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  1. Argentina vs. Croatia

    Long way to go but I am feeling a little more confident than before the competition started. Certainly nothing to fear from any team so far. I think that we can do well as we grow into the tournament. I remember a Retford fan at their place telling me after the game that he thought Vardy was over rated and not all that. I look forward to seeing him skipping round the ground after the final holding the World Cup! 
  2. Connor Thomson

    Watered down milk and hand me down loaves? Luxury! Town had a player whose family lived in a cardboard box in the middle of a lake. Don’t know they are born some of them....
  3. Germany v Mexico

    Thought Germany were poor, constantly playing the wrong ball. Neither Kroos or Ozil got to grips. Can’t believe that they didn’t pick Sane to go, at least having the option of him running at them would have been something to try. Never write the Germans off and remember that Spain lost their first game when they went on to win the cup.
  4. Spain v Portugal

    Given that the young England teams keep winning cups, maybe not as far away as you think?
  5. Scott Garner

    Is that impatients or inpatients?
  6. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    It’s a good attitude to have Steve. But after watching the Druids celebrating when we got knocked out in the last euros I’m afraid that I took great pleasure in seeing them fail to qualify. Shallow I know but what can I say!
  7. Stockport

    Shelf too,correct. Despite growing up there I never played for them. We beat them at Spring Hall one year I remember. Most games at Shelf Park were complete mud baths, left wing by the bridle stile used to be horrendous as I recall.
  8. Stockport

    Correct. I played Halifax league. Some of the best clubs, Stump, Foot, Sowerby. Many who played turned out for Sunday pub teams. Good as these players were, anyone suggesting that we played at a level akin to conference north has clearly never kicked a ball.
  9. England v Costa Rica

    Not really expecting much from England this time so I probably won’t be too disappointed. We have a young squad and this time the manager doesn’t have the problem of the undroppable player. In the past we have seen the team picked to accommodate Rooney. Midfield picked as Gerrard can’t play with Lampard etc. The manager has some good players coming through and hopefully when they are ready we may have a chance of winning something. Actually looking forward to watching us play this time although I do think our defence looks suspect.
  10. Leicester City

  11. Thank you Steve Lumb

    Ted or Billy?
  12. At least one of the O’Dud brothers knows how to hit the target. Even in the Paddy Pub League no goals in ten must be nearing a record...
  13. Peniket Alfreton

    Trev has been giving us various updates on goals per minute played for our strikers. Maybe we can look forward to an update on Morgan’s goal ratio soon. But then again....
  14. Peniket Alfreton

    Players obviously rate Heath...
  15. Radio tomorrow

    Was this when Billy showed Morgan the door? I heard it was a bit feisty...