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  1. Lee Gregory

    Hope i'm wrong but if he is out of contract  at Millwall cannot see how a "sell on " applies.That agreement surely finishes when he becomes a free agent.
  2.   Do you want to join me in the queue Peter?
  3. Barrow

    Don't worry Erik,he will never find you at the Shay! But carry on with your expertise.
  4. Solihull Replay

    Played well last night,had a cast iron penalty claim turned down early on.We had the better chances ,can recall 4 occasions when a better final  pass would have made the difference. Disappointed not to go through but saw plenty of positives. Not sure who the short arse of a referee was  , but the drop ball incidence in the first half   showed how clueless he was.
  5. Gateshead Trip

    Post match reaction from Gateshead manager.  
  6. I Don't Want To Tempt Fate

    Proud of the team today.Conditions were as bad as the game at Torquay 3/4 years ago.Unfair to single one player as M oM ,all played their part.
  7. Boycott Barrow
  8. Dagenham Today’s game

    This conflict between BTM and Awaydays is confusing me i should have amended the figure to 60. Apologies.
  9. Dagenham Today’s game

    Amended to 48 ! Usually rely on Flea  for this figure but he went in search of a salad roll at half time
  10. Dagenham Today’s game

    Believe it or not Peter,i was accused of being "Awaydays" yesterday.I believe it was "Eddies mate".I am sure he is a much more handsome man than me.The search goes on and will keep my ears to the ground.
  11. Dagenham Today’s game

    Not sure where the figure 47 for away fans came from,sat at the back stand i counted 59.
  12. Guiseley

    Disagree ,effort/passion in abundance last Sat.
  13. Willie Carlin

     Carlin was the  best attacking midfield player in my 64 yrs of going to the Shay.Much later Dave Leonard was a class act,later sold to Blackpool for  £30k  big money in those days.
  14. The Players

    You would make a good politician,neither of my questions answered! However nearly 13 THOUSAND posts is more than a" bit."for someone who rarely goes.
  15. The Players

    Respect anyone who turns up for the game and then give their views. What gets up my nose is the stay at home brigade who dominate this forum, who have all the right answers.If only a fraction DID turn up the club could possibly move forward.