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  1. Fullarton Out ????

    The streaker was a bit like edwards in the game....ran for a bit...then dissapeared!!!!
  2. Chesterfield at Home

    Piss poor...we are gonna struggle...edwards lenighan shud not be near the team....a certain mr collins was there yesteday...what id give to have him back....we need a creative midfielder and a out n out goalscorer or we are screwed
  3. Chesterfield at Home

    Warrington next week is not gonna be a sure thing on this form...
  4. Chesterfield at Home

    Jf love in for edwards baffles me....he brings nothing to the team...£20 for folk to watch that....its gonna be a long season....
  5. Quality player whos wasted himself choosing wales over England 
  6. Aldershot

    Collins or tommy miller if jf does get the boot
  7. Cameron King

    Dont need 2 defensive midfielders playing creating....hence why we look so poor going forward...
  8. Collins

    Besides a forward we need a collins mould player in...berrett/lenighan are not the answer...edwards for me brings nothing to the he was mom baffles me....a home point against the worst fylde team ive seen in the last few yrs and they could have nicked all 3points...jf needs to changes things a touch...its not good to watch and folk aren't going to pay £20 a pop to watch that brand of football hence why the crowds are slowly decreasing
  9. Fylde Tuesday

    I'll be there tonight but cant say im full of forward threat...and no creativity in midfield....and no matty brown....but sometimes forced changes can spring a suprise result....lets see how it goes
  10. Hartlepool

    Team for tues Johnson Sellars clarke maher hanson Mcloud king lenighan odelusi                   Preston                          Southwell Need more flair and attacking threat 
  11. Josh Macdonald

    Thought i heard someone say they spoke to him at ht and he said he won't play this year??
  12. Reality Check

    Up top is a problem and we do need a goalscorer....but we need a creative midfielder badly...dan gardner mould with someone doing the dirty work along side him....with players to come back from injury im still hopeful of a play off spot...the promotion race isn't won in September 
  13. It’s quiet on here

    Who are the 2 trialists???
  14. No 16 Today

    For me preston up top just behind southwell...edwards dropped....maher in for lenighan...while tomo is out try odelusi out on the right
  15. No 16 Today

    Lenighan is no where near a better player in that position than nial maher....and edwards is not the answer to partner southwel....he won nothing in the air...cant beat his man...and his first touch is shocking