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  1. Reece Styche

    A striker that currently has a 1 in 6 ratio in national league football since his arrival. Phenomenal return 
  2. Managers contracts

    I dont like Heath so I can agree about him.  However for us to even get to the last day with a chance of survival was a massive credit to Harvey to try and fix the car crash Aspin had created. He got us playing football the right way. We went down but I dont agree it was his fault. Just my opinion of course 
  3. Managers contracts

    I just want to see a manager that wants the ball to roll along the floor not be belted 50 foot into the air every 20 seconds
  4. Managers contracts

    Sorry but exaclty how exactly was Harvey a failure? Even Heath succeeded in his main purpose 
  5. Managers contracts

    The length of manager contracts always baffles me as it's fairly rare these days that someone sees out a contract. From our own point of view I was concerned about the length of contract we gave Fullerton just because of his failure at Notts County and no other managerial experiance. This was before I'd even watched a game under his leadership.  I guess the length of contracts comes from the managers themselves there not daft most know there on to a hiding to nothing and are planning for there demise before they have even started. Because they are the clubs first choice they are more likely to go for it. A manager would be stupid to sign on a rolling 1 year contract as it makes no financial sense for them 
  6. Warrington Replay

    Didn't word that right. I meant Preston looks like he could spot a through ball. No idea on the King front. He won't play them both though. He has to have those 2 defensive mids in front of the back line 
  7. Passionless

    I really don't think the players understand what they are supposed to be doing. I'd be very suprised if most if not all the players are out on that pitch wondering why they are still getting asked to play this formation when it's obvious it's not working, if the players don't believe it will work you've got no chance.   
  8. Warrington Replay

    We need to start playing football. If we are asking McLeod to win headers we ain't playing football.  He can go on the wing. Preston would be my ideal candidate to move inside, simply because I have not seen enough of King to make a judgement. He looks like he could spot a through ball as well. Which is exaclty the sort of service Southwell needs and exactly the service we don't provide in the current set up 
  9. Warrington Replay

    At the end of the day though. The same players will be wheeled out in the same formation and perform in the same way.  I'd be making a slight amendment to your team though, Edwards does not merit a place In the team based on his performances, Southwell really suffers playing alongside him.  I'd be playing a CAM just in behind Southwell. King or Preston either or not bothered.  However even suggesting it's pissing me off as we all know bugger all will be changed 
  10. Replay

    Be lucky to get 700 for this. Poor form. Probably a cold night, no doubt still high gate prices even if they do knock £5 off. 
  11. Lenighan

    The players just need putting into the right system. The current system is sucking the life out of our better players 
  12. Warrington on Saturday

    The season hasn't finished today
  13. Warrington on Saturday

    You've gone too far the other way, your refusing to even acknowedge there is anything wrong 
  14. Warrington on Saturday

    Our form would pick up in an instant if we played Preston in behind Southwell. Southwell is a goalscorer who is being shut down by these tactics and this formation 
  15. Warrington on Saturday

    Full time football. Training 5 days a week, I'd like to see us be able to string more than 2 passes together, however as we are currently performing I can only assume they are engaging in a game of tiddlywinks every day. We watched the hopeful lets punt it long and see what happens last season somewhat understandable considering the lack of training time, however we are still doing that this season with extra days of training. I expected to see an improvement for the extra money we are paying. We are no better.   The league table has us 14th is it. However there is only 1 way we are heading with the current style of play and that's downwards.