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  1. Agent Fees

    Looking at some of the agents fees for the forward signings we made could we sue them under the Goods Description Act and ask for our money back and also report them to the Office of Fair Trading.
  2. Injury Update

    Perhaps the PFA could dip into Gordon Taylor,s 2 million +. Salary to speed up the rehabilitation of his members  
  3. Retained list for next season

    You passed a honest footballing opinion no need to get slaughtered. I can see your train of thought on Edwards. Who I would put on before Preston anytime
  4. Retained list for next season

    At last a footballing thread Need to clear out a number of JF signings in particular Preston and Edwards both playing in a league too high The distribution of Sellars,Duckworth and Skarz (who has no pace) leave a lot to be desired but defensively Duckworth and Sellars cannot be faltered Johnston, Clarke and Staunton need resigning, not sure about Berrett and Tomlinson but the midfield needs re enforcing and it looks like starting from scratch with the forwards  
  5. Another Announcement?

    Shaytrev and T J Ashton reveal DNA test results
  6. DB's Interview In't Courier

    If Hoddie thinks it is a good marketing initiative it is good enough for me. After  longer supporting town for longer than I care to remember (Peter Tilley onwards)I will be purchasing my first ever season ticket
  7. Ebbsfleet at Home

  8. Denton

    Steve you are making me feel old now.I was in a shop in Cockermouth and they were selling old Workington Town programs and inside one was a feature of their recent signing from Halifax Town For all the oldies   Hugh Ryden
  9. League Two Relegation Candidates

    Erik I think he signed for Scunthorpe after leaving the Shay. Does he still work for the PFA
  10. latest offer

    Steve Whatever you are drinking can I have some.
  11. JF in the Courier. Delighted at the result!

    T J Ashton’s interview with JF was far more informative Only old man’s humour TJ 
  12. its funny who you meet on a flight ?

    That is a typical right  wing comment not sticking to the true facts. The objections were about his criminal record not his colour
  13. its funny who you meet on a flight ?

    This is an unfair contest The forum,s residential interlectual heavyweight versus Hoddie,s one line answers
  14. Ya Wee F******G Dancer .

    I think some of our forim users do not like the truth to spoil a good story
  15. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Watching Casualty so he can update his medical knowledge