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  1. Poodles in for £10

    It'll be an early bird offer on season tickets i bet, 
  2. Dover game

  3. Dover game

    They'd also say "attack attack attack"
  4. Dover game

    I disagree the result is pot luck.  How you set up to play is what you have time to work on on the training pitch during the week. The attacking players have looked like reletive strangers for the most part of this season and the passing has looked non existent as well  If we lose games trying to win then no one could complain. However we have drawn games and lost games we barely tried to win  Yes it is non league football and there are limitations to the quality however we have to do better.   
  5. Dover game

    If your paying that amount of money you expect to see some value for it.  You wouldn't walk into a lapdancing club pay £200 for a lapdance and then see a 55 year old midget named Geoff walk out towards you. Unless you asked for that of course 
  6. Dover game

    I'm glad someone else has used the word "script" thats exactly what we play to in most games a script. Stay in the game and see if something happens near the end. That is exactly what has happened to get us effectively safe. Late goal at Maidstone and another lateish one at Eastleigh was it.  We can only thank JF for doing what was needed and keeping us in this league again.  But good god it aint half dull and boring 95% of the time  I still think a change is required to take the club forward not only that a change is needed to get people to buy tickets for next season there is simply no entertainment value. I make it i've left 3 out of 18 or 19 home games this season feeling like i got value for money and at £350 a pop it simply is not good enough. In quite a few of them i've left feeling like i've been mugged Something needs to happen to get people interested again because as i see it there's a distinct lack of interest from anyone at the moment. I've never seen the South stand so quiet and disinterested and that is supposed to be our hardcore support
  7. Dover game

    Chesterfield just snatched a winner at Havent to keep the gap at 9 points and probably keep them up we could have some big home attendances next season. 
  8. The pitch

    As i said earlier the rules on playable surfaces are different in both sports but as someone else said earlier there was no thought about the co tenents. There was standing water on the pitch ffs,  Do you not reckon Rochdale fc didnt have a say in wheather the Hornets played on there pitch today? We obviously cant know for sure but clearly there was some consideration from the Hornets to the football team about what they would have done to the pitch if they had of played the game Your lot didn't have a second thought. Theres every chance that pitch won't be fit for purpouse for the rest of our season now.  Where's all the supporters gone anyway? Slow and painful death springs to mind
  9. The pitch

    Correct Not exactly like they don't have 6 months of the season left to have fit that game in.  The state they were going to leave it in wasn't taken into account at all.   
  10. The pitch

    The problem is the rugby have different levels of playable to that of a game of football. For example if it was a rugby game yesterday i very much doubt a postponement would have occured.  So the pitch might be playable from a rugby pov today however doing so could cause major damage and take weeks to undo the damage
  11. 10/03/2009 Town 2-1 Harrogate Railway

    Michael Barnes isn't on the team sheet? 
  12. The pitch

    Appologies for my earlier comments. My frustrations came about from having fought tooth and nail to change my shift from 9-6 meaning i'd miss the game to a 6-2 so i could see the game. Only to get to the end of an 8 hour shift in a supermarket on a saturday to realise it was utterly pointless and i'd got up at 4:30 for no reason.  I still dont change my stance that this happens at least once a season and it cant always be someone elses fault
  13. The pitch

    Because for whatever reason this happens at least once a season every season. This is not an isolated incident 
  14. The pitch

    Hope we get fined. At least once a season we do this to a team and fans that have spent 4 hours getting here an hour before kick off.  We do this more than any other club
  15. The pitch

    Suppposed to stop raining at any time now i thought? So should be right now?