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  1. Barrow

    A genuine question here. What does JF see in Maher as a midfielder? We've got much better options now and Maher is wasted there anyway
  2. Barrow

    Not a bad point. Good to get a clean sheet but we really need to start turning some of these draws into wins
  3. Fullarton In

    I'd never want us to lose a game. So if we win today, I'll be buzzing. However, I still don't have faith in JF and doubt that will change anytime soon. February is the big month, we play a lot of teams around us.
  4. We Need A Striker

    Noticed someone on Facebook is claiming we are in talks with Marcus Carver... surely not 
  5. Solihull Replay

    For me, JF has to go regardless of whether we stay up or not at the end of the season. Moving full time, we should be progressing gradually. However, we seem to take one step forward and two steps back. Its not good enough I’m afraid. The board can’t be far off taking action now. JF is walking on a very thin line.  
  6. Solihull Replay

    And another dampener to the season... let’s just hope we can stay up and write this awful season off 
  7. Solihull Replay

    Southwell and King off. Bizarre when we are chasing the game 
  8. Solihull Replay

    Sounds like we haven’t been very clinical. Really hope we can come back as this season needs a spark 
  9. Solihull match thread

    I like the look of that team. It does look like Southwell might be on the wing again though. I’d say it will line like this in a 4231: Johnson Hanson Clarke Brown Sellers Ferry Maher Southwell King Kosylo Quigley
  10. Solihull match thread

    Agree with comments regarding Berrett and Duckworth. They both played well, Berrett in particular. Not impressed with Quigley so far. I hope that’s down to match fitness. Maher poor once again. Skarz wasn’t great.  King changed the game, our best midfielder without a doubt. Edwards put himself about well but needs to learn how to stay onside  JF has a selection headache now with his midfield. King, Ferry and Berrett are all much more worthy than Maher for me. 
  11. Solihull match thread

    On another note, it’s nice to see Kossy taking pictures with fans. Good touch from him 
  12. Solihull match thread

    Good to see King and Berrett back. Bizarre Ferry isn’t in the team though 
  13. Braintree

    I have to disagree personally. I’d have said we should be taking a slight step forward. Should be improving gradually, not getting worse at an alarming rate 
  14. Braintree

    Surely whether we stay up or not, JF has to go at the end of the season. There’s no doubt in my mind we are going to finish lower in the table than we did last season which is unacceptable given that we’ve gone full time with a bigger budget.
  15. Braintree

    That was absolutely dreadful against a truly awful side. Even worse than the Harrogate game which I didn’t think would be possible. It was so bad it feels like a loss. It’s becoming extremely difficult to stick up for JF. It doesn’t matter what team he plays. It’s the same tactics, same phases of play over and over again. I wouldn’t mind if we won games ugly but we can’t even manage that. Cant believe the lack of urgency we had today. It’s unacceptable. Dreading next week when we play a good side in Solihull. We will get punished big style if we play like we did today.