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  1. Altrincham

    Maybe not to you or me but maybe it's a word you like to use eh 
  2. Altrincham

    Yeh, Trev called me a faggot because i was beating him in an argument and simply wondered when his arse would be appearing on Beacon Hill.
  3. Mental Health

    Ok, this is worth a try. I'm going to start posting on this forum every day....
  4. JF playing injury

    Did it happen in a cup final? We could use the 'Dave Whelan effect' to help us like Wigan
  5. Downtime

    Is JF still using the duck analogy, calm on the surface but working away underneath? Sinking ship, more like drowning duck me thinks.
  6. Best football

    Whenever Andre Gray missed he got the 'you're not Lee Gregory' treatment then that goal went in and it was a chorus of 'we've got Lee Gregory'. What a time to be alive.
  7. Eastleigh Saturday

    Something I've just been reading is that Uranus is gonna be visible to everyone in Britain tonight, you finally heading up Beacon Hill?
  8. Are we signing this streaker or what? Cut straight through that Chesterfield defence better than any of our strikers.
  9. Stuart Lewis

    A whole day and neilstewart hasn't replied with 'how about I edit your face' 
  10. Super Geoffrey Horsfield

  11. Is it time to sack the green away kit

    Green kits don't work. We beat Chester in the FA Cup when they wore green, we smashed Worcester 5-0 or something and remember when Bradford beat Liverpool in that horrible green kit. 
  12. Player on trial

    Antwi-Nyame, thought he was a goalkeeper, very unlucky to never make the Scotland squad.
  13. Odds For The New Season

    Southwell 50/1 top scorer with BetVictor, could be worth an each way 1/4 first 3, might be able to get better price though when other bookies release their prices.
  14. Absolutely Choked

    Might not get such an easy route through like that again but might not need it in 4/8 years time when the Foden's and Sancho's come good. Future looks good anyway with recent success, Southgate helped start it hopefully he'll be there when we win it.
  15. Dayle Southwell

    Yeah but is it South-well or Suthull? To me the racecourse is Suthull but I've always called him South-well.