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  1. FA Cup Draw

    Kossy had better watch it if its the Metropolitan Police.
  2. Warrington on Saturday

    Stop trying to confuse me Scouse.
  3. Dayle Southwell

    Run out of likes but spot on so please let him play his natural position Tuesday night.
  4. Warrington on Saturday

    I'm a free spirit Steve.
  5. Managers contracts

    Count me in for this panel BTM.
  6. Warrington on Saturday

    Good point but Mrs Funky said she will record it.
  7. Passionless

    Must be getting nearer to Christmas when Chadders starts turning out the jokes but reckon that oneĀ  wont get you to boot camp.
  8. Warrington on Saturday

    Think ill sleep on it,did you spot the hidden song Chrisbo?.
  9. Warrington on Saturday

    Ha Ha Steve just making the biggest decision of 2018 should I go or should I stay at home Tuesday night?
  10. Warrington on Saturday

    As long as you don't catch me when I'm angry grrr.
  11. Warrington on Saturday

    I've got a question for you Scott, if and when JF is no longer connected to the club in the future, will you be still have the slightest interest regarding our club ? For the record I WILL.!
  12. Passionless

    So UEFA say cut the passion out of Football because they are a set of boring a/holes but still could have 40 winks at a game and just set the alarm for 4 45.
  13. Reduced prices for Replay

    Free to OAP travelling more than 50 mle
  14. Highlights from yesterday here.....

    Thanks for that TNV so that's where Adam Cheshire went minus specs but amazed that cows were let in but they enjoyed the goals.
  15. Warrington Replay

    Don't worry Eric Kossy will have a Stormer because he would love to play at Wembley