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  1. Wrexham (H) Saturday 25th November 2017

    Available - no to food
  2. Hull City (H) Saturday 11th November 2017

    available and food
  3. Runcorn (A) Saturday 28th October 2017

  4. West Ham Utd (A) Saturday 30th September

  5. Captain

    possibly but to be honest I think those 3 are the big contenders for the armband and the same applies to all of them in competition with each other!
  6. Kevin Roberts

    gutted to lose Roberts, quality all round full back at none league level, hope the replacement lined up is bloody good to let him go, certainly can't afford not to replace him
  7. Captain

    Garner, player of the year last season, seems a good bloke around the squad and has been captain at previous clubs
  8. Rochdale

    pretty dull first half with us having most the play in the early stages without ever really threatening, they finished the half strongly and were starting to threaten the goal, second half we played well and deserved the win, impressed by Connor Oliver, Dixon had some good moments driving forward and Kosylo and Macdonald were both beating their man regularly and putting dangerous balls into the box
  9. Daniel Nti

    thought we should've kept him at the time even if it was partially only to not meddle with a winning team, hope we don't regret not keeping hold of him thus opening the oppurtunity for him to join a rival
  10. Should we be winning on Saturday,

    well as he was in the job at Oldham then we wouldn't have done actually but as Jim Harvey was with him at Oldham at the time it wouldn't have been him either so who knows what would've happened, in hindsight its clear Aspin had lost his mojo with us at that point however given his past achievements I think it was a fair enough view to give him a chance with a new squad to get going again and it wasn't that the killed us even if we did start shite, it was the subsequent appointment of Coco the clown and we even nearly managed to recover from that
  11. Your Invited Too

    I shall be going to Forest Green, would hope to make an appearance in time for 7 heads though!
  12. Afc Race Night

    I'll have 4 horses
  13. Christmas Doo

    shall pay tomorrow
  14. Details For Cambridge/braintree 22/23Rd November

    half 5 for me