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  1. Ebsfleet

    Well that was obvious as soon as the teamsheet came out. Setting up with 1 upfront at home is embarrassing and we got exactly what we deserved for it.  We will not start playing football whilst Denton is in that team. We just punt it aimlessly to him time after time. That will not change whilst he's in the team.  Hopefully the new manager will see the problem and remove him from the team 
  2. Ebsfleet

    Yep. Thank christ we will have a new gaffer by the end of next week. This guy's no better than heath.  Still can't see the big lumbering problem upfront with no skill.  It amazes me that every single away fan can see Denton is shite yet. 2 managers and a lot of people on here can't  He's clearly in the team on form though. He's not scored since december and missed sitters in every game since. 
  3. Gary Mills isn't the manager

    Our esteemed fans on here prefer smash and hope. And if we play it on the deck they'll be no room for there precious denton in the team. How many chances did he miss today then? Also blew a 1 on 3 in the last minute I heard. But he'll score 1 in every 5 games so we need to keep him in.  I hope we do get this mills if he plays it on the deck. Means denton will be gone in the summer. He's still the problem. And it was heaths problem  not seeing that and clearly young is just as blind
  4. Today's Game

    And 2 managers that are getting the same nothing results with it.  
  5. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    Bore off. Still enjoyed going to the shay more during his reign than the bore to death hoof ball tactics of aspin and heath.  His crap gutless team it was crap aspin  that brought them all in.  You know sod all about football though so it's understandle. 
  6. Wrexham.

    Can't turn a sinking ship in 1 game.  I think most are very well aware that some of the payers are not up to it as we knew the manager wasn't. I'm just hoping at this point we can finish 5th bottom and then throw a lot of these players to the curb, however if heath had still been here they'd of all got new contracts. I'm certain we will lose a lot more games this season, however I think we can win enough as well 
  7. Heath to Gainsborough?

    Proven at getting teams out of the conference north,  well on his way to taking us back there again. Thank feck someone intervened before he did.  Teams like stockport and york. Will have ambition of coming up and staying up. Heath wouldn't know how to manage in this league if the right tactics came and smacked him in the face. Wouldn't be surprised if he did end up there though. King is already there. And he can bring the rest of them In in the summer when there all out of contract.   
  8. Adam Smith

    The rest of his Ferriby crew might rock up there next season. Don't they like to follow each other around. 
  9. Would it be worth a try mr b. ?

    Don't worry about it lad. We were the only 2 on here that knew heath was a clueless buffoon from September onwards. We got laughed off the forum multiple times by the masses who believed they were right. Even after we've been vindicated and they have been proved wrong they still think they are right  I however knew he wouldn't be up to managing at this level before the season even started.  Should get one of those footers on my profile saying I know more about football than anyone on 
  10. Manager Appointment

    You just can't know that though.  If we had of stayed up. Would he have got a new contract. If we had beaten Orient that would have been another "turning point game" however most of us knew it was just one result and we'd then go on another 6 game losing run. He could have survived the season on those results  It's clear to me at least though  that even if he didn't get us relegated this season we would eventually go down with him in charge. I bet if you asked now he'd still say his Ferriby contingent were good enough for this league. Even though it's clear everyone but wilde is not 
  11. Game off

    Got that already thanks.  This is about the away team and fans we keep screwing over. Not once has anyone done this to us when we are away from home. 
  12. Game off

    How long before the league start fining us. If i was the dagenham team/supporters id be going into the shay demanding we fork out for the travel and theyd be damn right to do so too.  They better not put this game on this tuesday ill be fuming 
  13. Time to stop the bickering

    What I say on here and what I say at games are 2 completely different things, what I say on here makes bugger all difference to anything.  Up until a few weeks ago when heath stepped things up a notch in terms of making himself look clueless I didn't join in with the heath out chants. Heath made his own job untenable by pointblank refusing to change his ways.  I will be fully behind the team tomorrow. However I'll be glad when this season is over and we can have a clear out of the dead wood. Just hope they can produce enough to keep us in the league. Believe I'm right In saying the Ferriby lot are out of contract in the summer. Short of Wilde I wouldn't be at all dissapointed if non of them were here next season. 
  14. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    The disciplinary record ain't great. We don't need any work on being hard arses and picking up cards we do enough of that 
  15. Heath’s gone!!!

    All I said was it is the norm in football when a manager goes his backroom staff too. That is the common thing to happen.  Can we actually be sure that them staying won't put off some decent candidates