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  1. Warrington Replay

    If  Odiuseless is even let into the ground on Tues we are doomed.
  2. Warrington on Saturday

      Watched the team coach arrive today. A more miserable group of players  i have yet to see, not a smile between them.
  3. Warrington on Saturday

    Outplayed by a team wanting to win.The only reason we got a second chance is Warrington were running on empty last 15 mins having given their all.Playing a left back at CH and a useless winger at CF. Last  Sat Hanson was MOM yet today on the bench!. Do not like to see any manager be sacked but christ all mighty todays performance was shocking and  a repeat on Tues may signal the end;
  5. Darren Kelly
  6. Kosylo

    Wrong, its called letting his team mates and supporters down.Shape up or ship out.
  7. Kosylo

    And could have crippled the guy in the process.
  8. Josh Macdonald

    Had a few words with him at 1/2 time,said he will not play again this season.
  9. Kosylo

    Yes he might have some talent but overall he is a liability to the team.Down to 10 men and his petulant side surfaced yet again .Opposition teams  fully aware of his temperament are  easily able to wind him up.Even down to 10 and starting to give the Pool a right go he lets us down.Hope Fullerton puts him on a final warning.
  10. Well deserved.Just wish they had waited till 5pm tomorrow to announce it.....usually is the kiss of  death at the next match for the manager/team receiving the award.Hope this is not the case for the mighty Shaymen.
  11. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    Welcome back!  Will you be wearing sunglasses to escape the attention?
  12. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    Agree ,said similar before the game at Salford.A better footballer and a plays with a smile on his face.A big own goal by our manager bringing   Lenigan back to the club.
  13. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Dreadful in that match at Chester.Saw him last season at Guiseley  v Wrexham, again poor ,at the end of the match home players had to keep him back from attacking a Guiseley supporter.
  14. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Peter Tilley
  15. How many going to Braintree? I predict 125.

    Is a supporters coach going?