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  1. Dover game

    Just noticed our next three games are all meant to be at home. Will any of them genuinely be played? Next game could end up being Orient away
  2. Dover game

    Let’s just get 3/4 more points and end this awful season. At least Chesterfield did us a favour
  3. Dover game

    1-0 Dover...
  4. Fylde...

    Hardy has been a good addition whilst King has been ill. Hopefully King is feeling 100% now and can fill the void
  5. Barnet (A)

    Surely we can’t be that amateur. It’s a decent point gained if we avoid any point deduction. 
  6. The pitch

    Why don't the club say it was Ebbsfleet who influenced the decision? It would get all the haters off our back. In this one instance, it sounds like Town aren't the ones to blame. Shocking if it's true that the ref has been influenced. Utter shambles
  7. The pitch

    Surely if Brighouse is playable, then the Shay is. Sounds like Ebbsfleet have conned the ref. Especially if the ref deemed it playable 2 hours ago. Hasn't rained at all in that time
  8. The pitch

    If the pitch is playable, they should be made to play. Guarantee the rugby will be on tomorrow
  9. The pitch

    Really disappointing when we are in good form. Thought we had solved this issue with drainage. Feel for Ebbsfleet fans
  10. The pitch

    Scargill saying it sounds like it's off
  11. Barnet

    I’ve not been Mahers biggest fan but this new system fits him a lot better. The problem in the 4-2-3-1 was he had some responsibility to start attacks. Whereas him being the only holding midfielder allows him  to solely focus on defending which is where he excels. 
  12. Barnet

    Really solid performance tonight. Hardy was superb. Ferry and Maher were good. Back four solid as always. Rodney and Duku both looked handy. Nice to see some football played. 
  13. Hardy

    Been impressed with him so far. Can't see Fylde letting us keep him. Surely he's good enough for at least their bench
  14. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    That's a great win. Eastleigh have been on great form and haven't lost at home since October. Well done lads
  15. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Get in! See it out now Town