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  1. Hanson

    No he is not injured or unavailable. The Manager is just not selecting him. The truth.
  2. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Hang on here, am I wrong didn't Maidstone hammer high spending  Salford last week 3 0. So tonight's victory with a biased homer ref 2 players injured first half. It's got to be credit where. Well done Fullarton well done team. You've got to remember Fullarton is still learning his trade. Bloody hell that took some writing after some of my recent posts. But hope I have to do the same post time and time again this season. STID still.
  3. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Didn't know JGN1 worked for William Hill.
  4. Unbelievable Jeff

    Fullarton has probably been sacked, you will find out at 19 15 tonight. 
  5. Sack the idiot.

    It's quite obvious after last Saturday's dross that the club can't fund sacking Fullarton. If the money was available he would have gone. I'm afraid we are going to have to bite the bullet and hope we stop up by some miracle until his contract is up.
  6. He’s Gone!

    As Captain Mainwaring from dads army would say, Stupid Boy Pan.
  7. James Hardy

    When he was warming up on the touchline before he came on I thought it was a jockey, I was looking for his horse.
  8. Unanimous

    Fullarton pluses. King, Clarke. Fullarton minuses. Sellers, Edwards, Southwell, Odulusi, Maher, Staunton, Quigley, Preston, Berrett, Skarz. McLeod. That's a full team of duds. You can't blame Dithering Dave for that.
  9.  Have all three clubs ever been relegated in the same season ? Could happen this year.
  10. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    Let's be honest we've got the best two centre backs in league Browny and Clarke we would be well in the smelly stuff without them.
  11. Now Is The Time To Go

    Bossy will take the austerity route, he knows what state the club are in financially we don't. I personally would like to see Michael Collins back as player manager, or Matty Brown if he has the qualifications. Collins will be keen to do well after his Brad City disappointment and is a local lad give him with Browny a go. The supporters would back them. If Fullarton is still Manager after today it a financial thing the club can't afford to shunt him.
  12. Now Is The Time To Go

    I was in total agreement until the Aspin back bit. 
  13. Away kit

    Steve I've sent a PM.
  14. Away kit

    No I won't show my face at the next meeting, I'll be too busy on my cruise round The Canaries and Madeira. What a plonker I am. 
  15. Away kit

    I don't want a say on the away kit, I'd like a vote on the next Manager. Give the supporters the list of applicants and let us decide. Can we possibly do worse than Dithering Dave's appointments?