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  1. Alfreton

    So he didn't get on cos he wasn't doing a handstand while putting his shinpads on  I hope he's learned his lesson  I heard a Lincoln fan suggest Bohan Dixon was in the top 5 worst players they had ever had-I honestly thought he can't be that bad..............until I saw him wondering round the pitch 
  2. Alfreton

    Awful - I didn't think he was that good lol
  3. Alfreton

    How does Bohan Dixon warrant any time on the pitch-When Jake Hibbs can't even get 5 minutes,I thought it looked promising when Jake put his shin pads on shortly after half-time yesterday,but surprise-surprise-no,it's not looking promising for this season if Dixon is seen as a better option than Hibbs
  4. Gainsborough (a)

    If that's who number 11 was-he looked pretty lively,and definitely be worth signing IMO
  5. Little Bradley

    R.I.P little Smiler - Sad News  
  6. Town v Guiseley TV game

    Wish it had been the away fixture at Guiseley that was live on TV - cos it's a shithole
  7. Fixtures out ?

    Guiseley (A) 17th March  -   Solihull Moors (H) 24th March      P.S Hope I'm rite 
  8. Glastonbury

    Great White gig about 15 years back-their was about 100 people killed due to the bands own pyrotechnics including their own Guitarist 
  9. Vanarama Final 2018

    Nah - we'll already be Champions by then 
  10. rip john noakes

    R.I.P John Noakes 
  11. Promotion

    Congratulations Huddersfield-now back to the League Shaymen 
  12. I love the play-offs,but this Wednesday v Huddersfield game-along with the 1st leg is ****ing boring 
  13. Does that mean Final in National league won't be at Wembley ? it sounds a decent idea tho,more interest plus 2nd/3rd get a slight advantage
  14. Admission prices & ST prices 17/18

    Lincoln are giving Season Ticket holders £20 cash back for every new ST buyer they introduce-and £10 for Junior ST buyer they introduce,they can introduce as many as they can get,thought was fairly decent,altho I won't be buying 1 as I don't support the gimps 
  15. Favourite home and away game

    Salford at home Kiddy/Nuneaton away