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  1. gone full time

    It would not be Halifax if we did not suffer so keep taking the pills I guess.
  2. Tranmere today

    Reverend Pliny All Saints Gibbet St Sunday 11am.
  3. More good to news.....

    Christmas comes early for Martin and great news.
  4. No new signings ?.

    Talking of numties getting fed up of the vapour addicts in the South Stand who continue to blow that mouldy old trifle smell for 90 mins.You need help or get a dummy and stop being so selfish,wait for HT like the smokers have to or begger off to Saville park.
  5. Dominic Marie.....

    Sorry and i'll try to keep my humour in check in future.
  6. Dominic Marie.....

    Err wait a minute young man,was involved in bringing Jake and Dion to the club and look what's happened.
  7. Dominic Marie.....

    Still players available so its time our scouts got out there.
  8. Dominic Marie.....

    Thought we had signed him .
  9. On this day 9th October

    Just been watching this game and baker show knows how to take a penalty ,this was a feisty game where Harrogate had two sent off,anybody interested got the match ball signed by the team and 24 min's highlights,anybody interested pm me.
  10. Boreham Wood Thread

    Said it last week Norwood always scores against us.
  11. Tranmere today

    Word on the street is DC is going back to Afc Fylde.
  12. Tranmere today

    For the first time ever I left 20 mins from time because I was worried that I was falling asleep and might fall and injure myself.
  13. Tranmere today

    Not sure but I think I was mugged between 3 00pm and 4 50 at the ground this afternoon.
  14. Civic Pride

    I often wandered who that was at the acca on Saturday night but the girls loved ya.
  15. Civic Pride

    Be a nice present for the stocking Eric.