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  1. 1-7

    Absolutely! Our one in fifteen win ratio clearly shows how right we were to get rid. No more pub football here thank God.
  2. Dagenham Today’s game

    Ok see you in five minutes then...
  3. Dagenham Today’s game

    Do it for Dickies Tiles Boys!
  4. Today's Media

    Resign Wilder.
  5. Charity in the community

    Great effort. Well done The Club.
  6. Does anyone know.....

    And three of them were.backpasses.
  7. J.F. does he ever go to watch players?

    Can I have your free beer tokens chaps?
  8. Does anyone know.....

    Remember in the first home game he headed one in, it was disallowed and he never troubled the scorer again. 
  9. Guiseley

    Long as they get in Nothing Else Matters.
  10. Realistic Expectations.

    Krankie Trev. Keep up!
  11. Lenighan gone !!

    That was my stated view some time back. Now the last time I made a mistake was back in 1976, when I thought I was wrong but I wasn’t. But I may have misjudged Bowser who is doing a fantastic job following on from the success of last season.
  12. Realistic Expectations.

    Think Chadders will definitely be on de fence.
  13. Sub coming on ref

    A rare occasion when Lorimer didn’t blast it but sidefooted it and it was a pretty East save as I recall.
  14. Sub coming on ref

    One of the Wombles guests today was the legend that is Dicky Guy....
  15. Today's Game

    I think it’s the deep fried mars bars at half time. From personal experience they rarely improve performance.