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  1. Safe. Well done Jamie and the boys.

    Billy who 
  2. Sorry but Wilde's distribution is shocking.
  3. Team Vs Boreham Wood

    Yes the pies were only lukewarm 
  4. Team Vs Boreham Wood

    Who is the Ref today ?
  5. 92/93 Jimmy Case

    Got transferred twice that season, the first was from the Imperial Crown to Milan's 
  6. Team Vs Boreham Wood

    Amended your line up Erik, more chance of a goal 
  7. Explain please

    We did have a shot Macca hit the bus 2nd half 
  8. Forecast

    Waterproof covers would not be the answer as they would just kill the grass underneath.
  9. AFC Fylde

    I'm sure the Green Team leader is Gary the Baldy 
  10. 21/03/98 THE RUSHDEN GAME

    The first goal that day for Rushden the ball went out of play just before the cross came in and the Lino missed it. Andy Woods had no chance to make the save. Stoney then decided to try remove the Rushden's centre forwards teeth with his elbow & saw red  not a good day at the office.  
  11. 21/03/98 THE RUSHDEN GAME

    Cause we do, Instead of Billy's Balti night we will get Jamie's Haggis night 
  12. Cliff Moyo

    Is Devine Lunga from the Chicken Inn starting or is he in the Tuck Shop next to Paddy 
  13. 21/03/98 THE RUSHDEN GAME

    I have a photo somewhere of the Welling game sat in the dugout with Tommy Gildert.  I'm sure he had just broken his leg & was potted up complete with crutches. He was very surprised & humbled when I asked him for his autograph as to me he was part of the team.  A top guy, a very sad day when he passed away.
  14. 21/03/98 THE RUSHDEN GAME