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  1. Game off

    But at least will know who we play on the way to Wembley Part 2.
  2. Macclesfield match.

    All gone very quiet and nobody knows whats going on.
  3. Macclesfield match.

    We all love the Oyston's Scouse.
  4. Macclesfield match.

    After watching a woman get rescued yesterday who walked out into the sea trying to say goodbye to the world I think ill give it a miss,the RNLI did a fantastic job and managed to get to her just in time.
  5. Macclesfield match.

    Very good but just going for some ice cream and a walk on the beach.
  6. Macclesfield match.

    What's  wrong with the pitch? the sun is out,the donkeys are out,clear blue sky,pensioners in shorts and flip flops so what's up.
  7. Time to bite the bullet

    Well the music as lifted the team this year Chrisbo ha ha and anyway Angus agrees with me.
  8. Dartford 1-2 Town 14th Dec 2013

    My goldfish helped me to get through a bad divorce.
  9. Time to bite the bullet

    Its Christmas chrisbo and as Roy said we need Mariah so we can have a knees up in the East Stand.
  10. Time to bite the bullet

    Mr B just been on the phone asking me for some good tunes for when the team comes out on Saturday,looks like he might be thinking of dropping the funeral dirge.
  11. Time to bite the bullet

    Nothing wrong with 91 year contacts and shows the club is committed.
  12. Shaymen TV

    Every little helps,sorry Chadders joke.
  13. Dartford 1-2 Town 14th Dec 2013

    Those were the days with DDDennis in goal and  Burns does not look too happy with him.
  14. Shaymen TV

    Dam just paid 30 pound for my turkey and found half of it missing but they still charged me the full amount.
  15. A League of their Own

    Really shocked at that WB,always thought Chadders could not have been that funny and somebody else was pulling the strings.