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  1. Adi Yusuf

    Well he knows where the goal is!!         https://t.co/AHEfFFTgy9 Could be out of our price range, though!
  2. Maidenhead Match Thread

    Spot on, really!  The ref, RYAN JOHNSON, has been out for a year with an injury and that was only his sixth game this season. He looked overweight and didn't keep up with the play. He managed the game badly, especially in the first half, when the yellow card count did not tally with the free-kick count. The booking of Hibbs was a complete joke!  He also did: Town 1-7 Cheltenham and Town 3-6 Braintree but I'm not suggesting that was his fault! Let's hope we don't see him again too soon!
  3. Oh no not that ref again.

    Paul Marsden:   He did:  Altrincham (h) 2-2,   Stalybridge (FAC h) 2-1,   Matlock (FAT a) 1-1,   FC Untided (a) 3-0.    
  4. Straight out of the marketing text book

    Any idea of the size of the book?  Number of pages, etc? At £50 a go, could it not be signed by some of the players involved on the day, maybe?
  5. Aspin

    Danny Hattersley with a last minute winner for Warrington Town!