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  1. Kosylo's penalty

    Didn't think it was a penalty-why was Denton booked when the Ebbsfleet player threw him to the ground ? The Ref was another clown 
  2. Town Vs Ebbsfleet 17/02/18

    Town 2 Ebbsfleet 2 Denton Macca 1749
  3. More time

    Decent result-could have been better if Denton hadn't missed a couple of sitters,BUT a month ago we'd have been hammered by a very average TOP of the league side,this is a poor league-thought Town played well today
  4. Danny Racchi

    Pleased it's not a game that affects us - what a tool he really is 
  5. Of local(ish) interest

    We should merge with Elland Athletic 
  6. Accrington

    Great idea-but can anyone really see Bosomworth spending his money 
  7. Wrexham vs Town 10/02/2018

    Wrexham 2 Town 0 5251
  8. York City

    Totally agree-if people are happy just to have a club to support then their are plenty of Sunday League teams to watch that don't charge £18 for the privilege,we're a part-time club that charge as much as full-time teams(and more than some) but the Part-Time excuse will get used time and again
  9. Game off

    Came up from Lincolnshire-regularly checking to see if game was on,why wait til 2 to call it off,what a waste of a ****ing day
  10. Town Vs Dagenham 03/02/2018

    Town 1 Dagenham 3 Denton 1701
  11. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    That's fare enough-don't blame him tbh
  12. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    I'd like to see Steve Nichol given a chance till end of season
  13. Ian Helliwell

    Helli for manager 
  14. Welcome back Tuton

    We're going down with or without the superstar that is TUTON-send the gobshite back to his glittering career in South Yorkshire
  15. Town Vs Orient 30/01/2017

    Town 1 Orient 2 Mcdonald 1575