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  1. light Hearted Brain teaser..........

    Didn't Dave Evans get one for Villa ?
  2. Absolutely Choked

    our best chance would have been Erikson talking Shearer out of retiring. Who would you rather had up front Heskey & Owen or Shearer & Owen ? 
  3. Brighouse Town Match Details

    Are you BTM brother Nick 
  4. Fixtures Out Today

    Well, someone had to start it  I'm going for Columbia away  I'm sure AFC will know who we have got first up, I'm sure David will have tipped him off 
  5. Fondop-Talom

    Steve Kerrigan in his 2nd full season with us was an almost certain 15 goal plus striker ! Then again 
  6. Fondop-Talom

    Sorry but MFT is not the man to fire us to glory. If we are serious about progression then sorry it's bye bye MFT
  7. Matt Jansen

  8. Club Secretary

    I Think Hoddie should apply 
  9. Sanmi Odelusi

    Oh no what have you done  here we go again 
  10. AFC Halifax new kit

    Well done awaydays you have managed a post without questioning the income of pensioners. Just so you don't have to get involved will AFC Halifax be doing replica kits and if so will there be a discount for over 65's 
  11. He couldn't make it Bollox as he is engrossed in the Banners thread 
  12. AFC Halifax new kit

    Looks like something a Cyclist wears 
  13. Cliff Moyo

    FFS you can't say any fool can play right back !! AFC will be on the phone to Mr B as I type 
  14. Josh Kay

    Would of thought Jordan Sinnott ?
  15. Macca

    Will not happen as Mr B will demand a fee as per Brighouse Town