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  1. Tranmere today

    clueless Heath...
  2. Tranmere Website

    once got mt leg slashed in the skircoat by a scouser..Tranmere fan...A Friday night game too....the good old days... worst thing was I was wearing my new tachini tracky bottoms!
  3. Town vs Tranmere 14/10/2017

    1-1 Brown. 2010 away 580
  4. Embarrassing England

    come on England.
  5. Boreham Wood Thread

    Not a big enough squad to be 7 on the bench....unless youth team given a place...
  6. Boreham Wood vs Town 07/10/2017

    0-0 502
  7. Wrexham game thread

    well done Town...Battled for 90 minutes....nice to see a good attendance too...
  8. Wrexham game thread

    Roberts has kossy in his back pocket...needs to get at him 2nd half kossy lad
  9. Get down the Shay. No excuse... Lets make some noise...Wrexham will in the skircoat..
  10. Town vs Wrexham 03/10/2017

    2-2 Denton 2 2012
  11. The slaying of the red dragon

    massive Team..massive game...we need 3pts....come on the shaynen.
  12. Garner

    Get Hibbs in...
  13. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    Lancaster away, what memories, James Dean on the terraces in between the hoolies!
  14. Ebbsfleet vs Town 30/09/2017

    Fleet 3-0....no defenders... 1101
  15. Garner

    King bench too ?