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  1. Dover match thread

    Sam Allardyce at West Ham is the only one I can think of. Same delusions of grandeur, same unrealistic expectations.
  2. Dover match thread

    I also seem to remember he was a great fan of Kelly and his "brand of football" 
  3. Chester FC - our next opponents

    I'm yet to be convinced as to what Tomlinson has offered to be picked? Other than not being called Denton.
  4. Chester FC - our next opponents

    So confident that you won't even bet Pliny a tenner? Bottlejob.
  5. Are we All Of To Chester?

    The point is that there are poor people in EVERY age demographic.  Classic tactic of claiming they're made up facts by politicians because you don't agree with them. Post truth is a ridiculous world.
  6. Are we All Of To Chester?

    So older people, with more money on average than working age people, should pay less because of respect...? And this respect has been "earned" by having been alive longer... The sense of entitlement is just baffling.
  7. Are we All Of To Chester?

    Please tell me why OAP's deserve a discount?
  8. Chester FC - our next opponents

    If we get relegated, do you piss off again?
  9. Barrow Match Thread

    If Denton's complaining then christ it must be wrong. He's got such a level temprament given he spends most games being elbowed and kicked and still penalised for the privilege.
  10. Post match messageboard

    Unless you're Barcelona then you're always going to get a footballer because no one else really wants them as much as you.
  11. Time to sort this mess out, get your brains out

    I don't think Adam would appreciate you talking about him and his piece like that.
  12. Barrow Match Thread

    The irony in this is painful.
  13. Barrow Match Thread

    It's all irrelevant, boo boys will be out regardless. The pathetic moanings from some are getting embarassing.
  14. BFG

    I think you probably should have ended with your first sentence. It answers your question.
  15. Aldershot thread

    Only just watched the highlights - what on earth is Johnson doing for their first? I know Duckworth makes the initial mistake, but that's woeful from Sam - he's a better keeper than that.