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  1. Jordan Nobbs

    I wasn't. The name on its own sounded like some guy who maybe's played half a season for Ossett and now JF thinks he can make the step up and 'do a job'.
  2. 19/20 player rumours

    Well, my thinking was (aside from his West Yorks connection) is that Wimbledon are one of the worst league one teams, and if they don't want him, clubs might not exactly be forming a huge queue even in League Two.
  3. 19/20 player rumours

    James Hanson available on a free. Might as well try?
  4. Duku - Torquay United

  5. Borehamwood

    Can't find anything on the net about either of these two club's ground improvements.   Which club is that in the picture?
  6. Solihull is a bigger town than Halifax to be fair. I see it as a reasonable attempt at filling an untapped geographical niche (ala Salford) rather than promoting a daft hobby club (like Forest Green and Fleetwood).  
  7. Not hard to guess we've probably slowed down and reached about 600-650. It's the same principal as a record release dropping slowly down the charts week by week. If we sign some decent players throughout the summer however, that could be the equivalent of an extra release on vinyl or limited edited retro tape deck that produces another spike in sales for those uninterested in the original CD version. Has to be decent players though. Signing Edwards and Preston-alikes will only produce the effect of having the record delisted and taken off the shelf completely.  Then you can kiss goodbye to it going platinum.     
  8. Lee Gregory

    Not knocking their decision but Berahino is a lost cause anyway, and they would probably prefer him off the wage bill. He had 1 good season years ago and how many years of people's time has he wasted since?
  9. 19/20 player rumours

    I'd rather he scored bagloads of goals (not mentioned in that list, worryingly). If he scored goals, I wouldn't care if he was an ugly pro, a poor leader, and farted a lot in the dressing room.
  10. Kosy

    Kosylo is potentially the Alexi Sanchez of the non-league. He'll end up moving sideways and being equally unsuccesful and then his new fans will be like 'what the hell did we sign?' and we'll be like 'no idea. He was bang average for about a year before he left, so no idea why you even took him off us'.
  11. 19/20 player rumours

    If Stead comes it has to be on Quigley type wages. Or no deal. Absolute insanity blowing a huge chunk of budget on a risky has-been. You might as well blow it on someone else.
  12. Signings, signings, signings. Don't know what our latest sales figure is but there will always be a portion of fans who want to make sure there's a half competitive squad in place before signing away their next 12 months of matchdays. That's just a fact of life at any football club. The squad we have at the moment - and admittedly it's still early in the summer - is pure relegation fodder.          
  13. Quigley Signs For Barrow .

    Glad Quigley has gone. Just didn't work. I, like the above, remain hopeful about Rodney (even via season long loan maybe). I know it's early days but still waiting for some kind of exciting - or interesting - news on the transfer front. The chairman has made a big song and dance about 'securing' Clarke and Johnson but these are signings I would have been shocked had they not happened.
  14. Jon Stead

    No to Stead.
  15. 10 yrs. Never seen any Football League action.