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  1. That's exactly how I'd sum him up. He really struggled against pacey wingers in particular. Wouldn't be against having him back on the basis of being backup. Was fairly solid and dependable on the whole.
  2. Available managers

    Need to have someone appointed by Monday at the latest in my opinion. Give them as much time in training/recruitment as possible. Every day is crucial now leading up to Ebbsfleet. 
  3. Available managers

    You could ask that question regarding recruitment for any potential new manager in all fairness 
  4. Spotted Skarz immediately. Wyatt and Nolan definitely there. Can’t say I saw Booty. Don’t think he would be a great loss from what I’ve heard about him personally. Definitely some new faces but think they were mainly youth team players. Possibly 1/2 senior players at a push. Hard to tell when there’s so many of them 
  5. Available managers

    Hit my like limit for the day but completely agree.  Have Clarke as his assistant or on the coaching team and you are bang on the money for me
  6. Available managers

    No. I'm going to stop answering from now. Too many questions.  Like I said earlier, don't think they will get the job anyway so all this guessing probably for nothing. Just one of the main contenders I was led to believe. Think it will be Clarke or another in the Kelly/Fullarton mould  
  7. Available managers

    First time I've seen someone mention him on here and right initials. I'll certainly give you that
  8. Available managers

    I can safely say the name I've heard is not Kittrick. Pretty sure I've seen him mentioned a few times
  9. Available managers

    HD. That's as much as I can say
  10. Available managers

    Only just clocked on about Moore. Really disappointing news if he hasn't applied. He would be my first choice but if he can't even be bothered to apply then we are better off without him
  11. Available managers

    No. Last I heard he was at Cheltenham in some capacity
  12. Scot

    He’s liked a couple of posts over the last few days. He’s lurking around somewhere. Would be interested to hear one final post
  13. Available managers

    No, not him. Can see why you might think it’s him based on what I said though.  The person I’m hinting at had a job where he was totally out of his depth and never should have been there. Not necessarily his fault though 
  14. Available managers

    Maybe this person wants to keep it confidential? There will be a reason I’ve been told to keep quiet about it.  For what it’s worth, I don’t think it will be this person as he doesn’t suit the usual type DB goes for.