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  1. Dover match thread

    Is there another club in the country where a manger could get a team promoted one season and during 2 of the first 4 matches of the new season there have been calls for him to be sacked? I don't agree with quite a few of his decisions, but calling for his head at this stage is a nonsense.
  2. Welcome to the Shay

    She doesn't do it for me but whatever floats your boat
  3. Dover match thread

    Great in theory, but in practice no one is going to be that keen to pay money for any of them. Two have been available for transfer since June and are still here.
  4. Dover match thread

    Horrible way to lose, score in stoppage time and look to have salvaged a draw then shoot ourselves in the head in the last second of added on time. First half we kept them at bay with some last ditch defending and a bit of luck, actually deserved to win it second half even though they hit the bar twice but we showed an unbelievable lack of thought in and around their box. Back 4, Lynch, Denton and Macdonald all did very well. Unfortunately after 4 games our issues in front of goal are clear. For as hard as he worked, and as good as he played holing the ball up and winning headers despite being isolated, it's pointless playing Denton if you don't play to his strengths. He's had one decent cross to him in 4 games and he scored it. As Flea said, Charles has looked a shadow of the player we had last season, while Kosylo is in danger of following the Connor Hughes pathway out of the club. His simple selfishness and lack of awareness is overshadowing his talent - if he has two options he'll always pick the more difficult one. Then get booked for petulant fouls or dissent. We keep starting 2 wingers who's first thought when they get the ball is to cut inside and go for goal themselves, as soon as Macdonald came on he looked to go past his fullback & put a cross in and we suddenly had a goal threat.   At Solihull I'd start the 11 who finished the game tonight.
  5. Guisley game.

    The trick is moving some of them from in front of our goal.
  6. Dover notes

    Johnson charles garner hotte brown Wilde oliver lynch Dixon denton Morgan 
  7. Are we All Of To Chester?

    Only way to sort this is for every supporter should fill out a means test form and provide proof of bank accounts and wage slips before paying in to ensure they pay a fair price.
  8. Chester FC - our next opponents

    Really not convinced by this, neither of them are the strongest and no team at this level are blessed with players like Iniesta or Scholes to pick out brilliant through balls all the time. I suspect converting Charles from a winger to a striker and partnering him with Morgan is more likely to see us fail to keep possession in the opposition half and just increase the pressure our defence comes under.
  9. Coach not turned up..

    If it's double booked isn't that the coach company to blame?
  10. Details for Chester (A) 12th August 2017

    Shotgun if I'm no longer driving
  11. Wolves (A) Saturday 19th August 2017

  12. Well done Fax!

    Sounds very much like rubbish to me, even if it's not you'd think the shysters on their current board would get the hint we want nothing to do with them due to their past actions.
  13. Solihull

    Having been denied entry to the play offs over their ground I imagine Darlington fans are a bit disgruntled right now.
  14. Barrow Match Thread

    Was following the game on twitter so didn't see any wall updates, but either we played a central midfield three of Hotte, Oliver and Dixon (with Dixon playing left centre midfield, not out wide on the left), or we played a player on the wing despite having a wing back there and only had two players in central midfield (Hotte and Oliver). The latter of those options would just be bizarre, although at the moment I could believe it.
  15. Well done Fax!

    Amended you post slightly Erik.