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  1. Final posting

    Well this is certainly not what I expected when I opened the forum this evening
  2. Eastleigh thread

    I can’t help but feel you’ve completely missed my point here.
  3. Eastleigh thread

    Stuff like this makes me laugh. Grown men giving sheer abuse and screaming for him to be out of a job = fine. Man responds to said criticism by blowing a kiss = bell end The mind boggles.
  4. Heath Must Go

    He didn’t make a negative change. He took off a player playing on the right side of midfield and brought on another on the right side of midfield. Clarke, despite not being a player I rate, did ok and assisted the Denton goal. Hope that helps.
  5. Sutton v Town game thread

    Not at all neither do I. One of those things and only meant to be tongue in cheek.
  6. Sutton v Town game thread

    Through force of habit Brown attempts a route 1 penalty.
  7. Sutton v Town game thread

    Free header from a free kick. Abysmal.
  8. Sutton v Town game thread

    They are not very good, unfortunately we’re dreadful. Pointless setting up to be solid if you’re gonna be as woeful at the back as we are. Oliver’s made a massive difference, he’s our only player to actually complete a pass. Players like Batty wasted in this side.  
  9. Bottom Line

    And/or how the league was of an infinitely higher quality in our playoff season. It really is dross this year
  10. New Signing

    More confident of an unknown at senior level than a kid who played 30 games for a team promoted from League 2.. interesting..
  11. Lynch to Southport

    Hotte has been quality this season.
  12. Tranmere game thread

    A big shout out to all our top casuals as well. Nice to see they didn’t even bother appearing for the second half. But I’m sure they got a nice group photo for instagram
  13. David lynch

    The issue is that players ran past him at will when he over committed time and again. Then when we got the ball he inevitably passed it to a player in a white shirt. I love his effort and really want to rate him, but he just isn’t up to it.
  14. Dan Batty

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a post of yours that makes any sense.
  15. Tranmere game thread

    Spot on summary IMO