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  1. Director Resignation

    Would you really go all out for a promotion that if failed meant we went bust again?   
  2. Director Resignation

    The club folding last time was gave us a clean slate so to speak, most fans accepted a drop down 3 divisions, a step into the unknown and just tried to embrace the new local grounds to visit. I suppose you could say it was a bit of a novelty for a year or 2 as we all knew we'd get a promotion or 3 eventually. If it happened again in the foreseeable future there's no way the majority would stick with it, crowds would dwindle and we wouldn't get back in super quick time, if at all imo. So i think we do have a lot to lose because if the choice is bobbing along at this level or in the Evo stick league i know which one i'd prefer. 
  3. Director Resignation

    Its hard to disagree that certain aspects of the club have indeed been neglected over the past decade. I'm often told (and agree) that the club didn't do enough when the club were having the good times. Could we now have had an extra 500 hard core supporters off the back of drubbing the likes of Prescot Cables en all in the glue leagues? i'm not so sure but the truth is we didn't even try. The clubs at a cross roads, there's no doubt about that and as you rightly say the reserves will not run for ever. My gut feeling is that in the next 2-3 years we will have different people/person at the helm, which appears needs to happen for the club to have a serious attempt at the next level. But of course we don't want any old cowboy coming in and that person/s will not necessarily be that easy to find. A for 'economic competence' i disagree, they may well have had 'lucky windfalls' but there hardly the first BOD that has. What they have done is hold it back for the overall running of the club rather than throwing it at a Chris Tate or a has beens wages. Whatever way you dress it up any a financial struggle does not happen over night, previous BOD have been irresponsible with their spending, its that simple. Even had the windfalls not come along i'm pretty sure we'd not of been on the verge of administration/closure under the current lots leadership which was a regular thing in the 'good old days'.      
  4. Job

    There will be question marks over every candidate for this job, no one will be perfect for it.
  5. Aspin

    Heli not done himself any favours since his departure either.
  6. Available managers

    Aspin won't be coming back, the BOD would look pretty stupid seeing that they sacked him 4 years ago. I think had he been poached away then a return would make sense but their relationship cant be healthy. That said were not likely to get a much better manager in, we certainly haven't done since he departed.
  7. Available managers

    Never trust anything from the Welsh league, Harrison won the lot at TNS at was awful for Hartlepool. The standard is really poor, all you have to do is look at Ashley Stott.

    Difficlut to see what JF problem with it was really? Hardley gonna let the opposition in on the game plan off the back of a 20 second group jog.
  9. Videos and picture from training on twitter

    I wasnt that keen on Skrarz last season but i don't think he had any mares as such he was just very pedestrian. A good solid pro though with plenty experience, think he'd probably make a decent centre half now.
  10. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    A managers ambitions will always outweigh a Chairman's because the manager can say i want XYZ but then doesn't have to worry about how its funded.
  11. Available managers

    The reason we don't have next season is because JF knew it was going to be a struggle for him and we would have been lucky to avoid the drop this time. It may well still be the case with the new manager, only time will tell with that one but JF clearly didnt believe he could build on last season did he?  
  12. Available managers

    Has he really been that bad at recruiting? I've heard this a lot recently and dont agree. Vince -  he came in to the new club with only a few weeks to assemble a squad. We were 7th when he got sacked but he did bring some decent players in, Junior Brown, Phelan & Baker to name few so whilst not a success he wasn't the disaster some speak of. Aspin - Great appointment, 3 promotions so dont need yo say much else. Kelly - Disaster Harvey - did a good job almost saving a lost cause and gave us a day to remember at Wembley. Heath - won promotion at the first attempt but ultimately struggled in the National. But we were PT and overall he left us in a better place than he found us. Fullarton - I didn't like the guy and im not too upset he's gone but as he says in his parting interview he achived his remit. Im not sure you can say he was a success or failure in truth. We probably needed this season to make a proper judgement. What does the next manger have to do to be deemed successful? People have differing expectations but we can't expect top 7 imo.
  13. Available managers

    Paul Cox will apply i bet.
  14. Josh On The Way Back

    Great that's he almost back but big questions will be asked. The big one for me is the pace factor, we all saw Macca lose a yard or 2 I'm not sure Josh can afford to as its his game.
  15. Classy response from JF

    The problem with JF was and still is (reading the article) that his ego out weighs his ability making him pretty hard to like. He talks about our defence being the 4th best in the league but we as supporters all know it came at a cost of being the 3rd worst goal scorers. Mentions the great young assets the club have in King, Hanson ect yet he 'froze' both out for spells last season. Finally he states that he felt he'd done all he could yet goes on to add 'it provides a new manager an opportunity to be successful', if thats the case why couldn't the success have come under you Jamie??  I find i hard to accept that last season can be considered a success on the field i really do, had Duku & Rondney not landed (due to injuries) when they did a relegation battle was nailed on. Perhaps i'm being harsh and as time moves on it will tell us that actually he was pretty good for the club? i just feel this statement suits both him and the club far to well considering the timing of it. His CV will look fairly competent as it stands, another 6 months here and it probably wouldn't have done. I'm not the type of fan that demands success and am very realistic in my expectations but i'm not at all bothered he's gone and feel we can improve, even if its just a manager who talks sense.