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  1. Man City (H) Saturday 5th Jan 2019

    Available & food
  2. Michael Collins situation

    Spot on. If we’ve been stupid enough to leave all recruitment to the manager and the first the chairman knows is when a player’s proposed contract is run by him, then God help us. We have to run to a budget - if the manager is too stubborn or stupid to be able to work within it then he needs to leave.
  3. Ebbsfleet

    So you’re saying JF would be good at his job if we gave him loads of money? That also seems to be his argument when he bleats on about the budget and its correlation with a team’s league position. My question is this: If the budget and finances dictate our position, what is JF bringing to the party? 
  4. Tonight’s draw

    Sunderland at home. or Bradford at home. or Barnsley at home.   But we’ll probably get Plymouth away.
  5. Lenighan leaving Town.

    Or any signs of an acceptance of his own mistakes. Preferring to constantly blame the players or the budget, never accept any responsibility for the team’s failings.
  6. Lenighan leaving Town.

    I'd moan if we only named 3 or 4 subs but had 2 or 3 players who we could have used but the manager decided against it to try and prove some point.
  7. Jamie Fullarton’s future

    Has it not occurred to you that the temporary form we had was actually the first 7 matches, not the last 12? Might it just be that we had a purple patch for 4 weeks, then reverted to our natural level - which is being crap. There’s no evidence to say our it’s the bad results that are the anomaly.
  8. Interview

    The bloke’s a buffoon. Was critical of Chesterfield being direct, despite it working for them and us not being able to keep them out. Was critical of Solihull’s ‘blind pressure’ even though we can only dream of being that high up the table. Now he’s seemingly criticising the ‘blind pressure’ that got us a goal back. Despite us not having scored for ages previously in his preferred style of play. I can only imagine that he prefers us to play a dull style that doesn’t involve players putting in a tackle, long balls up to a striker who rarely controls the ball nevermind wins a header then try to pick up the scraps up there.
  9. Solihull Thread

    Can't complain at a point away to one of the league high fliers - let's hope we can build on that this weekend and playing one of the poorer sides helps us pick up a win finally. We may have ridden our luck and also failed to score again last night, but I doubt there's a fan who wouldn't have taken a point before kick off.
  10. U19’s Season 2018/19

    someone has to pay the fictitious wages for our players.
  11. So what's gone wrong?

    No, I asked if you were a troll or not bright because you seem to be suggesting that not winning for 10 games (after proving the squad has the talent and ability for the first 6 or 7 games of the season) is not anything 'wrong'. If you genuinely believe what you say, then congratulations I can confirm you're not a troll.
  12. Manager Interviews

    Makes perfect sense, whether you believe we should be looking to be recruiting for a new boss in the near future or not it's common sense. Ultimately the club chairman should have the final say on an appointment, but tapping into the knowledge of a trusted & experienced person before making such a crucial recruitment decision should be a no brainer. Some clubs have director's of football for just this sort of knowledge.
  13. So what's gone wrong?

    Are a troll or just not the brightest?   What's gone wrong: We haven't won for 10 league games. We've picked up 6 points from the last possible 30. Only Havant and Dover have a worse record since August. Only Chesterfield (5) and Maidstone (4) have scored less goals than us (6) in the last 10. We've only won away once all season - on the opening day. We have players playing out of position every game, despite having obvious players on the bench who could fill those roles. Our work rate is shocking. The football being played is as route one as anything we saw under Heath. Our manager is inexperienced but has shown no signs of being willing or able to learn from the mistakes this will inevitably lead to.
  14. Today’s NLP

    Noticed that Clarke & Staunton were the ones in the courier giving their view not Fullarton. Not sure if Fullarton decided not to do post match interviews or if Scargill just got fed up of printing rubbish so spoke to someone else who could talk sense. They did manage to contradict Fullarton who's spent weeks telling us we're playing well, creating chances and making fans happy - the players admitted we're not creating much and it's a struggle at the moment.
  15. Dayle Southwell

    Southwell leading the line, King playing in the hole behind him. Its obvious to everyone whos watched us this season, but not to our glorious leader. I fully expect King to be benched again on Tuesday and Lenighan to be recalled.