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  1. No new signings ?.

    Moyo gives his all but you know he has that mistake in him which could cost defo bring in a better rb if theres one around...oliver ok but id bring in another creative midfielder...and id defo bring in another forward...morgan either unplayable or non existent...can be so frustrating...miles away from goal and shoots rather than easy ball....
  2. Dominic Marie.....

    As poor as we were v tranmere...we were crying out for a tough tackling midfielder to come on...oliver not interested in 50/50 challenges...3-1 down give hibbs a go...but no bring on 2 central midfielders and play them out of position...wrong decisions on Saturday in my eyes...lets see if we get in some much needed reinforcements 
  3. Boreham Wood Thread

    Tranmere dont worry me one bit..they aren't exactly on fire...tommo/morgan up top...garner in moyo out...charles or josh in for kossy...bring the underachieving gob shites on!!!
  4. Garner

    If we're so short at the back can we recall ross barrows from ferriby? How's he doing in a struggling side? Cant rely on moyo week in week out...prone to too many errors
  5. Team for Solihull and beyond

                           Johnson             Riley    garner  brown  Duckworth                         macca                  Lynch  dixon oliver                            Kosylo                   Morgan or tomlinson                              Thats the team for me...
  6. How will BH set up against Barrow?

                          Johnson     Duckworth riley brown garner macca       Dixon oliver lynch            Kosylo                Tomlinson or morgan 
  7. Predictions for 2017/18

    Top 10 finish...hopefully sneak into play off spots....think we'll get a other striker in on loan tho
  8. NFU game

    Barrows needs more run outs..i expected him to play at least a half v Carlisle...we are moaning about cliff and getting a decent rb when we have a lad already on our books
  9. Connor Oliver

    Jesus that would be interesting!!!
  10. Connor Oliver

    Id be happy with him in that role but who plays on right cos mcdonald looks bang out of form
  11. Connor Oliver

    Kossy played through the middle v chorley at shay in league and was his best game of season
  12. Connor Oliver

    For me mcdonald doesn't get in the starting line up...hes no different to last season...charles and kossy on the wings please
  13. Best starting line up?

    Johnson Moyo(if no new rb) garner brown macca  Kossy (rm) Oliver lynch Charles (lm) Tomlinson denton
  14. Connor Oliver

    He was top draw yesterday...and i agree he's better than sinnott and has a better engine...he oozes class and makes it look very happy with that signing
  15. 17/18 Squad

    Back on loan....just hope they bring in someone 4 roberts cos moyo is not the answer