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  1. Fullarton Out ????

    Good job your not about to witness the current style then if Wilders didnt suit you. 
  2. I need a pair of glasses like Fullartons

    What style do you feel JF plays then if its not direct? It might not be to the same players head all the time but its hopeful boots into the channel for Edwards to chase.  I could understand why Heath played the style he did, he knew no better, had limited ability in his squad and very little time on the training ground. But that said he never dressed it up otherwise, it was what it was. We now supposedly have a modern day coach whos going to improve players on the training ground and at least try to play entertaining football. I dont expect miracles or for us to be anywhere near the best sides in this league but I'm not seeing any progression on the pitch yet. In general we do look well drilled out of posession so i will give credit there but our ball retention is as bad as ive ever seen.
  3. I need a pair of glasses like Fullartons

    Perhaps I'm missing something but i can only think of 2 real scoring opportunities aside from our goal? He must be on the wind up if he thinks our fans walked out happy with that showing. I get the budgets low and we cant attract certain calibre players but when your training every day the attacking plan has to be better than just constant long balls over the top. I'm as worried with that interview as i am with our current performances tbh because if those are his real thoughts were in huge trouble.
  4. Denton

    It was an awful game Erik, no quality on either side and on that showing both sides will be involved in a relegation scrap. 
  5. Get Morgan Back

    Things are bad enough without him back thanks.
  6. Denton

    Fair play to Denton had a good game and will have enjoyed that goal. JF must be gobsmacked as to how a player that cant run can score whilst those that can run forever never get close. Get crosses in to the box and Denton will score its that simple. As for our strikers i don't think I've seen a worse pairing than Southwell and Edwards.
  7. JF doesn't want him back so it wont be happening any time soon.
  8. Chesterfield at Home

    Its a very big game for JF today, he has a full squad to pick from against a struggling side. They'll have Denton leading the line so we know whats coming and should be well prepared. We need to get out of this bad run of form and today will be a big opportunity to do so. If the game pans out like recent home games where we've been on the back foot most of the game we should be worried.
  9. Town vs Chesterfield 13/10/2018

    FCHT 1-2 Chesterfield Kosylo 1,876
  10. Town v Chesterfield - Dumb and Dumber?

    He was also quite good last season with 10 goals in 30 a record the current bunch wont match. He should get a good reception.
  11. Town v Chesterfield - Dumb and Dumber?

    SL is still getting picked in the starting line up which tells me JF rates him, this then tells me he'll probably be offered a deal until the end of the season.
  12. Aldershot

    When you miss a player like Ben Tomlinson as much as we have it says it all. The bottom line is just like last season our summer recruit was very poor and now were paying for it.  The hope was that JF was a super coach and the team would progress with time. Still very early days but were certainly not heading in the right direction in that respect. That said JF needs our support as he tries to stop the rot, we should have learnt by now that sacking managers is not always the answer.
  13. Aldershot vs Town 06/10/2018

    Aldershot 0-1 fcht Clarke 1812
  14. Bromley v Town 29.9.18

    Bromley 2-1 FCHT Kossy 1,421
  15. Fylde Tuesday

    What cant people see? That he scored 1 in 3 at this level last season or that he scored nearly a goal a game at Alfreton before getting a move.  No one wants him back but some recognise the job he did. You must be enjoying watching Edwards and Southwell run around a lot as Denton couldn't do it