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  1. Denton

    Good luck Dents
  2. Barrows and Khan

    Marko Basic looked our stand out player in the u19's cup final
  3. banners

  4. Franny Firth

    Sorry to hear this,R.I.P Franny 
  5. Macca

    Maybe arrange a friendly where Macca plays for Coalville in 1 half and Town in the other half,either way-Good luck Macca and Coalville
  6. banners

    If you insult a black man-you're a racist,but if he insults you in exactly the same way then that's OK,I take people how I find em-no matter what they are,but it all seems a bit double standard to me,if someone called me a white bastard-it wouldn't bother me,but the other way round I'm branded racist scum,religion is bollox too-I'm an atheist(but I do have an imaginary friend )
  7. banners

    Just wondered like-them cxnts are worse than FLA-EDL & B&Q put together
  8. banners

    Are their any ANTIFA people on here-just wondered like 
  9. Well the rumours START

    I'd heard Dentons on his way to Huddersfield
  10. World Cup.

    England 2nd round & Denmark to beat France in the Final  Villa - Rotherham & Exeter to win the play-offs too 
  11. FA Cup

    I enjoyed our u19's Cup Final much more than that despite losing,£100000.00 plus a week-that was on his wrong foot  if I was paying someone that-I'd want em to have THREE left & right feet 
  12. Question for the BOD

    Me too,I know people say we were just a crap team struggling at the bottom of the league-but as a kid I used to love them days
  13. Question for the BOD

    Fare point
  14. Question for the BOD

    And also George Mulhall,don't know if DB knows-but we had a football club in Halifax before 2008
  15. Barrow

    Time for the gypo to move on again then