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  1. FA Trophy

    Wilde and garner spoke to some of us and said the far side by the skircoat was rock hard, the best bit about it is that apparently a ref inspected the pitch at 4 and said it was playable
  2. Connor Oliver

    I know players do have bad games throughout the season, not everyone is going to have man of the match performances every game, if they were they wouldn’t be playing for halifax but this just seems like an ongoing trend with him, I can’t say I’ve seen him play one game where I’ve thought ‘he’s had a good game today’.
  3. Connor Oliver

    How the hell this guy starts every game, I have no idea, he just seems to stroll through games with no impact at all, his dead ball deliveries are absolutely dire, I’d rather have Jamie Oliver playing instead of him. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll support anyone that plays for the club but he’s been here 3 months and I just don’t see what he brings to the team.
  4. Town on BT Sport

    That player who hit the bar from about 25 yards was tommy baker if I remember rightly
  5. Bohan Dixon

    Third signing of the summer from fylde

    I've seen bits of that Thompson and he looks a decent player, only thing is I just can't see him leaving fc united to join us
  7. Today's games

    I know it's early doors but I see fylde are winning against Tamworth and Telford are winning at salford