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  1. Walk out music

    Into the void: Black Sabbath.
  2. Half Time Entertainment

    I think it depends where you are in the ground, I usually sit in the East Stand and the announcer can be heard perfectly well. Ps I'm not usually pissed.
  3. 75 Years on

    No, but surely you know how government spending works!
  4. 75 Years on

    Cant argue with that, but I think you need to read the labour manifesto before simply dismissing them on the grounds of not liking the leader!
  5. 75 Years on

    Typical economic illiterates question?
  6. 75 Years on

    Sorry, when did I say the armed forces scare me? We already have a European army in all but name anyway,as all nations cooperate with each other. Can you seriously say that what's happening in this country under a Tory government is a good thing?
  7. 75 Years on

    I don't think you could dig yourself a bigger hole of total ignorance if you tried! Maybe you didn't notice but it's this Tory government that has stripped the armed forces to the bone,whereas labour party policy is to increase funding. You really do need to do some homework to avoid looking like a total chump!
  8. 75 Years on

    With you on that mate! The thought of a well funded NHS, utilities bought in house, a well funded education system, police, fire and armed forces puts the fear of God in me!
  9. 75 Years on

    You utter clown!
  10. 75 Years on

    You utter clown!
  11. Fat Sportsmen

    Living the dream!
  12. Kosy

    I think it's the long face, chin beard combo! Never works!
  13. How long have you suffered (Tongue in Cheek)

    Been watching them on and off for 42 years, regularly for the last 10.
  14. Jon Stead

    But if he was happy here!
  15. Jon Stead

    Bloody hell, you must have some time on your hands! Are you retired?