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  1. Fans

    Doesn’t matter about filling the bench, we’ve a manager who won’t use the subs anyway. Not even if we’ve only 9 men on the pitch and 4 of them are out on their feet.
  2. Hartlepool

    If he catches the guys head we’ve no chance of winning an appeal imo. we’d have to be able to prove there was an error - footage filmed from 70 yards away in the east stand isn’t going to show if was accidental or intentional.
  3. Relegation form

    We’re not a bad side, but we’re certainly not a top 4 side either. I think we recruited reasonably for the season, but seemed to go a bit overboard bringing in wingers rather than a real striker. Fullarton seems to see Southwell as a number 10, leaving us Edwards or Preston as the main striker - neither of who have looked like they’ll score 20 goals in a season. Do agree with Flea’s comments about subs, football isn’t just about the 11 who start, in many occasions games are won or lost based on the changes made as the game goes on. Fullarton has used his subs very sparingly and we’ve conceded late goals too often already. Those facts seem connected IMO. Having said that, I do think we can all see what Fullarton is aiming towards. When it works we’ve looked great at times, but no team will play well every game. We’re having a bit of a wobble now and it’s now that Fullarton proves his ability, not when things are all rosy.
  4. Is it time to sack the green away kit

    Thanks Gok
  5. Adam Morgan - Next big thing

    There’s definitely talent there, but clearly seems to be damaged on a personal or mental level. If any manager can get him playing consistently and over a full season then they’ll have a fantastic player, but I fear he’ll end up out of the game totally in the next year or so.
  6. Salford (A) Saturday 22nd September 2018

    Available and food please.
  7. Michael Collins

    I take it you were massively against Lenighan coming in for the Salford game when we had a 100% record? Or Berrett and Scarz coming in after we beat Dagenham? By your own logic you must feel Fullarton isn’t backing his own players, shame you can’t get behind him like the rest of us.
  8. Today's poor attendance.

    You have a very strange obsession with licking arses. It’s a bit worrying. Being against a player signing but not boycotting the club or urging all others to do so and potentially damage the very club you claim to love isn’t licking an arse.    Oh and for the record, the club volunteer isn’t meant to read through your letters and pass them to the chairman, they’re meant to do the bits they volunteer for and live their life the rest of the time.
  9. Today's poor attendance.

    I've made no secret of not being happy about the signing of Lenighan, but your constant going on about boycotts and hounding club employees with letters and emails is genuinely making me feel more like taking the opposite view. Now you're advocating people blitz a club volunteer to vent their anger.   I hope Lenighan's stay with us is a short one, not least because I think he's about as talented a footballer as a lamp stand, but Halifax Town is bigger than one player.
  10. Salford Match thread

    Wouldn’t have dropped him, I’d have moved him to the number 10 roll and left out Edwards or Southwell. Away from home against one of the best sides in the league I’d have preferred to be more solid. We may be 4-2-3-1 on paper at the moment, but with two strikers in the side it leaves the 2 isolated at times.
  11. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    In fairness the only player we've had (to my knowledge) who had that baggage was Macca, and he seemed to knuckle down and take the second chance he was given. He certainly gave us as a club no reason for concern following his court date. Mr Lenighan was not guilty of the rape charge, but (as with Ched Evans) it certainly suggested his attitudes towards women and his personality were very warped. He then assaulted 3 women a couple of years after - getting sacked from Rotherham who I believe he hadn't even told about the court case. He seems to be a scummy person and a sh1tty footballer. Pity any team who take a chance on him.
  12. Salford Match thread

    Have a feeling it'll be a struggle tonight, if Staunton's still out then we'll be a little lightweight in midfield which could be crucial.
  13. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    People can change, but even if Lenighan is now a thoroughly nice bloke and upstanding member of the community I'm more concerned that he'll still be a bloody sh1t footballer.
  14. Lee gregory

    Wilder Out!
  15. Barrow Thread

    Thought both teams tried to overplay in the wrong areas at times, we certainly looked better being a little more direct - but there's nothing wrong with direct football. If we did ever go long it was a long pass mainly, rather than just an aimless smash up the field. Barrow definitely tried to play neat football but even when it came off they rarely created a clear chance, their only shots coming from 20 yard plus. When it didn't come off they left themselves open to our attacks and a more clinical side would probably have put 4 or 5 past them.