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  1. Tranmere today

    Really disappointing performance today but it was exactly what i was expecting when i saw the line up. It just proves that without Denton and Kossy we are nothing. They are our best two players by far. Anyone who thinks Denton is a waste of space should have clearly seen what he brings to the team on todays performance. Our midfield is incapable of playing expansive football which is why we end up hoofing to Denton. Look what happened today without him, we either hoofed aimlessly towards Tomlinson or the midfield would misplace a pass. Morgan must have had his worst game ever in a town shirt. Lost count of the amount of terrible long shots and misplaced passes. And just to top it off he missed the penalty. As he was running up i called it straight away which way he was going. His head was down and facing the way he was shooting making it easy for the goalkeeper. As for Charles, i've been really disappointed with him during this loan spell. However, it was a disgrace by Heath to sub him off. Charles and MacDonald were our only slight chances of creating a goal. Hate to imagine what it will have done for his confidence too. The double substituion really came across as damage limitation. In a cup game, it doesn't make any sense. Just go for it and hope for the best. I do feel Tranmere were there for the taking today on the basis we had Denton and Kossy. Don't get me wrong they deserved the win but i thought they were bang average considering their budget and squad on paper. Can see why they are midtable with that defence. It wouldn't surpirse me in the slightest if they lose to teams with pacey strikers. You know they are slow if Tomlinson is outpacing them with ease. Slowest backline i've seen this season. Very good attack though, and there was a lad in the midfield who pulled the strings for them. It will be interesting to see how we do at there place in the near future
  2. Wrexham game thread

    A point was a fair result in my opinion. Neither team were good in front of goal so i don't think anyone can grumble at the scoreline. Thought the back 4 was very solid, especially Brown. Man of the match by a mile for me. No idea how Johnson got it. He only had to make one routine save. Thought the ref was appaling at times, for both teams i may add if any Wrexham fans are reading this. Jennings got a booking for literally nothing yet Hotte got away with nothing on when he cropped there lad. How Roberts didn't get anything for cropping Macca though i will never know. Thought he got lots of small decisions wrong for both teams too
  3. The slaying of the red dragon

    Just to clarify i said the team i thought it would be. I'd choose Macca all the way
  4. The slaying of the red dragon

    It will be a tough one tonight with a makeshift defence. Pretty sure i read somewhere Oliver is a doubt so if that's the case i'd take a point right now. Think the team will be something along the lines of: Johnson Moyo Hotte Brown Wilde MacDonald Oliver Lynch Kossy Denton Morgan Subs: Nicholson, Macca, Charles, Tomlinson, Clarke (If Oliver is injured Clarke starting with one of King/Hibbs on the bench) Really hope we have brought in a centre back for tonight and the rest of the season with Riley being out. I don't rate Hotte at centre back but i like him at centre mid. Feel like he keeps the team ticking over when played there. A half fit Moyo and out of position Hotte doesn't convince me at all defensively. I'm fairly confident we will need to score to get anything out of the game tonight as i can't see us keeping a clean sheet. Hope i'm somehow proved wrong and we scrape a 1-0 win
  5. Martin Riley

    http://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town/fc-halifax-town-double-defensive-blow-for-shaymen-1-8777180  Official confirmation that Riley is out for the season, gutted to say the least. As solid as Garner and Brown have been i think RIley will be a big loss. He's very experienced at this level and he's clearly a good player since he won Wrexham's player of the year award last season. Losing Garner for 3 games too is the last thing we needed too. We really need to bring in a centre back and right back urgently. It's a miracle we are 4th considering the awful luck we are having with defensive injuries
  6. Billy Heath

    I believe Kossy only has 6 months left on his contract so if that's the case we'd barely get anything for him. Think the best options would be to somehow try and persuade him to sign a new deal or sell him for as much as possible on the basis we get him back on loan for the rest of the season. We are a selling club unfortunately and we can't get in players way
  7. It is one dimensional however, it is very effective. I honestly think Denton will score a similar amount if not more than Burrow and Peniket. I think he provides more to the team too. Denton has been unplayable at times this season
  8. Tough one. I think it's safe to say Aspin made the best signings for the club however he also signed some duds. Heath has been pretty consistent with his transfers, no world beaters but not any duds that stand out. Tactically, i rate Heath more. Although Aspin made the Shay a fortress in the playoff season, we were awful away from home and i wasn't a big fan of Aspin's substitutions at times. It's already clear to see this season that Heath is making us hard to beat, especially away from home. I think he tends to make the right substiutions at good times too the majority of the time.  If i had to pick one right now to be our current manager, it would probably be Heath. Aspin got sacked mainly due to the poor signings he made which resulted in the relegation. The National League North was probably as tough as it has been for years last season so it was a brilliant job from Heath to get us back up. Another thing to take into consideration is Gateshead have slightly underperformed since Aspin has taken charge. A team of there calibre and budget should have a better strikeforce than Burrow and Peniket. Would you rather have them two or Denton and Morgan? In all honesty i think i'd rather have ours
  9. Billy Heath

