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  1. Argentina vs. Croatia

    Very happy about that one. My team in the sweep at work. 
  2. Argentina vs. Croatia

    Having played a full 12 minutes at the end of the panama game. I'm sure he will have felt like he's earnt it
  3. Getting worried

    For those of us that don't have twitter. What was this post? 
  4. Argentina vs. Croatia

    Argentina need to win and hope the other result in the group goes there way. May need to win by 3 clear goals though.  Germany have only played 1 game if they draw there next one though they are in big trouble
  5. Argentina vs. Croatia

    Football managers annoy the hell out of me. Shoehorning great players into positions they don't belong. England with Sterling and tonight arguably the best player in the world was asked to play on the right wing or on the half way line. Why oh why would you do that. That system just shut Messi down completely. Get him in the box and around it where he is dangerous. How hard is it to just put players in the position they play week in week out.  You'd think i had argentina in the sweep. But i don't just frustrates me to see  
  6. Getting worried

    He won't walk into there team. All the football league players they have 
  7. Getting worried

    Not sure why he wouldn't want to sign a full time deal. He's good enough for it. And as far as i'm aware there are no part time teams local that are in this league. So staying part time would mean him stepping down a level and taking a backwards step in his career. 
  8. Getting worried

    Is friday? But is there news? 
  9. Connor Thomson

    Referees need to grow a pair and give the decision based on what they see. Rather than grading each decision based on where on the pitch the foul took place. Give a penalty for a rugby tackle they can see it they are looking right at it they just think a pen needs a higher level of foul than the rest of the pitch. At the minute the players are refeering the game and until the ref starts booking people for running up to him and penalising what he sees its only going to get worse.  For me the respect campaign is a joke as soon as the whistle blows all respect flies out of the window. The referees need to regain control. 
  10. Connor Thomson

    Where do you draw the line with rough and tumble though. These players know how to work the system and cheat. Can of worms allowing more from my point of view.   
  11. Getting worried

    Hoping the board are going to announce a big signing at the curry night. Might entice some more on the fense season ticket sales 
  12. Vitriolic Comments

     theres as much if not more abuse comes on here from people who don't agree with peoples opinion as there is people critisising former players and managers. 
  13. Good Luck England

    He's not a striker. He's been shoehorned into that position to accomodate him in the team. Rashford or Vardy are far more suited to the 2nd striker role. Sterling is a winger but we don't play wingers. 
  14. Josh MacDonald

    Very easy to read though and for a good full back very easy to shut down 
  15. Michael Collins

    Big blow. He controls every game brilliantly. Hopefully we can replace him.