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  1. Get Morgan Back

    We will have Bernie Winters on at this rate wanting Josh Wilson back 
  2. Where was Brown?

    I play Golf Trev but are in the dark like everyone else 
  3. Stuart Lewis

    Nerve and touched 
  4. Fan names

    Were not Steve Kell & Glyn Barrand on the Crosslee  pay roll ?
  5. Fan names

    You didn't have a shirt with 16 on did you 
  6. FA Cup - Warrington Away

    Looking at Travelling from Stockport on the East Midlands train service £10.20 return. When i have been to Warrington before i have always gone in the car straight to the ground, is there some decent pubs to visit in the town ?    
  7. Harvey and Collins

    Not been to Blackers for many a year, does it still stink of fried onions and fag smoke ?  
  8. FA Cup draw on Monday

    600 Pliny !! are we reducing the admission price
  9. Kieran O'Regan

    Out of Bounds that Terrence me old fruit 
  10. Kieran O'Regan

     I only know DJ because part of my remit is to look after the subscriptions 
  11. Kieran O'Regan

    Plays Golf regular at Crow Nest Park with Kevin Donovan 
  12. Jake Hibbs

    Who's Billy Heaths 
  13. Kids for a Quid (Chesterfield game)

    Brighouse Sports Club on a Saturday Tea Time you can have 10 Pints for the admission price. After 10 the football would be like watching Brazil 
  14. Collins

    I have heard this myself from a source very close to the club. JF is not the person everyone thinks he is. Very self opinionated and obsessed with himself, a post Flea made a week or so ago is not a million miles away.
  15. Hartlepool

      Time to leave it then and lets just agree to disagree