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  1. Breakfast with the boss

    Not if you get up at 9.30am.
  2. Port Vale thread

    It's a nice idea in theory, but how much are we really likely to get for a player who had very good half season and a pretty average second half after injury? If we don't move him on pretty quickly he'll cost us more in wages than we'll get back in wages. 
  3. HBOS (H) 31st July 2018

  4. Port Vale thread

    Kosylo had the extra year of his contract activated by the club, I can't see the point of doing that if he was being managed out of the club.
  5. Helli

    Did he ever get his suit?
  6. Connor Thomson

    and improve his dribbling, his tackling, his passing, his shooting, his heading, his control, his work rate and his positioning.
  7. Season Ticket prices.

    Not true.   All clubs in the league get the same amount of TV money, the reason the league is expensive is because the clubs spend too much on players. If you gave all the clubs £1,000,000 for TV money do you think that ticket prices would suddenly drop, or would every club just increase their playing budget by £1,000,000?
  8. Season Ticket prices.

    Do appreciate the club needs to balance the books, but the announcement just lacks any sort of sweetener - yes there’s a dining voucher included, but why not a deal where the first 100 to buy get their tickets for £300, or include entry to the home friendlies, something to take away from the headline of £90 increase in season ticket costs. Having said that I’m glad to see there’s the option to stagger payments again and free under 12s tickets with an adult. Just hope the sums add up, £20 on the gate is all well and good, but as Flea says if we struggle it’s a risk that we don’t cover our costs as crowds will be hit.
  9. Dud brother joins York

    I'd have been quite happy if we'd re-signed Burrow for next season. Not a world beater but better than anyone we tried to replace him with so far.
  10. Runcorn (H) Saturday 5th May 2018 *Game off*

    Won’t know until Thursday
  11. Man City (A) Saturday 12th May 2018

  12. Retained List

    Difficult one because based on the last few games they've all been a bit rubbish, despite Fullerton's comments that we dominated on Saturday. Presuming Macca is leaving and Garner & Hibbs are under contract then: Keep Johnson, Wilde, Brown, Garner, Collins, Hotte, Kosylo, Hibbs and McDonald (if rumours of serious injury are unfounded) Invite back Riley, Tomlinson, Duckworth & Moyo Release Nicholson, Denton, Oliver, Clarke, Barrows, Khan, Basic Of the loanees, I'd try to sign Mad Mike and Maher, rest haven't looked up to it.   As tempting as it is to make massive changes, we've seen before that it can take a couple of months to settle in. Keep a core of 11 or 12 from this season and look to bring in 6 or 7 who are upgrades on what we've had this season. We're unlikely to turn from relegation battlers to title contenders over one close season, but there's no reason why we can't compete for a play off spot - especially if they stick with the nonsense of 6 teams qualifying.
  13. Tranmere thread

    Quite right too. We’ll have a designated penalty taker - just because mad Mike got the foul he doesn’t get to demand he gets the penalty. That said it wasn’t the first time Kosy has hit a crap penalty.
  14. Bury B (H) Saturday 21st April 2018

    Available & food