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  1. Every (honest) chairman will tell you they want the faraway teams at home on midweek evenings as the crowd reduction is less than playing them st the weekend
  2. England's World Cup run 2018

    Kane is an excellent finisher but without service he can’t and won’t make it happen by himself. That’s why he isn’t a world class striker; they - Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Suarez etc - can both make goals and score them The closest comparison to Kane is probably Lewandoski
  3. England's World Cup run 2018

    Couldn’t give a toss, international football is dull 95% of the time. I genuinely don’t know when England’s games even are
  4. Random FCHT player: Chris Worsley

    Remember him scoring a cracking goal away at Colwyn. Tried a volley from about 25/30 yards, the ball ran down his shin hit his ankle and ended up perfectly lobbing the keeper
  5. Peniket Alfreton

    But alfreton is extremely convenient for his job
  6. Now what macc.

    Maybe you’re right, but my recollection was we had him on loan and then signed him permanently when they released him. Anyway, he’s a far better player now than he was then
  7. Now what macc.

    Didn’t he release Bolton from Macc though?
  8. Mr Bean

    Or that we didn’t pay particularly well last season and there’s not really a gap
  9. Leicester City

    Thereby increasing his transfer value on the basis that he can’t be as crap as the ones who played
  10. L2 play-off final

    Only a fraction of the Wembley ticket receipts go to ccfc so a lot have justified going because SISU won’t significantly benefit
  11. DB interview

    Thank God he wasn’t on pay per shot
  12. Barrows and Khan

    No Chelsea can’t afford not to go out and buy their success Slight difference
  13. Salford

    A defender who can’t defend Mind you, that hasn’t stopped Marcos Alonso
  14. FA Cup

  15. Come on Brackley

    If you go to bed wishing the sun would shine the next day, and it then does, is that down to you as well?