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  1. Expectations

    Don’t sugar coat it Angus.
  2. Replay

    See what you did there BTM. Oldies, goldies!
  3. Replay

    Come to think of it I was wondering how he would get in the shower cubicle with his zimmer. But a discount’s a discount I suppose.
  4. Replay

    His uncle is doing some tiling for us, can’t start straight away as he is in London for the final of the X factor. I’ll remember to ask him for a Danny discount though.
  5. Lenighan

    Inconceivable that Collins in our midfield would do anything but improve it immeasurably. Any idiot can see that. If his return is being blocked for other than football reasons then we deserve all that we get. And that, if our current form continues,will l involve a fight at the wrong end of the table.
  6. Flea

    I bought the Shay Trev mug. He’s posing on Beacon Hill and when you pour in hot water the trousers disappear.
  7. Flea

    Gordon Grant lol!
  8. Nice to see us getting balls in the box as well.
  9. Green team were on it. He’s on a plane to Guantanamo as we speak.
  10. I’m just wondering what happened to his clothes. Last seen exiting stage right in the buff, was it planned and did he have a getaway vehicle waiting for him? Can anybody help as I don’t think I will sleep until I know...
  11. Denton

    Expecting Tom to put in bags of effort today as I’m sure he will feel he has a point to prove. Undoubtedly going to score and head our equaliser off the line in the last minute. Knowing our luck the ref will chose today to give him the fouls he never got playing for us. Always a 100% player for us and I hope he gets a generous welcome today.
  12. No, I really do. Is anybody paying attention to me? 
  13. I know who it is so yah boo sucks to all of you.   Well I don’t know really but knowing that you all think I do makes me feel extra important I can tell you.
  14. Fan names

    Favourite player was Massie but chose Tony Flower, can’t remember why.
  15. Fan names

    I do. We called him Tinny Taylor as he would always tin out of tackles. Lightening quick though...