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  1. Port Vale thread

    Its not about him knuckling down though is it? If he cant commit to training then JF wont play him so how can he knuckle down? And if he's not playing what sort of interest are his services going to attract? certainly not much worthwhile transfer wise for us. As you say it will back fire if we don't get a fee higher than what he's cost in wages but also its a wage we could be paying someone we could utilise. Lets hope non of this is the reason he's not playing because for me he is a player that would still strengthen the first 11 despite the new signings. 
  2. Port Vale thread

    No idea if this is the case but it there's any truth in it why did we take up the option to extend his contract? Doesn't make any sense at all.
  3. Do we? Potentially Southwell, Kosylo if the plays after that?
  4. Port Vale thread

    He played about 8 games for us in a very weak conference so he cant be classed as anything like the best we've ever had imo.  
  5. Port Vale thread

    So 1 dodgy keeper, both full backs that are a concern and 2 slow centre backs? not really a recipe for success.. Much rather Brown over the other 2 if/when fit but it does appear Clarke is on board for his retirement season so we'll have to wait and see.
  6. Port Vale thread

    My first pre season game and really not sure what to make of it. I think you can see that some of the new recruits are better technically than what they've replaced but i think that was always going to happen. Our back 4 were poor imo, it was clear as daylight last season that Hanley wasn't up playing LB so I'm amazed its still even being considered. Hansons a young lad in all fairness but its an area we need to improve if we can. I suppose the question at CB is which one of Roberts/Clarke do you go with as the lack if mobility doesn't allow for both. Thought Maher played well in the holding role and Staunton was steady enough, liked the look of King when he came on.  Tomlinson was his normal self, Preston showed glimpses and you can see there's a good player in Southwell although i doubt its upfront alone. Its mentioned above that was Odelusi's best game so far, if so he must have been dreadful on the others. I really hope there's nothing to sinister in Kosylo not getting minutes as despite the new arrivals he's still a starter for me.
  7. Lee Shaw

    Be intersting to see how he gets on, jumping up 2 leagues and to a much bigger club.
  8. Bolton match thread

    I would agree, we really should'nt go down as the club is now FT but we are relying on very shrewd management to make any kind of impact in the top half. 18th is my prediction
  9. Foxtrot 1

    Imagination? We've had the same rubbish blasted out for 10 years..
  10. Foxtrot 1

    Goal music should be banned from all football.
  11. Bolton match thread

    You don't need to jump to JF defence everytime some questions something. I'm not knocking him just simply taking alook at our squad as it stands. I worry that this season looks like its going to be 'young lads with potential' surrounded by 'young lads with potential'.  I agree that were likely to see more 'football' this season and so we should now were training far more. But this is an unforgiving league and that alone wont be enough to succeed.  Time will tell of course but as it stands my ambition is once again survival first and foremost.    
  12. Bolton match thread

    Its appears as though we haven't even tried to replace Collins with anything similar so thats a minus. The full backs worry me massively as its a downgrade on last season as it stands. Yes theres scope for many of these players to improve but im getting the feeling thats the big hope which is a dangerous tactic imo.  I'm not saying we'll go down but on paper your looking at who's 100% up to this level and i only see 5/6 definates.  
  13. Bolton match thread

    On paper we must be one of the favourites for relegation with that squad as it stands. 
  14. Absolutely Choked

    I doubt either country will play their best team as it will be seen as another chance for the squad players, its madness that this game is even taking place as neither team will care about it and needs removing from future competitions.
  15. England v Croatia

    He's possibly my favourite thats for sure. That said he wasnt great in the air and wasnt really good enough for the premeir league let alone England. Tom Denton however......