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  1. Lee Gregory

    Not reported Steve as it is a fact, the only forum member that can peel an orange in his pocket 
  2. Barrow

    How come no Hanson then Tel ?
  3. The Draw For The Next Round

    Doubt he will sign Warburton as DB is crustless 
  4. The Draw For The Next Round

    Took in the Stockport game again today 3-1 winners v York Another Hatrick for Matthew Warburton 
  5. We Need A Striker

    Do you want a job 
  6. Solihull Replay

    Hope you had good nights sleep 
  7. We Need A Striker

    Please don't put pressure on the board you will get Dave in a Dither 
  8. Solihull Replay

    he has gone to bed !!
  9. Solihull Replay

    Good Night AFC 
  10. Solihull Replay

    He would have a job Funkster the tides in 
  11. We Need A Striker

    Has anyone seen his feet leave the floor yet, think must have 6 inch nails in his boots not studs which prevent lift off
  12. Solihull Replay

  13. Solihull Replay

    Roll on the good times 
  14. Solihull Replay

    Resign Wilder