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  1. Dave's Winner

    He was just excited about winning in the end of season draw!
  2. Where’s Wally Fullarton ?

    Not bagpipes please. Anything but that.....
  3. Where’s Wally Fullarton ?

    Shame after a whole season to practice, fans still can’t manage to spell his name right. 
  4. Town Vs Wrexham

    Green Team end of season bbq and steward of the year awards.
  5. Wilder

    Congratulations.Absolutely delighted for him.
  6. Today’s game Hartlepool

    I was a fool. I fell for the propaganda and  bought a season ticket.i never realised how truly awful it would be. After the horrors I have witnessed please let me return to the Caliphate.......
  7. Today’s game Hartlepool

    Spot on. The only reason Sam didn’t get my vote for player of the season is the form of Clarke and Brown. Essential that we start with all three. 
  8. Today’s game Hartlepool

    They have always been there. Useless **** for brains who have never kicked a ball. Roll out of the pub and spout bullshit. Going back to our promotion year in 98 they tried it on a young Noel Horner who wasn’t having a great game We were getting beat and Horsfield  went over and told them if they didn’t shut it he’d be in amongst them. Always loved SuperGeoff. Maybe never more than then....
  9. Today’s game Hartlepool

    Will somebody please tell Dave to stop scoring. Every one he gets puts the price up. We will never afford him at this rate...
  10. 5th Century immigrants coming over here taking our jobs.....
  11. City v Spurs

    Two crap defences. Town would have ground out a no score draw against either of them.
  12. His family are German to be fair.
  13. Retained list for next season

    Could have been Stoke come to think of it.
  14. Retained list for next season

    Remember we lost our keeper in 1998 and got a loaner from Port Vale I think. He played the Rushden game and was recalled. After that we had Andy Rhodes until the end of the season I think. Not sure if we had a back up keeper?