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  1. Fixtures Out Today

    Chesterfield at home? Apparently we play them away twice, both games at 3pm on Saturday 9th February? Have I missed something?
  2. Yorkshire vs Colombia Love the Jamie Vardy stand.  
  3. England v Belgium

    Google it.
  4. Welcome back shaun

    Apologies bolt45.
  5. Welcome back shaun

    10000+ vs Dog Botherers in 79/80 season.
  6. What could have been.
  7. Club shop

    Tesco. King Cross.  
  8. Maidenhead

    Only 190 miles apart.
  9. Go to work you workshy melt

    1. Twisted Wheel

      What you talking about Willis? Spare seat in the car if you fancy tomorrow.

    2. bagley2004

      Can't make it pal sat on beach 24 degrees Lanzarote (snow this morning I believe   "Harsh")

    3. Twisted Wheel

      Ouch...aye, be bad up Bradshaw...err, Illingworth. Enjoy your holiday Mr Hargreaves.


  10. Mark & Yvonne booked on mate, plus 2 kids. George also coming with us.

  11. Is there room for 2?

  12. Do you have room for two on the coach?

    1. Twisted Wheel

      Yes mate. Looking to block book tickets as well. circa £20 per seat on the coach.

    2. Tony Flower

      Booked on AFC coach but thanks.