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  1. Job

    Could not agree more, we need to really back the new man in and the players.
  2. Videos and picture from training on twitter

    Got a mate who’s a Bury fan who adores Skarz. From what I saw, the effort and ability was there but unfortunately the legs had gone.
  3. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    Is there a club this side of 2000 who’ve made a player manager work? Genuinely think the game’s moved on since then.
  4. Salford game

    Why bother spending money? Just play it behind closed doors
  5. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    Pre season is about learning a team structure, a way of playing and everyone knowing their roles in that structure. New manager means new structure and I think it will take time. Of course I’d be thrilled to be wrong, but I can just see chorus of boos and “manager out” when we’re struggling after 3 or 4 games.
  6. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    I just hope whoever it is that the fans give him time. Even if it’s Clarke, will have had next to no pre season. Games coming thick and fast in August means that even as a full time side, it’ll be difficult to get their way of playing across.  Hoping the new man is watching from the stands and Saturday and ready to hit the ground running come Monday. Surely we’re gonna have to get some more behind closed doors friendlies in?
  7. Available managers

    I wonder how many of those are spoof/joke applications..
  8. Available managers

    Once (if) we’ve got Wyatt and Nolan, I think we’re only in urgent need of a striker. The rest can be supplemented by the loan market IMO
  9. Available managers

    Last seen in English football being sacked for doing a terrible job at Swindon
  10. Available managers

    Ronnie Moore just makes me nervous. It just screams lots of journeymen on big contracts and him walking away when he gets bored. Maybe I’m wrong - who knows!
  11. Fullarton Gone!!

    I meant to a prospective manager we look a basket case Where’s the sell for a club that is 2 weeks from the start of the season, doesn’t have enough players and previous bloke has gone in (as yet) unknown circumstances?
  12. Fullarton Gone!!

    Oh I don’t disagree - I was more just saying it is unlikely to entice the names like Hill being bandied about.
  13. Fullarton Gone!!

    I think it’ll be more to do with the fact that who on earth is going to risk themselves with us? We look a complete basket case
  14. Available managers

    What manager is going to risk on us right now? Very much beggars rather than choosers.
  15. Fullarton Gone!!

    The finances aren’t a surprise to him. I’ll hold until we know more, but his talent was the limiting factor, not the money available to him.