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  1. The right philosophy

    Scholes is probably the only Man Utd player from that generation who  didn't cone across as an arrogant arsehole. His down to earth and no nonsense approach should help him be a success in management. 
  2. Anymore signings ?

    Manager ;-)  
  3. Music

    I was thinking of The Trooper, especially the intro.
  4. .......... word disassociation

    X Hamster
  5. continuation of word association

    Wanking sock :shock:
  6. continuation of word association

    Tim Carter :?
  7. .......... word disassociation

    Space bar
  8. .......... word disassociation

    I'm shitfaced tonight WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP
  9. .......... word disassociation

    Judge Hatchett