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  1. Managers contracts

    Its difficult when the players you inherit when taking on the job were assembled by the previous manager. But sometimes the new man gets a better performance out of players. Fullarton has got more or less his own choice, the better players this season are the players he did not bring to the club. Ive always said the difference between a good and bad manager is a good one knows a footballer when he sees one. You cant make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
  2. Managers contracts

    What we don't know Flea is how much interference if any Bosomworth puts in. He likes to balance the books, but sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate. Does his tight purse prevent this. Managers will obviously try to prove their worth and keep their job by not spending, sticking to Bosomworths budget. Recent history proves his choice of Manager is not good, can only hope he is learning from his mistakes.
  3. Managers contracts

    You're in dj. 
  4. Reduced prices for Replay

    The draw for next round could influence supporters, a big club at home, or a crap draw away. Who knows.
  5. Managers contracts

    The next manager Town appoint should be vetted first by a panel appointed from this site. I will obviously be chairman of the panel with 5 members on it. I'm sure Shaytrev will make one in and Chadders. If we appoint the manager we can't moan then. Who's up for it.
  6. Replay

    Adults £12 Cons £10 kids £5 and £1. Thats ok I'm going.
  7. Replay

    You've got to admit though Monk Kermit was sh!te.
  8. Lenighan

    So as usual we don't know anything about how long Lenighan was signed for. I bet the stubborn Jock keeps him until the end of the season. 
  9. Replay

    Good at maths you Bollox.
  10. Replay

    Have you got no sense of humour. If you want a serious answer look at my post 6th October. Harvey and Collins. Have your cocoa and get to bed.
  11. Replay

    Danny Tetleys uncle after he's done the tiling for Tony Flower he can't be any worse.
  12. Replay

    He's only 37.
  13. Replay

    I was only joking about the discount Tony. His uncle will be skint after a weekend on the tiles in London.
  14. Replay

    I bought Danny Tetleys CD after watching him in our hotel in Benidorm last year Bollox. Nice bloke me and wife had a good natter with him. Did an OAP discount on the CD got it for 5 euro should have been 6 euro, take note Bosomworth.
  15. Replay

    Not Danny Tetley?