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  1. The 2017/18 kit

    Glad the away shirt is back to yellow.  Blue for home shirts  white or yellow for away : simples. 
  2. Racchi

    Rumour has it he's off to Tony & Guiseley next season 
  3. FAO Mr B

    Blow me 
  4. FAO Mr B

    Time to go Billy. Left after sixty minutes yesterday and won't be returning until things change. embarrassing brand of football. 
  5. Make The South Stand Great Again

    How did the meeting with the club go ?  What topics were discussed ? 
  6. Make The South Stand Great Again

    Make sure you get them back at end ! 
  7. Harvey sacked

    Second thoughts, might be a bit on the small side. You get the idea though. 
  8. Harvey sacked

    Agreed, somewhere like burton albions ground would be spot on at this level. Absolutely packed to the rafters and close to the action. 
  9. Make The South Stand Great Again

    It is a bit of a rip off to be fair, but hey ho.  Probably too late to rename now ? 
  10. Make The South Stand Great Again

    Any specific details ?  Good stuff though and I noticed some very generous donations on the SSL page.  Well done to all involved. 
  11. Make The South Stand Great Again

    Personally I like the two stick idea, hang up banners are boring and unoriginal. It's about time the English terraces evolved and matched those on the continent visually. 
  12. Make The South Stand Great Again

    will this be a waving flag or a flag you hang up ?  I highly recommend a site on Instagram called casualattire, their lightweight flag prices are the cheapest I've seen and the quality is decent too.  
  13. Trouble

    I think certain people on this message board are dissapoinnted when there is no trouble as it gives them one less thing to moan about. There was absolutely no bother whatsoever Tuesday night so this thread is utterly pointless.  Praise must be given to the 16 year old 'stone island crew' as they created a decent atmosphere in the south stand Tuesday night and didn't engage in any bother whatsoever.       
  14. Make The South Stand Great Again

    Good effort tonight, keep it going.  Personally, I enjoy the chants belittling the opposition, especially when it's FC United.  Poor turnout from them tonight, I guess the wheels have fallen off and they've all gone back to old Trafford or perhaps even Salford.