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  1. Hello Les,

    Just thought I'd keep you up to date with what's been happening, just in case you thought I'd become something of a turncoat, what with me writing in the programme and all that.

    I think things are changing at long last, with DB meeting different supporters' groups and listening to their views. I was asked to contact Louisa Green, the Communications Officer, three weeks ago, and after several conversations and a meeting with her, she wanted me on board to help link the old club with the new. It had to start somewhere, DB is happy for her just to get on with it, and my historical articles should be a regular feature in the programme (the title of Meynell's Memories was her idea, and I didn't know what she'd called it until I got a copy!) I wasn't bothered about seeing my own name in print but thought it might be helpful, because many people are aware of my feelings towards the club and I thought it might help bring down the barriers.

    Louisa had never heard of Mick Kennedy, and it's fair to say but for my initial conversation with her, my tribute to Mick, and to Eric Harrison, wouldn't have appeared in the Aldershot programme several weeks ago. Alex Smith was a guest of the Supporters' Club for the Ebbsfleet match and DB came over to speak with him. I was on Alex's table and he told some great stories. Barry Holmes came down later, at my invitation.

    There's a few things I'd like to celebrate in the next couple of months and Louisa and the Supporters' Club will be key to that. I can't see DB standing in the way. One is the 40th anniversary of the Manchester City win next January; the other is the 100 years of football at The Shay in 2021. Kit Walton has ideas for that and I'm in contact with an artist who's keen to produce a permanent souvenir. 

    Things are definitely changing and improving, but I won't be entirely happy until I've heard it directly from DB's mouth that he'd like to acknowledge that there was life before 2008. Talking of which, it's FIFTY years since Halifax Town achieved their first promotion and I'll be featuring that in the last match programme.

    I'll keep you posted.  

    Johnny (Shaymus O'Really)


    1. dj funky

      Hi Johnny,sorry its took so long to get back to you but its not been good for the last month,ie ct scan, chest xray, camara down throat, camera up nose,lung dept all at the hospital and then to cap it all ten days ago reached for a can of paint in the garage and done my back in and on my fourth visit to the osteopath tomorrow because still in a lot of pain.The doc thought it was passive smoking with all the discos or heading that leather ball in shelf hall park but both these have been ruled out thank goodness.So glad the club have got Louisa who is like a breath of fresh air but when it comes to bosomworth I will never have anything to do with him after what he said to me at the awards night and yes I did speak to him two years ago but he blanked me so he wont get another chance. good luck with the venture and it will be great that we did exits before 2008. Not been on the forum now for 4 wks so looks like ill be joining the insured lads out for the wishes les.

  2. Today’s game: Havant

    Liked your last post 2,000 so you are now a VIP in the executive suite on match days, the Prawn Sarnies await you.
  3. Today’s game: Havant

    Good report from our new Physio.
  4. Today’s game: Havant

    BTM was last seen at Manchester Airport on his way to Hotel Lanzo.

    Brighouse won yesterday and are now second with the new manager,good piece in NLP about him and noticed the crowd going up 283,how about voting with our feet in 2 weeks and bob down to Brighouse and leave Mr Waffle and his merry chums to bore themselves.
  6. Today’s game: Havant

    Footballers get injured and players get ill but not for four weeks,so could we see a doctors note because some body is telling porky's.
  7. Super Geoff

    My kind of player who was the joker and always played with a smile on his face,think it was at Curzon in the last minute when somebody took him out with a bad tackle and he just got up smiled at him and said why did you do that then at Lancaster the big punch up Danny waded in smiling and the thugs did not know what to do, then at Harrogate the guy who been doing some dodgy tackles on him hurt his ankle, who helped him off the field Danny , who was always having photos with the fans after the Glue promotions yes it was Danny but the club don't want people like him and Heli and Shaymus who make us feel we are part of the club so now we are stuck with Mr Waffle and his merry men, happy days.
  8. Today’s game: Havant

    Another stupid decision to go and see Mr Waffle and his brand of management, the place where we used to go and enjoy is football is now like going to your local graveyard so how about another poll because we could give him another 3 games yarn or lets face it he is a young manager on a learning curve yarn or what about giving him another season yarn that would be goodbye HALIFAX TOWN.
  9. D B

    Thanks ok but been a scary two weeks and now got to make a decision to go and be bored with Mr Waffle for 90 mins and his top coaching brand of football or go to the zoo.
  10. D B

    Behind the painted smile comes to mind.
  11. 21st Feb 2019 - 1 year under JF

    Err not with you on that one, how can anybody be calling for some one to be sacked when he as not come,
  12. Keep the faith or ditch the disaster?

    Gobsmacked at the latest poll,not been on for the last two weeks for health reasons and hospital apts, it seems that from a last minute goal and some waffle from our manager its good old Jamie. It seems that not only has Mr B as not got any bottle neither as some of our fans but hey lets give him that old chestnut another two games till Wrexham oops only another one.Always respected Blackpool fans how they and the manager Terry Mac have stuck together in bad times to get rid of Oyston and think I will bob along Saturday instead of watching the usual tripe at our club. Our fans remind me of that old dance called the Hokey Cokey, you put Fullarton in Fullarton out in out in out and for the record my views have not changed on him since last October but seems some of our fans have forgot how some players get in week after week while others have been bench fodder.Really do hope we get the three points Saturday before the Jamie new Jamie fan club come on with the usual excuses  I believe that we have some good players but its the managers coaching where the fault lies but good of him to come out of hiding Tuesday ah yes silly me forgot we won.
  13. Eric Harrison

    Agree with that one Steve RIP.
  14. Wanted

    Still nothing on local news, street parties tonight and even the tower was lit up last night.
  15. Wanted

    Nothing on stupid BBC but good news for them but Fleetwood and Afc Fylde will be worried but thanks for that although it took 15 months.