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  1. Kosylo

    No he doesn’t. Because he gets suspended two or three times a season. The bookings for fouls when you’re on a yellow are bad enough, the frequent bookings for dissent are ridiculous and he needs to grow up and stop it 
  2. I'm Bored

    Colin will be first to go
  3. Gateshead Game

    Just checked, and for those who are saying we’ve only beaten poor teams, if the results had gone the other way three of the five teams we’ve beaten would be in the playoff positions  Which I think says  (a) it’s a close league (b) it’s early season (c) there are too many playoff positions
  4. Gateshead Game

    After 7 games, other teams’ league positions will be more impacted by their game against us than later in he season. So losing to us will likely force them down a few places
  5. Boreham Wood match thread

    But he’s supposed to just stand there and take it when fans hurl abuse?  
  6. Joe Skarz

    Simon Eastwood’s best mate
  7. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    The average weekly pay of Salford players last season was £1,600 (before employers NI, bonuses, pension contributions etc)
  8. 666th Goal

    Maybe we’ll sign Damien Reeves
  9. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    So, if we take the statement at face value and assume everything in it is true, he’s not reoffended in the three years since his conviction Which, from an outside football perspective is the equivalent of Macca three years after he signed for us, and I don’t remember people calling for him to be sacked at that point.  (I know there’s also the stigma attached to his previous brush with the law, but as that didn’t result in a conviction etc etc)
  10. Any new signings expected by Saturday?

    Hasn’t received international clearance, but Ian Huntley is available
  11. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    If you read the reports you’ll realise that’s not true  
  12. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    That’s right But there’s a pattern of behaviour with him. The assault as described was on three different people and wasn’t just one heat of the moment case of lashing out  
  13. Response to Simon Lenighan?

    Other - ask the club to fully and clearly explain the decision making process that was undertaken that resulted in us offering him a contract; whether there are any clauses in it relating to behaviour; then once this is known re-run the survey so we can make our preferences clear from a position of knowledge rather than a combination of limited knowledge and a lot of supposition
  14. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Anyone on here ever filmed one of their mates having sex with a woman?  To me that’s deeply weird behaviour in itself.  There seems to be a pattern of behaviour with Lenighan, which whilst different suggest a deep seated arrogance and lack of respect for others and authority, and I don’t suppose that will change And he’s crap at football. Last night he was controlling the ball further than I can kick it
  15. Salford Match thread

    Lenighan and Maher five yards too deep allowing Maynard to stroll through the game When we pressure them, they panic