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  1. Selby Town

    Ha Ha nearly choked having my muesli but JGN going to give you a chance to make some money Halifax to win 4 0 100/1 or 100/30 just the win Bet 365 still having a laugh.
  2. Selby Town

    Just hope we can hang on.
  3. Quigley

    Think the fans would be upset after backing him that he would leave.
  4. Lee Gregory

    Shame on you Lanzo,reckon that's another telling off from Mr Lumb anyway Mrs Funky not received anything yet.
  5. Josh Macdonald in physio

    Don't knock Ludden who never let his injury stop him from going to his favourite nightclubs in Preston. Please would love to found out what happened to Ross Clegg after that bad injury playing Lancaster and was never seen again.
  6. Lee Gregory

    What about us?.
  7. Selby Town

    Top secret till kick off because don't want to let vital details out to the other side.
  8. Lee Gregory

    That's what I said or as Elvis would say Its Now Or Never.
  9. Lee Gregory

    Not a free agent till the summer
  10. Lee Gregory

    Could be some good news for us,out of contract in the summer and valued at £4m attracting interest from Stoke,Nottingham forest, and Aston Villa.KERCHING.
  11. Barrow

    Really nice guy Lanzo and is a Shaymen through and through but cross him and he's a animal.
  12. Barrow

    Yeah that's them, I think it was before I did the night clubs around 81 or early 82.
  13. 1998/99 Card Collection

    Never forgive Jamie for saying is that a wind up deck on the promotion night at the Weavers.
  14. Barrow

    Not sure but it was on Leeds Whitehall Road on the left side heading towards Leeds,never seen so many people fighting but it was that gang from Leeds something 16 forgot the name,  they met their match when they left a calling card at the Fiddlers Three in Clayton and the Four Bouncers that Sunday night showed them how to fight and that's the last I ever heard from them. Could be combat 16.
  15. Barrow

    That's what happened in a pub in Leeds and the landlord blamed me because I was playing the Jam A Town Called Malice and all hell broke loose but did not realise somebody did a drawing of the event but was lucky to avoid that knife heading my way.