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  1. Edwards

    Ignoring the melodrama... Good luck Jonny at Maidstone! Put the effort in and it didn’t quite work out, still a young player and plenty of time to improve - hope it works out for him
  2. Buzz Effect

    It’s just the same old tosh every time with him. Person who lives in Blackpool had heard more about local clubs Blackpool and Fylde - well knock me down with a feather!  Season tickets announced, kits on sale, posters everywhere, big screen, Halifax gala and regular updates on players past and present. And the season is still 2 months away! I would personally prefer the club to approach making signings in the way that best supports delivering the best football team come August. This forum is the pits in the off season 
  3. Buzz Effect

    So for clarity you’d like us to get an owner like Oyston, have him run us into the ground, so we can get rid of him and get a buzz? bizarre 
  4. 19/20 player rumours

      They aint gonna play in June, so I don’t see why people care if they’re announced in June
  5. One of the favourites to go down

    National League markets are almost always based on where the money’s going. Given low volume of bets, that’s based on fans of each team lumping on and punters having heard of them. I barely ever bet, but that’s why there’s always value to be had in betting against your Wrexham’s, Notts County’s of this world. Every tom, dick and harry has bunged them in an accumulator and made them far shorter than they should be.  
  6. AGM Cup

    Let’s just nominate ourselves to be demoted to the NLN and get it done with then. And still travel to Gloucester anyway...
  7. AGM Cup

    Bizarre inferiority complex
  8. Pre Season

    Nothing. It’s a very old meme based on Sean Bean’s character in Game of Thrones who ‘famously’ says “Brace yourselves, winter is coming”... It’s a bit naff, but the odd poor bit of content is fine given the general increase in engagement on the Town feed.
  9. Jake Taylor

    I like this - think we should start a thread for every player who’s even said the words Halifax Town
  10. I think that may have a lot to do with the other club in Salford playing on Sundays a lot of next season..
  11. 19/20 player rumours

    I would like Town to cast the net wider than ex-loan players, players we’ve seen once and someone from Halifax playing in a League 2 play off final.
  12. Bolton

    Money man paid up the wages for this season before leaving. Next season they’ll drastically reduce. Hartlepool have both parachute payments and bigger gates: more money. (Although these run out this year, yesterday’s perm signing of Kabambe suggests the money hasn’t run out) Solihull have far more money, Storer and Wright turned down new contracts for Cheltenham to join for $
  13. Johnson !!!!!

    6th in the list according to the article on the site
  14. Released List

    Clearly a player in there, but given his injury record I don’t think the club had a choice.
  15. Brighouse

    Hedge was rated by Town fans as outstanding Eastwood rated as terrible Careers would suggest otherwise...
  16. Matty Brown

    Really nice for him to have a real good run without injury as well!
  17. Bye Bye Kosy

    I’m not sure you can accuse Kosy of not trying... If anything is probably is he cares too much and loses his temper because of it. His petulance is irritating granted. I imagine if you could get your hands on the metres run stats, Kosy would probably be top of it.
  18. Today’s game Hartlepool

    I don’t understand people saying a lack of pace at the back hasn’t caught us out this season. Our full backs sit back and narrow to protect against it. Added to that we often get dominated in midfield because we have such a deep defensive line... to protect us against pace in behind. If we want to play soak up pressure and counter attacking football, that’s fine. If we want to be more expansive and be a bit more possession based then that will catch us out.
  19. Disappointing

    No. That’s not what I’ve said. It’s jut fairly obvious that for every over achiever there has to be an under achiever. For every Sheffield United, there is a Reading or a Birmingham. If every club could just do it at the drop of a hat it wouldn’t be an achievement. We should have done better this season, no question and there’s an argument for letting Fullarton go. But you can’t just start again with a brand new manager and group of players everytime a club with a lower mid table budget doesn’t make the play offs
  20. Today’s game Hartlepool

    Completely agree with you regarding Sam. Have to disagree on the centre halves though. Our full backs sit back to protect against a lack of pace and the fear of being caught impacts how we play. Don’t think the comment on Staunton being relegated is fair. 
  21. Today’s game Hartlepool

    I’m probably going to get pelters for this, but... I’d like to see Staunton alongside Brown at centre half next season. We have defended excellently this season, in no small part due to a set up and a way of playing which has protected that centre half pairing. Don’t get me wrong they’ve also been very good as well. It’s shown that when we’ve tried to a bit more expansive, and remove some of the protection that we’ve conceded goals. Clarke absolutely deserves another contract (money dependent) but he’ll be 36 next season and Staunton didn’t captain England C as a centre half for nothing..
  22. Disappointing

    I think it’s fair to say we’d have to significantly over achieve our finances to make the play offs. Not saying it’s impossible and we should absolutely have that mission in mind. But, it also doesn’t mean every manager who doesn’t make the play offs is a failure. It’s been a disappointing season, but enough seen to give Fullarton another IMO.
  23. Today’s game Hartlepool

    We miss Duckworth and Maher for sure. I also think we’ve missed Ferry’s energy. Berrett is decent, but not as mobile.
  24. Today’s game Hartlepool

    It created our goal and we looked our most threatening when we did pass the ball. Hammering it long worked against a Orient back 4 (that usually play 3 at the back) that were injury ravaged. I’m not advocating tiki taka, but passing the ball is fine. 
  25. Today’s game Hartlepool

    Haha fair. My main irritation is that we’re safe and we were trying to play decent football. They even hammered the 17 yr old kid that came on making his debut.