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  1. Board or Billy?

    Booooooooooooo Retire Bubba, far too much sense being applied 
  2. Board or Billy?

    Have to agree with the parts in bold, I know you had a dabble last season at corporate, to move forward what didn't they do to entice a 2nd Year ?
  3. Adam Morgan

    Don't ever apply for a job in marketing 
  4. Adam Morgan

    Noticed  Kieran Sadler has been on their books. 
  5. Maidenhead Match Thread

    I think Garner was booked for an accumulation of fouls ? that's what the clown in black seemed to be pointing at.
  6. Gainsborough

    Class post 
  7. Adam Morgan

    I don't mind Denton at all, that is when he plays 2 up front. His greatest weakness though is he can't control his feet. Macclesfield away he had 3 great chances at 1-0 up and ended up having 2 fresh airs and bumble pass back to the keeper. We should of been out of sight at HT IMO he can't play the loan forward as he is not mobile enough.
  8. Maidenhead Match Thread

    Looking back at the old clips which Shaymen Stats keeps posting, there are tackles going in far worse than yesterday's and the refs don't even speak to them let alone brandish the yellow. Can't beat a game with a good tackles in them and a ref that keeps his cards in his pocket.
  9. Maidenhead Match Thread

    That's it lets blame the Ref 
  10. Maidenhead Match Thread

    Absolute ?+=#/
  11. Maidenhead Match Thread

    The performance of the referee I'm afraid was poor but you can't use him as the excuse. We were out played and out thought by a better side.
  12. Adam Morgan

    Nice to see someone has put you back on your fence old pal 
  13. Tony Abbott

    Wooooooooooooooow Come on own up, who helped Terry get down off his fence 
  14. Fylde away on Good Friday

  15. Secrecy

    I know it is and so do you