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  1. Barnet (A)

    Myself and shaykehands aren’t members but we managed to get in.
  2. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    £1.99 a pint, £2.99 for jalfrezi and chips in the spoons, and kit and Ryk have just landed. What’s not to like.
  3. BPA

    And signs for Alty.
  4. Crowd scenes 70s - 90s

    No Halifax Courier was used in the warming of the legs. It was in fact the Country Week supplement from the Yorkshire Post. Ryk's an avid reader of Sue Woodcock and her Wolds Diary on a Saturday.
  5. Harrogate Away

    Another good way to save a bit of brass is to cancel broadband.
  6. Online club shop orders

    What on earth are you babblin on about.  
  7. You'll Never Walk Alone

    Sang by your's truly down at Forest Green way back when? Torso the Billy, Torso the Billy He's not very good, he's not very good He's got no arms, he's got no legs, he's got no head Torso the Billy He's not very good.   I had supped a lot that day!
  8. Lock in

    Heinous crimes need sorting.
  9. FA Cup Draw

    Nookie Bear and Dion Dublin will be the ball pickers.  
  10. Fan names

    I eat Norway Lobster ‘til it comes out of my arse.
  11. Cameron King

  12. Chester

    They also had  the Eastleigh game called off a couple of hours before kick off last season. Ah didums!
  13. 5/4 Braintree win

    I’ve had a bet. Closed brackets.
  14. Man vs Machine

    Is it Danny Benzema?
  15. Port Vale thread

    I spoke to an Everton scout last night who went to the game. He wasn't very complimentary about our left sided center half. What do scouts know eh?