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  1. Community news
  2. Community news

    Well, nobody else has mentioned it - regular updates this week
  3. Barrow

    as far as I know the Chairman goes to every game - Chadders could confirm
  4. Scott Quigley

    Don't Salford need a new striker, they probably only have 6 or 7
  5. Comment Box

    You didn't seem to have any problem in this thread
  6. Fullerton must go now

    and following season we beat them 2-1 to end up with our highest ever finish. 
  7. Fullerton must go now

    it was 8-0, first season after promotion I think. And could have been 5-5 at half time but couldn't score that day............
  8. Fullerton must go now

    we are, see Trev post above
  9. Fullerton must go now

    late sixties was pretty good in my memory
  10. Salford

    Danny Cowley quoted as saying that the offer to Matt Green and his family from Salford was significant..............
  11. I Don't Want To Tempt Fate

    I received the winter fuel allowance for the first time this year, and have donated it to charity
  12. 2 For £30

    not seen any evidence that any offers make a blind bit of difference but happy to be proved wrong
  13. Scarf

    surely he can buy one from the shop when he is over here 
  14. Solihull Moors at home

    Aye, it's Southport tonight
  15. Christmas Shopping Event

    it's not a designer shirt for you to prance about clubbing, it's a football shirt ffs, doesn't really matter if it's too big. A football shirt is just that, you can wear it for football matches