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  1. Today game aldershot

    Unbelievable result. Let’s hope it’s not a one off
  2. Grimsby February 2016

    I don't massively disagree with you on Aspin, it's more Harvey. I do think there were slight mistakes made but he was the best manager we had that season based on results. That can't be denied
  3. Grimsby February 2016

    We'll have to agree to disagree. I personally think Harvey did as well as he could. I don't think anyone else could have gotten that close to staying up in that situation. As for Aspin, i disagree. He left on a sour note but it was the right time for him to go. We were stagnating under him. He'd have done slightly better than Kelly admiteddly. If the board had chosen the right manager to replace him we wouldn't even be discussing this in my opinion
  4. I want Heath gone nearly as much as everyone else but i think people need to accept it isn't happening now. I agree that this was the perfect time to sack him should we have gone down that route but the board either disagrees or they are too stingy to pay him off. The only slight sympathy i have for Heath currently is our awful injury/suspenion record. We only have 14 first team players available this weekend... Maybe 12 if Clackstone and Middletons loans aren't extended for any reason. Think the board need to take as much responsibility as Heath should we go down. I find it hard to see us turning it round this time round. Too many things going wrong. I geniunely think it will be a miracle as it stands if we stay up. I don't see any slight signs of us turning it around
  5. Grimsby February 2016

    I agree with you on Heath but i feel like you are contradicting yourself with the 'managers are judged by results'. The results under Harvey were extremely good on the whole. Surely if he was in charge the whole season or just from when Kelly became in charge we'd have easily stayed up?
  6. Grimsby February 2016

    That's the one mistake i do think he made. However, do we know for definite that he didn't try and get anyone in. Maybe, he thought what we had at the club already was better than signing young loanees? It was a miracle we nearly stayed up as it was in my opinion. You could also argue, if we managed to keep Tuton we could have stayed up so that's another way of thinking about it
  7. Team vs Aldershot

    Has he definitely gone back? Only 13 senior players if that's the case. Would have to swap Moyo in for him on my team from the other thread and put Barrows on the bench
  8. Grimsby February 2016

    We were practically relegated before he became manager. I'm absolutely postive we'd have stayed up if he'd have got the job when Kelly did. Don't get the Harvey hate, he did incredible with the limited resources we had. Not saying he should be our current manager but i think he deserves more respect than some people give him
  9. Aldershot Away

    Absolutely no chance of getting anything from this game surely. The team will look really weak with the recent injuries and suspension to Denton I'll guess: (On the basis of no new signings, are Clackstone and Middleton still with us too? 14 senior players available with them two) Johnson Clackstone Garner Brown Wilde Tomlinson Hibbs Middleton Macca Waring Morgan Subs: Nicholson, Moyo, Oliver, Khan, Basic
  10. Selby

    I swear that Fylde fan is obsessed with us. He’s laughing at us on Selbys twitter as per. Does he not realise we played a bunch of kids 
  11. More Injuries

    I do feel for Heath. As bad as his tactics have been at times, we must have the worst injury record in the league. How many key players do we have out at the moment. Kossy, MacDonald and Duckworth would certainly be starting. Then you’ve got some decent players in Riley and Hotte. Then you’ve two squad players in Clarke and Charles. It’s ridiculous when our discipline makes it even worse 
  12. His last game in charge

    Can't be bothered ranting anymore. As much as i want Heath out i know the board won't sack him. I'm resigning myself to relegation as it stands. I fear we could become like Stockport if we go down again
  13. FA trophy

    I don't think it's a bad draw as daft as it may sound. If we lose, at least we can concentrate on the league. However, if we win, it will give us a huge boost in confidence beating one of the top teams in the league. Don't get me wrong, i'd have rather had the easiest team available at home but it's not all doom and gloom
  14. FA trophy

    Full draw here http://www.thefa.com/news/2017/nov/27/buildbase-fa-trophy-first-round-proper-draw-271117?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral
  15. Maybe in the trophy. Think they are just back as last resort options in my opinion