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    It's threads like this that make me wanna delete the messageboard. 15th and struggling? We are where we can afford to be. Get over it and support the club. Better to bitch about Salford and others than try and compete with them on the pitch. 1st. What is wrong with people? You're stupid for enjoying it. We need to be 15th where we can revel in misery. This club is on a hiding to nothing. The naysayers have it fantastic. If we stay top and actually win the league, or slip into the play-offs and have a day out in London in May, they get to say "well I didn't expect it but I'm really happy," - while spending all season secretly hoping the club can drop into the danger zone just to they get to say "told you so." Pathetic. By all means discuss what's gone wrong and what can be done about it, but it is preposterous to say we don't deserve to be top when a third of the season has already passed us by. You are deluded and/or certifiable if you actually, genuinely believe we are top by accident. FFS give the players and manager the credit they deserve, and the support they need to keep it going.
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    Spitting distance at least
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    It's noticeable that those who were singing JF's praises last season for keeping us low mid-table, are mostly the same ones urging caution with PW's great early start. It's like some people are incapable of hoping for anything other than mediocrity, even when it's jumping up and down in front of them, slapping them across the face. Dozens of people on here have spent hours over the last few years trying to explain to the rest of us that it's not possible for Halifax Town to challenge for promotion when 'big' teams like Chesterfield and 'moneybags' teams like Fylde are in the same league. Despite being proven wrong time and again. We simply don't have the cash. We don't deserve it. It's impossible. Well bollocks to that. PW is doing fantastic work and even if somehow we end up 8th and in for an early bath, it's infinitely better than last season under possibly the worst manager Halifax Town has ever seen. He's proven that it's possible for little 'ol Halifax to compete. And the league table is proving that it's possible for big teams and moneybags clubs to fail miserably. I hope this season is a lesson for all of us. In as good a way as possible.
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    Nobody knows whether brexit will be a positive move for the country or not. I nervously voted for brexit and remain nervous about the consequences. Nobody honestly can say what the impact will be. What isnt acceptable is that the result of the vote hasn't been implemented and remainers continue to do their upmost to overturn the result. I've never known the country to be as divided as it is. I'm actually fearful for the future because however it pans out, one side is going to feel seriously let down. Had the result been respected then we would have all moved on. However, the divide has grown as the whole process has gone on and remainers should feel a huge degree of guilt for what they have done to the country for not respecting the result. I think most have respected the result and even accept it should be implemented. But those that dont or haven't really are a disgrace for what they have done to democracy and the country.
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    Maher is as vital if not more than Brown.
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    It will be Salford who get the bye then they will draw the lowest ranked team in round two at home then Manchester United in round 3 . Heard that from a friend who was doing some electrical work at FA Headquarters , overheard a phone call with the words Salford , Man United , Magic ,FA Cup, Romance , Giggs ,Neville , Scholes , Butt, BBC , BT, Bidding War, Prime Time , TV. Motson , Creaming , Himself.
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    He loved it. Such a good experience. All the players and everyone to do with the club very welcoming. Cant recommend it enough. Just a shame about the result
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    Yawn. Why don't we just close the forum down, what's the point in discussing anything when we aren't the manager, on the board, or any of the players?
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    Remember, Josh was coming back from 12 months out with a Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury. I was reliably informed he dropped to the level he did, because it guaranteed him the competitive minutes he needed, and he was under the guidance of his old manager and advisor who could gauge exactly where Josh was at in his progress. By all accounts, everything so far is looking very encouraging, and his return is near.
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    Knee jerk reaction again. Win a game we are worldbeaters, lose a game we need a complete overhaul. It's the way football has gone at all levels.
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    A thoroughly enjoyable evening! First podcast in the bag and a smashing interview with current Captain Nathan Clarke keep your eyes peeled on Shaymen TV for more!
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    Much rather Pete be at training drilling the side for tomorrow than in London for the cup draw. Priorities and what not.
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    Oh my word what a day! Cannot believe we've gone and won in Maidenhead. Sup up your beer and collect your fags, there's a row going on down in Slough!
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    Ah feck off. We're supposed to put up with a shite manager just because we aren't all managers ourselves? You were leaving fluid all over the place last season defending JF, all except for that 2 day period of clarity you had when even you saw the damage he was doing to our club. You can't bring yourself to admit you might just have been wrong, and that Wild has proven that mediocrity isn't the only outcome in Town's price range. All I can say is thank god not all Town fans are like you or we'd be gracing the West Riding County Amateur League, and last time I checked that was defunct.
