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  1. Bromley match thread

    No Rodney?
  2. Season 19/20 players

    Who needs a defence when all you do is attack!
  3. Desire

    Shut up, you tart!     Lol!
  4. History

    I have gained access to the Courier photo archives, these are mainly photo negatives from early to late nineties, but there are also hand written match reports amongst other things! Hopefully some interesting stuff!
  5. Online Courier

    'Clothes' mmm!
  6. Denton

    You cant go round 'touching' anything now!
  7. Dover game

  8. Dover game

    Oh you are awful! But i like you!
  9. Dover game

    Sirens in Hebden! Ffs
  10. Ebbsfleet game....

    Funny you should say that!

    OMG.....I'm off to choose flowers now!

    Well, you say that,but.............

    Great idea, i want a seat next to trev!
  14. Shay Pitch

    To be honest trev, i think its just a case of priorities! After all there is no magic money tree! Lol.
  15. Barnet (A)

    No Philip Hammond who definitely cant his figures right.!