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  1. One of the favourites to go down

    At this level far more players are on one year contracts than in the divisions above, so naturally there’s far greater change in playing staff between seasons and the inevitable consequence of that lack of continuity is teams’ results can vary massively from one season to the next.  Bookies seem not to understand this
  2. AGM Cup

    Poor effort from the lads at the AGM there. They got two letters into reinstating Altrincham and then bottled it  
  3. Matty Brown

    Might not be such a bad thing. We signed Port Vale’s no3 goalie and he turned out OK
  4. How to..... Play football

    Red nose was a graceless loser, and petty and vindictive when he thought he'd been wronged.  He proved this in his private dealings with the Magniers over that racehorse Rock f Gibraltar and he proved it from a footballing standpoint by getting rid of Jaap Stam even though it weakened the team.  Even with your red tinted specs on you must see that Guardiola is the opposite?  When City lose, its because the opponents played better, or because he made tactical errors.  I genuinely can't remember hearing him blaming the ref
  5. Darlington

    The kind of player whose wages might hypothetically need subsidising is logically also going to be in demand from more than one club, and therefore is more likely to look for more than a one season contract, so either the funds raised get divided over the length of the contract or the same would be needed the following season.  Can't see it working (or being wanted)
  6. How to..... Play football

    It’s for the other teams to improve. City play simple football bloody well. No Hollywood passes, no dribbling last half a dozen players, relatively few goals from outside the box.  And no room for egos and primadonnas either. All of them work ferociously hard when they don’t have the ball.  The only thing they don’t do is tackle  Maybe it took the money of a billionaire to buy the simplicity and purity of Pep 
  7. How to..... Play football

    Is that like a handbook for their Spanish players?
  8. Gateshead

    Horrible ground to go to but you wouldn’t wish that on them. Difficult to see them surviving, and even the glue leagues will be tougher for them because most of their local lower non league clubs are in the northern league And presumably it’d mean us getting lumbered with a trip to Hartlepool over Xmas or new year 
  9. Leeds

    Not true For a start the Clyde is about 450 miles away
  10. Tranmere Rovers.

    Exactly what I thought. And he sad thing is he’ll probably be better than that halfwit Peter Walton on BT 
  11. Tranmere Rovers.

    Did they?  The manager was quoted saying the people who owned the place they trained had remedial works planned for the pitch and they had nowhere to train
  12. Salford City

    Do you think the rest of the squad would sit back and say “nice one Dave, I’m dead chuffed you’re getting paid loads more than me” or perhaps there’d be unrest and other players demanding pay rises

    It’s like the opposite of Sophie’s Choice. Ideally they both lose, but if I have to pick a winner i’ll go for Fylde

    Just had a quick look at Fylde’s latest accounts, for the year to May 2018. They only file abbreviated accounts but they don’t look healthy - a loss of £150k on the year and that despite £550k in sponsorship income from other companies that Haythornthwaite owns or controls (the shirt sponsor Vet Plus is one of his).  Now in the Premier League there are rules that are supposed to prevent group companies paying way over the market rate to circumvent FFP, but this is the national league where financial doping is encouraged

    All you need to know about Fylde is that the company that owns them is called Tangerine Holdings