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  1. Now or never

    A revolutionary concept
  2. OAPs and Season Tickets OAP discounts are a long standing thing in society but they make next to no economic sense anymore.  
  3. 10th May 2006 That Night in Grays

    Hoping for something similar in 12 months time! Some unbelievable quality in that Grays side as well with Kightly and McLean. 
  4. Retained List

    In MFTs defence we ran him into the ground. He played almost every minute of that 4 games in 8 days. He must have been exhausted. Clearly a player in there and I think he’s a good signing as long as he’s not our only option, as he was in the last 10 games here.
  5. Retained List

    Maher’s name conspicuous in its absence from the list... He’s not going to Nuneaton us is he?
  6. Shameful

    Keep avoiding the points if that makes you feel warm inside. I look forward to seeing you back on the forum baying and salivating at the next mistake from the club. Until then.
  7. Josh Wilde

    Really surprised at this one. Echo many others in that I’d have kept him. I’ll partially reserve judgement until we sign a replacement, but I don’t see many out there in our price bracket better.
  8. Shameful

      Christ you’re an absolute belter.  It was wrong, hence the criticism and my first sentence which it was wrong. But it is also wrong to jump on this event and turn it into a dresser for all your built up bitterness.  Must be so boring living in a world where your narrative is set and you twist any fact to suit it.  
  9. Shameful

    lt’s really not good that it took this long. However, the use of such a sad event by a couple of posters (not all that expressed disappointment) to almost gleefully rabble rouse is just plain disgraceful.
  10. Maidstone away

    One thing I will say on this is that Maher is absolute quality.  As good a ‘ball playing’ centre half as you will see at this level
  11. Maidstone away

    The way he acted, 100%. Was in tears and waved as he walked off.
  12. Maidstone away

    Rubbish game up until the last 15 when we should have had a couple and they should have had 3 or 4! Gutted that’s the last time we’ll see Macca in a town shirt and he was properly emotional at the end too.
  13. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    I really like Kossy, but to compare him with Gardner is beyond hilarious. Gardner was at least 10x the player Kossy is
  14. Today’s non league paper

    Aye, was anonymous and hooked at half time
  15. Tranmere thread

    He did have a decent game when he switched to left back. The only issue is we have 2 better left backs at the club