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    If your from London Manchester Untied are your team. If your from Manchester then Man City are your team.
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    Niall Maher has been involved today in a game and got 60mins under his belt. Along with Browny and Allen expected back this weekend. Looking forward to competition for places. All we need now is to announce King and Macalinden to longer contracts lol
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    It seems one of the tactics for the Remainers is simply to throw every spanner into the works so that the average person just ends up with Brexit fatigue and simply doesn’t care what happens next, as long as it puts an end to the entire circus. I have to admit, this is kind of how I feel after three years of this crap. I think we should leave as that was the original vote/result however if someone said ‘The UK will remain, no one will hear about Brexit or the EU again’ I think most would just take that now. Same, if it was the UK would leave and we wouldnt hear any more. I dont care what happens now, just get it over with ffs.
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    It should make for a cracking blockbuster film.
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    We are knocking the ball around well and we’re passing and moving really well at times. I have no problem when we have the ball of going sidewards or backwards to keep possession until an opportunity opens up for us to move forward, every professional footballer will tell you there is nothing worse than constantly running around a football pitch chasing the ball it can be soul destroying doing it, I prefer to play this way than the hoofball we’ve had presented to us over recent times. However being top of the league presents a whole new challenge than actually getting there, teams are not going to come to the top of the table side and have a go leaving themselves open to us picking them off, they are going to come try to keep their shape, pack the defence and play for a draw while hoping to sneak a win. We are top of the league and deservedly so, we have had some great results this season and played some nice football, everyone says it takes 10/11 games for the league to taken shape, well we are well past that and still we’re top. Yes we need to try something different at home but I think PW knows that, yes we could do with an out and out goalscorer but then so could Man Utd and look at the riches at their disposal, top strikers are not that easy to find and when you do they usually cost a lot, we could possibly do with another Centre half freeing up Staunton again which would be easier to find. Next league game is Bromley away and their fans will go to the game saying beat these and we’re top of the league so the onus will be on them to attack and this will be just how we like it and I wouldn’t be surprised to see us go there and win, but to sustain a challenge for promotion we do need to sort out this home problem and quickly. One final thing some believe (I’m one of them) that if your names on the cup you win it no matter what, seems strange that every time we lose results seem to go our way and keep us in the hunt, just saying!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Not sure why your having this much of a meltdown after a draw. Yes we should win games like that but we didn't. They set up in a way that made it so tough to break down. King can't play big minutes 3 days apart. Allen has just come back from an injury (Brown has reinjured himself probably trying to get back too quick) would you have liked the same to have happened to Allen? Tobi has played big minutes but in terms of what your suggesting i.e scoring a goal. Tobi really isnt prolific at that. So you will say well start them then take them off. So say we did that. Got to 65 mins and the score was 0-0 Wild would then have got a rocket from the South stand if he had removed King or Allen or Tobi at 0-0 so he really can't win. Will you just trust what the manager is trying to do. He has earnt the right to be trusted. We have won 10 out of 16 games. I'll be down there Saturday and i'm sure now they have played just 30 minutes. All of your players will start the game.
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    Agree, I think the bulk of his goals are about placement, which feels ridiculously precise.
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    Didnt we also play them in the 4th qualifying the year we lost to Cambridge in the 2nd round. We needed a late late equaliser was it Midgley? They only had 9 men i think?
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    Candidate for the craziest statistic of FC Halifax Town's history. "But, but, but JF is doing a good job, he's building for the future, Rome wasn't built in a day, he needs more time, we have one of the lowest budgets in the league, we can't compete with the former league clubs, we can't hope for promotion without gambling the club's future, we should be happy we're in the Conference National, this is our level, only the moneybags clubs can win promotion, I'm being realistic not pessimistic....." ad infinitum. Excuse after excuse from some supporters. And if Wild does achieve what would be a remarkable feat, getting Town into the play-offs - or better - these people will start all over again in Division Three. They thrive on failure and mediocrity. And they have the cheek to call me negative!
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    I am glad it is not you but Pete Wild giving the motivational team talks
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    Lucky with the penalty decision.
