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  1. Keep the faith or ditch the disaster?

    Not suggesting Aspin would necessarily be the answer long term, but if we did cut ties with Fullarton there's not many options to take over in the short term - internally we've Hughes who could step up but you'd think he'd go along with Fullarton. That leaves Steve Nichol or Nathan Clarke as internal options, neither of which would fill me with much confidence to pick up points in the relegation fight we're in. Aspin has experience, knows the club and is available, but having been sacked not long ago by us there's definitely baggage there. Collins is similar in that he knows the club and is available but he'd ring the same alarm bells as Fullarton and Kelly, had a month or so as a manager in the league before being sacked. If we decide to sack then given how precarious our position is still we can't just write off 3 or 4 games while we find a long term solution, so we either plan for next season and start looking now for the right man to come in over the summer, or we make a short term appointment who we think is better than we have but not really someone we expect to be building the club on.
  2. Keep the faith or ditch the disaster?

    Seen a few people suggesting Brown should take over, I think people are underestimating how old he is - the guys only 28, I can’t see him being too keen to concentrate on management at this stage of his career. If we did decide to let Fullarton go then as a short term appointment I’d be looking more to Aspin or even Collins to get us to the end of the season then reassess. The other internal candidate would be Clarke imo.
  3. Scot, Scot, where are thousest Scot.

    At least he could out jump Quigley for our aimless hoofs forward.
  4. He’s Gone!

  5. Now Is The Time To Go

    Believe it or not I’ve no idea who you are. You just seem rather odd and deluded. I presume you’ll be the one at the Havant game who looks like this though?  
  6. Now Is The Time To Go

    Ok, where’s your face?
  7. Now Is The Time To Go

    No, don’t. It’s the most entertaining Halifax thing that’s happened all day.  Call him a clown again and warn him. If only because he is and it’d be funny.
  8. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    I suspect if they made it free entry and gave everyone a months notice there'd be those who insist on moaning and would still not turn up.
  9. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    Of all the arguments against it, saying it's badly executed is strange - the offer is there, you turn up and pay to get it. Not sure how it could have been executed better. There's no messing about with vouchers to collect or conditions attached, couldn't be easier.
  10. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    There's some utter tripe posted on here at times. Lets be honest, the club had no reason to make any sort of an offer, but have been proactive and come up with one. Football, particularly at Halifax Town, is predominantly watched by white men over 30. This offer might just encourage these regular fans to bring along the family (wife, kids, grand kids etc.) for a day out and not break the bank. I suspect the biggest gripe a lot have is due to greed and the fact that they don't feel they benefit directly. Seems a lot of fans urging the club to have offers to grow the fan base actually mean they only want offers that save them money. Claiming they want to grow the fan base just sounds better than them being honest and saying they want to pay less.   For what it's worth I've a season ticket so I won't benefit at all (the last thing I want is the other half to be wanting to come to games!) but I can see it's a good idea. There's no extra conditions attached - no arriving at the ground to get a special ticket, or needing to enter with a full paying adult. Great idea, hopefully one of many to come.
  11. Bury B (H) Saturday 16th February 2019

    Available and food 
  12. Ask Away................

    I may have understood wrongly, or it may be that others who speak with the Chairman in the coming weeks feel stronger about the photos than me. Personally I just want the bar to feel less like a bloody rugby bar. And I'd be more bothered about getting TV's that don't lose signal when someone uses their phone nearby than I am with whether there's a picture of Dudley Lewis on the wall rather than Tony Barras.
  13. Ask Away................

    My understanding was that it will be a timeline of FCHT.
  14. Ask Away................

    The idea of the meeting (and the ones to follow with the other groups) wasn't to sit and be told exclusively of special initiatives the club have in mind, it was more of a brainstorm session to allow the club to see the range of issues there are out there. They can then look to compile a priority list of the most common things to address and attempt to work through. While we ended up talking for a good hour and a half about all things both on and off the pitch, the problem with it just being me there is that it means there were only my views and suggestions being aired rather than a broader cross section. In no particular order some of main points were: Ticket prices are to be looked at for next season but its a difficult balancing act as costs increase both on and off the pitch every season, particularly with the stadium. Concerns over concession prices are being looked at, suggested the possibility of a slightly lower standing admission for all in relation to seated. Gate money alone only covered around 53% of the playing staff wages up to the end of December. Sponsorships, corporate, commercial, golf days, sporting dinners and the like help to cover the rest. Mr B was keen to stress that this season and next season the club have budgeted for a 6 figure loss each season. This is budgeted and affordable as profits from all the previous seasons are there to be used for this. Our budget is not as bad as it's been suggested. We're definitely not shopping in poundland but we can't pay ridiculous wages either. We were in for Connor Wilkinson from Gillingham but he would have wanted wages of £1.5k a week (half his Gillingham wage), more than we can offer. Dagenham took him on loan at £1.5k then made the deal permanent at £3k a week. That's not a market we can compete in. We've paid transfer fees on a few occasions for players in this squad. We are not in any financial issues, the club is run as leanly as possible to ensure as much goes to the playing budget as we can afford, but all bills are and will be paid. A club (we can all probably guess which) spoke to Kosy before Christmas and offered terms, then spoke to us to enquire about signing him. We turned them down. It seems likely that another club will sign him this summer when his contract is up. Had it not been for the TV money we'd have made a £1k loss on the Wimbledon cup game after match costs, their travelling expenses etc. were deducted and then the remainder was split 50/50 with the clubs. That does include £5k spent on additional pitch covers to ensure the game didn't fall victim to the weather - Wimbledon (with a little persuasion from our President) agreed to contribute half of this cost. After costs were deducted our share of the trophy replay at Solihull was £47. No board member have ever taken a penny out of the club, in fact they still put money in each season that covers general expenses - additional overnight stays, training gear etc. All things that largely go unnoticed. Player recruitment is down to the manager, if he wants a player and they're affordable then we'll bring them in. The board won't interfere and say they don't rate players, they certainly won't suggest who should play. Supporters bar has a design ready to go - a timeline with photos of highlights from along the journey. There's an awareness that it's taken too long to sort this. Was suggested that the occasional interview with the chairman should just have good news in it, not generally be tempered with talk of budgets. Possibility of a quarterly Q&A session online, or emailed questions answered. An effort to be made to have special offers that don't always include caveats - a suggested example of free kids season tickets available to all kids, not free kids season tickets available with the purchase of adult season tickets. Apologies as there's probably plenty of things I've forgotten as well. But I definitely left there feeling that there's a desire to improve things. Hopefully the coming meetings with different groups will be successful.