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  1. Scot

    Interesting you mention the predictability of it. I often left saying how scripted the football and indeed every play was. However i never heard anyone else talking about it. Or even mentioning it on here. I was thinking i was the only one who noticed 

    As i mentioned on another thread though if the board didn't trust him with the budget (what other reason could there be for the bare bones of a squad at this stage) then why now. Why not at the end if the season. Or were the board literally easing him out with a little bit of "blind pressure" so to speak by not allowing him to succeed by withholding funds.  Like you say we will never know but the positive is he's gone 

    If all this is true why would the board continue to back him right through to monday instead if sacking him when they had the chance last season or even at the end of the season. Infact if you believe the website he left of his own accord in which case the board were willing to put up with another season of that? 

    Shortest game of guess who in recorded history that  was it..... Erm...... Nemo? 
  5. Scot

    Survival in this league does not need to be 11 behind the ball and steal something from a set piece. A philosophy of football i hope the new manager has. Based on entertaining the fans not boring them half to death
  6. Scot

    So i guess your saying a season of trying not to lose instead of trying to win as positive. 20 draws is not what anyone wants to see
  7. Fullarton has gone now. Southwell will score if we play the style to suit him. Kick and rush was never going to see the best out of him was it 
  8. Scot

    Your constant insistence that everything is rosy and bright is tedious. There were issues that needed dealing with. Coincidently enough they seem to be getting sorted now Fullarton has gone 
  9. I liked him when he was here however its a no from me. He strikes me as the type who puts it in when he's trying to earn a deal but not upto much when he's got one.  Also Nathan Clarke isn't the manager. That is still to be decided 
  10. Scot

    I'd use my whole days likes on this post if i could 
  11. Available managers

    In his interview he said there was a sizeable chunk if the playing budget left if so why did he not spend it. Unless Bosomworth didn't trust him with it.  If Bosomworth didn't trust him with it (why not spend it otherwise) he stated in his interview that in a meeting with Bosomworth that he had achieved the goals outlined before appointment. Now is JF lying about that bit. He surely would have been signing players if he was aloud to.  So you might be right about not being trusted. My view is he didn't deserve to be trusted.  There is a lot if things happening now i.e better communication/training videos that wasn't happening before. Meaning it was Fullarton himself blocking the communication path. Delighted he's gone 
  12. More than 14 players there. So who are the newbies 
  13. Scot

    Starting to think he was just Fullarton himself. 
  14. Available managers

    If we went for Paul Cox at least we could guarentee a swift sacking before the chants start 
  15. Available managers

    Well that would be annoying if he hasn't was my choice. Hopefully that's just a rumour though.