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  1. Adam Morgan

    Morgan was banned from the training ground of the team that gave him a contract. Jog on Sligo Trev.

    Bit rash that tackle. Some of the refs we have had this season might have seen that as a red.

    Were you at the game? Big Sam kept us in it, could easily have lost.

    Acca ladies crying in their gin as we speak......

    Ah yes thanks for the reminder. Mosquito spray everybody, it’s going to be a scorcher....

    If TJ’s meteorological knowledge mirrors that of his knowledge of football matters then it’s game on. Pack your sunnies and speedos everybody.
  7. Where has Flea gone?

    No internet in the Big Brother house!
  8. We are now playing some football

    Selective memory it is then.
  9. On this day in 1991

    What you and Adam get up to in private is your own business of course. Sorry to intrude.
  10. On this day in 1991

    On another thread you suggest snowflakes ought to move on. Maybe you should take your own advice.
  11. On this day in 1991

    I met Les Massie a few years back in the Weavers. Told me about his goal against Rochdale that secured promotion. Phil McCarthy hit a long ball from near the halfway line and Les said he had decided to watch it and hit it when it came down. It took longer to drop than he imagined and so at the last second he decided to head it. And in it went. Last year I was in touch with one of heis nieces in Australia. Sadly, Les now has dementia. His nephew wanted to take him to a game but he wasn’t up to it. He no longer remembers anything about his life in football.
  12. On this day in 1991

    The Morgan bit was an attempt at being flippant. Agree with all you say.
  13. Adam Morgan

    The manager of the Pig and Whistle is toast and that’s for sure
  14. On this day in 1991

    Massie for me. Morgan close second
  15. Niall Maher

    I imagine TJ’s life is one of never ending “whoosh” moments...