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  1. 22/04/2019 Player of The Year Awards

    Was a great event along with the town hall celebrations but still waiting to be paid but was told the cheque is in the post and check with the post office, the joy of working for our club.
  2. 22/04/2019 Player of The Year Awards

    Agree with Shaymus because its been going down hill since 2013,then we had players who would come out onto the pitch for photos with the fans, James Dean,Danny Holland,Simon Garner,Tom Baker,Scott Mcmanus,Mark Bower,but the club don't seem to bother about memories of events so you can understand players not bothering.
  3. Feb 1963 when we played Spurs but don't remember what my dad put in the Bovril but it made me hooked on the Shaymen so that makes 66 fun packed years and still in the South Stand.
  4. Lee Gregory

    Was not putting them in categories as players when its obvious what Lee did for the club,its that both players gave their TIME to come and talk to the fans without what some players have ie Egos, stamped on the forehead.Hope you now understand this Andrich.
  5. Lee Gregory

    Lee and Danny Lowe were good for our club and did a very entertaining gig for the fans on a supporters night.Did two dvds of all his goals and he and the family were so grateful so good luck at your next club and thanks for all those great goals,Top Man.
  6. Johnson !!!!!

    Amen to that.
  7. Johnson !!!!!

    Wow that's what I call great news and its only May,never worry with big Sam in goal and well done the club.
  8. Playoffs

    The man and his dog team march on to Wembley.
  9. Excuses started already

    Last season JF said he had contacts for many players who he had been watching so this season with only him doing the scouting seems like we have not much chance of getting another Vardy.Lots of 500 ml trips round the country for what.One thing for sure if we have a bad start to the season he can always blame the old chestnut poor budget. Getting exited already.
  10. Excuses started already

    Even when I'm happy Fullerton and Bosomworth can depress you.
  11. Music at The Shay

    That's true so as I said not much point discussing it.
  12. Music at The Shay

    Remember when the club asked us to send 5 tunes well I sent my 5 and they have not played one so they can keep playing the funeral song for all I care. How dare you call me a dinosaur forever a shayman, The club will play what they want in the end no matter what we want.
  13. Fylde Away

    News from the coast ,three serious buyers for Blackpool,Andy Pilley of Fleetwood,Segantii of Hong Kong, and wait for this need a drum rollĀ  OWEN OYSTON struth.
  14. Fylde Arrangements

    Not sure what it will be like this Saturday but the M61 entering M6 as seen hold ups as far back as Chorley, also gets busy on the M6 inside lane when the M55 comes up but if you get on the second lane it turns into two lanes so can skip getting stuck in the first lane to the M55.