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  1. Absolutely Choked

    Might not get such an easy route through like that again but might not need it in 4/8 years time when the Foden's and Sancho's come good. Future looks good anyway with recent success, Southgate helped start it hopefully he'll be there when we win it.
  2. Dayle Southwell

    Yeah but is it South-well or Suthull? To me the racecourse is Suthull but I've always called him South-well.
  3. In Whitby yesterday

    Nah surely he knows how to spell his own name  may have been an actual fan called Fondom Talop? What are the chances?!
  4. banners

    Yeh be more like Trev https://youtu.be/1fjC3zQu9ds  
  5. Accrington Stanley.

    Owner reveals his secrets...
  6. Deluded brother still deluded as ever.
  7. Adam Morgan

    Spamming and Trolling Neither are acceptable. Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases or pure gibberish is spam and will be treated as such. Creating topics for the sole purpose of causing unrest, or causing disturbances such as picking fights or continuing an over-done argument is trolling, as is insulting other users without reason. Calling someone a troll is itself trolling. Abusing the report post function is itself trolling.
  8. Points watch

    Good to see that W pattern forming, a bit later than i would have liked as the bullish momentum we'll get from the bounce off the 2015-16 line won't be enough to reach our target zone of the playoffs now. Next year will be our year.
  9. Adam Morgan

    What are you talking about ya whopstick. Just because I chose not to express it on here doesn't mean I was happy with things.
  10. Adam Morgan

    Probably Greggs.

    In his interview with Thomas Feaheny he talks about being fortunate to have an insight into how the chairman sees us moving forward. In that Radio Leeds interview he talks likes he's been asked not to reveal certain info, saying behind the scenes they're working like mad and being privy to inside info and discussions he feels even more so that he has a genuine opportunity to be successful.  Just seems like hints at going full time to me.

    Any idea who his assistant might be? Heard he wanted to bring Steve Coppell in at Notts County, don't think he would come here even if it was to get out of India 
  13. New Signing

    About time we replaced Darren Mansaram.

    Can't wait for Fullarton's Fish & Chips Night.
  15. Appointment urgently needed

    Does Mark Gould still do some scouting for us?