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  1. Runcorn (A) Saturday 28th October 2017

  2. Rochdale (A) 21st October 2017

    Available and food
  3. Boreham Wood Thread

    Not Hibbs, we signed him off the back of a trial day. He didn't come through our youth set up, he was at Man City then joined Mossley and Hyde before signing for us.
  4. Boreham Wood Thread

    Inspired substitution.
  5. Heartbeat of Sport

    Of course. It's easy to forget. Every year.
  6. Heartbeat of Sport

    If they filed accounts on time and hadn't claimed to be a charity when they hadn't been registered, posts like that wouldn't exist. Like it or not, for all the good it may do the association with Tony Abbott casts a shadow over the entire operation. The fact that they can't or won't file accounts as they are meant to, even after dodgy Tony has left, only adds to suspicions that all is not fully above board. Why else would they consistently fail to file these details when they should?
  7. On this day 5th October

    That should have been a corner, not a goal. You're off the hook - blame the ref.
  8. Dean Keates - Clown

    He'd just get booked every game for taking his shirt off.
  9. Signings and Losses from each conference club

    I can't say I know what Neil Young has been doing, but I doubt very much he'd get the scouting job then sit at home each evening watching Corrie because he's been working his day job during the day. Not sure how long he's been employed by us but just maybe the players he's recommended have been turned down by Heath as not what he wants right now, maybe we want them but their club are refusing to sell or loan them out at the moment. Maybe Heath trusts his players and the team spirit so is reluctant to bring new people in for a month and risk upsetting that. For what it's worth I agree that we're a little short on numbers now and a new centre back and midfielder would be very useful. But in 3 days time Garner is available again, he'll obviously go back into the defence so any centre back would be a stop gap for 1 game. Duckworth is out for the next couple of months still, but Wilde has shown he can provide enough cover at right back and that allows Macca to play on the left - most would agree that Macca is the better player so do we drop Wilde (who's been as consistent as anyone for the last 12 months) or leave the new right back on the bench just in case he's needed. Same story in midfield, Garner returning means Hotte is likely going to replace Lynch in there, Oliver has got some stick recently but you only look at the Ebbsfleet game to see how much of a difference he makes to us. The Hotte & Oliver combination took us to a point off top a couple of weeks ago. The squad has been stretched, but the standard of player in our starting 11 is actually pretty high, there's no use bringing in loan players or new signings if they'll be on the bench at best - they need to be better than the starting 11 we have, and that's not as simple a task as some are suggesting.
  10. Boreham wood

    All town fans should stage a dirty protest in the club house.
  11. Dean Keates - Clown

    Jennings should have been booked after 3 minutes for his hack at Macdonald, presumably only escaped as the ref didn't want to show a yellow that early. Can't complain that he got a yellow when he eventually did. Pearson could have been sent off for his foul on Kosylo, he knew exactly what he was doing. Hotte should have been booked for his foul, I'd agree with that. Denton got booked for an innocuous push when going for a header - would never have been booked if the Wrexham back line hadn't gone racing to the ref every time he got the better of them. Didn't count the number of fouls Dents was penalised for, but I'd bet it's less than the number of times a defender fouled him or tried to pull his shirt off and got away with it.
  12. Wrexham game thread

    Superb displays from Brown & Hotte tonight, looked immense in the centre of defence. Didn't quite click at the other end though, although I did love the little nasty battle between Kosy and Roberts. Not sure what started it but it escalated from verbals and both could easily have been sent off on another day - the fact the ref allowed them both to do almost anything unpunished just added to the fun. Only Heath spoilt it by sending Kosy to the right instead. Wasn't much quality on show from either side, but after a slow first 45 the second half was end to end.  Just hope Macca is fit for Saturday after ending up collateral damage.
  13. Tonight's team.

    Seriously let it go. Manager subs an injured player - it's not something to be used to constantly try and criticise the manager for. You don't like him, we get it.
  14. The slaying of the red dragon

    It was the lack of centre backs that worried me with a back 5. Wilde did a job there for 45 minutes against a pretty average Bromley side, but Wrexham is going to be a different animal. The only discussion for me would be whether to go with Moyo at right back or play Wilde there and bring Macca in at left back. There are positives and negatives to both options really so its a tough one. I expect the back 4 to be the same as it was at Ebbsfleet unless we bring a new face in.
  15. The slaying of the red dragon

    We might need to quickly grow another defender to have that option.