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  1. Dover

    Pretty sure thats how it works!
  2. Dover

    As far as im aware thats correct, any suspensions picked up in fa cup matches are served in fa cup matches, not league matches and vice versa. I think.
  3. Dover

    Dont fall into the trap of underestimating the importance of Dover! It wont end well.
  4. Tonight’s draw

    Madam Organ.
  5. A street near you.

    And they were told it would all be over by christmas! 
  6. John Askey

    Keep us in this league, maybe!
  7. Harvey's

    For no socks alone, and suede mocassins!
  8. Harvey's

    With respect Scot, its not just about losing! team selection, seemingly the inability or reluctance to make changes(subs) are all factors as to why people are disgruntled. Add to that the lack of post match interviews, none of that is helping.  
  9. Harvey's

    I feel your frustration, I, like you thought at the end of last season we had what looked like a good new manager, sadly due to a few circumstances, injuries etc we seem to have a below average manager that dosent seem to know what to do with the players he has.  
  10. Harvey's

    I saw him at Leeds/ Bradford airport! No socks.
  11. Harvey's

    He cant, my ukip supporting freind!
  12. Lenighan leaving Town.

    Once bitten,twice shy!
  13. Lenighan leaving Town.

    They are the same thing.
  14. Goole tonight

    Its ok, he will have assumed he was talking about someone else, not him! As he is called FullArton!
  15. Goole tonight

    Well gerbil sesays a good player!