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    Thankfully Bury lost their appeal they will not be allowed back into the Football league sense prevailed sorry for their supporters but it would have been wrong
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    I can't remember David Brown. Fantastic couple of games against Man U. So unlucky not to get a draw at home IMO. We more than matched them for big parts of the game.Similar story away when Tony Gregory scored a superb header, and who can forget Jamie Patterson nutmeging Gary Pallister?
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    Been busy so not updated these graphs for a couple of weeks, but here we are after the Chorley and Boreham Wood games. Surprisingly we're still top after only 1 point from those 2 games, though only on goal difference. This league is still incredibly open at the moment, any of the top half could go on a good run over 4/5 games and find themselves challenging the top 3.
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    Having seen the Bulgarian performance, the main group wanting that team banned from all competitions would be the Bulgarian football-watching public.
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    I have 5 televisions in my lounge and they are all tuned in to BBC1 to catch a shot of Fiona Bruce's arse.
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    I get its not the top league, however, how many people have actually watched a few games at this level? Its not fart and burp stuff. At the same pyramid level the Northern league teams are probably at least one league higher in quality than you would get around here or down south. Alas, this is also all about Josh getting game time, fitness and back into the swing of things. I think some people are maybe being a tad quick to not give much credit here.
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    The U19's have played them at the Shay in recent years. Certainly within the last 3 years. We haven't played them away to my knowledge.
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    The difference is that people usually have a choice when it comes to hair colour, body shape, etc. Not always an easy choice, admittedly, but a choice nonetheless. Not so with skin colour. Example of JC being racist...? Or is it a lazy insult based on Daily Mail headlines? Again, an example please? And please don't equate being anti-Israel with being anti-Jew. And in any case, 'Jew' isn't a race, it's a group of people that - mostly - self-identify as an ethnoreligious group. A Jew can decide to no longer be a Jew - in fact, the Jewish 'community' often makes the determination for them.
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    This creates ¨blind pressure¨.
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    Really frustrating game again yesterday and Pete Wild is not without his share of the blame in my view, 3 home games on the bounce without ever looking like we would score. They is no reason at all why we could not play with 2 strikers in any of them games. Problem for me is the 2 defensive mids far too deep and not actually moving enough to get the ball off team mates looking for a pass how many times did the full backs have the ball and have no option to pass to? You have them dropping deep to come get the ball of Staunton who was playing in that position so why?? Nolan offers absolutely nothing when its on us to attack, the games we lost against 10 men he went into hiding and I thought he did that again today shows no effort to get the ball off teammates or win it back from the opposition, Maher put more effort and challenges in after 2 minutes of being on.
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    Or banned? Or getting moaned at for having a drum? Or getting moaned at for singing songs which have swear words in on a coach. Plus the players need to produce to get the crowd going.
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    An undeniable positive reason for Leave is that it does bring sovereign power back to the Houses of Parliament. You can argue until the cows come home about whether or not this is a good thing, and to what extent sovereignty had been diluted, but I have far more respect for those who voted Brexit for this reason than those who voted because of a giant red bus, or the Turkey nonsense, or the EU army codswallop.
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    Hopefully a good performance, good crowd, 3 points and it will make a good day as my boy is mascot
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    Played with a quicker more intense tempo, and more off the ball movement would have helped.
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    I met a few of the BT producers at an away game once, and they told me that they read this forum actually, and what everyone says about them really hurts. Imagine coming back from turning a camera back and forth in the four winds, only to read our vicious words? It's no small wonder they've not got us down for relegation still.
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    Wouldn’t drop him at all. I’d drop Nolan. Cooper has been great since coming in. Staunton and Cooper In midfielder and Brown And Clarke at back
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    Not sure about that Erik. MaAlinden's best work is when he is on the shoulder of Toby, looking for the flick on's. Prolific goal scorers tend to play in more central positions, his talents are a bit wasted on the wing. Not that I am criticizing the Managers tactics (I wouldn't dare)
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    You just up grumps.
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    Time hasn't been kind I'm afraid as they are both now known as scrambled.
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    Super Adam Morgan has found his scoring boots again, albeit in a lower league, he will be back.
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    Yeovil look to be building a head of steam. If I was a betting man then I’d say the league is theirs. Play off spots are there for the taking though - one win at a time.
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