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  1. Long Throw competition 1970

    Good old days Lanzo, Billy's sycophants are probably all too young to remember the great days of Halifax Town. This is why us older end are so critical of the shite Heath's teams turn out. We've seen quality Halifax Town teams. You never know what's round the corner, good times in the league may happen again Lanzo just hope we are alive to see it again.
  2. Woking

    You are a boil on the arse of humanity.
  3. Woking

    What a waste of education.
  4. Bottom Line

    You don't half talk like a tuppence, from BTM 187cm, add that to anything you want.
  5. Woking

    If I go watch Town and I see 11 players well set up with a game plan trying their best to beat the opposition, and I know the manager has selected the best team available, win or lose I'm happy entertained. I'm not asking for Brazil or Barcelona. But what we see under Heath it's awful.
  6. Bottom Line

    You should change your tag to Pliny Ostrich and get your head out of the sand.
  7. Bottom Line

    The National League is a division too high for pub football manager Heath. His team selection his management of players his substitutions beggar belief. If we had had a half decent manager last year we would have walked the Nat North without scraping through the play offs. I have been a staunch Halifax Town supporter for 58 years, so I have obviously seen some dross, but what I am seeing now takes the biscuit. Heath is clueless. Please Mr Bosomworth for the sake of all FC Halifax supporters please please please get rid of Billy boy before its too late.
  8. Woking

    We pay our money on the gate to be entertained. 
  9. New Signing

    I predicted it yesterday wish they'd Harry up.
  10. New Signing

    Wasn't it will tell who shot that arrow.
  11. New Signing

    I reckon King will go to somewhere like Gainsborough, and we will sign a centre midfielder on loan from Port Vale. Don't ask me why I've had a Canaries moment.
  12. New Signing

    Not like you Lanzo to only get 1 out of 3, come on lad it's all than sun and San Miguel.
  13. New Signing

    Macca is probably still the best left back in the Nat League. Play him at left back or not at all. It's Wilde or Macca. Wilde is a left back nothing else. One or the other. Heath will obviously pick Wilde he brought him to Halifax. Wilde is a good left back. Time stop messing one or the other.
  14. New Signing

  15. Hyde Tonight

    Where's FC Halifax Town's best ever motivator and fan Ian Hellowell in that list. Surely a top 9er.