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  1. Town vs Morecambe 20/11/2018

    Town 0 Morecambe 0 penalties 3-2 1431
  2. Town v Dover 17/11/2018

    Town 0 Dover 0 1281
  3. Alfreton v Nuneaton

    Just noticed that Alfreton v Nuneatons game on Saturday has been postponed due to insufficient players,with all our injuries(and Mekhi unable to play) and regular suspensions-how long before this happens to us  Hereford 0 Southport 3 - our old bull shagging friends are struggling in the bottom 3 of NLN - see it could always be worse 
  4. Tonight’s draw

    Get past Morecambe & Wimbledon,then a mouth watering tie away to Swindon awaits,wouldn't bank on a big 3rd round tie-so would have preferred Rochdale home or away,but the way we're playing-the 3rd round is a long way off 
  5. Morecambe vs Town 10/11/2018

    Morcambe 4 Town 0 1715
  6. Todays goal

    For what it's worth-I personally thought King-Hanson & Edwards were our better players yesterday,only JF sees anything in Odelusi,can't control a ball,points where he wants it and then doesn't make the run to make his colleague look bad
  7. Interview

    Is it possible that he's just trying to ask for help filling out an application form for another job 
  8. BOD....sack him

    Agree-football is meant to be entertaining,why would anyone want to pay £20 + travel etc to watch that,I went to Havant-wish I'd gone to the pub,too many people come out with all this bollox about loyalty-must have a lot more money than me-cos it's not being loyal-it's a waste of money,Think I'll start going to the darts-that does look fun & entertaining
  9. Blame the board

    He may be a nice bloke-but to suggest he cares as much as us is a step too far,I went down to H&W today to watch that 'PERFORMANCE' -I'm skint for he rest of the week now(no-ones problem but mine) That today was ****ing awful,next time I've a few quid spare-it may as well contribute to an hangover,I was contemplating going to Morcambe-but the players/management and BOD couldn't care less so why should I.
  10. Havant And Waterlooville 03/11/18

    H&W 1 Town 3 Kossy - Edwards - Southwell 968
  11. Solihull Thread

    Played well tonight,Solihull better Team 1st half-Town better Team in 2nd half,Sam Johnson made some good saves(he wasn't quite tall enough to get to their penalty ) Jonny Edwards had a decent game,not quite sure why a supposed Town fan would be shouting abuse at Kossy tho,still never lost to the mighty Solihull-who looked average at best for a team in the top 5
  12. Solihull v Town 30.10.18

    Solihull 1 Town 5 Edwards - Southwell - Kosylo - Clarke - Brown 802
  13. RIP

    R.I.P to all 5 people who tragically lost their lives,nobody knows for sure - but it seems the Pilot's action may have saved so many lives,hero R.I.P 
  14. Solihull scouting report

    0-0,followed by a 0-0,followed by a defeat on Penalties in front of the North Stand,get the feeling Morecambe are as bad as us tbh
  15. Town vs Warrington 23/10/2018

    Town 1 Warrington 2 Edwards 812