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  1. Available managers

    I did Chris Hollands leaving do at a venue which I believe was Jim Browns near the street where town had a shop. lots of speeches that night so not sure but something nasty was going on,got the dvd somewhere but not sure if the sound as gone.One for the history of our club museum,ha ha.
  2. Rubbish Thread - Are There Any normal

    That's why it went on after midnight due to the content which could upset people.
  3. Rubbish Thread - Are There Any normal

    Like the idea of a bun fight between Bubba and Archie,HT ?.

    Would be nice when the dust as settled if DB would tell us what as gone on and then we can all move on and get behind the players and manager and get back to talking about Football instead of IKE furniture, and please we need scouts and backing for our young players who JF never had time for which must have made these lads think what's the point of even playing for us when nobody cares.Remember the Jack Hamer youth side Allinson,Martin etc so it does work.
  5. Still interviewing today

    Funny place IKE like a maze or a one way street but not good when you get to checkout.
  6. Still interviewing today

    A bed that gives way with ?????? is a happy bed..
  7. Still interviewing today

    Looks like Clarke being the favourite with our fans on the forum and our knowledge of football.
  8. Still interviewing today

    More news came out this week than in the last year which is sad really because it leaves the clubs spokesmen on the forum redundant
  9. Director Resignation

    Went in as JGN, tonight Matthew Gonna be SHAY.
  10. Director Resignation

    Good questions from WB,always looked to have enough energy and did a good job on the commentaries on ourMOTD.
  11. The time 'The Hat' unleashed a thunderbastard

    Was that the game where former members of BPA were introduced at the beginning of the game including Bobby Ham.
  12. Director Resignation

    As Frank would say I do it my way,end of.
  13. Aspin

    Another one stabbed in the back banished to the black hole for life.
  14. Aspin

    And Helli.
  15. Scot

    One less BOD this morning.