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    Darlington away last season was even worse. Didn't help that we got kept in the ground for what felt a good half an hour at full time for some bizarre reason. 

    That has to be up there with the performance against Orient in Heaths final game. We were abysmal. Admittedly, the pitch and wind was a complete leveller. There just seemed to be no urgency today and Guiseley were probably the slightly better team. Hanley had a stinker but Thomson was one of the only bright sparks. Big improvement needed next week. Win that game and that should make up for today and secure our national league status

    Precautionary pitch inspection at 11:30

    Already some snow here. Not a mass amount but some looks to have already melted. Feel like it's going to be waterlogged/frozen unfortunately

    Really hope the weather is kind over-night. I've been looking forward to this game and we want to keep our momentum going. 
  6. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Seems like we are going down the 4-2-3-1 route. Collins is perfect as one of the midfield two. Hotte would be ok as backup for his versatility but I’d like someone else alongside Collins. Don’t think Hibbs or Oliver are capable of filling that role We’ve got some good options on the wing in Kossy, MacDonald and Thomson if they all stay. Would be a bonus if we kept Hanley too but I doubt it. A central attacking midfield option with a bit of creativity would be perfect. Hibbs would be good as a backup there but we need a Gardner/Sinnott type of player if we could somehow find one As you mention. A complete rebuild up front is definitely needed. I don’t think we’ve a bad set of players as it stands. There’s definitely improvement needed in certain areas though  
  7. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Striker is definitely the position we need to strengthen most next season. Tuton hasn’t lived up to the expectations we’d hoped. Tomlinson works hard but lacks end product. Fondop-Talom looks steady. Denton is capable of scoring goals but doesn’t suit Fullartons style of play Fondop-Talom is the only one I see staying with us for next season. I’m intrigued to see Fullartons recruitment next season. All over the pitch for that matter. But strikers are definitely the area needing most improvement. I’d like a couple of central midfielders too 
  8. Dagenham Tuesday.

    I'd start Tomlinson up front and put Thomson on the wing. Move Tuton up to the bench. Tomlinson will work harder than both Denton and Tuton which is important on Saturday as Guiseley will want to prove a point against us. If for any reason it's not working we can change it up. I was baffled we didn't bring Denton on for the last 5/10 minutes on Tuesday to defend set pieces. We nearly conceded twice from set-pieces in that period which could have been costly. If that situation occurs again I think he should come on. Alternatively, if we are ever a goal down late on he can come on to play hoofball. Tuton would be good to bring on in a drawing situation to use his pace to get in behind
  9. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Tomlinson up front with Thomson on the wing I reckon
  10. Dagenham Tuesday.

    That would be my team when everyone is available. Solid all over the pitch
  11. Big Games On Saturday

    Win on Saturday and we should be just about safe regardless of other results. Just pick up the odd point here and there and that will take us over the line. 2 wins would definitely be enough. But I think we should be ambitious and aim for a top-half finish now
  12. Dagenham Tuesday.

    In the first half, Dagenham were causing us a lot of problems with their overlapping full backs. It meant that Hanley and Tomlinson were getting dragged back into defensive positions leaving Mike isolated up top other than the odd counter-attack. Their goal was probably the luckiest goal I've ever seen. Certainly, live in the flesh, that's for sure. In the second half, Dagenham seemed happy to sit back and soak pressure and we just got on top of them at that point. We played a higher line and it worked a treat. Collins and Hotte dealt with everything and got plenty of attacks going. Great nutmeg followed by a great cross from Macca. All it needed was a touch. The second goal was a little scrappy but Mike worked hard and finished it well. Overall, the football is so much better to watch and I get the impression everyone feels much more positive now. Special mentions to Duckworth, Macca and Collins who were all superb tonight. Hanley, Kossy and Mike all showed glimpses too. There's still MacDonald to come back too who will strengthen us even further. Win on Saturday and we should be just about safe
  13. Michael Collins

    I genuinely think he's that good that we'd have been relegated without him. He protects our defence so well and even tends to start counter attacks. Superb player
  14. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Is the game in doubt tonight? Seen a few people saying the pitch doesn't look good. I was there on Sunday and it seemed fine to me other than the south stand penalty area being muddy as per
  15. Woking Thread

    We’ve yet to play a team ‘significantly’ better than us under Fullarton though so no one can fully comment. One thing I will say is, under Heath we’d have probably drawn 0-0 or lost to Woking due to negative tactics. Dagenham will be a decent test on Tuesday