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  1. Mekhi McLeod

    Another transfer announced  
  2. JJRyan3377

    The wrexham fans are definitely in meltdown on twitter...hope mft doesnt read some of the comments...poor lad not even kicked a ball yet and they're already on his case!!!
  3. Casting the net a lot further.

    Totally agree...if he's gonna be lb we're screwed...squad member yes but he's not good enough to play lb week in week out
  4. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    This current English crop have no huge expectations on their shoulders...thats why i think they will do well....oh does anyone know when the other home nations games are in this world cup??!!

    Spoke to frannys wife yesterday as she gave me the details for his funeral...i asked if she wanted me to put details on ere and she was more than happy with that....details are:-11th june 12.30pm at dewsbury crematorium...
  6. Billy Heath

    Be amazed if macca signed for heath...he isn't his biggest fan
  7. Macca - final call?

    What a servant he has been...a real fans one will ever forget his wembley winner...hope the club reward him for his services...#legend
  8. Tranmere thread

    Thomson is very poor...not a patch on josh for today...shite utter shite...tranmere are a decent team but we made em look like world passion or desire...a waste of a saturday afternoon 
  9. Sutton thread

    Every halifax player on that pitch were immense...hotte probably m.o.m...but macca moving to centre back was top notch...for me nial maher is a unsung hero...cleans up just in front of the back 4 and his distribution is 1st class...once we're safe ill be looking forward to next season with fullertons own squad of players in and hopefully nearer the top 10 at least
  10. Sam Johnson

    Collins once again was top mom...fondop maybe missed a sitter by like someone said in the previous post he brings more to the team than denton...thomson was poor...too lightweight and not up for it...hanson played well until injury...macca at cb was very good...big sams 2 saves were top draw...15 clean sheets for the season so keeper
  11. Hartlepool

    If we're low on players especially on the wing why cant khan be thrown in there?...
  12. New Manager info

    If bower is the boards choice then i dont think things will improve anytime soon
  13. Heath’s gone!!!

    Hope they'd already lined up tommy miller before they let heath go...for me he's the man
  14. Tuton is back!

    Do we know 100% what actually went on before he left?...because after he'd signed for barnsley he came down to the shay the following tuesday and chatted to the players by the dug out as they warmed up...then jim harvey came over and gave him a hardly looked like they'd got a problem with him
  15. Has he been sacked yet?

    The players did their best?...ok billy...but quite a few of those players arent up to playing at this level...and you put this squad together...not so long ago you said "its a results business"...well we ain't getting results billy