    I'm not going to lie, I was in the Heath out camp after the Stalybridge game. We were awful to watch and not picking up the results to make up for it. That loss was the best thing that ever happened to us under Heath though. It just seemed to bring a feeling of togetherness between the players and Heath though which resulted in us grinding out scrappy wins. From the Chorley game onwards, it wasn't pretty, but it was effective. In the end it was a miracle we got promoted. As for this season we started a bit negative but moving to two up front has made us look a different team. I've always been a big fan of having a big target man and a small nippy striker up top together. In the lower leagues especially i think it's simple but effective. I've personally enjoyed Dents flicking it onto Morgan,laying it off to the midfield 2 or spreading it wide to Kossy or MacDonald. I feel a sense of excitment anytime they get the ball. Credit goes where it is due and Heath has earned it for changing it up  
  10. resignations

    I can see i'm fighting a losing battle here with whatever i say with the majoirty of you. I'm glad a minority see the bigger picture though. I'm led to believe Abbott isn't involved as much with Fax now if that sways anyones mind
  11. resignations

    Like I said I don't know for definite how it works regarding the rent but I'm just saying what I've heard from normally reliable sources. What you say makes sense but I do think if one team was to leave they'd certainly increase the rent. for the one that stays. Maybe not significantly but I'm fairly certain it would go up. Long story short, they reckon both clubs need each other.  Regarding the commercial side, yes I think certain parts should stay as they are. However, for fans like myself who support both teams, do you not think it would be wise to potentially set up a deal to watch both sets of games. Particularly on the same weekend. Not everyone can afford to watch both games on the same weekend  at full price meaning they might have to pick and choose. Why not compromise and try and make a joint ticket at a slightly discounted rate meaning neither team lose out on revenue.  I think you've slightly misunderstood what I meant about the football dieing off. You're completely right in saying football wouldn't die however the point I'm trying to make is do you think the core 1700 home fans would go to bpa or somewhere else to watch town every week. Admittedly, I agree it would affect the rugby much worse. I wouldn't say the sport is dieing but it's going downhill. The rfl are that badly corrupt they make the fa look like saints. However, this middles 8 competition has brought some excitement back to the game and now means every game matters. Fax would be worse off than Town if they left but I think it would be hurt the football if they did. Just to clarify, I'm not trying to say Town and Fax should be best friends all of a sudden but I think both teams would benefit on working together in certain departments. Maybe someday they could do a joint-purchase of the shay. Although I know for a fact 90% of each fan base wouldn't be happy about it. I think sometimes us fans need to swallow our pride and look at the bigger picture in these types of situations. If I've upset anyone with what I've said I apologise but I just want what's best for the town. I want every sporting team/individual to do well that is our representing our town whether I'm interested in that sport or not. I surely can't be the only one who has that sort of mindset
  12. resignations

    As a fan of both clubs and having connections with certain people behind the scenes of both clubs, i can tell you the football and the rugby need each other for two reasons. The first reason is down to rent, from what i can gather (this isn't definte so don't quote me on this but these are from normally good sources) the council have targets of obtaining a certain amount of rent per annum. So for example, if the rugby were to leave, town's rent would be increased to that figure and vice versa. That would mean some if not most of our playing budget would be spent on rent which would signinificantly weaken the squad. Also, if the football/rugby were to move out of town it would most likely kill off that particular sport for the town. Could you imagine Town playing at somewhere like BPA or the rugby playing at Keighley. It would be a disaster. The second reason we need each other is for commercial reasons. If the two clubs came together and shared ideas or offered deals etc. i honestly feel it would signinficantly boost attendances and profits for both teams. It's a shame that both clubs and the fans are too stubborn to see this. The two biggest sporting teams in the town need each other a lot more than they think
  13. resignations

    I was at the game and i can assure you there wasn't 1000 fev fans. I would have guessed 300-400 in the north stand and there certainly wasn't 600 in the east stand
  14. Bromley Thread

    Well deserved 3 points. Despite having 10 men i thought 2-1 flattered Bromley. Kosylo, Denton and Hotte superb. Even when they doubled up on Kossy, they still couldn't deal with him. He'll be gone in Janurary at this rate. As for Denton, he won every header as per but one thing he did slightly different to normal which proved massively effective was that he varied where he header it. He normally knocks it forward but i lost count of the amount of times he headed it sideways to Kossy. How good was Denton with his feet too, he held the ball up well and played a few sensational passes to Kossy and MacDonald. As for Hotte, he did his usual job of hassling the opposition and more. On a couple of side notes, if the red is for an actual foul then that is the worst red card i've ever seen and it will surely get rescinded. If it's for foul and abusive language like stated elsewhere then that's inexcusable. As for Bromley, i personally thought they were the worst team we've played down at the shay this season. They offered nothing in the first half and weren't much better after the red card. They only scored because of a Moyo error. Shame for Moyo because he was having a good game up to that point but he always seems to have an error in him. Good 3 points anyway, what's the odds on a draw at Ebbsfleet based on their record
  15. Head Of Scouting

    I believe you could be right but he's not going to be our manager anyway. He's only here to recommend players. Hopefully good ones at that