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  1. The game tonight: Maidstone

    a win is the worst possible result?
  2. Why ?

  3. Solihull match thread

    We went to Wembley.  And won. It's the first national  competition  we have won since the 98 conference,  so yes it's comparable. 
  4. Why ?

    because the ref said it was playable at 2pm and called it off at 2.30 wasn't the clubs decision
  5. Blame the board

    Shaymus, it was the Trust who brought them in and worked with them for a long time before you joined the board, Its Hoddie that they wouldn't work with, the only reason that the previous board (jim Brown & co) even spoke to the trust is because we had a pot of money,
  6. FA Cup Draw

    bound to be alfreton  
  7. Stuart Lewis

    shame he's gone to dover,would have worked well with duckworth, especially in the rain
  8. Nike

    mr Bronson from grange hill/star wars?  
  9. For Sale - Football Club

    Norbury would have been suspended    
  10. For Sale - Football Club

    ...Waving money at Big Dave Hanson...…..  
  11. 3 hours of my life...

    Sofa Score did the same
  12. thank you scot  
  13. that's not a link  
  14. well post the link then  
  15. can you please post the text?