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  1. Kevin Roberts

    A crime writer.
  2. Kevin Roberts

    I know who you mean Lanzo, hair on his head walks on his feet, talks with his mouth.
  3. Kevin Roberts

    Are you a politician or a do gooder.
  4. Rochdale

    If Heath reads that that's Morgan on the bench.
  5. Jake Hibbs

    Season before last Hibbs was one of our few stand outs. We all saw that Heath didn't. Some short memories on this forum, mainly among the Heath sycophants.
  6. Jake Hibbs

    Not Hibbs fault our manager is an absolute knob end who doesn't know the difference between a Cleethorpes donkey and a footballer. Keep drawing the wages Jake. Heath won't be here long.
  7. chief scout

    I thought Lanzo was Chief Scout, have you resigned Lanzo or just covering Spain.
  8. Signings for next season

    My arse, oh sorry that's Ricky Tomlinson.
  9. The latest ?.

    It would be even more if like every other club in the country they did concessions for the over 65's.
  10. Signings for next season

    Curtis Bateson ?
  11. Whatever happened to Woody & the buger van?

    Blanche and Deidre will be turning in their graves.
  12. Whatever happened to Woody & the buger van?

    I'm getting worried about you.
  13. Whatever happened to Woody & the buger van?

    OK i've put it right. You're a clever dick slapper.
  14. Whatever happened to Woody & the buger van?

    You're a right slapper you Barlow.
  15. Billy's Balti

    Wouldn't it be nice or would it if a proper millionaire came out of the woodwork and bought Town. I don't think we've ever had one. I think Madeley came close but never really gave 100%. Other clubs have them Fylde, Fleetwood, Forest Green etc, why not us. Then instead of Billy's balti we could have Billy's fillet steak.