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    Poor performance...managers job to sort it for Saturday....it was a lucky draw yesterday...

    That was utter shite....

    Good job....Queens Hotel in Bradford busy with Town fans...shaymen away...
  4. Woking Thread

    early days.....but lets enjoy a great away win....
  5. New players in

    all new lads warming up....
  6. New players in

    Is Hanley not a winger, played for Blackburn under 23s...anyway let's hope they make a difference and get us away from relegation...
  7. Woking Thread

    Two new signings added to squad..
  8. New players in

    both were at Blackburn Rovers earlier in there careers I believe?
  9. New players in

    Heath out....no signings yet?
  10. Woking vs Town 10/03/2018

    1-1...Brown. 1624    
  11. Woking vs Town 10/03/2018

    Bring home the points Shaymen...........
  12. Tonight's Games

    Sutton 1-0 Woking
  13. Tonight's Games

    Maidstone players stuck on motorway...bad accident. Macc were at the ground
  14. Fullarton / Collins

    what was the paper we bought at the services on the way home from away games...the pink?
  15. Fullarton / Collins

    Ceefax for me. As you say Alan Waddle scoring at Walsall...stayed up with my mum..we danced around the living room...