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  1. Shaywomen

    I've had worse 
  2. Port Vale Vs Stoke City

    As soon as I saw that fixture-I said it's not often you expect trouble at a Football League trophy game,that game is 100% 
  3. Selby town

    What's with all this petty arguing on this forum day in & day out,I come on here to find out any latest news-as the official site has just released That Mickey Bullock's been sacked
  4. Mark Bradshaw

    Bradshaw was Quality 
  5. Town vs AFC Wimbledon 01/12/2018

    Town 1 Wimbledon 4 Clarke 1902
  6. Salford fans

    Thought it must have been a miss print-but having just seen the highlights,can't believe how empty their small ground looks
  7. Will Bosomworth be making a move?

    I can put £1.50 in 
  8. Best ever FC Halifax Town game

    For the atmosphere-Grimsby away(not the 7-0 game lol)
  9. Next manger ??

    What's Billy Barr upto nowadays-or someone with a connection to Halifax,They may not be perfect but at least we'd know they gave a ****
  10. Josh Staunton has just tweeted

    It seems to be accepted that you try and win at home-but away doesn't matter so much,it should be 100% effort every game,I'm sure someone said we was going out to try and win every game,I would rather they went out like Luton away a few year ago (lost 4-3) but what a very entertaining game to watch, People say we haven't got the players to play like that,but they can all kick a ball,difference between our players and Barcelona is they are told constantly how good they are,it's all down to motivation,and JF comes across as somebody going thru the motions,aim for the top-you may just get there
  11. Josh Staunton has just tweeted

    Having travelled down to Havant(they were ****)I didn't go to Ebbsfleet as I'm not driving hours to watch that,the players get payed-the BOD make money,the only people that lose out are the ones that genuinely care about Halifax Town,I can't afford to go to every game,it's a bloody expensive day out-made worse by the 'ENTERTAINMENT' on offer
  12. Actually get rid !!

    Shaquille Mcdonald-apologies if spelt wrong,I thought he was OK as well,certainly had the enthusiasm that seems to be lacking 
  13. Actually get rid !!

    I'm working on Monday-but think I'll be too tired to work on Tuesday,my boss will be OK about it cos I will do my job(that I'm paid to do) on the Monday,these players get paid to keep in shape,as most people are in shape in their 20's,and people still make excuses for em being tired,I'm sure their are plenty of people on here who work all week & play Sunday League(or have done when football was a 'contact sport') and shock horror-go to work on the Monday and do their job without being paid anywhere near what FCHT players get,Tired............**** OFF Saturday could be quite embarrassing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I hope it isn't cos for my sins I want the best for our Team & our Town as I hope we all do 
  14. Actually get rid !!

    People say you're only loyal if you're willing to put up with this ****,Fullarton & Bosomworth-go now-while their's still a little bit of interest in Halifax Town
  15. Ebbsfleet v Halifax Town 24.11.18

    Ebbsfleet 1 Town 1 Kossy 1139