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  1. Warrington on Saturday

    That was absolutely horrendous. We got absolutely battered all over the park. How we’ve come away with a draw from that I’ve no idea.  Sellers had his worst game all season, Duckworth wasn’t much better. Lenighan tries but just not good enough. Odelusi doesn’t even try at all. He absolutely bottled it when in on goal. Scared of getting clattered. Sums it up that we scored off a set piece and a defensive miscommunication.  The only positives I could say are King and Edwards both made a difference and we somehow got a replay. JF team selection and tactics baffling at times:
  2. Collins

    We are crying out for Collins or someone in the mould of Collins in midfield. Someone who can retain possession and calm us down a bit. Noble was the big difference between the two teams in that sense yesterday. The midfield feels so non-existent. Far too deep. They never win or anticipate the second ball. Lenighan makes the odd interception and Berrett is a better version of Connor Oliver. A bit more technical ability and gets stuck in more. But other than what I've just mentioned. I don't see what either really add. Maher and King have been the best two I've seen there this season without a doubt.  I'd go with them two if we can't bring anyone else in.
  3. Hartlepool

    I'll keep this one short and sweet. The ref ruined a closely fought game. Neither worthy of red cards. As for Fylde, once again, they get away with Kossy not playing since he came off injured straight away at their place last seasons.  Already seen some of their fans buzzing about that.
  4. Kosylo

    I was pretty much in line with the second yellow incident. It was an aggressive tackle but he got the ball and Noble made a meal of it. The ref was absolutely conned
  5. Robbie Weir

    I know someone who watches Chesterfield and they say he is probably the worst player they’ve had the last couple of seasons 
  6. Player on trial

    If it's Antwi, I notice he hasn't been starting every game at Walton. Possibly more of an impact sub?
  7. Player on trial

    Is it definitely Antwi or is it Kelly? That tweet from the manager doesn't make it clear who has gone to which club
  8. Orient at Home

    Seen a lot of positive comments about their centre half. Supposedly far too good for this league 
  9. Sinnott

    Just been released by Chesterfield for anyone interested 
  10. Wrexham Match Thread

    Just watched the highlights. Don't see anything wrong with the disallowed goal. The keeper just misjudges it. Something you can see even just from the highlights is we do keep our shape very well. We tend to resort teams to just crosses and long shots. Johnson didn't have one difficult save to make there
  11. Wrexham Match Thread

    I agree with others. I know Fullarton has bizarrely ruled out Collins returning but he’s the sort of player we are missing in the middle of the park. As for Edwards, definitely potential there but he isn’t a goal scorer. Not yet anyway. Need a 15+ goal scorer in for me. That won’t come cheap though. Two more quality players and I genuinely think we could challenge this year 
  12. Wrexham Match Thread

    A clean sheet away against the league leaders (At the start of the night) on a Tuesday night is fantastic.  
  13. Wrexham Match Thread

    Notice Wrexham have had two penalty appeals turned down
  14. Michael Collins

    Do you really think all of our players would choose to play for Halifax Town if they could pick any team they wanted? Absurd. As others have mentioned, Duckworth and Berrett didn't have us as first choice so what's the difference? 
  15. Sutton United

    Decent point that. Get another on Tuesday and a win against Orient and that would be a cracking return