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  1. Football Only

    In my opinion he was poor yes. As was Maher along side him. Noone can say he was at his usual standard. However people were jumping on everything he did yesterday had nothing to do with football as noone else was booed for poor passes people had already decided they didn't like him before he even kicked the ball so were using poor passes as a way to vent about him signing for the club. Those who were because of a poor footballing performance i can understand. However i was roundly abused last season for calling Denton shite but i never once booed him out on the pitch. As i said on a previous thread. Hypocrits (not you i just happen to be venting whilst quoting you)  He is in the team to perform a role a screening role infront of the defense along with maher to continue with JF preffered formation. His performance wasnt great however he has been at the club less than a week. Any other playsr people would be saying well give him chance he needs time to adapt to his teammates but because of his past he's shite straight off the bat.  However he may well be shite i have only seen him once he was poor yes however i will judge him on the pitch not have a preconcieved judgement based on underlying hatred of his previous off field behaviour.   
  2. Chorley

    Was responsible for there win yesterday with 2 goals. Was also responsible for there defeat in the previous game with a couple of missed sitters 
  3. Football Only

    King is not a defensive midfielder. Its amazing how many people don't get that fact. 
  4. Today's poor attendance.

    Not that it makes any sort of difference what anyone does or not. He aint going anywhere for the time being. 
  5. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    There are plenty of players at this level that would have failed to even make contact with thar volley let alone get it on target with power. Keeper just in the wrong place. 
  6. Happy days

    There are still issues in the team and the squad. Yes we have won 4 out of 5 and everyone is delighted. However the issues will be highlighted and discussed. Your aware this is what this place is for right? 
  7. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    Part of the way Fullerton want's to set up. 2 defensive mids to protect the defense. We currently only have 2 such players available. When Staunton returns i'm sure he will be back in the team. With defensive mids its as much about filling spaces that others want to play in aswell as it is blocking and passing and the like. The very best players in that role like the Kante's of this world can do both but obviously at this level there are limitations. 
  8. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    How many golden opportunities would you say they had? The 2 top corner saves were not easy chances they were good efforts but efforts that were far enough out for Johnson to get across there. The goal was a good finish also not from great distance but on the volley.  We are not giving clear and glaring opportunities certainly not in the home games i've seen anyway. 
  9. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    But of they move higher up the pitch a better passing team would just pass round them then suddenly the back 4 are exposed. They are specifically there to protect the back 4 especially Brown and Clarke who are not the youngest of combinations and are probably thankfull for the protection. Its a fine balence i get that. I don't think either of them defensive mids are good enough on the ball to be higher up the pitch. 
  10. Today's poor attendance.

    With regards to the packed august fixture list. I can understand it. Can i just point out despite the fixture pileup in august we had to play 3 homes games in 5 days towards the end of last season. This happens to us most seasons for one reason or another but it is not just us. Bad weather postpones games far more at this level than it ever would in league 1 and higher. Championship teams and prem hardly ever have games postponed.  If you were to suddenly take away 3 or 4 of those august games and spread them out over the season can you imagine the backlog of fixtures come march/april time.  The league just can't take that risk of teams simply not being able to fulfil there fixtures.  It's worse in the evo stik leagues for example. They only started yesterday a full 2 weeks after us and because of the same bad weather in winter teams are left playing 15 or 20 games in 5 weeks. Didn't one team have to play 4 games a week for the last 5 weeks of the season. Only way thats prevented in our league is starting earlier and even then a lot of teams still end up with a ton of games to play. 
  11. Today's poor attendance.

    So we are very much top of the pile. 
  12. Today's poor attendance.

    Its too expensive everywhere in non league unless your the salfords of thos world that could probably afford to pay people to come and watch them.  Without researching 23 other teams websites to see there ticket prices i was fairly certain we were very much middle of the road when it came to on gate admission prices? This is not to say it isn't too expensive because it very much is. But it is not just us plain and simple.  Now i was dissapointed with the attendance it was obvious being in the south stand today that the gate was quite alot down  My view on it is 3 home games in 10 or so days. £60 to attend all 3 just isn't going to be feasable for some.  When the fixtures start to become more spaced out i'd expect to see steadier attendances however that will depend on onfield performance.  I've finally picked my season ticket up today i wonder how many wish they had if we stay up near the top and there forking out £20 a go every couple of weeks. 
  13. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    People need to remember that 2 holding midfielders are critical to this system working and protecting that defense. We only currently have 2 such players on the books they both played. He wasn't great I could see that however he's there to perform a role not play Iniesta style passes. Maher wasn't exactly composed on the ball again  he's there to perform a role.  We didn't play great however we are winning games and we are setting the team up with plenty of attacking players so can't grumble.  Won't be at the bank holiday game due to work. Hope we carry on the momentum next weekend. 
  14. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    And people said i abused Denton last season. Hypocrits 
  15. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    And you've come to this conclusion based on one performance the day he signed for a club playing with 10 virtual strangers.