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  1. Yesterdyas Game

    I still don't understand, nothing is stopping him from posting on here, he got rid of himself didn't he? Where on earth does jealousy come into it?
  2. A League of their Own

    Wasn't it Class of 92 on BBC, is it now on sky?
  3. Gagged

    Wow, I have no contacts at the club or the courier but can see Sun and Daily Mail headlines a mile away, which is obviously what this was.  p.s. a clue for you, loads of clubs do this
  4. Gagged

    I hate to come across as Donald Trump (as opposed to Kim Jong Lumb) but suspect this is fake news It seems eminently sensible to let the players and manager concentrate on the up coming game So maybe the club told Tom Scargill there would be no interviews this week, and in true Sun fashion he translates that into the headline It's been said many times before on here how poor the Courier is, and how poor Tom Scargill is (apart from Flea who I think was his biggest fan) so I for one am going to ignore his article. I look forward to the day when Tom actually writes a supportive article.............
  5. Missing post.

    no, if I'd spotted it at the time it would have gone too I just have no sense of humour
  6. Missing post.

    I deleted it simply because it wasn't funny.........
  7. My plea to Steve Lanzo.

    I've read it and am still confused - so what if a small number of people gave him some stick, why does that mean he leaves the forum? If everybody acted this way, most people would leave the forum......... Thinking about that, maybe that's not a bad idea
  8. My plea to Steve Lanzo.

  9. My plea to Steve Lanzo.

    I still haven't worked out why he decided to go.............
  10. Sh!t or bust.

    Wouldn't want to follow the model set by those 3 gentlemen
  11. FCHT Community Group Half Time Schools Competition

    nobody knows who I am and I would like to keep it that way...........
  12. The Board Undisclosed

    apart from the £1m or so a year tv money in the football league..........
  13. Blue Friday

    Don't forget club version of black Friday, discounts at online shop up to 20%
  14. New striker needed urgently!

    we only confirm things when paperwork completed etc, we can't stop people on twitter etc including the players themselves putting the info out first. Seems to have always been the policy and tend to agree with it