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  1. Blackpool (A) Friday 30th March

  2. Guiseley (A) Saturday 17th March 2018

  3. Hartlepool

    Would be an improvement on what Tuton has offered on the right for us the last two matches. He's at least unlikely to bugger off down the middle and stand next to Denton leaving us no outlet on the right, just so he can have more chance of scoring, regardless of how much it harms the team overall.
  4. V9 Academy

    presumably after a move to Newcastle, Sunderland or Middleborough.
  5. Bury B (H) Saturday 3rd March 2018

  6. Rugby

    Rugby are just as entitled to play on the pitch as we are, in the same way that we can’t call a game off the night before if it’s playable at that time, the rugby can’t call a game off if the ref feels it’s playable. It’s annoying but it’s the nature of the ground share. More of a concern is that this season there isn’t a 4-6 week period in the summer where the pitch can recover as the rugby argued against it. If it’s knackered now, it’s going to be even worse in 12 months when it’s not had any recovery time.
  7. New manager...What if...

    It's a tough one at our level, we're unlikely to be able to attract someone who's hugely successful at this level so we're left looking at one of four other options: An experience conference manager who's a mixed record of past success but most recently failure at this level. A manager who's managed in the league but not had any real success so is having to look to non-league to get a management role in the hope of being able to step up again. A manager who's had success at a lower level but hasn't yet had a chance to try at this level. An ex player with no managerial experience yet. All would have reasonably high levels of risk attached to them.   Sadly the money in the top tiers now means you're unlikely to get someone like Nigel Clough dropping into non-league to finish their playing career while starting their managerial career.
  8. Of local(ish) interest

    Be fun trying to level that pitch and have stands that you can see the new surface from. If they dig out the high side there'll be a 15 foot high wall down that touchline.
  9. Tonights games

    Descent - An act of moving downwards, dropping, or falling.   We've had enough of those in recent years thanks.
  10. Preston (A) Saturday 24th February 2018

     good one
  11. Preston (A) Saturday 24th February 2018

  12. More time

    It’s the same formation that Heath was criticised for playing.
  13. Bury B (H) Saturday 17th February 2018

    Available & food please
  14. Would it be worth a try mr b. ?

    If only they'd bring in some initiative where, under 12's say, could get a free season ticket so they can come along to games and become the fans of the future.
  15. Exactly what is a part time manager? If we want a manager who just takes training and picks the team then fine. Either one training session and two matches, or two training sessions and a match will require a manager on around 18 hours a week. Wouldn't it be better to actually be progressive though, bring someone in who's remit is also to attend youth games, scout opposition/players, maybe even do a bit of link up work with local schools 2 afternoons a week. Get a manager in who can take responsibility for the whole playing structure, yes have them primarily to have training on a Tuesday & Thursday evening and game day on Saturday, but if they're employed on a 40 hour week basis there's so much more that they can do - plus it makes things easier as & when we look to make the move to full time football.