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  1. A League of their Own

    Looks like it's moved to Sky who seem to love them with the whole Super 6 thing too. First series was called Class of 92: Out Of Their League, second was Class of 92: A League Of Their Own and this new third series is called Class of 92: Full Time. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11667/11161677/class-of-92-full-time-sky-sports-documentary-with-ryan-giggs-paul-scholes-nicky-butt-gary-and-phil-neville  
  2. Gagged

    Chrisbo seems to be in the panto spirit, chrisbo short for Christopher Biggins? 
  3. End of the road, no further words

    It will be like The Muppet Xmas Carol, Mr B is Gonzo and AFC is Rizzo the rat.
  4. Bulk discount

    Probably the same man who said 8 legs of venison was too dear.
  5. Missing post.

    God, why did you make Maradona a gifted footballer but then give him an extra helping hand in 1986?
  6. Missing post.

    Ibiza was more than 2 years ago, you've been at Leicester 5 years.
  7. David Bosomworth.

    Why do those areas need attention before Chester, what about the crack?
  8. His last game in charge

    This is why we should've got Paul Cox, not many would've fancied chanting Cox out.
  9. David Bosomworth.

    Clause to extend only with promotion I believe, so basically no 
  10. David Bosomworth.

    Already covered that. Tricky situation, could be vital to us and worth keeping even if he'll eventually go for free. Although you have to think if he's the kind to do a Gregory and knuckle down if he doesn't get his move or do a Tuton. Talking of Gregory, struggled to get goals in the Championship but put in a MOM display vs his beloved Blades, great goal and assist.
  11. David Bosomworth.

    Yeah someone else has just made that point to me, it is the end of the season, no doubt the BOD will cash in on him in January then and it could be another Tuton situation as I wouldn't be too confident on Heath replacing him with suitable player and he is a vital one to our current situation.
  12. David Bosomworth.

    Should never sell your best player in January, if they're that good they will be worth more come the end of the season and possibly get a better move like Gregory.   ULRIKAKAKAKAKAKA
  13. His last game in charge

    Had to follow up our last outing with a similarly positive performance. To not get any points at home against a team in the same sort of position as us isn't really on after the run of games we've had. Doesn't fill me with optimism. Although don't think we'll need a new manager until next season but I would like to see us going for a younger up and coming manager with a more positive and modern approach. I actually think we had the right sort of idea with Kelly, just mighty foolish going for someone who already has a relegation on their CV after their first job with no positives. Some people will shake their heads but I would go with someone like Tommy Miller, had a noticeable good effect on our team and Spennymoor doing well with him involved with Ainsley. A good pro who played under many managers, will probably have built up quite a contact list up and down the leagues and knows a few of our players. I would take the risk anyway.
  14. Disciplinary League The Courier

    So did Sam get sent off for urinating like the Salford keeper? Think we could get it overturned with this picture evidence.
  15. North Ferriby

    I think this statement is complete BOLDERdash