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  1. Josh Staunton is not good enough at centre half. Pure and simple.
  2. He wasn’t good enough for two promotion chasing L2 sides in Forest Green and Newport - that shouldn’t be a measure of how good you can be for a National League side! I think a tidy ball playing defensive mid is a gap in this side, so really happy with the potential of the signing. Just got got to wait and see!
  3. Signing contracts is a two way thing... Be (very) pleasantly surprised if King signed a new deal at this level
  4. I’m sorry but I can’t agree with that. Hate to say it but JBW is our one weak link. Their first goal came down his side and the only time they created anything in the first half it was due to McGlashen beating him. Myself and everyone around me was both surprised and massively relieved to see him go off.
  5. Thought he was class. Especially playing in the 2 in a 4-2-3-1 in his first start(?) in men’s football. Struggled with the pace of the game and to make an impact second half, but he wasn’t alone!
  6. Gardner? I might be completely wrong here, but didn’t we get a decent sell on for Whitehouse when he went from Nuneaton to Lincoln?
  7. But some might give it a go for a tenner who wouldn’t anyway and may well enjoy what they see and come back when their team are away. Worth a go IMO
  8. Being debt free in theory is irrelevant. IF (and no sign of this being done) there’s a propped up wage bill that income streams can’t support, we’d be goosed regardless of having debt at the time they walked away or not.
  9. You’ve literally just used an example of another club over achieving. Accepting that we’re not the biggest fish in this pond and being grateful we’re doing well isn’t a crime.
  10. I think he got a few minutes away at Bromley as well. Edwards lookalike but a lot more built.
  11. I get that people are still bitter about Town, but wishing people’s livelihood’s go down the pan is pretty low.
  12. Transfer window closed on 8th August for Premier League and Football League clubs.
  13. Matty Brown has come an awful long way from looking unfit and being part of that defensive comedy act at Boreham Wood! Top quality player
  14. Maher loss is massive - hope we find a way of linking defence and attack without him
  15. Haha! I suppose I still hope too. I’m just dreading this forum branding the club, manager, and anyone else a disgrace when/if we don’t achieve promotion. For me it’s an aspiration not an expectation, but accept others have a higher bar.
  16. Nail on the head. I’d love us to challenge, but don’t see it from the (admittedly only Ebbsfleet and Wrexham) games I’ve seen.
  17. Can anyone help me out with how the ignore function works on the new format of the forum?
  18. I’m really failing to see the story here? I mean it’s clearly so juicy that rather than sending a link to the page, it’s a terrible screenshot
  19. He’s immense. So good in fact that apart from Allen, everyone just looks to find King - even if he’s got 3 men on him and there’s a better option
  20. Wrexham the better side, but barely created a proper chance. Criminal defending from Town for their goal - play to the whistle! They’ll be top 7 this season, we’ll be mid table. One of those results and lets bounce back. On a negative note, I’d genuinely consider Ducky at left back and bringing Hanson. I know Ducky’s been immense at right back, but Binnom - Williams’ confidence looked shot and became a liability defensively.
  21. A first 25 mins which should convince any Niall Maher non-believer
  22. Nope. New rule. Play stops when it hits ref
  23. Easy to say we don’t miss him when we’re playing well and winning. It’s also classic revisionism on a player who’s left. Whilst we have good wide players this season, Kosy’s skill set would be really well suited to our current style of play.
  24. You do realise he’s put you on ignore? So you can keep making sarcy comments all you like - but you’re just basically shouting at the sky like a nutter.
  25. Biggest worry for Bury is the gap before next season starts. We were “lucky” when we went bust that it was close season. A year without football is plenty of time to find something else to do.
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