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  1. Altrincham

    Some of the contributors to this thread refused to join the National Front because it was too left wing
  2. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    Must be the end of the road. Conspiracy theorists would have had a field day today believing that JF was deliberately engineering a pay off Squad desperately need a striker so we sign a five foot four inch/eight stone midfielder who looks to have some skill but looks to lack physicality  Desperate need a goal so we take off a striker and put on a midfielder Move Tomlinson to centre of attack then take him off for Edwards and move headless chicken Preston out wide How Preston who cannot trap or control a ball,win a header,tackle,hold a ball up and has not got any pace gets picked never mind stay on the pitch adds to the conspiracy theory Instructing Duckworth not to pass to a Town player adds to the conspiracy theory plus asking Kossie to run round in circles looks suspicious  The only good news is that Clarke and Brown have not been enrolled yet in JF,s conspiracy   
  3. Eric Harrison

    Totally unacceptable comment in a thread praising the contribution to football and memory of a great shayman
  4. Eric Harrison

    Some of my earliest memories at the Shay watching Eric in the days when you had wing halves. Should have played at a lot higher level  R.I.P
  5. How many players are under contract for next season?

    Agree with all the above but cannot believe that we have given Preston and Odelusi two year contracts
  6. FC Halifax Town European Pr Interviews

    Thank you for the like Shaytrev trying to divert attention from our on field woes
  7. Following a hiatus of 10 days not years the BOD would like to update the fan base on the progress regarding the above vacancy. In upholding the forum,s cherished data protection principles Steve Lumb was instructed to contact a group of professionals to assist in drawing names out of a hat for an interview for the vacancy. Steve conducted the draw (blindfolded) in the foyer of Odeon bingo hall with the Town,s professional bingo playersOnly those who could play six cards at once were considered to be able to multi task enough to make the draw SHAYMEN0 The interview started well with Shaymen0 stating that HTAFC had also been s*****te but the interview was terminated when he stated that FC HT would also always be s****te EDDIE and EDDIE’s MATE A joint bid which unravelled because Eddie has no mates and talks too much sense BUBBA Previous commercial experience of the club,s operation initially stood him in good stead until he admitted the existence of Halifax RLFC and their right to use. a community stadium HODDIE  Extremely articulate in outlining the BOD failings over the last ten years However due to budgetary constraints the club refused to pay import duty from Belgium for the chips on his shoulders Plus he had no convictions for criminal offences SHAYTREV Depth of knowledge of pub league football impressed the board until asked who was the best goal scorer for the club Vardy or Gregory and he replied Adam Morgan BILL ATKINS Although 79 Bill was considered for post until he pointed out that he had not scored a goal for 40 years. The BOD realising that his scoring rate was on a par with Quidley immediately added him to the match day squad against Aldershot JGN1 and SHAYMENRUP Favourites for the job believing that JF, was a great leader but spoilt their application when they said the UK should not leave the EU because Hoddie would be left stranded in Belgium with all the other Wallons      
  8. Mick Kennedy

    Sad day Think it is imperative we sort out a hall of fame for Halifax Town before it is too late. Looking at the players in Andy Stafford,s photograph makes you realise how far our playing standards have fallen
  9. FC Halifax Town European PR Consultant

    Do you get your command of the English Language, wit and repartee  from watching Chubby Brown tribute acts at Siddal WMC Remember Carly Simon's hit Your so vain I bet you think this thread is about you 
  10. Due to the increased workload of the media team and the increased participation of our European fan base interest in our community project  s,Q & A sessions and regular meetings with the board. The BOD are inviting applicants to for fill the above post.The following qualifications and opinions are a pre requisite for any applicant  You must be an active fifth columnist and an expert in Data Protection Law You should only acknowledge one professional team exists in Halifax and that the Shay Stadium is not a community stadium and should be only used by FC Halifax Town You should believe you are a Legend in your own Lifetime and are a Messiah waiting to save the club from the clutches of evil business enterprises who make millions of money from the down trodden masses Your opinion should be the only one that counts and be capable of re writing history to conform to your beliefs Finally you should be capable of eating 5lbs of Brussels Sprouts a day to provide plenty of gas so that you can talk out of your rectum 
  11. Fullarton In or Out?

    Thought our centre backs were a credit to the team yesterday and nullified Rooney and co. Plus the fact that they now have a midfield to pass the ball to. My only concern about yesterday was the performance of the subs who looked like 'Rabbits caught in Highlights when they had possession of the ball' Need to strengthen attacking options Edwards and Preston are way off the pace in my opinion.   
  12. 25th January 1969 Stoke City 1-1 Halifax Town

    One of our most successful periods. JF defensive formation looks like all out attack compared with Alan Ball sen Ten men behind the ball and Les Massie up front Fantastic day out went on the train. Gordon Banks kept punching the ball instead of catching it. For some reason he thought he might end up in the back of the net
  13. Ask Away................

    As you are based in Belgium why not ask Poirot to solve the mystery
  14. Ask Away................

    In the past few days the club have realeased information about player,s injuries, news about community projects and involvement and announced a Q and A session with the manager Constructive comments have included Not enough medical information given and times of recovery Should have been involving the community 10 years ago The manager is sh*****e so I have no questions to ask him The worst manager in thirty years My mates tell me Q & Ais a waste of time Whilst like everyone on the forum I am very disappointed with the current state of affairs on the playing front we should give the BOD and their associates for attempting to involve ALL supporters. I am not an apologist for JF and hope he can turn our season around. The Q & A is an opportunity for our keyboard warriors to stand up and give their opinions
  15. 18th Jan 1969 - Bradford City vs Halifax Town

    I remember the tackle well. It was a double footed studs showing drop kick aimed roughly between the midriff and knee cap areas and slightly mistimed. VAR was not required