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  1. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    "Knock Knock" "Who's there" "Scot" "Scot who" "Scot nought to do with you" Sorry Scot couldn't resist it my favourite knock knock joke. Nothing personal.
  2. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    No I've seen him play about 5 times, twice for Halifax, twice for Guiseley and not long back he played against us can't remember who for I'm getting on.
  3. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    Ok he's made a mistake he's remorseful, he will never do it again. He's settled down got a partner and a child. But the bottom line is on a professional basis, he will never be a National League standard footballer as long as he has an hole in his arse.
  4. Lenighan's contract

    "Onward Fullarton Soldiers marching on to war" "With Edwards and Southwell going on before" "Bosomworth the Royal master has his hands on the brass" "If you want expensive signings, you can go and kiss his ass"
  5. Lenighan's contract

    More Tea Vicar?
  6. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    The actions of the club management baffle me. We let Jake Hibbs who surely wasn't on big coin leave the club and bring in Simon Lenighan. 
  7. Town end just after the equaliser

    I never moan at the game Che, I wait till I get home.
  8. Town end just after the equaliser

    I was sat down the side Lanzo.
  9. Town end just after the equaliser

    I've just counted them 759 behind goal alone.
  10. Lenighan's contract

    Where do you play dj, i thought you'd be a winger don't know why.
  11. Lenighan signing

    Let's pretend Simon Lenighan is a trainee vicar who has never had a criminal record. Is he good enough to play in the National League. The answer is NO, get rid the sooner the better. Another Bosomworth mess up.
  12. Shaun Tuton signs

    I think you could have been wrong Nick.
  13. Lenighan signing

    This is right up there in the biggest cock ups ever made by Halifax Town. It just can't work. The fans will just not support him. It will create an atmosphere at home matches that is not good for the club and will certainly not do his career any good. It needs putting right tomorrow. The thinking behind this beggars belief.
  14. Salford Match thread

    We had chances the only difference was quality finishing from Rooney. Could not understand taking Kosy off unless he was one of the players who went down with sickness bug. Lenighan what a desperate signing that is. Oh how I would have loved to see Michael Collins in the mid field for us. Young Hanson Towns MOM.
  15. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Hope it's Willie Carlin.