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  1. BT Season Review : Were we really that awful?

    Makes sense to me. The end stats in the end read Won 13  Drew 20  Lost 13.  With a +1 goal difference.  More draws than any other team.  Probably near the top for 0-0 drawn games.  We literally couldn't have skipped the entire season and posted a more non descript set of stats   
  2. Home or Away On Boxing Day?

    We've also been away on the last day of the season for the last 3 seasons so i'm hoping that will change next season too. As for the question. Doesnt really bother me. Maybe we are due a home game though 
  3. 2019/20 Expectations

    The back 4 are already pretty much sorted. Maher and Staunton are also already on board so theres your centre half cover should brown or clarke get injured.  We have a full 10 weeks now to just solely focus on the attacking part of the team.  As to expectations that depends on if Mr Fullarton is willing to change and adapt. If we are going to go out there relying on set pieces for goals and the brilliance of "the throw down the line" 65 times a game. Then we will get exactly what we got this season. The same tactics will get the same results  I am hopeful though. The defence is almost a guarentee of survival. The attack has to be right 
  4. Squad 2019/20

    Might not have been solely down to us. Does he have an agent? Is he from down South? He lives in that shared house so i suspect he might be.  He might have wanted a bit of security and would only join on a 2 year deal.  He only signed right at the end of pre season didn't he. We only had Southwell. We were not really in a position to say no 
  5. Kevin Roberts

    Your fans don't like him from what i saw. Out of contract now though so its a possibility. With his temprement a football league team might not take a chance 
  6. North/South playoffs

    Best outcome they can bring serious numbers if they are playing for something next season, whilst i'm assuming we would have seen the coach driver and his dog from Spennymore 
  7. North/South playoffs

    Got it in my head that Spennymore are a money team? If thats correct i'll he routing for Chorley not least because they have been knocking on the door for years 
  8. On the Cusp

    Very enthusiastic.  On the pitch i just have a feeling we could be in for a good year next year. Certainly the defense is already boxed off. I'm still not sure Fullarton is the man for the job however its rime for him to prove he has the contacts he says and get the right players into this club. We are about 4 or 5 players away from being play off challenges recruitment is vital a good year on the feild next year coupled with the season ticket offer and the kids being free it could set the foundation for the next generation of Halifax fans and a chance to build the supporter base year on year.  This next year is massive both on and off the feild. 

    The players are out there. They just need to be found. Fullarton has stated in the past he has a large network of contacts. Its time he proved it. I hope he does 

    Maybe we can next year. We have a play off quality defense. Fullarton has to get it right at the front end to allow us to challenge. I just have a feeling we might do something next season. 

    Right now they've gone can we forget they ever existed?   

    Blessing maybe? Rodney won't stay now. Salford will be shopping in the Championship in the summer so he won't have a chance. 

    I'm surprised both haven't been able to do better. Both in areas with strong football interest. Money can't buy you fans is the moral of the story.  As for the result. Now they have got there i'm kind of hoping Salford piss off at the first attempt 
  14. Clarke

    Exelent news only in may and the defense is almost sorted. I'd like to think we will be looking to do better at left back though but great re signing 
  15. Kevin Roberts

    I'd be more interested in Deverdics (sp) always seemed to control games when at Dover not sure how good he has been since though.