think we can be in for a good season. Good attacking football and a decent bond with the fans. Still need another striker or two before the season starts but I really hope the guy succeeds
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    Agree with what Gav said (bubba) I've never heard of him so a quick google tells me he hasn’t had many clubs. One infact. Literally been at Oldham all his coaching/short managing life. With us needing 6-7 players be interesting to see his network of players
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    Whether it’s Wild or not - digging up a week old tweet from a random person no one knows that effectively says “would be great to see you at Halifax” is erm, stretching it to then claim its a done deal. Weren’t people also saying that Oldham were asking around for a team to play? Which is much more likely to be the reason we are playing them, rather than the fact we are soon to employ one of their ex members of staff.
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    At 2.45, a week on Saturday!
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