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  1. Shaun Tuton

    Hear, hear....total Judas. No loyalty to our fans or the club and at the time I predicted he would crash and burn sooner rather than later. If he had stayed, and with the form he was in and the partnership he was building up with Burrow and Peniket I doubt we would have been relegated. Deserves everything he gets !
  2. Macca Art

    Love the kit colour....
  3. See it can be done.

    Lets leave all that to our scouting department...................on the other hand
  4. Town Vs Wrexham

    I hope we cheered him after his daft comments
  5. Random image of the day

    Looks like my outside log store....
  6. 18 Clean Sheets

    I don't think I can take anymore of Fullarton's coaching buzz word bullsh@t or how we as a team do not entertain anymore. Depressed,com!
  7. Barometer of multi colours

    What I want to know is...what colour is blind pressure? Lets do the easy questions first....what the hell is blind pressure?
  8. Random image of the day

    That's one hell of a belly to carry around Hamza............
  9. 13th March 1999 Halifax Town 1-0 Carlisle United

    If only we had 11 like Mark Bradshaw !
  10. JF in the Courier. Delighted at the result!

    Hahaha, sorry mate...didn't see you, I was too busy relearning my goal celebrations..
  11. JF in the Courier. Delighted at the result!

    It will be guys like me, who have supported our team, man and boy, for the last few decades, who will definitely not be missing him the most pal ! Do not underestimate the power and feeling of the true supporter ! How many were at the game last night? I even brought with me a Doncaster Rovers Fan to bolster the attendance. Ps, he won't leave....try the other option!  
  12. JF in the Courier. Delighted at the result!

    Okay we had a great win last night but reading Fullarton's notes in the Worrier makes me finally realise he's full of his own importance and publicity! Listen Mr Fullarton,  you might be a self confessed, unimpressed, hard to please, miserable Scotsman, but you're in Yorkshire now and we don't take your bull shitty, self professed, self gratifying remarkes lying down. Infact they are very annoying and repeated on a regular basis to the extent that they mean nothing now......Blind pressure'.... 'application'....'changing a winning team'....blah'....blah'....you might as well be talking chuffing Swahili. Listen pal, take a long hard look at the quote from the late, great Bill Shankly....'“Football is a simple game complicated by idiots”  Please don't let this idiot through the door next season, otherwise there will be no one coming through the door next season....rant over!  
  13. Maidstone highlights

    Kossy made that goal happen...thank got we've got him to be able to do things like that, because no one else seem capable or confident enough to do so. Although Quighley scored, and he should have done from that range, I really wasn't impressed with him in the second half when he lost the ball, stopped fecking running and just shrugged his shoulders !!!!!! Unacceptable, Aspin would have eaten him and spat him out at full time for lack of effort and commitment.
  14. Random image of the day

    Really?.......you're saying we actually had scouts......ah now l remember!
  15. Banks of England

    This save against the then greatest player in the world Pele, is etched in my mind forever......