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  1. Recognition at last

    Obviously it’s a dead end
  2. Shay Pitch

    Well that’s not going to happen is it?  The pitch is fine for what they use it for
  3. 10/03/2009 Town 2-1 Harrogate Railway

    He only lists 10 players so I’m guessing he did start 
  4. The pitch

    Ah right, sorry. 
  5. The pitch

    Er, Rochdale and Droylesden a few years ago
  6. The pitch

    Like saying Mussolini was a nicer bloke than Hitler
  7. The pitch

    And does the football club want sole responsibility for the costs of the Shay?
  8. The pitch

    Just like a rugby ref not considering the team’s co-tenants, a football ref won’t consider the rugby team in his decision. Each will make a straightforward decision - is the pitch in a fit condition for the game he’s here to ref. Any consequential impact is irrelevant 
  9. Orange Shirt

    The shirt that never won a game (including stevenage who wore them at the Shay because they mistakenly brought their blue away kit)
  10. Meeting with Mr B

    Think yourself lucky. I haven’t had any sort of reply
  11. Queen experience
  12. Meeting with Mr B

    Has anyone who emailed about this meet the Chairman thing had a reply yet?
  13. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    All those St Mirren skirts and dresses will be coming out on Saturday  
  14. Injury update

    All joking aside, if he’s been playing whilst not fully fit then (a) good on him and (b) it might explain why his performances have been underwhelming  But on the other hand, he might just not be very good at football 
  15. Ossett next Up...tonight

    The tree would probably still score more goals than Southwell