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  1. Fans

    If fans weren't fighting amongst themselves it wouldn't be Hartlepool 
  2. Town vs Fylde 25/09/2018

    Is it this thread or t'other one ?
  3. Town vs Fylde 25/09/2018

    Town 1 Fylde 4 Mcleod 1313  
  4. Town v Fylde

    Town 1 Fylde 4 Mcleod  1313
  5. Mekhi McLeod

    I heard he was the new Kitman 
  6. Bromley Away

    Can our reserve GK play outfield as he may be needed against Fylde 
  7. As long as...

    Not sure how much Referees get at this level-but obviously peanuts,ask a few acquaintances to put a grand or two on a team to win-and make it happen,so much money floating about in football today,football people at the lower end will still want their cut-by fare means or not,I'm not saying football is corrupt but.................   World class harry kane was fouled by a blade of grass against B&HA
  8. Town vs Hartlepool United 22/09/2018

    Town 1 Hartlepool 0 Southwell 2185
  9. For Sale - Football Club

    Not our fans-we're peace loving folk 
  10. For Sale - Football Club

    I remember some of the home fans attacking Town fans in the car park

    Currently 0-4,moves us down to 10th-but BW will be level on points with Sutton
  12. Stephen Darby

    Very sad,good luck to the lad
  13. Relegation form

    11 games gone-1 point outside the play-offs,2 play-off rivals to take points off at our fortress,I was really pissed off on Saturday but having thought about it I want us challenging so every game fills me with excitement,Being REALISTIC to me means if we give it 100% every week-we WILL be a football league club again next season(Sorry DB-we had a club before 2008) if fans are happy with 11/12th in non-league football then we may aswell call it a day, Even Yeovil & Burton have been to the Championship since we was last in the League Being REALISTIC-it's 11 v 11 
  14. For Sale - Football Club

    And Town fans chanting his name at half-time
  15. For Sale - Football Club

    Seem to remember going there and we got beat 3-0,I'm sure it was the 1st competitive game in that ground