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  1. Video panel

    I think there are three issues: 1 - some refs will defer to the video ref even if they're 99.9999% sure of their decision. The powers that be need to give them the support and encouragement they need to be confident in their decision making 2 - as has already been said there needs to be clear information as to what exactly the review is checking. Learn from rugby union in this respect 3 - situations will arise where what is being checked will be ok, but some other problem will become apparent during the checking process - they need to decide how to deal with this. (I think this may have been what happened with Chile's second goal yesterday, it seemed they were checking the offside immediately prior to the goal and unwittingly showed Sanchez was offside earlier in the move) But for a system in its infancy it seems more good than bad, and the bad can be improved on easily
  2. New website

    Works fine for me on both laptop and phone 
  3. Rumour mill

    I said something similar in another thread a couple of weeks ago. We do risk seeming hypocritical if we criticise the players Salford are signing as lacking ambition or the club for buying (possible) success However there is one massive difference - we ran a balanced budget and could afford to pay the players from earned income; I just don't see how that can be the case for Salford
  4. Mark roberts

  5. Season Tickets

    Exactly Bring out the half season ticket early December and especially if we're doing ok they'll sell loads as Xmas presents
  6. The Club have announced...

    More importantly, have they announced that the reopening is imminent?
  7. Hibbs and King.

    Exactly. Quite like Moyo in that respect. Maybe Hibbs going means the Cliff is staying? 
  8. 20 years ago....

    The game where the players were really struggling was in between the promotion win at Kidderminster and the last game at Wellng. Away at Northwich, think it was the Monday night. Didn't matter though
  9. Ross Barrows

    ****s sake. It's this season's shirt it means nothing
  10. Signings for next season

    No they wouldn't if they were properly written - all it needs is a clause banning sponsorship and rates greater than a small % of the reasonable commercial rate for the division 
  11. Ross Barrows

    Not really a fair comparison. Moyo covers 3 maybe 4 positions so is ideal when you can only have 5 subs. Hone was up against Garner, Hotte and Brown and can only play the one position (some might say that's being generous too)
  12. Signings for next season

    It's not just the north though is it? Forest Green are massively subsidised by that ecotwat in the national and I'm sure there are sugar daddied teams in the south.  The problem is that to bankroll this level of football is a lot cheaper than in the football league so it tends to attract dodgy owners looking for quick success and a bit of an ego trip. And Gary Neville
  13. Ross Barrows

    Last season's kit though
  14. Signings for next season

    the conference need to sort out some financial fair play rules pretty quickly. At least when we were in the glue leagues signing players from higher divisions we had the fanbase and financial wherewithal to pay for it
  15. Dan Gardner

    If it's true it isn't a rumour