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  1. Available managers

    did he apply?
  2. Available managers

    why would anybody on here have any news about this. Nobody is in the know even though they would like you to think they are As you get older, maybe into your teenage years and beyond, you will learn to be patient
  3. Available managers

    is "good authority" the same person as "credible source"??? It will take them more than today to finish all the interviews, depending on how many they are seeing could be Saturday or even Sunday as well. I would expect announcement on Monday but knowing dithering Dave it could be any time.........
  4. Shuddersfield's new kit
  5. The Pitch

    and think rugby still have 4 home fixtures left?
  6. Available managers

    not sure I get this Ronnie Moore love in................
  7. Doncaster game now behind closed doors!

    Do you mean mixed race? Offensive expression you used
  8. The Pitch

    if we could afford it?
  9. 12th July Season Ticket Counter update

    have you been asleep? been all over Halifax, and all over social media every day, nothing more the media team could have done. Off the pitch stuff excellent, it's the lack of on the pitch stuff that is causing the problem
  10. Colorizing Old Photos

    who's the mascot? Is he posting on here?
  11. Colorizing Old Photos

    North Stand. It's an "end". Trinity Garage end, bus garage end
  12. So

    not really sure why you want us to sign a big tent? 
  13. Selling a Product

    Since all the other stuff that's come out from the media team over the summer has been excellent, I would suggest lack of interviews with manager/players/DB isn't the media teams fault, they would be doing them if any of those were available but looks like they aren't
  14. Squad 2019/20

    is that in lieu of wages?
  15. Colorizing Old Photos

    I thought that was you in the corner