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  1. Play with Passion and Play for the Badge..

    I see Jacko regularly when I'm on my long walks, he has his shorts on he walks miles round the Baliff Bridge, Lightcliffe and Hove Edge area. He also did the weekend football round up on Calendar last Monday he looks fine.
  2. Up Beacon Hill with no manager to blame

    You sound like Arthur Scargill, one out all out.
  3. Board

    Love your passion mate.
  4. Play with Passion and Play for the Badge..

    Check your maths SS.
  5. Board

    Football is like everything else in life you need some luck, ifs and buts if Leicester had sold Vardy and we got sellĀ  on money same with Gregory. But it hasn't happened. The present BOD don't want to gamble their own money on FC Halifax Town,, would you.
  6. Play with Passion and Play for the Badge..

    How old was George Mulhall when we won the league Bollox?
  7. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    No we have to have 11 Bollox it's in the rules.
  8. Play with Passion and Play for the Badge..

    I remember his last game at The Shay playing centre half for us. Running in front of the Skircoat motivating the crowd never mind his teammate's. Jacko has a great knowledge of the game great motivator and good contacts, just like George Mulhall had and what did he do for Halifax.
  9. Play with Passion and Play for the Badge..

    First half performance today good. Don't know what Young said at half time today but apart from Collins, MacManus, Brown and Hibbs who he subbed for some reason rest not interested. I've suggested it before and we probably can't afford it but I'd love to see a motivator like Pete Jackson as Director of football with Michael Collins as coach doing the technical stuff.
  10. Ebsfleet

    I think you are being unfair to Tuton, we all know the lad can can play. Get the team and set up right and Tuton in right position and he will keep us up. Some are saying Heath leaving is the reason for Denton's poor performance today, but I think pathetic refereeing decisions really pissed him off. Man of the match Collins by a mile. Kosylo needs to stop giving away free kicks with his petty bad tempered fouls.
  11. Ebsfleet

    Super save, it hit the fluorescence fairy and went over the bar he knew nothing about it.
  12. The Cox is out.....

    Cox made a balls, so the sack was a foreskin conclusion.
  13. Heath to Gainsborough?

    Stockport could win FA Trophy then move Heath in, sounds familiar.
  14. Guiseley tonight

    Bonfire night wouldn't be the same without Parkin.
  15. Guiseley tonight

    Full time 1 0 Head. Barrow 1 1 Sutton