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  1. Going Up Coming Down

    Stockport would surely be most peoples choice from the play offs due to the crowd they would bring, could well be the Xmas games as well.
  2. Going Up Coming Down

    Different ground now though, i think Morecambe gave done very well to stay in the FL as long as they have with their crowds. Quite like to go back there for a league game but they should still survive as Barnet have it all to do.
  3. Tranmere thread

    I think the point being he had a striker on the bench yet even though we were behind all that time he didn't go 2 up front. I'm not a Tuton fan but if he can't get on the pitch yesterday why bother naming him at all?  Fullarton 1st job was to keep us up and he's done it so lets give him credit for that. Part 2 is to see if he can avoid a relegation battle next season and we'll need to improve to do that. One thing i hope is that the BOD back the manger in his summer recruit something that i feell they didnt do last year looking at who we ended up with.
  4. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    Scouts were watching Kosylo before xmas, yesterday theyd have all walked out. I think to be fair to your mate he was getting more out if him.
  5. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    Nobody did mention him other than you but i suppose with your obsession its difficult not to.
  6. Tranmere thread

    4 teenagers? Sam Graham only who coped very well in the main considering hes only 17. Thomson and Hanley look like teenagers because they've barely played any mens footbal and struggle physically. This is my main worry under Fullarton, i feel the squad will end up full of these types who'll struggle to cope.  
  7. Tranmere thread

    Game was done and dusted after 22 mins and for all the comments about individual performances ect the bottom line is Tranmere are a far better side than us and have now shown us that on 3 separate occasions. In Norwood and Cook you have 2 of the best strikers at this level and in Maher & Graham you have probably the least experienced defensive partnerships we've ever fielded, the results of that was what we witnessed in the first half.  The main thing is were safe to fight another day in this league so in that respect its job done, the worry of course is that whilst were a PT club with 1,500 fans were going to struggle to be much more that a club who's main aim is survival. WIth this in mind talk of getting shut of a host of players might be a bit premature unless we can guarentee better. Surprised no ones mentioned the pitch today, shocking state considering the better weather we've had as it was bobbling all over the place making passing football very difficult in central areas.
  8. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    People said that this season and they've done ok, think a lot of people want them to fail but in fairness there not bad managers.
  9. Heath to Chester

    The only reason some on here hate Heath so much is because he proved them all wrong last season by turning the season around to win promotion and they have found it hard to deal with.  
  10. Heath to Chester

    Out of interest how many managers have you rated since your time watching Town?
  11. Heath to Chester

    Think you have a strange obsession with Heath & Denton, do you ever post without mentioning them? Ones gone and the other soon will be so you need to say thanks and move on.
  12. Heath to Chester

    Wonder if York City will part company with Martin Gray in the summer? they've got worse as the seasons gone on and with their squad and crowds it should be near on impossible not to make the play offs. Could be a good fit for BH?
  13. Player of the season

    I'd agree and i think it says it all when Collins is being touted for it, he didn't even sign until mid December. Brown has done well overall but he himself has had a few shockers in the bad run when he and Garner were making a few howlers between them. Even thought he's been in and out through injury i still think Kosylo would get my vote just because he's had a few match winning performances despite his troubles.  
  14. Money

    The club said 2 years ago when the £199 ticket was launched they had to sell 1700 to make it cost effective. If that was the case then, you have to assume they required similar numbers this season as well. As good as the season tickets are for us the fans i cant imagine the clubs finances have benefited from the deal despite a rise in crowd figures.
  15. Potential signings for next season

    It would however Barnet probably need to win their last 3 to to do It now. Had they won yesterday then maybe but not now imo.