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  1. Taxi Please...I will pay Billy

    I'd never want Town to lose-no matter who's in charge,I even hate losing preseason friendlies,but for what it's worth I can't see BH leaving before end of season no matter what,just hope we can manage to get a team together for Saturday,I may take my boots 
  2. On this day two years ago

    Whatever happened to that Shaun Tuton bloke ? and if Chester go down-where will James be moving to next season for family reasons 
  3. Hartlepool team

    I didn't go tonight-for financial reasons only,but listening to commentary-I'm sure that mix are meant to be doing commentary for FCHT,but they sounded very excited every time Hartlepool scored                                        SAVE THE MONKEY 
  4. Hartlepool v Town

    Hartlepool 2 Town 1 Denton 3268
  5. Heath Must Go

    I always thought Jamie was Scottish 
  6. Heath Must Go

    With 11 men we played em off the pitch,2-1 flattered Bromley that day,to say we have been **** since is an understatement,if the worse was to happen(and I can't see it) and we was to be relegated this season-we could be down there with the pub teams(Stockport) for years to come-as that division is probably harder to win promotion this season that The National league 
  7. Sutton United vs Town 18/11/2017

    Sutton 4 Town 1  Batty 2085
  8. Harry Middleton

    I used to love Friday nights down The Shay,I remember that Derby game,Davison moved there not long after(I think) always thought he was overrated tbh
  9. Harry Middleton

    Do you originate from Calderdale mate - just wondered why you're a Town fan if not,not a dig-just curious ?
  10. Sutton Saturday

    6ft 7" can be a handful-but tends to be more useful in defence,wins most things in the air,gets fouled a lot-but very rarely gets a freekick,looking forward to Saturday(it's a day out) not expecting too much 
  11. Hyde Tonight

    The half-time team talk looked like it was the assistant doing the talking while Kelly just watched 
  12. Town vs Woking 11/11/2017

    Town 1 Woking 2 Kosylo 1721
  13. Halifax, best fans or most fickle fans

    I want us to aim to win whichever league we're in every season,we probably won't-but that should be the aim,100% effort from the players which sadly seems to have been lacking lately Maybe players that don't put the effort in could clean The Skircoat toilets as a us shoot up the league 
  14. Tranmere vs Town 28/10/2017

    Tranmere 3 Town 0 4254
  15. Town v Maidstone 24/10/2017

    Town 1 Maidstone 2 Kosylo 1453