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  1. A League of their Own

    Matt Jansen
  2. More Injuries

    The guy in front of me on Saturday spent most of the first half shouting at MacDonald for staying out wide and not coming in field to try and get on a knock down when we played the ball up to Denton Just before half time he did exactly that that and the guy shouted “you’re a bloody winger lad what are you doing in the middle?” Sums up some of our fans MacDonald is a good winger, he’s quicker than most of the fullbacks he faces and more often than not beats his man and gets a good cross in. The problem is we don’t get the ball to him often enough
  3. Barrow

    Ref watch rating - f*cking awful
  4. Final posting

    Blimey Possibly the most patronising, pompous, self-aggrandising thing I’ve ever read on here  
  5. Eastleigh thread

    Doesn’t matter how many strikers you have if there’s no service. I honestly don’t know if this is some sort of wind up or if you really are this stupid
  6. Other Sites

    Isn’t that called playing rugby league?
  7. On this day 12th November

    Hyde were a decent team, they played out from the back and all kinds of nonsense that we didn’t do. But they didn’t have someone so good at throwins that he could throw a football over a stand
  8. Woking

    To be fair, we’d give the Republic of Ireland a game
  9. Woking

    Were you born a **** or did you have lessons?
  10. Where is he statto ?.

    Or the monkeyhangers 
  11. Connor Hughes....

    Connor Hughes = Scott Metcalfe Could have been better but it didn’t work out As Aspin said at the Q&A thing he did after Howard Webb spoke at Arden Road club, there’s a reason for each player as to why they play at the level they do. 
  12. Hyde Tonight

    Baldymanhatitis, that is
  13. Hyde Tonight

    It does my head in, especially the BBC, who seem to have appointed Trevor Sinclair as their non-league guru (probably because he coached Lancaster for a bit), although yesterday they topped that by having the clueless numpty Danny Webber on All this talk of people being butchers, bakers, candlestick makers or whatever is just bollocks.  Have any town fans ever referred to players by their occupation outside of football?  No.  They’re footballers, just not particularly good ones And as for Darren Kelly, there’s only one way of him having a halfway successful glue league one north team, and that’s to give him a conference north team and sit and wait for two or three years
  14. Lynch to Southport

    If he goes it’ll be because the club have accepted a bid for him. Then it becomes the club’s lack of commitment and justifies him leaving 
  15. Ossett on saturday

    Fine margins. My youngest is watching West Ham v Liverpool on the telly now and he’s said Andy Carroll is “Denton with a ponytail’