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  1. Leicester City

    Coleman would be a massive gamble. Absolute fraud at every club he’s managed.
  2. Boreham wood

    The memory of Brown and Hamza waddling round is a painful one. I’m also not devastated to be missing it
  3. No go area

    Thanks Steve. Great input as ever.
  4. Fleet thread

    Hahahaha oh the irony. Bless.
  5. Fleet thread

    No I don't, but to any sane person it was clearly a better option than Tomlinson!  Why don't you advocate putting Nicholson in there next?
  6. Fleet thread

    Really? And where would you have played Tomlinson? Central midfield? Or would you have had Lynch, 2 wingers and 3 strikers?! The only other option would have been to bring Macca on at Centre half and put Hotte back in midfield. But I wouldn't have fancied Macca against Kedwell in the air.
  7. Gary Mills

    Given your record with predictions and knowledge of football... Especially when it comes to what Tom Denton can and can't do.
  8. Gary Mills

    Would be suicidal from York. A Gary Mills side would not be what Heath wants, especially mid season.
  9. Fleet thread

    Yeah they both looked poor at the time. I suppose everyone has a bad game every now and then. A couple of decent saves despite that though.
  10. Fleet thread

    We did try and attack, but Lynch and Clarke both look utterly baffled as to what to do with a football. They marshalled Kosylo well and kept Morgan incredibly quiet. On to the next one.
  11. Fleet thread

    If he wasn't injured then it's a ludicrous decision. Comfortably our best player until that point.
  12. Fleet thread

    Poor header from Hotte, Wilde turned inside out and Johnson beaten at the near post again...
  13. Fleet thread

    Awful. Mistake in the middle of the park leaving their lad 1 on 1 with Moyo. From where I'm stood Sam shouldn't be beaten at his near post from there.
  14. Fleet thread

    Went down injured, played on with some discomfort and then Heath brought him off. Our midfield is certainly not lacking in effort, quality however...
  15. resignations

    It's pretty obvious that most of the costs are fixed regardless of the number of teams playing there. Straight forward common sense dictates that the council would look to increase the rent for the 1 club left at the next rent review. They can't run the Shay at a loss. and if they can't cover their costs, then they sure as hell won't want to keep hold of it.