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  1. Barrow

    Matt Jansen will go to Salford once their owners realise it’s harder to buy success than they thought and actually need a manager with a bit of nous and lose faith with the bad cop / worse cop pair
  2. The Shay Betting Thread

    They’ve already shown Shields in an earlier round. I watched about 10 minutes of it but can’t remember who they were playing. The coverage is pretty poor too Presumably not unreasonable to spread the games around a bit   EDIT / it was Bridlington Town that Shields were playing    
  3. Neil Aspin

    I think so. He’s been assistant at Macc recently
  4. Embarrassing England

    I think like a lot of things it depends on when you bump into them, their mood etc etc. My nephew happened to see Bobby Charlton outside Old Trafford before a United match maybe 10 years ago and Charlton put his head down and walked past saying nothing  
  5. Boreham Wood Thread

    Wonder if he’ll be allowed to play next weekend 
  6. Boreham Wood Thread

    I’ll have to charge you £250 to see the footage 
  7. Boreham Wood Thread

    Both. No distinction. At our level it’s just first team games
  8. Heartbeat of Sport

    Don’t be so bloody stupid. You genuinely believe you wouldn’t remember to file your accounts unless someone reminded you?!? Why not take a bit of responsibility and put a reminder on a calendar, in your phone, etc - it isn’t difficult  
  9. Heartbeat of Sport

    No you’re right, there are loads. But filing your accounts is just a tiny bit more important than the others And before you ask, I volunteer for a charity and you know what?  We manage to file our accounts on time every year. 
  10. Boreham wood

    Perhaps someone who is going could make a sign or banner explaining what a bunch of greedy **** they are and display it next to the tea bar to discourage people from giving them money?
  11. Bookings

    If you’re sent off for two yellows they don’t count towards a ban for accumulated yellows so as someone else said he’s effectively on 4 not 6
  12. Bookings

    So if either of Hotte and Kosylo gets booked again before the end of November they’ll miss a game.  Can’t see them getting to the end of October never mind November.   
  13. Dean Keates - Clown

    How can a manager at this level seem to think that bookings are related always to the quantity of fouls, not the severity? Clueless ****
  14. The slaying of the red dragon

    Our best bet would be to tempt Mo Matadar out of retirement
  15. FA Cup Draw Monday?