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  1. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Whilst I would tend to agree with that, last 20 mins at Woking shows it can work.  
  2. Woking Thread

    No, not questioning it at all! My point was: do you take it that Tuton’s injured because MacDonald also travelled, or that Tuton was left out of the squad? No issue from me either way  
  3. Woking Thread

    Pretty Tuton and MacDonald were sat on the bench in tracksuits - not sure what you’d take from that. Could be wrong mind.
  4. Woking Thread

    There are some nuclear grade weapons on here. Shouting about how they’re so right, at the mirror, in their Mum’s spare room.
  5. Woking Thread

    Get in. Massive performance. There was a period of time after they equalised when they had 3 or so consecutive corners and I thought we’d buckle. We didn’t and then went on to score two good goals and see the game out comfortably. Of the new lads: Maher - looked calm, composed and assured. Didn’t put a foot wrong. Hanley - looked sharp, quick and good with the ball at feet. Slotted in nicely on the left hand side of midfield. Thomson - looked very lightweight when he came on and was shrugged off the ball a couple of times. Grew in confidence and a great header. Mike and Tomlinson’s work rate was second to none and Duckworth impresses me every time I see him. Kosylo with bright runs, excellent flicks and two goals - outstanding.      
  6. Woking Thread

    Right now we are, massive test
  7. Woking Thread

    Can see what Fullarton’s trying to do and we look ok. Woking have had the better chances but you’ve got to ride your luck away from home. Johnson as a player summed up in 5 minutes, two or three quality saves interspersed by looking really shaky from corners/free kicks. He’s a big lad and if he works on that then we all know he’s got the ability to be a top keeper. I’m not sure Hotte’s got the quality on the ball to play this way mind.   
  8. Woking Thread

    Not that it means ought but look far more professional in the warm up today
  9. Everton

    Can’t see it happening. Steve Walsh has been an absolute car crash when it comes to recruitment and he’d Vardy’s biggest advocate.
  10. Worrying comments from Bosomworth

    Whilst from our perspective that’s solid and a fair suggestion, why would the council sell the income and keep the cost? Especially when every local authority is being squeezed for income, with ageing population related cost increases?
  11. Eastleigh match thread

    Oh come on. He is quite clearly giving his all every time he puts on the shirt. His physical ability isn’t up there with Tomlinson, granted, but the effort is always there. Oh, and he scores goals. Genuine question, Gregory, Grant and Shaw aside, has anyone scored more goals in a season at this level since Horsfield? He doesn’t even take penalties! *edit: for us, obviously.
  12. Eastleigh match thread

    It’s almost like, shock horror, people manipulate statistics to push their pre determined agenda. I could understand, whilst not nevessarily agree with, the Heath hate. The hatred for Denton is just baffling to me. Top scorer, always works his nuts off and no obvious alternative. Biggest scapegoat since John Grant.
  13. Worrying comments from Bosomworth

    Which would be irrelevant if we ever got to the FL, with EPPP meaning the best clubs hoover all the youngsters for nothing
  14. Eastleigh match thread

    An attacking line that worked hard,  but offered absolutely nothing (Kossy aside) Mike coming on at least gave us a focal point.
  15. Eastleigh match thread

    If Tuton could stop throwing his arms about and perhaps even break in to a jog every now and then, that would be great