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  1. Free match highlights??

    commentary is free is it not?
  2. coalville saturday

    did everybody who is going buy the t shirt?
  3. Home shirts

    think they tweeted that orders are being processed this week for shirts
  4. Is This Our Year?

    And think you will find Liverpool won the league in 1966
  5. JJRyan3377

    In case anybody wonders where his posts have gone, he asked me to delete them
  6. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    Think my next door neighbour is having an affair
  7. Away kit

    will be announced next week. Maybe they were waiting on the sponsors?
  8. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    one for the directors night I would have thought
  9. Still waiting

    I think it's good news, nothing wrong with a new sponsor being a newsflash, more money in the pot
  10. England v Hamlet

    Japan, Senegal or Colombia
  11. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    Think it's been advertised every couple of days 
  12. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    is everybody on here going? First chance to actually meet the manager First chance to ask him about next season Great opportunity, you know it makes sense........
  13. Optimism for the new season is increasing

    Not sure it's their hard earned cash. Budgeted income plus using reserves where necessary
  14. Like pulling teeth

    and if pensioners get a discount, guess who has to make up the shortfall, all the others on here who are still working (not me I'm a pensioner)
  15. Club Secretary

    not sure why you think I would know, as you can see Chadders is your man for information, I have no club contacts at all