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  1. 22nd June 2016

    Oh happy days.
  2. Connor Thomson

    A bit of rain Lanzo and off you go to the sun.
  3. Connor Thomson

    Agree with Icke because a good reserve league would be able to bed in a few youngsters and would also be able to get players match fit who have been out injured and just wonder why all the clubs decided to pack them in,ah the cost I reckon but wonder how much it would cost and who knows might turn out another Vardy.
  4. Vitriolic Comments

    Yes but its forgotten now but it wont affect my life because people who say things like that have no lives so they deserve to be pitied.
  5. Josh MacDonald

    Stop talking like a manager Erik,sounded a bit like Aspin.
  6. Vitriolic Comments

    Takes a big man to apologise Benfcht on this forum so well done so now I might get an apology fromĀ  a certain person who called me senile.
  7. Josh MacDonald

    Very committed to the club and would be nice if comes back from this injury and stays with us.
  8. Vitriolic Comments

    Thought it was weird when he said there's room on his bike for two.
  9. Good Luck England

    Sterling dropped never but spot on ratings Mr J.
  10. Michael Collins

    The new secretary could end up playing at this rate.
  11. Good Luck England

    From the Theatre of Dreams that's us to the World Cup,take a bow Mr Vardy.
  12. Michael Collins

    If anybody else departs you might end up playing.
  13. Michael Collins

    Just hope the Stewards will be able to control what could be a big crowd after Shaytrev's gig on Beacon Hill.
  14. Help required

    Not sure but was last seen diving out of a window in the early hours.
  15. Pre season

    Just to remind some of our young fans coffin dodgers kept this club going in some very hard times but hey your turn will come but doubt if you will give it 63 years of your life.