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  1. Shuddersfield's new kit

    What the FA should do to combat companies like Paddy Powers antics is issue the clubs that violate a points deduction !! I bet they wouldn’t of worn it then.
  2. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    Johnny Quinn player manager when i first started watching Town, seems like yesterday 
  3. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    My Only concern is who is going to help him with his Powerpoint presentation.  
  4. Jamie Fullarton

    Better player than manager, hence i believe he never managed another club ?
  5. Available managers

    What’s his contacts ? Would certainly fit the wage bill I would have thought.
  6. Available managers

    I can feel a Neil Young esq type of appointment myself.
  7. Jamie Fullarton

    Can’t see a Scotsman hiding behind a AKA. Scot was pretty up front so I expect at some point he will spill the beans.
  8. Pitch now Foocked

    Mark Hans has explained on Facebook what the problem is. I'd like to think that he knows more about grass than me and thee 
  9. Pitch now Foocked

    Why is it every time an negative announcement is made all the conspiracy suspects come out and have a go. They have said there is a problem with the pitch and have communicated like the fans insisted the club do.  Better to say this and stop the game then play on it and Fook it up.
  10. Available managers

    DJ Funky & Wider Bollox available 
  11. Fullarton Gone!!

    Implied 2 weeks ago that he would be gone for the start of the season.
  12. So

  13. Town team of the Decade

    Resign Chadders  
  14. Frickley Game Off

    Is it cancelled because we don’t have a manager ?
  15. Dents in trouble.

    This is were cricket has gone wrong and why lots of local clubs have folded.  They simply can’t afford the demands of modern day players who first thought is “I want paying” I bet the majority of paid players in the Huddersfield league wouldn’t even of played 1st team cricket in the Bradford league 15 to 20 years ago.