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  1. What's going on?

    think that is live updates from the Adam Heslop cup
  2. What's going on?

  3. I fear next season.

    it does push the price up for other supporters - so would you be happy if your ST was £219, but normal adult was £279 - just asking - would we sell more or less?
  4. Golf Day

    Hardly loads of tweets about drinking, and it does go hand in hand with golf days. I don't understand why you think it lacks professionalism, might even attract more potential sponsors if they see people having a good time
  5. Golf Day

    What a load of bollocks
  6. Golf Day

    the club thank you for your kind words 
  7. Golf Day

    can't remember exactly when, but it was well advertised
  8. hashtag for Vinny

    club tweet tonight re golf day includes the hashtag #notaprawnsandwichinsight
  9. New website

    has everybody got into the new site now?
  10. Replica shirts

    do you need the new shirt to do that? Last season's shirt and your beach towel should be ok 
  11. Replica shirts

    you'll still get to wear it for 9 months FFS - and same old would mean October. Why does it matter if it's next week or the week after?
  12. Video panel

    problem is, we still get the worst refs and no video technology........
  13. New website

    it's not that sort of website..........
  14. New website

    not a browser issue, new websites have to make their way around all the ISPs or something, you'll get there in the end
  15. New website

    don't panic, you will all see it eventually, it's not some dastardly club plot to only allow access to the site to nice people