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  1. Chester FC - our next opponents

    Could always take the bet then welch on it?
  2. Old boys

    Sadly Bowser didn't have the Morgan option when 5 nil down on 73 minutes. If he had I might have ventured a cheeky fiver on a 6-5 victory
  3. Old boys

    Went to BPA today. Entertaining game, if you were a York fan anyway. On display Drench Wroe Heslop Moke and Hamza, who looked lean and fit until he was given a red by the referee for arguing. BPA a shambles and yet there are those that would have Bower back as manager. Unbelievable Jeff.
  4. I have kept myself fit and am almost as lightening quick as I was in the late sixties tearing down the right wing. Regards,   T Flower.
  5. Message for Bosomworth

    These defeats are clearly Heath's fault and he needs to go now....  
  6. Aldershot thread

    Matty Brown got my match point.
  7. Lionesses

  8. 198 million. Begs the question how much would Godfrey Obebo be worth at today's prices?
  9. any sell on fee?

    Whether headless chicken or blood and thunder, he was 100% committed and probably frightened the life out of opponents. Delighted, as always, to see one of our old boys prosper. All the best Matty.
  10. Parking ?

    For those with mobility, the car park by the Ring of Bells is a round pound all day Saturday. About a five minute walk.
  11. Bratfud City

    Have to make the best of it so off to BPA v Alti. Getting tooled up now. Flask, check. Zimmer, check. Bring it on.....
  12. Fax

    Mull Wien! Es vorwarts! Heide aus!!!
  13. Lions v All Blacks

    Loved the sportsmanship from Sonny Bill Williams. Not. Stick with the Shaymen I think!...
  14. Town V Brighouse

    Maybe we should all say we will bare our respective arses on Beacon Hill if he does, in the certain knowledge we will renege on our promises?
  15. Little Bradley

    Little lad has passed away. Terribly sad. R I P.