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  1. Chester (H) Saturday 23rd December 2017

    50/50 depending on injury
  2. Macclesfield FA TROPHY Admission Prices

    I’m boycotting by going to London for a weekend I booked 5 months ago, knowing full well that we’d be  rubbish for the previous 13 games.
  3. Time for action

    You certainly make as much sense as most of the long term members here. If you're really new, just remember the rules and you'll be fine:   Take whatever view on things you want, but if yours isn't a view shared by most people then it's because they're sheep. If someone disagrees with you, you have every right to rant about how they don't respect your opinion, but you're well within your rights to shout down all those who's views you disagree with. No one knows more about the game you've watched than someone who hasn't watched it, but had it described to them and saw highlights. There are more people on some ignore lists than have ever signed up to this forum. If all else fails, flounce.
  4. Selling Kosylo would be madness

    Love the way someone sees a rumour on a random transfer site and suddenly it's absolute fact. Kossy may go, but the bloke's injured. Don't believe everything you read on the internet.
  5. Waring Thin

    Think I remember someone saying we'd filled our quota of short term loans already, if that's true then it makes sense to extend his loan another month as we otherwise only have Morgan & Denton as strikers available. He's looked capable when he's played but not stood out as someone to be a longer term answer for us.
  6. Disciplinary League The Courier

    Very few people would complain that we're overly physical during a match. Our problem isn't getting players booked or sent off for fouls, it's the number of bookings we've picked up for dissent or reacting to a foul and lashing out. That is very much something the manager can and should be controlling. No player epitomizes it more than Kosylo - fantastic talent but temperament is shocking and he doesn't seem to make any attempt to be less moody or highly strung as the season goes on. I doubt very much if a manager like Aspin would put up with it.
  7. North Ferriby

    I'd guess that depends on the next month or so with us. If he turns fortunes around and gets a couple of wins this side of Christmas then his CV will still look very impressive to any prospective future employer. If our current shocking run of form carries on then he really will likely be out of a job and have a CV that looks brilliant up to Conference North level, but shows a serous failing at National level.
  8. Final posting

    Barring the recent posts that degenerated into personal insults and claims that some of our more loyal supporter are "not true fans", seemingly because they didn't share his views about the manager? He was certainly a well respected member, but the constant need to criticise certain club officials and then spout off personal abuse at those who stuck up for said officials makes him no better than the trolls you speak of.
  9. Who to leave out

    Unless we're playing with wingbacks you can't get a midfield 3 and a front 2 (unless you defend like Kelly). And the centre of the pitch gets crowded and congested regardless of formations, it's why the grass always gets worn away here rather than on the wings as it's where most of the players are running up and down.
  10. A Plea Moving Forward

    I think you owe NSD £100?
  11. Final posting

    You big liar you - your post before this was clearly not your final posting. If we can't believe you on this then how can we believe the claims you made about whether some of our fellow postees are actually the scum of the earth (supporting the manager is far far worse than murdering someone after all) or if they enjoy some casual rimming as you claimed. I feel betrayed by your hurtful lies!
  12. Who to leave out

    Never seen the love in with Kosylo playing behind the strikers, in the time's he's played there only once did he really look decent. He's having a great season on the wing, scoring goals, beating full backs and looking like a genuine talent - quite why we'd want to stick him into a crowded midfield area I've no idea. Have him one on one with a full back and if the opportunity is there for him to cut inside he rarely needs asking twice. If it's not broke then don't fix it.
  13. From the highlights vs Eastleigh.....

    Clarke played the engine role in centre midfield, Batty just isn't that type of player. If you play a midfield 2 then at least one of them needs to be ball winner who'll cover the more creative player alongside him. It was never a choice between Batty and Clarke, it was Batty or Hibbs - Heath made the right call. When Batty came on he played on the left, did a good job but again the performances prove Heath was right to start McManus in that role.
  14. Heath In

    If fans get into the panto side of things and give unrelenting stick to players or officials from either team, then that player or official has every right to enjoy the moment when it all goes right for them. Heath oversaw his side recover from 2-0 and 3-1 down, plus going a man down to get a point. Yawning or blowing kisses is tame if you ask me.
  15. Jake Hibbs

    Hibbs & Clarke did enough to deserve to keep their places in the side for the next match at least. Actually complimented each other well, Hibbs has the desire to burst forward with the ball that not many other in our midfield do - it doesn't always come off for him so having a player like Clarke, or Hotte alongside him gives us the bit of cover we need. One thing we do gain when Hibbs plays is a genuine dead ball threat - free kicks and corners looked so much more threatening on Saturday. You can't pick him just for that, but (like Roberts had his long throws) it's a hell of an added bonus when he get's into the team on merit. It's one game so let's not get too carried away, but if both of them can prove their doubters wrong and play at that level consistently then we'll do just fine.