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  1. Life of Brian

    Storm Brian expected to give loads of rain tomorrow after last nights soaking. Hopefully there will be no need to call the game off particularly in light of the distance Torquay have to travel.
  2. Boreham Wood Thread

    Found these on eBay. Used once offers invited.
  3. Tranmere today

    Two hubcaps or a radio last time I was there
  4. Tranmere today

    I’ll have one of what he’s having barman
  5. Tranmere today

    Always hard when a player is subd after coming on as a sub earlier. Probably tactical nut the poor lad looked gutted...
  6. Tranmere today

    You mean that coach Trev could be wrong about them being the dream team? Think I need a sit down here....
  7. Tranmere today

    Against Tomlinson and Morgan the salad dodger had as easy a game as he is likely to have all season. If he’d been facing Denton I think he would have struggled. I don’t think the next two games without Denton are going to be easy. 
  8. On this day 11th October

    Or say they will at least.....
  9. Embarrassing England

    Roger Hunt played at the Shay.
  10. Boreham Wood Thread

    Sea slug Dean Keats. Lol spat out my Magners. I really believe that Denton will be a big loss but let’s wait and see. His defensive contributions are massively underrated imo.
  11. Embarrassing England

    Always like to see us do well and happy to have qualified. I don’t think we have any real chance, tonight we had pretty much our full team out Save for Ali and Vardy. Germany cruised it with pretty much their second team. Frightening. Still, you got to be in it to win it....
  12. Wrexham game thread

    Against a decent Wrexham side last night Billy chose to employ four strikers to try and win the game. Much to admire about the man. And when he decides we are not for him, he won’t be short of suitors. And then you can have your Harvey or Knill. But it will be our loss.
  13. Neil Aspin

    Not forgetting the job he did at Northampton.
  14. Gary Mills

    Thought for a while now that when Billy leaves it won't be at our instigation....
  15. Grayston Unity Pub

    Do a lovely pint of Heathout bitter...