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  1. Quigley Signs For Barrow .

    Top fan!
  2. James Hardy

    All this talk of Hardy, how good was he really? A tidy little player but he didnt pull up any trees here and if our aspirations are play offs he's a player deemed not good enough by a play off side.
  3. 19/20 player rumours

    I dont see us getting any if these players, look at last seasons summer signings. We ended up signing Edwards seemingly because we couldn't find anyone else, he was on trial all pre season. The year before again, we missed out on everyone then ended up with Tomlinson on trial, finally signed him late pre season. Hardy, Rodney, Duku ect... I dont see any coming in permanent, suspect we'll look at a trialist or 2 again.
  4. Jon Stead

    8 in 38 last season so not a good return, would like to think we can do better than Stead.
  5. How to..... Play football

    Disagree.........Spurs could be European champions this season but does that mean there the best team in Europe? Obviously not as there only 4th best in England so i dont think city need that crown.
  6. 2019/20 Expectations

    Striving for the play offs is exactly what we should be doing, expecting them is not. If DB reverts the ST next season he'll probably kill any chance of growth.  Like i said it has to be a sustained effort to increase the fan base. Its not a 3 month project, if serious it needs sticking with fora number of years.
  7. 2019/20 Expectations

    Cant see how that can be the expectation tbh Steve, there's nothing to suggest that's what ''should'' be happening next season, progress is required but lets be realistic. If we have an average season this time and the ST prices return to the price they were last season we'll be in National North playing in front of 7-800 within 2 years. The club decided on this offer and it needs seeing through for the coming years in order to grow the club.  I don't think the attitude can be ''lets try it once and see how we get on'', we need a vision for the future that goes beyond milking the same cow over again.
  8. Budgets, misery and silence?

    Don't think it's too bad either, he's just telling everyone the reality of the situation which is that we don't just want the every week regular 800-1000 fans buying a ST but those that would only attend half the games normally as well. Its a no brainer for any regular but its also a  tempting offer for a floater, which are the exact people the club need to pull in to make it work. The club wont be making money off the regulars and if only they take the offer up it wont be a deemed a success, especially if we have a season similar to last, very few will be parting with £20 on a match day. For me they had to do something as a repeat of both last seasons ST prices and on field entertainment would have seen us looking at an average of 1,000, so if nothing else at least were looking at a regular crowds of 1,500 or so this way.
  9. Squad 2019/20

    Be an idea to send him out on loan to BPA/Guiesley for a few months early season and see how he gets on. He's still only 22 and inexperienced so its not unthinkable that may come good. But yes agree we need better.
  10. pre season friendlies

    Doesn't matter what sort of team rocks up so long as a few thousand fans do.
  11. pre season friendlies

    What gets me is every pre season Guiesley, BPA & Harrogate seem to host Leeds/ Bradford/Huddersfield with seemingly no problems but its a non starter for us? We have the stadium to cope with 3-4000 away fans which would be massive for the coffers yet for some reason (WYP?) we cant cash in yet other non league clubs enjoy massive pay days in pre season. Is their really cause for concern of massive riots at the shay at a mid July friendly?  
  12. Tranmere Rovers.

    A player on the brink of league 1 is not going to be coming here, home town or not he'll have far better options if he leaves Tranmere.
  13. North/South playoffs

    Well done Chorley, unlucky at the Shay 2 years ago and pipped at the post by Stockport this season, certainly desevre it.
  14. Clarke

    Yes and last season Oswell went for nothing to Morecambe after scoring 25 + goals, so thats 3 seasons on the trot they've lost their top scorer and not got a penny. 
  15. Bolton

    I find this hard to believe Steve, in a recent interview JF suggested he was 'swimming against the tide' with the clubs budget so who's telling the truth here?