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  1. 24th August 1974 away at Walsall was my first game 1-1 and if i can remember rightly Terry Shanahan penalty late on for the Shaymen.  Can remember it more for the swarms of wasps than the football 
  2. Leeds

    Great game of Football only spoilt by an over officious out of depth referee. Probably never played the game or understood the importance of what was at stake.  Blood and thunder game and should have probably been a couple of yellows only.
  3. 02/08/2019

    I think that when we trialled the first Friday nighter's years ago It was Port Vale with the then in-famous Chamberlains in their ranks that was the first game ?
  4. Leeds United

  5. Leeds United

    Think you will find Mr Bollox that less players would go down as the impact on their play acting would be pointless.
  6. Leeds United

    Keep playing but let the physio come on like they do in Rugby League.
  7. Matty Warburton - Northampton Town

    Big loss for County, will only get better playing with better players.
  8. Thinking Back - Thanks

    Karl Cochrane  Graham Broadbent. Glen Lee 
  9. Brighouse Town

    I keep wondering what he is going to do with his spare Millions  I hope Lanzarote is better than Gran Canaria, only been here a day but not right struck on the place 
  10. Would think Mr B will be watching the figures quite closely and if this promotion works then I think it quite possibly he would roll it out year on year with maybe slight tweaks. Is 1,000 adult tickets the benchmark Tel ?
  11. Brighouse Town

    I know one Brighouse official very well and his view was that they couldn't afford to go up !!
  12. Mj85

    Like I have said lets hope Stockport win and we are at home to them 1st game next season  Kerching 
  13. Mj85

    In Stockport tonight, they would probably sell the 4350 if given them. God help Nuneaton if Stockport lose and Chorley win   Great pay day for a struggling club 
  14. Bye Bye Kosy

    So is Sam Walker, but sadly not good enough for the National. After today's results Stockport should get promotion.  Although they have done well against National sides in cup games this year the squad they have now IMO will struggle in a full league season in the National without a change in playing staff.
  15. Town Vs Wrexham

    Lost all interest in the game when the gobbling turkey announced at half time that Eamon Cassidy has sadly passed away. "Gutted"