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  1. Guiseley

    Can teams unilaterally postpone league games because of a cup game four days later?
  2. Chesterfield

    They’ll be in the D&R team by the weekend
  3. Guiseley

    Watching it back, I’m surprised he didn’t try and go round the keeper, he’s done it often enough before He was also a bit unlucky with the rebound off the post, as both him and Southwell would have got to it first if it had bounced straight back or to the left
  4. Does anyone know.....

    Jon Shaw in the last season of the old club maybe
  5. Does anyone know.....

    Yeah I was there too, I’d got work nearby that week. I remember shouting at their manager a bit and now it turns out he’s a really nice bloke. 
  6. Does anyone know.....

  7. Does anyone know.....

    .....our team for the Unibond league cup game away at Stamford in December 2009?  I was at the game and can remember we went 1-0 up but lost 2-1, and that someone (Scott Phelan?) got sent off.  Turns out someone I’m working with this week was Stamford’s manager at the time 
  8. Matty Brown

    So now we know what blind pressure is!
  9. Morecambe

    The prize money has been revamped this year and its higher than its ever been before, but there’s a massive hike in what you get for winning the second round and for a third round win. It’s as if the FA are trying to give as much as they can to the top flight clubs      Extra preliminary round winners  (184) £2,250 Losers receive £750 Preliminary round winners  (160) £2,890 Losers receive £960 First round qualifying winners  (116) £6,000 Second Round Qualifying winners  (80) £9,000 Third Round Qualifying winners  (40) £15,000 Fourth Round Qualifying winners  (32) £25,000 First Round Proper winners  (40) £36,000 Second Round Proper winners  (20) £54,000 Third Round Proper winners  (32) £135,500 Fourth Round Proper winners  (16) £180,000 Fifth Round Proper winners  (8) £360,000 Quarter-Final winners  (4) £720,000 Semi-Final winners  (2) £1,800,000 Semi-Final losers  (2) £900,000 Final runners-up  (1)  £1,800,000 Final winners (1)  £3,600,000  
  10. Live on TV....

    A big Welsh derby?  Have they bothered to open a map and have a look at how far apart Wrexham and Newport are, or just presumed everywhere in Wales is a stone’s throw from everywhere else?
  11. Live on TV....

    Guiseley as the Monday night game so the third round draw will probably made there, complete with a room full of swivel-eyed loons in the background 
  12. Live on TV....

    I really hope that’s ironic 7th beating 1st in the top division is hardly a giant killing at all, let alone the biggest one ever
  13. Tonight’s draw

    Could be a lot worse
  14. Tonight’s draw

    We can’t play ourselves
  15. Best Game you ever saw !!

    Garforth away Nearly as many at that as there were at Whitby (or at least that have since said they were there)