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  1. Goal machine

    I've been trying to forget about those seasons for 20 years. Bloody hell it was bad
  2. any sell on fee?

    Someone should let that uber bellend Adrian Durham know. I'm sure he'll be pleased for him
  3. Squad numbers

    Because he's on loan I think. We did it previously with the Sheff Utd loanees, Shaq, and Wroe when he arrived etc
  4. Afc Fylde

    These are tiny numbers of low value bets, so we can expect the FA to absolutely hammer the players because they're an easy target, and as a result some will probably lose their livelihoods.  The penalty will be massively disproportionate to both the scale of the offence and the earning power of the individuals.   
  5. The single biggest risk the premier league faces is the death of Rupert murdoch. If his successor decides on a different business model for Sky, competition for satellite contracts diminishes and the whole thing falls like a house of cards. 
  6. Yorkshire Day

    There were - and still are - many businesses interested in taking units in the Piece Hall, but who couldnt give notice on their current premises until they knew a definitive opening date, and the repeated delays if nothing else proved they were right to be cautious. As long as the first few weeks aren't a complete disaster for the businesses who are in there from day one, others will follow
  7. Salford

    Of course its relevant. It demonstrates the level of wage that full time clubs are offering. And if you think that's what gets the worst of full time players, how much would some decent ones want paying?
  8. Salford

    To put the full time argument in context, Salford are paying players £1,200 a week
  9. NFU game

    Shame there's not a pre-season version of the 92 club - Hibbs would be smashing that by now
  10. Kevin Roberts

    Really?!? Good going forward but no positional sense and a poor defender
  11. BBC

    Forget Lineker, he has some personality and the ability to both understand and react to what he sees and engage in coherent conversation  What is criminal is close to half a million for Alan Shearer, a man who doesn't know the laws, believes players are "entitled to go down" if touched, that strikers can manufacture penalties, and who is ignorant and incomprehensible  No other pundit gets over 150k. Give me Jermaine Jenas and Danny Murphy any day
  12. James Bolton

    I don't think they can. Sell on fees are part of the previous club's sale contract and are generally a percentage . The only impact a tribunal would have would be setting the fee it was a percentage of
  13. billys balty night

    Exactly my point. 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 will mean 5 defenders. 
  14. Connor Oliver

    3-0 away at Telford fairly early on that season. Best performance I've seen from a Town team And from memory I think Kettering was 3-0 as well
  15. billys balty night

    Sadly correct. And if we do go that route  it'll be more like 5-3-2