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  1. Woking

    Me neither but its clearly not going to happen, if he was overweight at 23 y old and at a pro club training everyday what chance has he got in the part time game? Also if he was to reform himself i expect we'd be well down the list of potential suitors. 
  2. Woking

    This lad has barely kicked a ball for 3 years and people think its a good idea to sign him  Forget what he was like 4 years ago and ask the question as to why he hasnt had a club for 2 years?? No thank you.  
  3. On this day 12th November

    Done nothing since leaving shay which suggests the right decision was to release him.  An average conf north striker and a poor national league one.
  4. Woking

    Another empty post from Trev with no answers or substance just the normal ramble.  Lets all think League 1 and away we go (sadly only with the fairies)
  5. Woking

    1,500 fans = mid table national/ top half north and will continue unless investment comes along. You still haven't answered the question as to how we change this other than changing our thought line, avoiding direct questions like a politician at the moment Trev.  
  6. Woking

    Hibbs aside perhaps if said contracted players were performing better then loans would not be required?
  7. Woking

    When Morgan leaves we'll bring in another striker who might actually contribute. If Kossy leaves it will be a huge loss but there's not a lot you can do about it. Replacing him would be difficult but replacing morgan wouldnt be.
  8. Woking

    I said in the summer he'd be back at Curzon by Xmas as in truth its his level. I've seen enough to know he's not the answer, you cant have players playing for themselves unless there exceptional talents.
  9. Woking

    This season is all about not getting relegated nack to the conf north and at present were on course to achive. That said it would be nice to see more entertainment than currently on offer.
  10. Liam King

    The combined fees for King and Lynch wont amount to much at all. Neither southport or Gainsboro have any financial clout. Its probably more about freeing up wages for some new recruits.
  11. New Signing

    He's not the best left back at the club never mind in the league.
  12. New Signing

    Might be Macca leaving? Poor form since injury and doesn't he still commute from Leicester? It wouldn't be the biggest shock if it was a mutual decision.
  13. Goals of the month 2013

    Three of that side now playing in the championship - Aspin Out!
  14. Town vs Woking 11/11/2017

    FCHT 1-3 Woking Brown Att: 1,615
  15. Woking

    Their fans opinion is unlikely to be shared by the manager, victory at the shay could take them as high as 3rd and given our recent form they must fancy there chances. Woking still have 2 cup ties to win to make round 3 and will be underdogs in both whatever so to pin there hopes on that at the expense of their league campaign would be a bad idea imo.