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  1. Town Vs Wrexham

    Wishful thinking.
  2. Shay Hotel?

    Will this bit of be called The Premier Inn if it replaces The Skircoat Shed.
  3. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Dennis Fidler and Frank Twist Accountants.
  4. Season Tickets

    It would be interesting to know how many concession +80 at £50 they sell.
  5. Desire

    He didn't pay £20 to watch that crap.
  6. Desire

    If I were David Bosomworth at full time I would  have ordered Fullarton to have shown Kosylo the door, he is taking the you know what. Let's be honest Fullarton is not taking us anywhere, Brown and Clarke are keeping him in his job. I fear for the future unless Dithering Dave grows a pair.
  7. Welcome to Huddersfield - EX premier league town

    In 1966 as a lad of 15 living in Lightcliffe started an engineering apprenticeship working in Brighouse. I got sent to Huddersfield  College Engineering Dept Colne Rd for my first year full time. Then to the age of 20 one or two days a week at Ramsden Technical College  Huddersfield. Being an Halifax Town supporter I got ragged to bits by Dog Botherers. I have had a built in hatred for the Bar Stewards ever since. The last 2 years with them getting promoted and then staying in the premier league have been agony, today they are getting relegated happy, happy days. Am I happy even after watching the worst performance by any Halifax Town team I've  seen for years today a smile is on my face.
  8. Maidenhead today

    Don't mind you coming to Gods county just as long as you don't bring that bloody Nicola Sturgeon with you.
  9. Duku and Rodney

    You'll find out at 14 15pm tomorrow.
  10. Duku and Rodney

    They are obviously costing Town fair bucks, austerity has to come into the equation. Save money for next year we are safe now. Let them go back to their own clubs. They might become available for next season. Mr Bosomworth I'm sure will make the correct decision in FC Halifax Towns interest trust him.
  11. Online Courier

    JGN1 is right too much whinge and moan on this forum not enough comedy, how about this. I went in fish and chip shop yesterday and said "can I have a fish please" the fryer said ok it's in the pan it won't be long, so I said it  better be fat then. Bum bum. Is that OK JGN1. 
  12. Ebbsfleet at Home

    We kept them out because we have 2 exceptional centre backs, probably the best in the league. They are worth watching. We caught them out with 2 boots upfield where Duku and then Dave outpaced their defence. Duckworth was very good so was Skarz. We are safe now pick a side with a chance of playing football, not full of out of position defender's.
  13. Ebbsfleet at Home

    I've forgot more about football than you'll ever know you clever shite. Leave talking about the game to people that have played it and watched it for 60 years. OK we won on Saturday but if you're happy paying  top buck to watch that bang it forward and hope stuff good on you. Just stick to writing your normal drivel on here.
  14. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Maher never had a kick, when their man got sent off it made it 10 a side.
  15. Poodles in for £10

    Which gate do I go through Bollox.