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    Did anyone get a clear view of what happened to cause the ruck, and what did Shrek Jr do to get sent off?

    A crap game against a crap team at a crap ground on a crap pitch and a gale force wind into the bargain We were garbage but probably deserved a point Would need to see it again but I think Brown got away with one when Rooney got sent off (although their keeper could’ve walked as well) Ref lost his bottle big style when the chip shop players kept confronting him
  3. Cliff Moyo

    He’s going to need a more exciting name if he’s going to fit in with his new team mates 
  4. Guiseley Away

    Is there any way we can relegate them if we win?
  5. Remaining Games

    It’s a shame Chester can’t get relegated twice, once for being crap and once for money problems. (Although a side effect of this would probably be Alty getting promoted twice)

    Steve Kerrigan’s goal at Spotland. The best Rochdale memory by miles

    Interesting paragraph in that article; “We felt he would help us get back to doing what we’ve done since the club was formed, which is developing players to help us up the league and for themselves to progress into the Football League. That’s what we want to get back to.” As it’s written, it implies different levels of ambition for the club (“up the league”) and players (“into the football league”) Maybe it isn’t quite what he said, more likely it is what he said but not quite what he means, but at face value that’s worrying

    The last word just shouts Darren Kelly

    Underwhelming in the extreme. A Notts fan I work with is laughing at our misfortune 
  10. Congrats Wigan

    Depends which cup you mean. City play there on Sunday in the league cup
  11. Kosylo's penalty

      Your point 2, yes technically you’re right but my point is that when he penalty is scored the ref doesn’t go back and book the keeper for coming off his line. It’s similar to an advantage in normal play but as it’s not a yellow card offence we just carry on Your point 3, if I remember correctly, was a second yellow for persistent foul play as the ref had warned him a number of times before.    Edit - a quick google shows my memory was wrong, he got a second yellow for dissent following the ref ordering a retake for him coming off his line
  12. Kosylo's penalty

    1 - it’s the assistants job not the refs to adjudicate on the keeper coming off his line 2 - the keeper coming off his line only becomes an offence if the penalty is missed 3 - the sanction is a retake, it isn’t a yellow card offence Other than that, you’re spot on
  13. Pobol y Cwm

    We’ll  pobol y cwm 18th this season
  14. Let's all laugh at Leeds, hahahahaha

    That new Leeds badge looks like something the EDL or Britain First might use. So perfect for dirty Leeds then (And it’s also very similar to the Gaviscon logo)
  15. Tony Abbott

    It doesn’t reduce liability in the event of criminal acts