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  1. Now Is The Time To Go

    True enough. Roped off celeb area. The Acca girls were well impressed I can tell you.
  2. Now Is The Time To Go

    Taj Mahal pah! We once had a curry in the Star served on an ironing board as there were no spare tables!
  3. Now Is The Time To Go

    Ten pints, The Acca and a curry from the Star up Horton Street always worked for me.
  4. Now Is The Time To Go

    Surprised he can get through the turnstiles with those shoes
  5. Brown and Clarke

    Good shout. Quinny couldn’t pass the ball to save his life but as a pair they were definitely up there.
  6. Brown and Clarke

    Don’t remember him. I remember Trevor Hockey the George Best wannabe!
  7. Brown and Clarke

    Could have been. Think JP did get one of ours.
  8. Brown and Clarke

    Bet that was Trevor Hockey. He got a bit of good natured(!) stick that day. Think Pickering got our second?
  9. The game tonight: Maidstone

    The same situation prevailed a year or two ago under Heath. I think it was Telford when we came back to get a point late on. Some were disappointed that we didn’t lose as if we had, Heath might have gone. Heath led us to promotion that year. We need to win on Saturday and I think we will. The manager and players deserve our support. If you can’t give it then you are best joining your mate on the Moor.
  10. The game tonight: Maidstone

    ShaymanMark said that he was disappointed with the win. That’s what he said. Have I interpreted this incorrectly? Did he not want us to lose? If being on a high horse is never wanting us to lose a game, then guilty as charged.
  11. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Proper fans are excited by a win and looking forward to another on Saturday. You wanted us to lose and won’t be there for the next game. Enjoy the Moor, you won’t be missed.
  12. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Two penalties refused hit the post hit the crossbar two strikers taken off injured. Well done JF and team for pulling that out of the bag.. Let’s see another win on Saturday now.
  13. Sack the idiot.

    I’m not bothered either way.Not me that would be doing the litigating. Hope nobody else does!
  14. Sack the idiot.

    It may be that these facts are accurate, I don’t know. But if they aren’t  they may well be libellous and I wouldn’t discount possible interest from Messrs Sue Grabbit and Runne. 
  15. Sack the idiot.

    Under Heath it was easy as he has a one syllable name making “Heath Out” an easy one. The local yokels are still struggling with a similar chant for Fullarton but it won’t be long. Think monkeys and typewriters.