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  1. Buzz Effect

    Now Oyston has gone some of the Fylde fans might BUZZ off back to Blackpool.
  2. No Brighouse friendly

    I could arrange for Brighouse to play Town at Bowls, it would be free in and the beer is reasonably priced at The Sports Club.
  3. Japan’s woman’s team

    It's a matter of having a Japs eye for a good woman striker.
  4. Season Tickets.

    Couldn't find the net, always hit the post. 
  5. Fat Sportsmen

    Must admit when I saw him I thought they had pulled him out of the bar saying come on we are one short. But without a doubt MOM, clever player. I'm talking about Murrell I think his name was who played for Halifax today.
  6. Challenge cup

    I hate Rugby League, but I watched the game on TV today. The last time I had Rugby League on our TV Eddie Waring was the commentator. The scrums are an absolute joke. The number of forward passes that go unpunished unbelievable. How can the referee go to the cameras looking for offside from a kick when the only camera is in the middle, the angles make it impossible to tell. I remember now why i stopped watching the silly game. Anyway Fax well done, hope you get to the final and win it, on the way i hope you make enough money to buy your own ground bugger off and stop messing up our pitch. Credit where.
  7. European Cup Final

    Its amazing how suddenly 75% of Brighouse Sports Club regulars are Liverpool supporters. Like the majority of supporters they haven't been in a football ground for years. I support Halifax Town so I don't really care who wins. Pot of tea now, he's done a great job at Spurs on a limited budget good manager. Something about Klipperty Klopp I don't like, it could be them teeth. When he smiles he looks like a piano with the lid up. With Sky and BT dominating football on TV so called supporters never now actually go to games. Manchester United is a perfect example, how many so called United fans have never been to Old Trafford. I've been to Old Trafford once 90/91 season to watch Halifax in the league cup. Well I'll be sat with a room full of armchair supporters tonight watching the game, all of them experts. Point to watch for, watch how many forward passers Average Henderson makes. But all the so called pundits will make him MOM.
  8. Town Dream Team!

    Smith Nichol Carlin Vardy
  9. Maurice Bamford

    I got to know Maurice quite well when I was on the Cricket committee at Brighouse. Dave Parker brought Maurice to the sports club to help with fundraising. The fundraising meetings with Maurice  were brilliant. He was very thorough, if you were tasked to do something Maurice would be on the phone to you before 10 am the following morning to see if you were on it. The other side of the meetings was Maurice had a brilliant sense of humour, his stories mainly about his time in Rugby League were hilarious. I used to look forward to the fundraising meetings just to listen to Maurice. I still have a couple of his books he gave me, I've only read one I will have to dig them out and read the other. Last time I saw him he was speaking at a sporting do at the new Brighouse Sports Club about 10 years ago. Lovely man will be sadly missed. RIP
  10. Sin bin

    We could do with a Sin bin on here, for a start I'd bin awaydays for 5 years.

    Last time I went to Prescott Cables to watch Town, a Fred Elliott lookalike i say was selling half time draw tickets. I bought one and won second prize. The man on the PA system said collect your prize from Ken behind the bar. I went to get it found Ken handed my ticket over and he passed me a bottle of cheap red wine estimated value 75p. I said is that it, he said your lucky you didn't win 1st prize, what was that I inquired. A bottle of Albanian Whiskey said Ken. Good old days.
  12. 19/20 player rumours

    Gary Sprake
  13. 19/20 player rumours

    Arthur Johnson first game I went to at Shay Arthur was in goal. Peter Downsborough was very good, Terry Gennoe nothing special always had a mistake in him.
  14. 19/20 player rumours

    You're obviously Erik not old enough then to remember the best goalkeeper to ever grace The Shay grass. That was without a doubt Alex Smith. Only a small man but brilliant.
  15. Who's going who's staying?

    Will we find out before 2 15pm on the day of our first friendly?