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  1. Colorizing Old Photos using

    I thought that was you in the corner

    traditionally the first signing will be somebody who has never been mentioned on this board..............
  3. Fixtures fry-up
  4. V.A.R

    if you celebrate scoring the winner in the 94th minute and take off your shirt and receive a second booking, then it's denied by VAR, assume you still get a red card.?
  5. V.A.R Part 2 - Penalties

    VAR in the premier league next season will not be used for checking goalkeepers positioning. They will review this during the season
  6. Fixtures fry-up

    Anybody signed up for this?
  7. V.A.R

    But that's goal line technology and instant decision. Happy with that, not so much with VAR. And the Lampard one shouldn't have needed technology, was so far over the line ref and linesman should both have seen it
  8. U10/11/12 Trials
  9. Fixture flyer volunteers

    Commercial group would like some help
  10. Buzz Effect

    how do you know he isn't? Just because he is not broadcasting it?
  11. Pitch Partner Membership
  12. One of the favourites to go down

    stop being a drama queen
  13. Next Season's Strips

    Surely babies grow so quickly, it would only fit for a couple of months
  14. Halifax Gala..

    picture on FB and twitter
  15. Fixtures fry-up

    the information is under embargo by the league until they release it, suspect the club could be fined if anybody leaks the info. Suspect you can take your mobile with you and then hand it in. Other than that haven't a clue, they might have you all doing the washing up
  16. Darlington

    no, not really a good idea at all. People are already contributing to the playing budget by buying season tickets for £199, kit sponsorship for £200 and the rest    
  17. surely it will be late July?
  18. How long have you suffered (Tongue in Cheek)

    Only 1961, there will be quite a few before that, Steve Lanzo for one
  19. Bolton NLP had suggested they were going to put a lot of money in...................................

    DJ gave up on them when they stopped doing free biscuits
  21. 5 min Season review video

    and see the digital van was out and about at the junior world cup at the Shay today
  22. a quick add up of posts on here 71 adult season tickets 55 U12 3 12-17 not bad out of the overall totals posted by the club
  23. Thinking Back - Thanks

    And one day he will learn how to quote properly
  24. Thinking Back - Thanks

    Vardy and Chris Nicholl?