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  1. Challenge cup

    Quite a provocative statement from an innocent party who never claims never to start arguments
  2. Challenge cup

    Hoddie you occasionally still drop back into your grumpy old man/chip on your shoulder image Halifax RLFC have won the challenge cup five times watched with attendances around 90,000 I would have thought that outstrips our F A  Trophy win which was the best sporting day of my life attainments both club should be proud of not rivals Any sporting team with the name Halifax will be supported by myself as I am proud of my town which is in economic decline due to successive governments industrial policy. A non related sports item, The statue to the Duke of Wellington regiment at the top of Woolshops is a credit to all concerned and restores a lit bit of civic pride
  3. Town Dream Team!

    Smith Pickering Carlin Atkins (of course)
  4. How long have you suffered (Tongue in Cheek)

    Mid aLate fifteen Arthur Johnston Phil Roscoe Paddy Stanley Lofty Lorenson Alex  South Peter Tilley Andy McCall Conway Smith Hope my memory is not playing tricks    
  5. First Time season ticket holder  (1 Adult & 2 Under 12)  not sure if I qualify as a newbie after 60 years
  6. Thinking Back - Thanks

    Willie Carlin played a full Division One season with Derby County under Brian Clough Shaymus may be able to confirm this story or correct me  Bobby Mimms was signed by Emlyn Hughes for £15,000 after he watched Bobby playing for Halifax Town Reserves who lost 7-0 to Rotherham 
  7. Disappointing

    A potential Increase in ST sales will help cashflow (The lifeblood of running a company) If the board,s gamble leads to producing a pot of money upfront the club may be in a position to bid/attract/offer deals to potential signings earlier. The board seem to always be on the defensive with some contributors on this forum 
  8. Where’s Wally Fullarton ?

    I think an apology should be forth coming from Ademfax or is his mind already made up. About the manager
  9. Town Vs Wrexham

     Could you please join in the Brexit debate to add some of your positive views to it
  10. Disappointing

    Having supported the club for over sixty the number of times people at work, in pubs and friends have said Halifax Town are s***e and then when you ask have you watched them the answer is no that relates to a number of posters on this site. Alex Ferguson was once asked if he had the hardest job in football he replied no Mickey Bullock at Halifax Town has. All of us want success but due to financial restraints success only rears its head infrequently. Financial constraints apply to ever professional club in any sport. Yorkshire Carnegie in rugby union have ploughed 3million pounds trying to get promoted to the Rugby Union premiership. Having failed they have released all but six players and gone part time and reduced their playing budget by 40%. Nearer home David Brook ploughed money into both Halifax rugby clubs and look where they both reside. Comments on the side,s playing ability are valid as well as the manager,s tactics but sometimes they seem shallow when the most vociferous contributors have not watched the game. Very similar to saying I listened to my mates or read it on the internet. Very similar to posting adverse comments about Rodney because they appeared on the internet. We have not been relegated and are still solvent I know these are only small acorns but let’s hope next season sees some growth
  11. Agent Fees

    Looking at some of the agents fees for the forward signings we made could we sue them under the Goods Description Act and ask for our money back and also report them to the Office of Fair Trading.
  12. Injury Update

    Perhaps the PFA could dip into Gordon Taylor,s 2 million +. Salary to speed up the rehabilitation of his members  
  13. Retained list for next season

    You passed a honest footballing opinion no need to get slaughtered. I can see your train of thought on Edwards. Who I would put on before Preston anytime
  14. Retained list for next season

    At last a footballing thread Need to clear out a number of JF signings in particular Preston and Edwards both playing in a league too high The distribution of Sellars,Duckworth and Skarz (who has no pace) leave a lot to be desired but defensively Duckworth and Sellars cannot be faltered Johnston, Clarke and Staunton need resigning, not sure about Berrett and Tomlinson but the midfield needs re enforcing and it looks like starting from scratch with the forwards  
  15. Another Announcement?

    Shaytrev and T J Ashton reveal DNA test results