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  1. No new signings ?.

    in my opinion Lynch is average at best, has problems looking up and his passing is atrocious!  having said that if played he'll have a blinder on Saturday! 
  2. No new signings ?.

    good right back, no problems with the guy, he's no worse or better than any of the squad.  this singling out of certain players to always find fault with is, I think, more of a reflection of the fault finders than the players themselves! 
  3. Tranmere today

    I know it's a different league but seats at the etihad in some places are £46.......let that sink in! 
  4. No new signings ?.

    sorry Steve can't agree with you there regarding players to let go! as far as hibbs is concerned, we'll, he wasn't wanted by bpa so why on earth do you think he's good enough for us? 
  5. Tranmere today

    Sorry, I was merely trying to point out that £18 is not a lot of money in this day and age!  I buy a season ticket, it's the future!  I'm not well off, I work part time. 
  6. Tranmere today

    oh yes! the pompous one doesn't like anyone opposing him! 
  7. Tranmere today

    how the hell is £18 expensive! even on minimum wage it's barely 6% of you weekly wage!  although I suppose if you stack shelves at Tesco...... 
  8. No new signings ?.

    that'll be my Welsh mate effyn pwlloc. 
  9. No new signings ?.

    and is doing a really good job!  the usual know nothing numpties on here always have to have a boo boy and it's Connors turn. 
  10. Tranmere today

    no one forces you to attend! 
  11. Tranmere today

    I thought it was a left winger we were short of! lol
  12. Tranmere today

    tell you what if you think that way about social democracy, as an average working bloke you really have had the wool pulled over your eyes! 
  13. No new signings ?.

    mystic Steve! 
  14. Tranmere today

    bloody new phone and predictive texting!  price=prick brevity=brexit  
  15. Tranmere today

    Bore off you sanctimonious price!  There's only one outcome for the working class from brevity, and the term Turkeys voting for Xmas sums it up perfectly.