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  1. Live on TV....

    think they do, they pay a pittance for league games but won't have control over what they have to pay for the FA Cup - both BBC and BT will pay the same amount for a cup game I think
  2. Best Game you ever saw !!

    went on the special train full of Shaymen
  3. For Juryeff - Town 5-2 Walsall

    your normal hangover "poorly" I suspect
  4. Barnsley Away 1970

    I was there
  5. Poodles first win

    wonder why that is. Nothing to do with the £100m or so from the premier league is it?
  6. Christmas Presents

    Club launching Christmas product range next Wednesday 10% off between 9am and 9pm Fullarton and players in attendance from 6pm
  7. At last we get a mention

    scored at Aldershot. Looked a little lightweight but was only 18 at the time I think. Certainly had something about him
  8. It could be worse, be careful what you wish for.

    Think the Big Night Out was all down to Ben and Louisa, nowt to do with DB
  9. Eastleigh Saturday

    Hmmm, last 7 league games, won 4, drew 2, lost 1. If that is a poor run, what does that make ours
  10. Pricing? League Money?

    Think they get something over £6m for tv plus solidarity payments, plus a further £100k every time they have a live tv home game. New deal might be even more
  11. yes, after match interview. Not saying you aren't right about the extra game ban though, although that wasn't mentioned
  12. interview on Shaymen tv
  13. according to Fullarton he did his hamstring in training anyway............
  14. Chesterfield at Home

    They didn't really Apart from from saying we should have had a penalty
  15. Offers

    It was probably suggested weeks ago but you know how long it takes DB to make a decision