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  1. Walk out music

    Bring on The Dancing Horses by Echo & The Bunnymen. Went down a treat on the way back from Brackley.
  2. Challenge cup

    Bit? Like pretty much everything?
  3. Baz Rathbone's autobiography

    How much is a signed copy worth?
  4. Baz Rathbone's autobiography

    I have a signed copy of the "manager alone" photograph. Top bloke and whilst they were **** times, the memories are still good ones.
  5. One adult ST and one sulky bastard teenager ST purchased.
  6. 13/02/1999 Halifax Town vs Southend United

    Also a regular at Asda.
  7. Salford Highlights (DJ Funky)

    Commentary by Dave Crossley I believe.
  8. Barnet Postponed

    Far too young to be a grandad so thank **** for that.
  9. 18th Jan 1969 - Bradford City vs Halifax Town

    Think I saw Erik in that video.
  10. Online depression

    The only thing propping up these **** is another bunch of **** from NI who are anti-abortion, climate change deniers and who don't believe in LGBT rights. Held to ransom by 10 religious zealots.
  11. Crowd scenes 70s - 90s

    Looks like an actor from Emmerdale.
  12. Aspin getting the sack?

    Thoughts from a Vale supporting mate of mine, on Aspin: "Hopefully he walks. Clueless and negative tactics. 5 at the back 4 central midfielders and a big lad up front with no wingers... horrendous to watch, and the results have shown! Now he can’t deal with fans wanting him out, grow some balls and fight for your job man!! Next fews days I hope!!"  
  13. 2 For £30

    Boey has.
  14. 2 For £30

    Shoreditch of the north cock.
  15. Next manger ??

    He'd **** off to Bavaria after the first loss.