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  1. Board or Billy?

    Probably nobody on here has but you would like to think our scout has and can offer an opinion on him to the manager.  
  2. Board or Billy?

    No your think of moaning B******s on here i think?
  3. Board or Billy?

    Every supporter of every club in the land asks questions like this so i'm not sure what your gripe is here its just football. I'm sure Chester fans will be saying 'how can we lose 4-0 at Halifax yet then win at Ebbsfleet & draw at Fylde a few weeks later?'' Bristol City beat Man Utd, 10 days later they lose 5-0 at Villa! Football would be boring if everything went to form.  
  4. Adam Morgan

    You've been predicting Heath leaving FCHT for 12 months now.. I suppose if you keeep going eventually you may get it right.   
  5. Maidenhead Match Thread

    Tomlinson when we he came on for Oliver.
  6. Maidenhead Match Thread

    All I'm saying is 442 didnt work today as we got totally overrun in midfield. Solving one problem can sometimes create another, like when you sack a manager and replace him with a worse one. Ideally you want Denton upfront with mobility playing off him but yoy then weaken whats behind them. Im not saying it shouldn't be done btw just that some think its a simple answer.
  7. Maidenhead Match Thread

    We went 442 after about 60 mins today and we got worse.
  8. On the basis of one out one in....

    Contacts have nothing to do with being a good manager. Its what you can do with the players at your disposal that count. The list of great ex players that have failed in management is a long one. The only thing you do is attract a slightly better loan player.
  9. Maidenhead Details

    Ha ha.. Yes the great Hamza and Kingsley.. What they up to these days? One plodding along in another relegation battle and Hamza relegated 2 years on the trot. Only James Bolton would i want back from that squad. 
  10. Adam Morgan

    I think this has been the problem with Morgan and how imo he's overated by some of our fans. People keep saying how talented he is but are simply basing this on the fact he almost broke into the Liverpool 1st team 5 years ago so he must be good. What their not doing is actually watching what his contribution has been on the field of play for us in the last 12 months, even in the games he was scoring you could argue his contribution was minimal. I've never seen him have an impact in a game the likes of kosylo or Josh Mac can have when their on top form because they are a constant nuisance to the opposition. If he was throwing in great performances even 1 in 3 games for example and the other 2 were poor then i may have a different opinion but he was just never that good for me and certainly not a match winner. I do agree that due to injuries he should have played a bit more football recently but its clear that Heath felt his chance had been and gone and despite what some say he did have plenty chances to establish himself here. What we must do now is replace him because the squad is frighteningly low on numbers atm.
  11. Adam Morgan

    The best striker to play for Sligo since Darren 'flash' Mansaram.  
  12. Adam Morgan

    Don't and never have got all the fuss over Morgan and not surprised he's off. Think his attitude has been first class and believe hes a good lad. Give him his due he could strike a ball well with his left foot but what else? Not interested in the physical side of the game which is something you cant hide from at this level.  I just always got the feeling he was playing for himself rather than the club. I wish him well but dont think think its a decision we'll live ro regret. That said we really do need to be adding to the frontline now. Is a permanent move for Waring possible?  
  13. Maccelsfield Part 3

    They had more chances tonight than they did last week. Perhaps all their luck was used up on NYD.
  14. Saturday away games

    There shouldn't be a national league imo. It should be North and south then FL cos lets be honest there is nothing good about going to some of the places were rocking up at this season. Its not even that bad for us compared to the likes if Barrow and Gateshead. Not only does it cost a fortune every other week in the reverse fixtures were getting next to no away support.  As we dont currently have the means to progress up the leagues we appear to be stuck in the wilderness. Just nwed to hope in the next few years we get some decent northern clubs relegated/promoted.
  15. Macclesfield.

    I would have thought being top of the league might have swung it for you a little more than 10.