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  1. Wrexham (H) Saturday 25th November 2017

    Available - no to food
  2. Hull City (H) Saturday 11th November 2017

    available and food
  3. Runcorn (A) Saturday 28th October 2017

  4. West Ham Utd (A) Saturday 30th September

  5. Captain

    possibly but to be honest I think those 3 are the big contenders for the armband and the same applies to all of them in competition with each other!
  6. Kevin Roberts

    gutted to lose Roberts, quality all round full back at none league level, hope the replacement lined up is bloody good to let him go, certainly can't afford not to replace him
  7. Captain

    Garner, player of the year last season, seems a good bloke around the squad and has been captain at previous clubs
  8. Rochdale

    pretty dull first half with us having most the play in the early stages without ever really threatening, they finished the half strongly and were starting to threaten the goal, second half we played well and deserved the win, impressed by Connor Oliver, Dixon had some good moments driving forward and Kosylo and Macdonald were both beating their man regularly and putting dangerous balls into the box
  9. Callum Hassan

    his record is far from impressive, did alright today some good hold up play and forced the keeper into a very good save with a header, probably worth another game or two based on today if we don't get anything else sorted in the meantime
  10. Rumour mill

    First retainee I have to say I disagree with keeping, don't think he is good enough for this level but we know he'll always battle away and give his all so I hope he proves me wrong 
  11. Jordan Sinnot

    Very good player and would've definately kept him giving the choice however far from irreplaceable but would certainly need replacing to give creativity in the middle of the park   not sure he's football league quality but good luck to him if it all goes through, if not will be a valued member of our squad
  12. Hibbs and King.

    Disappointed but not surprised regarding Hibbs, I feel it could be one we regret down the line should he go but at the same time no point keeping him if we aren't going to use him King had his moments, wasn't quite the player for us it sounded like we were getting, wouldn't be adverse to him ending up staying but not a problem should he leave either 
  13. Lynch

    Good news, fantastic last season and hopeful he'll do well with the step up
  14. Bohan Dixon.

    he wasn't amongst the players Fylde announced as released on their retained list so perhaps he has chosen to leave?