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  1. Taxi Please...I will pay Billy

    Get bent !! I've been supporting the club for 25 years. I hate seeing my team lose deep down.  However this manager in a joke and there is only 1 way he's going to get sacked.   You keep backing him though. Let me know how that works out for you when it gets to 11 and 12 and then 13. We are going down with him in charge. How after the last 10 games can you still not see that.   I've already been proved I know more about football than you anyway. I saw this coming a long long time before any of you clowns did.   
  2. Taxi Please...I will pay Billy

    You expect me not to bite back for being right all along after the stick I've had on here for having that opinion. Yeah right. Don't like it. Don't read it.  When a manager is doing the right thing for the club is will support him.  Billy is doing everything but doing the right thing so therefore I want him sacked.  The only way that will happen is? We lose!
  3. Taxi Please...I will pay Billy

    How do you propose we get him out if we dont lose then? 
  4. Hartlepool team

    Hes shite. Whos been saying that all season also.  Seriously though. Anyone ready to applogise for me and trev being right all season? . Your all on the band wagon now though i see.  Hes a regional league manager just like dentons a regional league striker.  Sack him now. Why should he get saturday. What happens if we win? Its the tactics that are the problem we will soon be losing again.   
  5. Taxi Please...I will pay Billy

    I wonder whos been saying this since the start of the season. Welcome to the bandwagon ?  You play defensivly with 1 upfront you deserve a hammering and im delighted. Now get this clown out and give us a chance against eastleigh.  10 games without a win. Its over billy get back to the regional leagues where you belong. 
  6. Sutton v Town game thread

    1 goal in 7 or 8 games is it. Are we supposed to be impressed by that. Or the fact he might occasionally head it in from 2 yards out. That is literally the only thing he can do.  No wins in 9. Come on let's get this clown out of the door now.  Bringing a midfielder on for a striker.  A centre back taking a penalty. Lost the plot simple as.  We have been worked out, I repeat myself yes. So does heath on a weekly basis.  The usual suspects coming up with a different set of excuses for him every week.  Are we literally going to wait till its too late like we did with  aspin 
  7. Woking

    Go on then what does he do? 
  8. Woking

    Just saying morgan has been treated horrendously by heath, "he dosent work hard enough" exactly how much work do you see denton do every week. Denton is undroppable regardless of if he's gone 6 7 or 8 games without a goal, he missed a ball that was barely moving yesterday for crying out load.  Will he be dropped? Naa. Because he can defend set pieces obviously the primary function of having a striker in the team 
  9. Woking

    He's played half the amount of minutes at your bum chum denton and scored 1 less goal.  
  10. Woking

    Incase you didn't notice the atmosphere at yesterday's game was like a library everyone is bored of watching it. Even the loud bunch at the top have given up singing for the most part.  I have a season ticket is literally the only reason I'm still going. I certainly wouldn't pay £18 to watch that. And if heath is still in charge next year I probadly wont get a season ticket. And I won't be alone in making that decision either, 
  11. Woking

    And the same people coming on refusing to believe there's a problem and shooting people down anyone who choses to have a different opinion to you.  We've been worked out simple as. Win the 2nd balls against halifax and there done. That literally is a game plan i bet every single team has against us. And there right do that against us and we won't win football matches. Especially with Denton up flicking it on to fresh air and miss kicking balls that are barely moving.  We have no other plan. We are plan a or we are done. And we currently have a tosser in charge who refuses to find another plan other than let's just throw loan players at it and see what happens.  The only thing he is certain of is denton will stay in this team regardless of how shite he is.  Don't like myou opinion as always I don't care.  Heath out!!!!!!!
  12. Woking

    And i laughed. Everyone around me looked shocked he missed id. Id of been shocked if he had scored. Cant use his feet. Id be telling heath to piss off if i was morgan watching that. Aparently that useless lump is the best we have.  8 games without a win. Never looked like scoring. Boring as hell.  Sooner heath goes the better.We are sliding only 1 way with him in charge. 
  13. Woking

    You dont want to know.  Completely lost the plot. Just throwing loan players at a team rarely turns out well.  Back to playing 1 up front. Didnt work at the start of the season. Wont work now. Kossy or morgan anyone? And the prospect if its not going well of playing 2 giraffes upfront together.  As always till heath goes i hope we lose
  14. New Signing

    Nice to see you lining up to slam people for having an opinion  you don't agree with. I know you don't like people who don't go along with you positivity bandwagon You expect people to be excited about signing a player heath deamed not good enough to play for us in the league below the one we are in now. And now suddenly heath has decided he is now good enough for a higher league than he rejected him in.  Yeah I can see where the excitement would be coming from.   
  15. Tranmere game thread

    So we are losing have been losing all afternoon. And the 2 strikers on the bench have remained on it, makes sense. Give me stick all you want. Heath has lost the plot not that I thought he had a plot anyway.  How you don't bring at least 1 of them on is a joke. However the way we set up from the start was pathetic as it is.  No wins in 7. Same tactics. Same hoof ball, same result.  Get out heath.