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  1. Oldham - Sheridan

    Oldham bottom of league part company with Sheridan. They should have kept Darren Kelly who knows where they might be now.
  2. Promotion watch.

    August 9th, I bet a few of you thought I was bonkers. It's a talent, know your players.
  3. Mr Burns

    So what you saying, if your that bad you don't beat Halifax it's the cloth bag for you.
  4. Promotion watch.

    I was a goalkeeper Bollox, in Sam we have a guality keeper.
  5. Promotion watch.

    Listen pal I started promotion watch in competition to royals relegation watch, whose winning? If I want a pat on the back I'll have one. I will gladly sit on the bench and discuss tactics with Trev and Billy only good would come out of it.
  6. Promotion watch.

    Up to 8th now, if we need a Director of Football I'm applying. My knowledge of the game is frightening me now. Contact me at your will Billy I will work for free. PS. I'm on holiday Town 9th to 23rd do your best without me.
  7. The Good Samaritan

    To some footballer's any hole is a goal.
  8. What do we need?

    We need a Willie Carlin, Jamie Patterson in midfield. I get the feeling Nat League is not too strong this season. Great chance of progression, push the boat out DB.
  9. Promotion watch.

    You all laughed when I posted Promotion watch, you're not laughing now. They don't call me gypsy rose moan for nothing.
  10. Confession - bad omen for Gateshead today

    Don't worry Rohan it's a league match today, not playing in the cup.
  11. Something to mull over with your fish and chips.

    What we eating while we mull over that Mr V.
  12. Something to mull over with your fish and chips.

    Royals old love, very good summary. I'm not having fish and chips today, is it OK if I mull over it with my pie and peas.
  13. Promotion watch.

    You never know, funny old game.
  14. FC Ferriby of North?

    They need Billy back to rescue them, please go and help them Billy. It's where your heart is. Please, please, please.
  15. Solihull Moors notes

    Right royals, this is my 4th attempt at your occupation, your a spy.