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  1. Another One Missed !!

  2. Next Season's Strips

    If you can’t get one I think they have a few of Tom Bakers old kits somewhere that will probably fit.
  3. Justin Edinburgh

    49 is nowt of an age. Very sad news. RIP.
  4. Champions league big call

    Just been reading the rule changes for next season and a couple of sensible ones. Players now leave the pitch at the touch line or bye line when subd. Should see an end to the slow trudge off the field by time wasters. Also no contested drop balls. Players now get the ball back in the position they were when the ref stops the game. Ball no longer has to go out of the area to become live from a dead ball kick. Should allow us to build our attacks from our own six yard line (!)
  5. European Cup Final

    Agree. But sadly, these days, the best English football is played by those teams that can afford the best foreign players. I’m hoping for a Spurs win. It would be their first, as opposed to a sixth for Liverpool and they do have a decent smattering of home grown players. Not really all that bothered either way if I’m honest.
  6. Signs

    According to twitter Morgan has been duped into flying to Ireland to pick up a ticket for the European final which turned out to be a hoax.
  7. Rodney

    Looking on the Salford site Dave has another year on his contract. Would be nice to get him on a season loan.
  8. Yesteryear

    One win in the last 13. Heath out!
  9. Town Dream Team!

    Kennedy Harbin Needham Obebo
  10. Fan Brazilian here

    Fish in a barrel Nick, that’s all it was. Get yourself a six pack and a tape of Leeds v Chelsea FA Cup 1970 and enjoy!
  11. How to..... Play football

    Should be headed “How to buy football” How is it you can’t see that’?
  12. Fan Brazilian here

    Just watched the FA Cup final Nick, or most of it. A soulless experience, Citeh with 300 millions worth of players on the bench looking embarrassed to win a boring one sided game. Much as our games this year have been awful I can’t say that I would swap it for that. 
  13. Fan Brazilian here

    No, it’s not. Many do, and it’s not derogatory. Very well liked down The Shay is Dave.
  14. Leeds

  15. North/South playoffs

    Good turnout today. Chorley had the edge in a game of few chances before extra time. First three penalties missed and it looked as if Spennymoor would take it on pens. Hobbs played for Spennymoor but didn’t have a great game and got subbed. Chorley definitely buying in to the tinpot element of non league as when the players were lining up for the penalties the tannoy announced pies, chips, burgers now all a pound in the cafe!