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  1. Josh Macdonald in physio

    Anyone know if he's contracted for next year? 
  2. Barrow

    I'd rather **** in my hands and clap than go in there 
  3. Barrow

    Bottom line for me is ANY other club who had won 2 league games in 5 months would have relieved the manager from his duties. Yet we continue to persist. Whilst in isolation a point today is not bad, you cannot ignore which direction we are heading in
  4. Barrow

    Could have smelt your desperation from here how much you wanted it to be Denton. 
  5. Junior Season Tickets

    In response to Papa Lazarou. Mistake quote the 2nd one. The South Stand atmosphere was created by the youth. They have been driven out by extorshanate pricing as well as a few being banned for misbehaviour.  The board quite plainly could not afford to go full time and there pricing structure to do so proves just that. Now we are in a position where they either have to stay with it or give up.  I know you and JGN1 like to beleive everything is rosy and the club is being run well but here's a home truth for you the owners couldnt give a flying toss about this football club. And for business men there quite frankly embarrasing at running it. Not just the pricing. The inititives they do. The communication they offer to the fans. (Would you be happy to fork out £300 on a ticket then not here anything out of the club) there pure stubborness to sack a failing manager because they don't want to have to pay him out. We have gone full time this season only in name because the running of the club as it was when we were part time is still amateur Many people have come up with ideas over the years on here to help promote the club yet these ideas never occur to the "business men" running it 
  6. Quigley

    Maybe he prefers to use his feet. I know its an alien concept to managers down the shay and the tactics they adopt but there are players out there that like the ball to roll along that pretty green thing they run around.  As someone said previously you could sign a top class striker but if the tactics don't suit them they won't score goals.  Its simple enough for me the strikers in our team don't score goals because the set up isn't right. 
  7. We Need A Striker

    8 against evo stik sides in the cup. Try doing your research before you big lover boy up. Against teams in our own league its 2 in 15. 
  8. Solihull match thread

    I know that and you know that. However slowly but surely he's putting the best team out there so i think we have to just accept that. You and i both know Maher won't be dropped. 2 passing midfielders next to him though will hopefully mean he only needs to do the basics 
  9. Solihull match thread

    Finally 2 midfielders that can pass a football. Lets hope for a win but this team is the way forward regardless
  10. Messi

    Used to love watching la liga and Barcelona and Messi inparticular. Damn you 11 sports 
  11. Solihull match thread

    Did we not get 1,300 for the Braintree game? Ok maybe slightly less than 500, however we have lost a few hundred 
  12. Solihull match thread

    Didn't go today so i won't be talking about todays game.  But there's 300/400 people stopped going since the start of the season. And quite plain and simple they've stopped going because the absolute scripted dross thats been on show. It's not worth the entrance fee plain and simple Onto the 2nd point, however the positivity brigade on here want to dress it up. That is 2 wins in 22/23 games since the end of August. You can bang on about team spirit. Fighting spirit. All the rest of it, those statistics play out the same for the rest of the season we will be relegated simple as that that is a fact.  I sincerely hope he finds a way to turn things around, but i've never seen a manager before that has a bloody script for a football game a bloody script. I'm talking about the constant throw ins down the line, the same substitutions time after time (granted they worked today) etc.  People wouldn't mind as much if it was getting results but the above stats say he isn't getting results. So now you have dour football. Scripted football and your charging £20 a pop to watch it. Noones expecting Barcelona but these players have far more talent than they are being allowed to show 
  13. Solihull match thread

    Ammended for you. 
  14. Solihull match thread

    Can't understand why there needs to be replays in this competition. Surely neither team would want one. 
  15. Solihull match thread

    Maher must have upped his game if he's playing twice. Anyone know who the 2nd Maher is supposed to be?