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  1. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    Agree ,said similar before the game at Salford.A better footballer and a plays with a smile on his face.A big own goal by our manager bringing   Lenigan back to the club.
  2. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Dreadful in that match at Chester.Saw him last season at Guiseley  v Wrexham, again poor ,at the end of the match home players had to keep him back from attacking a Guiseley supporter.
  3. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Peter Tilley
  4. How many going to Braintree? I predict 125.

    Is a supporters coach going?
  5. Fullarton Out!

    Sincerely hope your right,but just wonder if you have witnessed any of our pre-season.Witnessed all 6 and far from improving look to be going backwards.
  6. Media Team

    Disgraceful action on the eve of the season .I have sat on the back row of this section to EVERY home match since it opening,so you could say i was a loyal supporter. Only few days ago passed a comment to fellow fan that a way to generate extra income would be to allow fans to PAY to have a name plate put on a favoured seat.I intend to make some form of protest against this action, yet to be decided , but may include occupation of the Mr Bosomworth's seat  .Genuine supporters are increasingly been made to feel more like customers AT THIS CLUB. Everyone of that media team will have disappeared in 9 months time ,but age/health permitting not me.As an oap, i like many others coughed up the full £340 and are now without any voice told to move.SHABBY,SHABBY way to treat a fan of 60+ years  ps As of tonight i have cancelled subs to Shaymen TV ,which quite frankly apart from Adam Cheshire's Skillfull interviews  were a waste of money as match highlights can be found elsewhere.
  7. Gary Neville v Andy Holt

    Balanced article worth a read
  8. Salford splashing the cash again

    According to Training Ground Guru Mr Lloyd now on £4,000 a week at Salford .
  9. 20/5/06

    Found this yesterday,one of the best and worst days supporting Town.
  10. Ryan Sellers

    Danny Hone lookalike.
  11. 3,000 season tickets

    I respect your decision and  you can now concentrate on other things Sat afternoon .However this  topic has had enough mileage and we should all move on.
  12. 3,000 season tickets

    Think sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.If MrB should walk away i cannot envisage a stampede of "investors" prepared to take this club on.I am not defending him but i believe he is genuine in his determination to do his best for the club.He is also a loyal fan ,seeing him at virtually  every away game (apart from home).Incidently  i have supported this club even longer and have not taken my bat home if we have had a bad game,its all part of being a supporter.
  13. Alan Jones

    Although  a different physique was once told that our ex player Gary Jones  was related to Alan..
  14. Squad 2018/19

    Just wondered if we could have an updated squad list as of who is actually signed up for next season.    thanks
  15. Getting worried

    Apart from whats currently on it.