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  1. Dover match thread

    On a slightly positive note it's nice to see all the players signing autographs for a young lad waiting at reception on there way out. More of this please 
  2. Dover match thread

    Absolutely sickening but probably the fair result. We lack any attacking threat. Once again Denton wins every flick on but no one gambles on the loose ball. No coincidence that he scored with the first good cross to him I may add. Anything other than 6 points from Solihull and Guiseley is unacceptable now
  3. Dover notes

    All well and good being solid defensively by playing 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 with Denton up top but it's clearly not getting us goals at the moment. I understand that Morgan isn't built to be a lone striker but he's our most natural goal scorer. The only way Denton up top on his own will start working is if the midfield pushes up higher and gives him more support and actually put some crosses onto his head rarther than just lumping the ball up to him and expect to bring it down and turn into Messi
  4. Dover notes

    Don't want to sound negative but with no fit right back as well as Kossy and Riley being out i think we'll struggle tonight. I reckon Heath will go for something like this: Johnson Macca (Yes at right back) Garner Brown Wilde Dixon Oliver Hotte MacDonald Denton Charles Subs: Nicholson, Lynch, Morgan, Tomlinson, Clarke/King Personally, i'd swap Morgan for Hotte and go 4-4-2 but can't see it happening. Sums up our squad depth when we've got all these injuries yet Hibbs still won't get a spot on the bench unless Clarke and King are still injured
  5. Come on Town

    I appreciate the fact that we look solid defensively but 46 0-0's won't save us from relegation (45 because of the Aldershot loss) In my opinion, Barrow was a very good away point. As for Chester, i think they'll be down there this year and it sounds like they were there for the taking today so would have liked 3 points. I think we need a win on tuesday for a couple reasons. One for the players confidence, and two to keep the fans of Heaths back.
  6. Come on Town

    Full Time. 0-0... Just as we all predicted, solid defensively but lack of goals. Please start Morgan on Tuesday Heath
  7. Barrow Match Thread

    Johnson, Garner, Riley, Brown, Duckworth, Wilde, Hotte, Dixon, Oliver, Denton, Charles Subs: Nicholson, Kosylo, McManus, Tomlinson, Morgan No Lynch again. Is he injured? No centre mid on the bench which is a strange one too
  8. Michael Duckworth

    Thought he looked very good bar the mistake for the first goal although Johnson should have done better too 
  9. Aldershot thread

    Agree with previous comments regarding no Morgan. The game was poised perfectly for him come off the bench at the very least. Personally, I thought our biggest excluded player was Lynch. Hotte did ok, but we really lacked someone to get stuck into today. They had too much time on the ball and I feel Lynch would have helped prevent that. First half was pretty even but second half Aldershot proved deserved winners 
  10. Fax

    As a fan of both the Halifax clubs i can tell you Hull KR brought around 600. But i have to agree that the crowd for a game of that magnitude is shocking. Think it's safe to say there's a lot more interest in football than rugby in Halifax as it stands
  11. NFU game

    Definitely agree with the first bit. The second bit i mainly agree with but i worry about Cliff playing every week and if Johnson gets an inury as Nicholson doesn't cut it for me
  12. Carlisle match

    Agree with you regarding Moyo. Not realiable enough to be number one right back. As for Riley he's an all out centre back. From what i've seen so far he's very similar to Garner and Brown. Not the quickest, but wins pretty much every header, reads the game well and he loves a tackle. Put in 2/3 really good ones yesterday
  13. 17/18 Squad

    I must admit, today's game made me change my mind about needing a big imposing centre mid. But i felt like it did prove my point that we lack a pacey striker. As for a right back, Moyo was ok today but he doesn't convince me at all
  14. 17/18 Squad

    Another good signing. Id like to see a right back, a big imposing centre mid and a pacey striker then I think we are good to go. That would leave us with a 22 man squad on the basis King and Hibbs leave. Plus we'd have the likes of Barrows, Basic, Khan too
  15. Kevin Roberts

    Well I think we are in trouble now if we don't have anyone lined up. Massive part of the team