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  1. OAPs and Season Tickets

    There is a flatulence tax old farts pay full wack. The cheek of it.
  2. OAPs and Season Tickets

    There are no balls in a eunuchs underpants, so what.
  3. OAPs and Season Tickets

    I know why you are called awaydays your away with the fairies
  4. OAPs and Season Tickets

    My money or lack of it has nothing at to do with you. I worked in Engineering factories from being 15 to 65. I am not spending my hard earned so mega rich Bossy can over pay average footballers. I should for 60 years loyal support be subsidised not penalised.
  5. OAPs and Season Tickets

    How much money myself or other old farts have is irrelevant. Find me another club that doesn't do concessions for over 65 season ticket holders. Many clubs do the reduction at 60. Bossy can go throw **** at himself. He thinks all oldies have the same wealth has him. It a matter of principle PS Caribbean cruise with balcony on P&O Brittania was shite won't be going there again.
  6. OAPs and Season Tickets

    With a very heavy heart I have to say I will not be going to the The Shay next season. I am now 67 i have been going to watch Halifax Town since I was 7 years old. We are the only club I can find that does not do concessions for OAP's.  I simply can't afford it. Our Board of Directors must think we were all born with a silver spoon up our arse like they were. Very sad day like many others who don't attend football matches due to cost, I will still be supporting Town but unfortunately from my front room.      
  7. Salford

    When Gary Neville sacked them I bet they swore at him.
  8. Tranmere thread

    I agree, MacManus played well when moved to centre half. Thompson, I'm 67 and could have played today and contributed more. If Thompson is the sort of signing Fullarton has in mind for next season I'm worried
  9. Player of the season

    Collins will get my vote, he's been outstanding.
  10. Season tickets

    Alan stop giving my secrets away. The cars good so far mate.
  11. Season tickets

    The Shay East Stand bar 14 30pm Saturday, I'll  have a pint of bitter your paying I can't afford cheers Eddie mate. You will met one then.
  12. Season tickets

    Hope concessions get a reduced rate this year. Are we the only club in England that don't do a concession for OAP season tickets.
  13. Potential signings for next season

    Here we go it's that time of year, throw a name in to sign. We never sign any of them so why bother. Fullarton will know now who he wants and doesn't want next season, whether he gets them or not is another matter. Just be patient let the manager do his stuff wait and see and support.
  14. Tomlinson

    Well said chrisbow62.
  15. Who would you keep from our current regular sqad

    Your wrong Guido it's not shocking it's abysmal. He has to be realised for that reason. For next season Johnson ( but needs to work on his kicking, Duckworth but no sick notes allowed. MacManus, Matty Brown ( brilliant yesterday). MacDonald, Kosylo, obviously Collins miles better than National League. Hibbs and I think that's it. Not sure about Fullarton yet, some strange team selections and substitutions, but getting results.