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  1. Sack the idiot.

    I’m not bothered either way.Not me that would be doing the litigating. Hope nobody else does!
  2. Sack the idiot.

    It may be that these facts are accurate, I don’t know. But if they aren’t  they may well be libellous and I wouldn’t discount possible interest from Messrs Sue Grabbit and Runne. 
  3. Sack the idiot.

    Under Heath it was easy as he has a one syllable name making “Heath Out” an easy one. The local yokels are still struggling with a similar chant for Fullarton but it won’t be long. Think monkeys and typewriters.
  4. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    Well he surely couldn’t mangle them much worse!
  5. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    Maybe it’s contracts that you don’t understand.
  6. Now Is The Time To Go

    The point being made was players not interacting with the fans. I’m merely saying what happened today when one of them did. Doubt he will bother next time. I wouldn’t.
  7. Now Is The Time To Go

    One of the four being Maher who looked to be held back by an Aldershot player when he looked to be heading toward a confrontation in the South stand. Why would the players put themselves in the firing line for abuse from the slack jawed yokels?
  8. Away kit

    Thought the board might do this after criticism about them not identifying with the old club. Well done them. I like number one but I can see it being difficult having the blue kits. I’m off to the loft now to find my tangerine and light blue scarf!
  9. Eric Harrison

    Before my time watching him as a player. Obviously a very respected coach. RIP.
  10. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    I think the Valentine idea is great. I’ve just dug out an old jewellery box upstairs and put a Town Aldershot ticket in it. I’ve wrapped it and can’t wait to see her face when she opens it!
  11. Banks of England

    If that had been at The Shay they’d have been shouting “Catch the ball! Bloody useless Banks!”
  12. Banks of England

    RIP Goalie.
  13. Message to JF

    I’m not trying to escalate anything. The “looked terrified” is a direct quote from the post.
  14. Message to JF

    Yet the lady with Mr B “looked terrified” Bravo.
  15. Town Vs Aldershot.

     There is no doubt that the football over the last year or two has been dire on many occasions. It’s certainly difficult to become motivated to attend, I agree. But the thing is, its easy to join the ten thousand at a Wembley game. Or the thousands who came to the playoff final. It’s harder to attend in these difficult times but the truth is that the team need supporting now more than ever. It’s been said that if we go down we will struggle to get back and I think that’s true. To walk away now and to think that in doing so I may in some small way contribute to our relegation goes against more than 50 years of watching usually turgid stuff. So I will be there, supporting. I am sure that supporters, however disappointed they are feeling with the current state of play, will joe there as well.