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  1. Maidstone highlights

    Kossy made that goal happen...thank got we've got him to be able to do things like that, because no one else seem capable or confident enough to do so. Although Quighley scored, and he should have done from that range, I really wasn't impressed with him in the second half when he lost the ball, stopped fecking running and just shrugged his shoulders !!!!!! Unacceptable, Aspin would have eaten him and spat him out at full time for lack of effort and commitment.
  2. Random image of the day

    Really?.......you're saying we actually had scouts......ah now l remember!
  3. Banks of England

    This save against the then greatest player in the world Pele, is etched in my mind forever......
  4. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    Correct....he wouldn't be in our team!!!
  5. 23rd Jan 1999 Halifax Town 2-0 Plymouth Argyle

    As always, thank you Mr Stats....brought back so great memories of a really good team.
  6. Braintree

    The main problem is, if we carry on like this our expectations will be lowered..........right down to National North. What has happened to our club!!!!
  7. Transfers

    Well the BOD are fully responsible and to blame for that !
  8. Transfers

    I was too  but what ever happened to the very successful scouting system we had under Aspin?  
  9. Transfers

    Well burger van me....we have a scouting system do we.......since when????
  10. Transfers

    We seriously need to start looking at the leagues below us and cherry picking eager, young, potentially gifted young players, who would bust a gut for a chance to play full time.
  11. FA Cup

    Mines 'Both Ends Burning' by Roxy Music.............
  12. Will Bosomworth be making a move?

    Yeah just like they did at Chester.............look how that little venture turned out !
  13. Actually get rid !!

    No but Arthur is..........got to be better than Clown MK2
  14. Ebbsfleet

    Under Chris Wilder we had a similar small budget but had us 10 minutes away fro getting back into the league........... I'm afraid once the FA cup run has faded, reality of fighting relegation under this manager will kick in.
  15. Matty Brown