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  1. Has he been sacked yet?

    The players did their best?...ok billy...but quite a few of those players arent up to playing at this level...and you put this squad together...not so long ago you said "its a results business"...well we ain't getting results billy 
  2. His last game in charge

    Tommy Miller 
  3. FA trophy

    A good cup run is good but with our current league of form and depleted squad i wouldn't be bothered if we went out at the 1st hurdle...more important things to worry about
  4. Lame excuses

    Depleted in midfield...short on bodies and still he ignores hibbs....clueless
  5. Josh Clackstone

    Maybe sinnott back on loan? He's hardly getting a kick at chesterfield 
  6. Woking at Home..Heaths last stand?

    Sharper maybe...but they can play football and adapt accordingly...we cant
  7. Woking at Home..Heaths last stand?

    Whilst we are all moaning on ere(me included) about various topics ie going full time...billy heath...and playing decent football...we do not need investment to be a good footballing side...we need players that are used to and capable of playing football on the deck...we dont need to be full time to achieve this either...the tactics/signings lie with the gaffer...if his players aren't up to playing pretty football or been able to customise themselves to plan a b or c then this lies at the gaffers door.he brought in the players...he decides formations/tactics/substitutions at the end of the day we have billys players playing his way...and at the moment its not working at all
  8. Tranmere game thread

    Simply shocking...great turn out by the away fans and let down by a manager who continues to baffle me
  9. Interest in Kossy!

    Must have something for the Jamie vardy v9 academy scouts to select him for trials  
  10. Interest in Kossy!

    I was saying last night that maidstone no 32 i think called pigot was football league quality...and maidstone impressed me...good footballing team 
  11. Connor Oliver

    Totally agree...oliver was not brilliant but cheering him been subbed is not on...probably the same idiots that booed hamza coming on...get a grip...the guys a human being and confidence in football is key...doesnt need fans on his back..he will know he'd had a bad game and been subbed is enough.heath actually turned round and shook his head at the fans who were cheering olivers substitution 
  12. Maidstone Thread

    Why on earth did we purchase tickets for tranmere away this sat??!!!....
  13. Maidstone Thread

    We are poor...but maidstone actually playing football and even tho ref is poor they deserve to be ahead...our bench is weak and we look to have no desire...very poor
  14. Torquay thread

    Poor conditions...poor game...but we should be taking 3 points.the weather was bad for both teams so no excuses...if its very windy play it on the deck...its not rocket science...also the bench is too weak...waring more mobile than dents but no where near as good as him as a ariel some earlier thread said moyo bricks it when he receives the ball...
  15. No new signings ?.

    Moyo gives his all but you know he has that mistake in him which could cost defo bring in a better rb if theres one around...oliver ok but id bring in another creative midfielder...and id defo bring in another forward...morgan either unplayable or non existent...can be so frustrating...miles away from goal and shoots rather than easy ball....