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  1. Town 5-1 Morecambe

    Sorry playing tricks,think that was the one that hit the bar and Kevin Hulme headed in.
  2. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    Spot on thread apart from saying we are all failed footballers which is an insult to myself who was already to sign for Huddersfield but the scout saw Frank Worthington and the chance was gone and that's why I'm one of the top pundits on this forum.
  3. Town 5-1 Morecambe

    Must have been a jinx on that game regarding the video,did some filming from the skircoat which was dodgy because  every time we were about to score   certain people had a bad habit of picking me up and ending up with views of the rusting skircoat roof bud did get Killers goal.
  4. Summer Recruitment

    Johnny Cash?.
  5. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    The fans who travel hundreds of miles watching our club seem to be always being told we are not fit to comment on the matches we can't attend, I think our club are very lucky with the fans who have moved away and still take great interest in the club,players,and the managers and long may it continue.
  6. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    After Karma Hospital good to see the two Steve's kiss and make up.
  7. Summer Recruitment

    Who is the man in black celebrating or was he just trying to keep warm?
  8. Adam Morgan

    Billy's fan club can not stand much more of this because we were right so be a good chap and as Afc said Let it go,From frozen by the way.
  9. Adam Morgan

  10. Adam Morgan

    Let it go man err think you have been watching too much Lethal Weapon or think you could be a closet frozen fan let it go ,let it go, let it go,would not have thought Mr B would be watching these on your many visits to his penthouse.
  11. Where has Flea gone?

    These new lads have no staying power and when you have seen so many managers come and go over the last 62 years you accept that we will never become world beaters,Billy who?

    As Queen would say another one bites the dust,. any way 3 pts and who needs happy pills when we have a new manager who we love and trust

    For selfish reasons hope its on so my birthday bash can proceed with 120 guests wont have to be told its off.

    Ice forming by the hour?

    Well on or off,should know now .