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  1. Kids tonight

    Was tonight that some of children had a chance to be involved with the players in a training session, See there were over 70 there, Any parent on here who took their youngster along and how was it?
  2. Colwyn Bay

    er, how can you ignore National League South, where do they fit into this? Since they are the same level as North, they should be involved shouldn't they?
  3. Barnet (A)

    Who has a hotline to this Louisa, and why would she know, isn't it the club Secretary who is responsible?
  4. Barnet (A)

    Didn't realise he was on loan
  5. Barnet (A)

    I only counted 5, who I am I missing?
  6. On a lighter note.

    But made 82 appearances over 3 seasons or so. Shaymus will be able to confirm
  7. New Home Kit 19/20

    I get what you're saying, but to be fair that's not been the case for the last 4 years or so
  8. Meynell's memories

    Well, I enjoyed it
  9. Meeting with Mr B

    This was the first age group meeting, in this case over 40. Anybody in that age group could register to attend. 
  10. In other news...

    Statement on website
  11. Meeting with Mr B

    You could also reply via social media so maybe it was one of those?
  12. League cup final

    so just like on here with our Scottish custodian 

    Nope, not at all, just pointed out that we had been relegation haunted quite a few times. I would prefer to look forwards rather than backwards, just not sure what that future holds

    Since you followed Town maybe, but had to apply for re-election 12? times, and "flirted" with relegation many other times
  15. Maidstone highlights

    and what was Quigley booked for? Protesting? Was certainly a clear foul so surely can't have been for simulation?