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  1. Bromley Thread

    Wasn't just the goal though. He's always letting his man run off him it happened numerous times yesterday. He fills me with no confidence in that role, can you imagine if MacDonald or kossy played for bromley they would have had him on toast. It's only 1 game so hopefully he does get better. 
  2. Bromley Thread

    We do come under transfer windows in this league don't we? So we have them till at least January. We need to be getting them on contracts now before the interest in them grows.  We can not afford to lose this great crop of players on a free.  They can leave if we get a solid fee for them. Losing someone of Kosylo 's potential on a free would be sickening 
  3. Bromley Game

    There's no way the ref could have known if it had or been in that position to see he couldn't have known we'd win the header. Your asking him to effectively stand on the dead ball line to be able to see it and predict the future for him to be there in the first place. He was bad today I'm not defending him. On this incident i am though. The liner was blocked and the ref can never make that call unless he's got a watch on and goal line technology And to be fair there isn't a single town fan in that ground who could have had a good enough view to see thats gone over the line. The incidents about 50 yards away from the closest town fans.  In the end it didn't matter
  4. Wrexham (h)

    Realise we have another game before this. Shaping up as a big game,  Wrexham usually get us away on a Tuesday and they usually travel well. However they are much improved this season and took 1,400 to tranmere today. I get its a Saturday and a more marque game name wise but surely we can expect 500/650 from them next Tuesday and our lot usually turn up for this type of game.  Looking forward to this one already. 
  5. Bromley Thread

    Great performance. Ref was a joke felt extra special because of that. Almost like the players were doing it to say screw you ref.  Cant comment on the red didnt see what happened. Cant jump with your arms by your side though. .. Thought the sub was wrong at the time. Theyd done there homework on macdonald and thought maybe he was the right change. However cant argue since we won the game.  Id rather have wilde at right back. Besides from the mistake moyo was letting his man run off him time and again. He will know he had an off day just hope he gets better. Can see him getting targeted as a weakness by oppositions though.  Well done town onto the next one. Nearly half way to safety in september. 
  6. The western front

    We have to have 2 In the middle. If we had 3 we'd only have 1 upfront. And we've already seen that doesn't work.  
  7. The western front

    So long as we are setting up the right way and putting 2 up front I'm happy. We took a beating last week but we set up to try and win so I had no issue.  Hopefully we can be back on it tomorrow. 
  8. Vardys v9 documentary

    Anyone believe They might head down the shay?  Kossy, MacDonald , Morgan. Johnson  To name but a few who could make the step up if given the chance.  
  9. Ex Players

    Phelan was my favourite player right at the start of this rise. Cracking player for the level. Always gave his all and probably one of the most technically gifted players all them years ago.  Nothing against marie either to be honest I'm not even sure when he left. Didn't get a chance probably wasnt good enough to get one. Couple of good half's here and there when he got a chance.  Tuton, Rainford and bencherif thought they were far better than they actually were hence the levels they are now at. Bencherif was a particularly funny story left to stay in the national got relegated with york and just accepted his level.  Tuton. Anyone know if he's completed his move back to the national league properly yet? I wonder if he has regrets about the way he went about it.  Phelan doesn't deserve to even be on the same list as the rest of them. He was a class act in his entire time with the club.  
  10. Dagenham match thread

    Im not saying you did say that. However i believe you are suggesting we should have set up to not lose the game first before trying to win it.  Ive got no issue with what happened yesterday because we had the right players out players to attack and players in form.  The bottom line for me we could have defended we also still could have lost from doing that.  We will get those games this season. But we can also do exactly that to other teams. Anyway ive moved on bromley next. 
  11. Dagenham match thread

    Don't change a winning team. What would you have done? Gone back to the 1 upfront route denton would have been left flicking it to the keeper all day leading to wave after wave of attack. We lost. There a good team. Play 2 upfront and go for it like we did if we lose we lose. 
  12. Can't we just say we are going to play a non registered player or just not bother turning up 
  13. Our Goal Scorers

    I agree he can be the top scorer in this league. Glad hes finally getting game time.  However prem is a long way off. With the amount of money being thrown about in the prem whos going to take a chance on a morgan or a player lower down. Especially since you can get sacked now after 4 games.  From us he can go max league 1. From there youve got a much better shot but still be very difficult. 
  14. Orient v Town match day thread.

    Put morgan on the pitch we haven't lost since. 
  15. Orient v Town match day thread.

    Heath really has turned it around at the min. However this turn around in fortunes has coincided with morgan being in the team. 2 up front should never change this season. Denton looks happier with a strike partner. Kossy looks better everyone does it brings a balance to the team.  Well done town and Mr heath.