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  1. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    If you are referring to my post. I never said I condoned violence against women. I personally feel this is a huge mistake from Towns part. However, what I said was I could understand from an on-field perspective why we would sign them. Regardless, I would still not want that sort of person at our club regardless of how good they are on the pitch.
  2. From the Highlights vs Salford.....

    I think a league one team is a bit over the top. Their squad is mainly top national league standard players with some football league standard players added in. I'd say a League 2 side personally.
  3. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    Although I wouldn't agree with it morally. I could understand it to an extent if we had signed a very good player with a similar background. Putting his off-field situations to one side. I can't see what Fullarton sees in him on the field. I presume with him being on a short-term deal, that he is getting paid peanuts and offers us some squad depth. That's all I can think
  4. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    Feel like we really need a win this weekend for a few reasons. On paper, we should be beating them at home and it's these sort of games we need to win if we want to be up there come the end of the season. Also, it might bring some positivity back after an awful few days. Losing on Tuesday made things even worse after the previous bad news.  Can't say I'm looking forward to it as I get the feeling it could be a very toxic atmosphere if a certain someone is playing. This will only intensify if they have another poor performance and we lose again.
  5. Jamie Fullerton

    Clubs like us don’t have the luxury of being able to afford a goal scorer on the bench unfortunately. But like you say, another option wouldn’t harm us 
  6. Jamie Fullerton

    When Edwards stays onside, he pops up in good areas and seems to have a good understanding with Southwell. Our goal on Tuesday backs that point up. If he can improve his first touch, and be more aware of what's going on around him particularly close to goal, he has the potential to move up the leagues.  
  7. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Hold on. Didn't he get cleared of all charges? Therefore he did nothing wrong legally. Plus, he showed remorse for cheating on his partner. I would have no issues if he had signed for us. Completely different
  8. Jamie Fullerton

    We are only 2/3 quality players away from challenging for the top half/playoffs in my opinion. We look to have goals in us and we look fairly solid defensively. Hopefully, it's our targets wanting too much money rather than JF lacking funds to work with
  9. Jamie Fullerton

    Based on Fullartons interview in the courier, he moans about constraints which suggests to me that the players we are after are either wanting too much money or DB isn't backing him enough financially. Won't go into Lenighans off-field antics again but surely based on his on-field ability he can't have been our number 1 target. Just comes across as a cheap signing if you ask me.
  10. Response to Simon Lenighan?

    He could be the best player at the club for all I care. The fact he has committed several offences and tried to start on fans is enough for me to think this is a terrible mistake. He's not someone I feel comfortable representing our club. The fact he's just as bad on the pitch means it's an easy decision. Get rid
  11. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Very wishful thinking. He's been at plenty of clubs and i bet they all thought the same thing
  12. Lenighan signing

    Surely it's for financial reasons. He'll be on cheap wages but he's awful
  13. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    The difference between McManus and Lenighan though is McManus learnt from his mistake. Lenighan didn't. He went on to commit another offence. As well as his off the field antics, he's tried starting on fans several times too. This is the worst signing Fullarton has made for us. I'd rather have Connor Thomson and that's saying something considering how bad I thought he was on the field
  14. Lenighan signing

    Just can't see any reason for signing him. Looks crap on the pitch and terrible attitude off it. He must be mates with Fullarton or have one hell of an agent
  15. Salford Match thread

    On another note, If Edwards could work on his first touch and close control. He could be a cracking player. His link up play is superb and always seems to pop up in good positions but his touch lets him down.