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  1. This seasons squad

    a fair assesment i think.  as far as players are concerned, we have a budget, and that means we have to shop at primark! some teams can afford to shop at designer outlets. nothing is equal but thats life. 
  2. Hartlepool

    maybe fans of Frankie goes to Hollywood! 
  3. Hartlepool

    so, some hard work ahead i think. we need a midfield and some one to score goals. in fact id go as far to say we are in the same boat as this time last season. Hmmmm. 
  4. Hartlepool

    ha ha, i remember once working on some estate in Huddersfield must have been 97/8 and these two blokes came down the street, one in a rally jacket, full on flares bubble perm and porn star tash, the other had the same but wearing one of those sort of fur lined plaid jackets, i thought i was having a flashback to 1974.
  5. Do we need a new striker and midfielder(s) ?

    if only beleif won matches! i bet you voted leave in the beleif the country will be fine if we all pull together and think positive! 
  6. Do we need a new striker and midfielder(s) ?

    id say we need a striker and a midfield! 
  7. Maidenhead

    thing is, Clarke has been massive up to now. a bad day at the office, no more no less. we all have em. 
  8. The Horse

    think he may have been. 
  9. The Horse

    think he may have been. 
  10. Reality Check

    keep the faith trev, keep the faith. 
  11. Reality Check

    what a surprise! 
  12. Reality Check

  13. Reality Check

    A fair assessment of where we are. I hope Fullarton has some ideas up his sleeve and is not a plan A, and no plan B type of manager, weve had one recently and even though not disastrous was not exactly inspiring. Mid field is virtually non existent without Tomlinson and i assume Lenighan has now finished his loan period. Southwell, i said when we signed him that i thought it wasnt that great a signing and gave my reasons, ive yet to alter my opinion. on the whole a great start to the season and long may it continue. 
  14. Music

    i actually like the music, it builds and builds in readiness for Norman Collier to int ce e te s fo oda! 
  15. Music

    fanfare for the common man-elp