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  1. Going Up Coming Down

    Chesterfield officially relegated tonight. They get sizeable followings too I believe so not a bad addition to the league 
  2. Tranmere thread

    The one we are playing upfront at the moment actually has some talent.  Know it might be difficult for a denton lover to understand but the results have improved since that useless baffoon was dropped.  Since that time we have lost 3 games. 2 against tranmere (very decent team. And fylde who were flying at the time. The other being Torquay at the end of 4 games in a week.  We were shite yesterday no doubt about it. But the improvement in play sincw fullerton came in in general has been good.  I look forward to seeing what he can do with his own players. 
  3. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    He was playing in the middle yesterday and he likes to dribble the ball. The pitch not surprisingly wasn't fit for that type of play. 
  4. Breaking news imminent

    Anyone know if he's signed on for next season or not? Hoping fullerton can teach him how to cut inside and not to be scared of the penalty area and we he could be a cracking player. 
  5. Tranmere thread

    If you looked behind you and saw a bunch of loanies. A reserve keeper and Connor Oliver would you want to make a substitution?   
  6. Tranmere thread

    A lot don't deserve contracts simple as that, today showcased to me exactly what we have been about all season. Utter dross. There are so many that are not good enough but we have known that for a while. We get the chance to ship them out, some of them putting in man of the match performances in today's game wouldn't have convinced me otherwise.   
  7. Tranmere thread

    That's true. There's a lot of work to do in the summer though. 
  8. Tranmere thread

    Just sums the season up for me this. All over the park not really good enough. Especially in key areas i.e passing (besides collins) goalscorers. Just general quality really. The player of the season being matty brown (although being class like he has) just says everything about the lack of much else. 
  9. Matty Brown

    Doesn't say on the website
  10. Matty Brown

    New 2 year contract signed. Great news for us. Delighted with that 
  11. Sat crowd

    Last thing we needed with regards to the attendance. Oh well 
  12. Sat crowd

    What about the yellow team leader? There will be panic everywhere 
  13. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    Interesting that we have an option on him for another season.  However like with other star players in previous seasons we wouldn't hold him back from moving on, I really don't see him being here next season. I think he'd be better off with us for another season to develop his game and get some proper coaching on his weaknesses. 
  14. Potential signings for next season

    Ah but for every one on that list there will be some that won't work out.  We can't just look above and we can't just look below. I'd believe fullerton can find a few decent ones from both. 
  15. Sat crowd

    Since we are usually getting about 1,700 for a Saturday crowd, albeit that's with about 100/300 in away support. But the sun will be shining. It's the last game ofor the season. I'd be dissapointed if we can't get over 3,000 through the gates