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  1. Town vs Bromley 23/09/2017

    Town 3 Bromley 0 Denton - Morgan - Kosylo 1812
  2. Dagenham match thread

    Farely sure we went in the away turnstyle but that's a fare point-£21 is disgusting so I told the bloke I was 66 lol,he gave me a strange look and let me in for £15 
  3. Dagenham match thread

    Disappointing to lose-but 6 points from 3 quite tough looking games isn't bad going,personally thought Orient looked a better side the Dagenham-we just looked a bit flat,also thought their looked to be more Town fans than was announced over the speaker,Dagenhams support was/is pathetic
  4. The death of football

    Football has been dying for years at the top end-it's just pound notes walking round a pitch,the passion seems to have gone since the premier league,but it was superb to be in the away at Orient on Tuesday,that was something your average Man Utd/Liverpool fan will never experience
  5. Dagenham vs Town 16/09/2017

    Dagenham 1 Town 2  Kosylo-Morgan 1469
  6. Memories of Dagenham Away

    Been down there a couple of times - I've yet to see us score there,I would take a win rite now 
  7. Dagenham away Saturday

    I drive to all home & away games - but I'll be there 
  8. How can we improve on this fantastic start?

    Can't be doing with all that play-off malarky-let's just win the league by January and then rest players in preparation for the big one - The WRCC 
  9. Ten games played league table

    After last night-Billy Heath really has to go  only 0-3 just isn't good enough  5 wins and a draw with AM starting - BILLY HEATH'S barmy army 
  10. 7th January 2017

    No - I don't realise how expensive it is to go to watch football
  11. My thoughts

    Will Kossy be suspended as he got booked-or does the 2 yellows at Gateshead count ? Thought the Ref was poor last night as regards booking players-refusing to book Orient players & pulling Town players up for nothing
  12. 7th January 2017

    Disappointing their was only 153 of us there - would hope we can push 300ish for the Dagenham game,good atmosphere tonight tho,friendly welcome which also extended to the pitch-thanks for the 3 points 
  13. Orient Away

    87 was after Bullocks time with us
  14. Town fans in London!

    I must remember to say nowt and walk around looking at the floor at all times 
  15. Dixon to Stockport

    I've seen some **** in a Town Shirt,and Mr Bojangles is rite up there - good luck at Cunty