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  1. Hartlepool

    Fullarton interview on ShaymenTV interesting - ref told him Brown sent off for stamp on guy's head - he said he's watched it 20 times and can't see it............
  2. Relegation form

    How many games count as "form"? 4,6,10, 15????
  3. The Thinking Mans David Coleman

    you were just debating what to have for tea
  4. Orient at Home

    Not scored that many recently. Bonne scores a lot though
  5. Wrexham Match Thread

    5 points separate the top 13 teams
  6. Michael Collins

    Think you're right. No chance of him becoming a ft footballer again so he won't be back
  7. Michael Collins

    Thought he had made the decision to retire from playing and concentrate on coaching/management. The fact that Bradford city didn't work out won't mean he will suddenly come out of retirement
  8. Sutton United

    Did we? must have missed that.......
  9. Sutton United

    See Tomlinson was also booked, 4th this season?
  10. Gateshead Game

    Doesn't F come before H?
  11. Gateshead Game

    Need Fylde v Harrogate to be a draw otherwise either could overtake us
  12. Gateshead match thread

    Can you change the title of the thread please since this is not about today's game but repeating the same argument over and over.........
  13. We're on the telly

    Wasn't that back in 2016? Think he is Oldham captain this season
  14. This is how to do highlights

    noticed this, and have TS Media logo in the bottom right hand corner - is this the guy from Brighouse?
  15. Big Night Out Chadders was lined up as the comedian but he is washing his hair that night. Hence the increase in price to pay for somebody who is funny