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  1. Oh no not that ref again.

    Paul Marsden:   He did:  Altrincham (h) 2-2,   Stalybridge (FAC h) 2-1,   Matlock (FAT a) 1-1,   FC Untided (a) 3-0.    
  2. Straight out of the marketing text book

    Any idea of the size of the book?  Number of pages, etc? At £50 a go, could it not be signed by some of the players involved on the day, maybe?
  3. Aspin

    Danny Hattersley with a last minute winner for Warrington Town!
  4. Gary Brabin Sacked

    Wasn't this the job people reckoned Jim Harvey was waiting for?
  5. Nuneaton vs Town 06/08/2016

    Nuneaton 2-2 Town Peniket Denton Att: 1310
  6. Wembley Winners scarves

    Has anyone actually got a FCHT Wembley Winners scarf? They've been promised for sale in the club shop for ages now. I've called in three times (without success). First time, Louisa told me they had been left at the warehouse, the second time, they were waiting for them to arrive 'that evening', the third time (v Sheff Utd.) a young lad in the shop just said 'we haven't got any'. An e-mail to the club this morning bought the reply:   'Unfortunately we haven't any in stock at the moment we will announce as and when they are available again'. Louisa told me they had 'around 200 made' They do have the new season scarves in stock (with a gold trim for some reason). But I was told by Louisa that she had brought the wrong ones in that particular evening and the winners scarves had been left at the warehouse. If they haven't any 'in stock at the moment', who has bought 200 of them?!!!