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  1. Lenighan's contract

    Sorry to contradict you but I think that you will find God has been a regular contributor to this forum. Unless that was really somebody pretending to be Him of course......
  2. Tyrell Robinson

    No worries. Leave you to your Mein Kampf and cocoa then...
  3. Tyrell Robinson

    Sorry bout that. Btw are you the Alf Trev posting on the Alfreton site that you will bare your Harris if Billy gets promotion? If they do I doubt that the residents of Alfreton Hill need to pull their blinds.
  4. Tyrell Robinson

    Certainly won’t see your Harris on Beacon Hill though but.....
  5. Response to Simon Lenighan?

    Following your non appearance on Beacon Hill it comes as no surprise to hear you are not one for the high ground!
  6. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Should be alright, we hardly ever get Guiseley fans at The Shay these days....
  7. Maidstone thread

    Scot, you are Lord Lucan and I claim my £5.
  8. Maidstone thread

    JF will know that against the better teams we need to retain possession better. We gave the ball away today and got it back as the opposition were fairly inept and returned it to us. Also our team worked so hard to chase the ball down when we didn’t have it, not giving the opposition any time on the ball. It won’t be that easy against the better teams but our confidence must be rising all the time. Three games, three wins and no goals conceded. Well done lads.
  9. Barrow Thread

    He was watching through his beer telescope on Beacon Hill.
  10. Barrow crowd

    My grandad had a cat who would sit on his lap and watch the football results with him. One day one of his pals had called round when the Division four results came up. Town had drawn and immediately after the result was given the cat went crazy, running round the room before climbing the curtains. Grandad’s friend was amazed and asked what the cat did if Town won. Not sure, he said, I’ve only had him three years.
  11. Fax

    Given their record on rent, this team name might have been more suitable...
  12. Another Golf day

    Nicely putt.
  13. Lower league player biogs

    I have There’s only one Neil Redfern I’m done with. Happy to send it to you.
  14. Had to happen

    Well you know Jockos and footy, can’t get anything right.
  15. Had to happen

    East Fife played Forfar today ant it finished 1-1 and went to penalties. Final score East Fife 4 Forfar 5.