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  1. James Hardy

    Can’t see it. He’ll either be a squad player at Salford or go to a Wrexham, Chesterfield etc
  2. 19/20 player rumours

    It's almost certain every name mentioned on this thread won't sign for us. It always seems to be players we've never heard of or duds
  3. James Hardy

    That's the least he deserves. Maybe with them being in the trophy they haven't had discussions with anyone yet
  4. James Hardy

    You’d think they’d at least tell him they weren’t renewing his contract. Poor that 
  5. James Hardy

    Where has it been said that they have yet to offer him a deal? They don’t seem to have announced a retained list etc 
  6. James Hardy

    Hardy and King would probably be as good as we could get on our budget for creative midfielders. He's a must sign if we can afford him and he wants to join us etc
  7. Jon Stead

    No thanks. Not the player he was and will want big wages more than likely. 
  8. 19/20 player rumours

    Presume this is Kosy you are referring to? If so, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt this season. The tactics weren't playing to his strengths. Also, the players around him meant we were heavily reliant on him for a moment of magic.  I'd much rather have him than play against him. Unplayable at this level on his day. Just need a few more of those days next season if we want to push on
  9. 40 to1

    This might sound daft, but if we play a more positive style of football, and have better players alongside him, he might enjoy himself more and cut the silly stuff out. Looked miserable most of this season.
  10. 19/20 player rumours

    Not sure on Duckworth. He might look for a football league club again...  I think Sellers will stay. Hard to find good left backs at this level and did ok. Needs to improve on the ball but fairly solid defensively. Would be a good backup to a new left back.  Staying with us might Kosy. The full time hybrid allows him to carry on with his business. Wouldn’t be surprised if he stays.
  11. 19/20 player rumours

    DB said we are hoping to announce another player retention by the end of the week in the courier. Only Kosy, Duckworth and Sellers out of contract so could be him
  12. 2019/20 Expectations

    Would love to be proven wrong but just can’t see it personally. Don’t have faith in JF’s tactics and recruitment. 
  13. 2019/20 Expectations

    It’s hard to expect anything at this stage considering we don’t know what sort of squad we’ll be working with. Hopefully, JF has learnt from his mistakes and we can build on it. I’ll be slightly more lenient and say I’d like a top 10 place. Think playoffs might be a bit out of our reach at this stage.
  14. 19/20 player rumours

    Never played below League 2. Mansfield supporters seem to think he was a little hard done by too so can't see it.
  15. Squad 2019/20

    Not a bad idea. Just don’t understand why we offered an inexperienced player a 2 year deal. Should have been one year with an option of a second