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  1. Carlisle match

    For me Morgan is a finisher he had a spritz of smashing them in from anywhere when he first joined us. But he's a box striker the bulk of his goals will come from inside the 6 yard box. We've got the wingers to get the ball there.  I wouldn't give up on him just yet. 1 because he's still scored 2 in 4 or 5 this pre season. Not terrible.  2. We only have 3 strikers  I'm actually quite confident he can be a hit at this level given game time. 
  2. Carlisle match

    Now we've got Charles I wonder if Kossy will move infield and try and be the creativity? 
  3. Carlisle match

    Didn't go so can't comment too much.  But i fail to see what was learnt from that 2nd half with a sub every 3 minutes. That's what it sounded like on the updates.  Standout performances? Sounded from the updates like oliver was very good. And Morgan and tomlinson teamed up well to no avail? 
  4. Carlisle match

    I like that team that is a strong team. Hope Morgan and tomlinson click well together. 
  5. Dion Charles

    He wouldnt turn up if he wasnt playing. 
  6. 17/18 Squad

  7. 17/18 Squad

  8. Kevin Roberts

    Can you do that if he's on contract? Which I thought he was. Hopefully a bid can be successful. 
  9. Kevin Roberts

    Might still be. A bid might be in for him. 
  10. Kevin Roberts

    Yeah his choice apparently. Family reasons and full time football. 
  11. Kevin Roberts

    Yes I'm concerned that heath won't see it that way though and we start the season with moyo at right back. Which I think most can agree would not fill us with any confidence. 
  12. Kevin Roberts

    Yes I've just realised this. And Internet research helped. Hate people taking the piss. No need. 
  13. Kevin Roberts

  14. Kevin Roberts

    Really? Shows the standard of Scottish football if we can be in for a player that plays in there top teir.  Unless I'm missing the sarcasm in this post. 
  15. Bratfud City

    And yet I get slated every time I say I'd rather the glory hunters/we were there crew didn't turn up at all.